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10 Great ‘Forensic Files’ Episodes and How to Find Them on Netflix

Why watch a true-crime series that stopped production in 2011?

Well, first of all, because everyone else does. Forensic Files is shown in syndication on TV in 142 countries and on YouTube. HLN has six-hour marathons.

The series stays fresh because it never uses pre-commercial teasers or the other repetition that shows like Dateline and 48 Hours employ to pad themselves into an hour or more. And there’s no Keith Morrison or Erin Moriarty prodding murder victims’ moms and dads to melt down on camera. Instead, the docuseries uses a half-hour unsensationalized whodunit format with off-camera narration by the late Peter Thomas. (He and Don “In a World” LaFontaine are considered the greatest male voice artists of their generation.)

Now, thanks to Netflix, you can see Forensic Files in 22 uninterrupted popup-free minutes.

But there’s a problem. The streamer divides 360 episodes into nine collections of 40 each without alphabetizing, so it’s hard to find your favorite one. And Netflix’s internal search engine won’t let you search via episode titles or victim or criminal name.

Below are 10 of the best episodes along with the collection and episode numbers so you can find them on Netflix without a long investigation.


"Bad Medicine"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 9, Episode 11
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT: Inventing the snap-on-toupee — a hairpiece that attaches to bolts implanted in the skull — turns out to be the least of Dr. Anthony Pignataro’s sins. The subpar plastic surgeon with an equally under-qualified staff accidentally kills a patient during a breast augmentation in 1996, then intentionally poisons his own wife in an odd bid to absolve himself. There’s a lesson here: Be glad we live in the age of Yelp.

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"Capitol Crimes"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection2,  Episode 32
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT: When investigators trace the hit-and-run death of an impoverished day laborer to an up-and-coming politician, a real-life Bonfire of the Vanities ensues. Pennsylvania State Senator Thomas Druce claims he didn’t stop his government-provided car after plowing into pedestrian Kenneth Cains because he thought he struck a traffic barrel, but forensic evidence writes a different story.

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"Mistaken For Dead"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 5, Episode 21
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT: This episode serves as a reminder that bankruptcy is always a better solution than insurance fraud. Young David Hasselhoff look-alike John Hawkins and his middle-aged lover have a retail sweatpants empire on the verge of collapse, so they hook up with Harvard-trained surgeon Richard Boggs, who’s also in financial trouble, and kill an innocent man in a bid to collect $1.5 million in insurance payouts.

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"A Voice From Beyond"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 8, Episode 21
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT: A decaying address book — the kind that lives on paper, not inside a smartphone  — is the key to identifying a mummified pregnant woman inside a barrel that sat unnoticed in a crawl space from 1969 to 1999. It’s the most exciting tale of forensic work in the series, and the investigation brings about consequences stretching from Long Island to Florida and El Salvador.

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"Transaction Failed"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 9 Episode 29
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT:  Here’s the perfect tale to feed a no-good-deed-goes-unpunished mood. A  teacher who founded a school for troubled kids tries to help teenager Pearl Cruz and her father, Ronnie Neal, but they repay her kindness with deception, robbery, and much worse. The crimes against Diane Tilly shocked residents of San Antonio, and Neal’s explanation for how he came into possession of Tilly’s car, ATM card, and electronics is a big SMH (before the term was invented) for investigators.

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"Pinned by the Evidence"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 4 Episode 21
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT: Indignant that another man offered his girlfriend a ride, wrestling and surfing champ Dusty Harless starts a street fight that ends his own life and sends David Genzler to jail for years. It’s the ultimate story of guy code gone wild, but a retrial brings forgotten evidence to light and reveals that the popular Harless is actually a bully who victimized Genzler.

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"Strong Impressions:


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 2, Episode 13
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT:  Police believe Ron Gillette’s story that his wife, Vicki, accidentally suffocated herself to death. But when the Air Force mechanic remarries 11 days later, authorities open a new investigation. It’s a terribly sad case, but it’s still fun to watch as incriminating evidence — like the fact that the bridegroom mailed out wedding invitations before Vicki died — rolls in.

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"Treading Not So Lightly"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 3 Episode 27
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT: Newspaper worker Crystal Lyons finds her 4-year-old daughter, Vicky, run over with truck-tire marks on her forehead and uses improvisational forensics to figure out what happened. There’s no real villain or malfeasance in this episode,  just a nice story about a mother’s love for her child, who survived the accident and appears, as an adult, on camera.

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"Shell Game"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 2 Episode 38
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT: In a Tennessee version of The Seven Samurai, authorities must work together to convict members of a family who have terrorized rural Benton County for years. In this particular case, brothers Gary, Jerry Lee, and Robert Bruce murder an innocent young couple in the course of stealing $2,500’s worth of mussel shells. In addition to the drama, the episode provides a glimpse into the unlovely business of sourcing mother-of-pearl.

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"Shattered Innocence"


NETFLIX COLLECTION NUMBER: Collection 6 Episode 34
WHY THIS IS A STAND-OUT: Promising high school basketball player Brian Vaughn murders his father, then gives himself away by blurting out a few words on a 911 call. Angry that defense lawyer Leslie Vaughn refused to buy him a brand-new car, Brian slapped together a plan to make it look as though an unseen intruder shot him. It’s an agonizing tale of unfulfilled potential and a bittersweet reminder of how small disadvantages seem like the end of the world to a teenager.

Rebecca Reisner is the author of True Crime Truant, a blog devoted to Forensic Files and other true-crime entertainment.

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Forensic Files (season 9)

No. in
series No. in
season Title Original air date 1861"Road Rage"August 14, 2004 (2004-08-14) The investigation of a discarded sleeping bag, containing bloody sneakers and a purse, leads police to the body of a young woman, Carrie Love. Evidence from the autopsy and the crime scene was carefully collected and analysed, but it would be a mark found on the victim's body, which would enable police to track the killer, Jesse Pratt.1872"Hunter or Hunted"June 9, 2004 (2004-06-09) On the last day of deer hunting season, a woman is killed while walking her dogs in the woods. The victim has no enemies and her husband has an alibi, so police assume it was a hunting accident... until a strange letter turns up, allegedly written by the woman before her death. Police begin to wonder if the woman may have been the target all along, and a forensic document examiner, a slingshot, and an unusual physics experiment answer their question.1883"In Harm's Way"June 15, 2004 (2004-06-15) An Alaskan police officer found a woman's body while on routine patrol of a public park. The victim had been stabbed to death and, during the autopsy, the medical examiner preserved the portion of her rib cage which sustained the fatal wound. A knife thought to be the murder weapon turned up days later, two thousand miles away. Forensic scientists now had an opportunity, which seldom occurs: to compare the microscopic marks on the presumed murder weapon with the marks on the victim's bone.1894"No Corpus Delicti"June 21, 2004 (2004-06-21) A woman disappears without a trace; even though foul play is suspected, the leads don't pan out and the trail turns cold. Twenty years would pass before police are able to link a clump of hair discovered in an isolated area with the missing woman. Members of "NecroSearch," a group of volunteer forensic scientists, searched a remote area of Colorado a meter at a time, found the victim's body, and gave authorities the evidence they needed to bring the killer to justice.1905"News at 11"June 27, 2004 (2004-06-27) A talented television news anchor was shot to death outside her home; it appeared to be a crime of passion, perpetrated by an obsessed fan. A police dog tracked the scent of the killer through the adjacent woods and back to the crime scene. Could the murderer be one of the onlookers, watching the police conduct their investigation?1916"Burning Desire"July 28, 2004 (2004-07-28) Investigators sifted through the ashes of a fire, which had killed a 40-year-old woman, the estranged wife of a police officer. At first glance, the fire appeared to have been started by an unattended cigarette. But when forensic scientists looked closely, they discovered the cause was far more complicated.1927"Cloak of Deceit"July 9, 2004 (2004-07-09) For seven years, a trio of men robbed one bank after another. They always got away before the police arrived, and they left no evidence behind. But the way they stood and the clothes they wore told a story that could be read by forensic scientists.1938"Bad Medicine"July 8, 2004 (2004-07-08) A young woman suddenly becomes critically ill; her symptoms worsen over time, eventually leaving her unable to walk. Then a bone marrow test reveals the cause: arsenic. Investigators now had to determine if the poisoning was caused by groundwater contamination, or something much more sinister.1949"Stick 'em Up"June 21, 2007 (2007-06-21) Residents of Noel, Missouri were stunned to learn that their bank had been robbed and the bank president was missing. His body was later found floating in a lake, securely bound to a chair with duct tape. When the tape was carefully reassembled using a technique known as end match analysis, investigators discovered one piece was missing. It would be that piece, and tips from concerned citizens, which would solve the crime.19510"Head Games"July 22, 2004 (2004-07-22) A young couple decided to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with a camping trip to Mount Hood. During the trip, the husband was shot and killed, and his wife told two different versions of the events which led to his death. Forensic psychiatry finally enabled her to distinguish fact from fiction, and the evidence from ballistics tests allowed investigators to determine what really happened.19611"Making the Collar"June 28, 2007 (2007-06-28) The body of 16-year-old Leanne Tiernan was discovered nine months after she disappeared. Forensic scientists found clues that painted a virtual portrait of her killer. They knew he had a dog, he worked for the postal service, and that he had red carpeting in his home. Now all they had to do was find him.19712"The Financial Downfall"August 11, 2004 (2004-08-11) A beautiful, vibrant young woman fell to her death from a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Initially, investigators thought it was a tragic accident. But after a forensic examination of photographs taken at the scene, police had a very different picture of what had happened.19813"A Daughter's Journey"August 23, 2004 (2004-08-23) Haunted by the disappearance of her mother some twenty years earlier, a young woman undertook an investigation of her own. Her mother's diary was in the now cold case file; there, in her mother's own handwriting, she discovered a dark family secret, which might have been the reason her mother vanished.19914"Over a Barrel"August 24, 2004 (2004-08-24) California police had several suspects in the robbery and brutal murder of an elderly couple. Unfortunately, the forensic evidence was inconclusive, and the crime went unsolved. Ten years later, a determined forensic scientist used material from a dentist's office to uncover ballistic evidence which had been overlooked. He not only solved the crime, he also made scientific history.20015"Pinned by the Evidence"August 24, 2004 (2004-08-24) After a street fight took the life of a national wrestling champion, police had to determine if he was killed in cold blood, or in self-defense. A jury decided it was murder, and sentenced the accused to a minimum of twenty years in prison. Six years later, he was granted another trial; a forensic animator, who testified on his behalf, offered a different explanation for the most damning piece of evidence.20116"Cries Unheard"August 25, 2004 (2004-08-25) A 19-year-old woman was found dead in her car; the scene had been staged to make murder appear to be suicide. During their investigation, police discovered the victim was involved in a love quadrangle, giving several people a motive to kill her. The killer's identity would be revealed by a piece of evidence found in a suspect's trash.20217"Buried Treasure"August 26, 2004 (2004-08-26) A man disappears one year to the day after beginning an affair with his friend's wife. 15 years later, with the help of a metal detector, police found evidence which would prove what had happened, and who was responsible.20318"Badge of Betrayal"September 22, 2004 (2004-09-22)The body of a young California co-ed was found under an isolated ramp of the Interstate, and San Diego Police had no idea who would want this girl dead. But their questions would be answered when they discovered a tiny, unique fiber on the victim's clothing, which led them straight to the most unlikely of killers.20419"Deadly Matrimony"September 29, 2004 (2004-09-29) In 1974, a go-go dancer, recently divorced from John Smith, told her family she needed to get away for a while, and then she simply disappeared. Investigators were suspicious, because she took neither her car nor her clothes. The next twenty years passed slowly, and the family began to think they might never know what happened, until they received a phone call from the sister of the next missing wife of John Smith.20520"Muddy Waters"October 13, 2004 (2004-10-13) A Colorado hunter who'd been shot three times and killed was the victim of a well planned crime, not an accidental shooting. Investigators found a .243 calibre bullet in his lung and a .308 calibre shell casing near his body, and suspected they were looking for two murder weapons, and two killers. But analysis of the forensic evidence pointed them in a different direction one much closer to home.20621"Point of Origin"October 27, 2004 (2004-10-27) In 1984, California firefighters had battled ten arson fires in three weeks. When cigarettes and a scrap of paper connected the southern California fires to several fires further north, the hunt was on for a dangerous pyromaniac. Investigators finally found a fingerprint, and it pointed to a most unlikely suspect.20722"Seeds for Doubt"October 7, 2004 (2004-10-07) In 2002, a small community in upstate New York was devastated when Patty Wlasiuk died when their truck went into a lake, from which her husband Peter stated he narrowly escaped. Investigators initially thought alcohol was to blame, but blood tests proved the victim was not intoxicated. Burdock seed pods found in her hair and on her clothes would indicate that this was no accident. It was cold-blooded murder.20823"Saving Face"October 13, 2004 (2004-10-13) When a woman disappeared without a trace, there were two possible explanations: kidnapping or murder. Concern was heightened when police learned that two other women had vanished under similar circumstances. Careful investigation, the talents of a forensic artist, and DNA profiling enabled police to link the crimes to a single suspect – an immigrant known to prey upon vulnerable women.20924"Northern Exposure"December 8, 2004 (2004-12-08) Hikers near Anchorage, Alaska discovered a body wrapped in sheets, which were edged in orange stitching. Authorities hydrated the fingers and obtained a fingerprint, enabling them to identify the victim. Clinging to the sheet, they also discovered a tuft of red carpet fibers – threads of evidence, which led them straight to the killer.21025"Silk Stalkings"December 29, 2004 (2004-12-29) The news of a flight attendant's brutal murder prompted the son of a victim who had been killed five years earlier to contact police. The MO of both murders was remarkably similar, and analysis of the biological evidence from the crime scenes proved that these were serial killings.21126"Fishing for the Truth"October 31, 2004 (2004-10-31) A two-man shrimp boat sank when a fast-moving, violent storm struck the Louisiana coast. The captain drowned, and the deckhand was rescued fourteen hours later. He told the Coast Guard that the captain's foot had become entangled in the fishing nets; they tried frantically to free him, but they failed. The deckhand was considered a hero until the captain's body was found. Eventually, the public discovers that he was coerced into confessing to the captain's murder.21227"For Love or Money"June 20, 2004 (2004-06-20) When a wealthy real estate tycoon went missing, it appeared to be foul play. He had been aware that he was in danger. In his will, he left instructions regarding what was to happen if he died under violent circumstances – instructions which were carried out after a hiker came across a bullet-ridden skull.21328"South of the Border"November 12, 2004 (2004-11-12) The cold-blooded murder of an American tourist in a Mexican resort focused law enforcement resources on both sides of the border. At first glance, the motive appeared to be robbery, but careful analysis of the forensic evidence pointed to something much more sinister.21429"The Stake-Out"July 4, 2004 (2004-07-04) The investigation of the kidnapping of a prominent banker's wife led police on a wild goose chase, tracking down disgruntled bank customers and examining computer fonts. An unexpected discovery made by an entomologist resulted in a new suspect, and the realization that ordinary office equipment can leave behind extraordinary clues.21530"Walking Terror"March 2, 2005 (2005-03-02) In the middle of the night, a neighbor watched in horror as a man stabbed his wife, pushed her into the swimming pool, and held her head under water. When questioned by the police, the husband not only had no explanation for his actions, he also had no recollection of the crime. A jury would have to decide between the evidence at the scene and the mysteries of the mind.
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Forensic Files (1996–2011) is an American documentary-style series which reveal how forensic science is used to solve violent crimes, mysterious accidents, and even outbreaks of illness. The original show is broadcast in syndication on multiple networks, is narrated by Peter Thomas, and is produced by Medstar Television. It has broadcast 406 episodes[1] since its debut on TLC in 1996 as Medical Detectives.

Series overview[edit]


Season 1 (1996)[edit]

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Season 2 (1997)[edit]

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Following the move of the show from TLC to CourtTV in 2000, TLC managed to produce four hour-long specials, "Payback", "The Buddhist Monk Murders", "Eight Men Out", and "See No Evil", but under the original Medical Detectives title. The first four specials do not feature narration by Peter Thomas due to a contract negotiation that wouldn't allow him to record episodes for TLC anymore. Instead, they were narrated by Peter Dean. Following their original broadcasts, three of these episodes did not air again until 2016, when they were broadcast under the Forensic Files title. The last two specials, "JFK Assassination" and "The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping" aired on CourtTV with Peter Thomas narrating under the title: Forensic Files Special.

Netflix collection[edit]

Season 1
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Title Original air date Netflix Collection Netflix Episode
1 1 "The Disappearance of Helle Crafts" April 23, 1996 4 33
2 2 "The Magic Bullet" October 17, 1996 4 34
3 3 "The House that Roared" October 10, 1996 4 35
4 4 "The Footpath Murders" October 23, 1996
5 5 "Planted Evidence" October 24, 1996 4 36
6 6 "Southside Strangler" October 31, 1996 8 1
7 7 "Legionnaires' Disease" November 7, 1996 8 2
8 8 "The Wilson Murder" November 14, 1996 4 37
9 9 "Deadly Neighborhoods" November 21, 1996
10 10 "Insect Clues" November 28, 1996 4 38
11 11 "Outbreak" December 5, 1996 4 39
12 12 "The List Murders" December 12, 1996 3 1
13 13 "Raw Terror" December 19, 1996
Season 2
No. in


No. in


Title Original air date Netflix Collection Netflix Episode
14 1 "The Common Thread" October 2, 1997 8 3
15 2 "The Dirty Deed" October 9, 1997 4 40
16 3 "Killer Fog" October 16, 1997 5 1
17 4 "Sex, Lies and DNA" October 23, 1997 5 2
18 5 "Bitter Potion" October 30, 1997 8 4
19 6 "The Blood Trail" November 6, 1997 5 3
20 7 "Fatal Fungus" November 13, 1997 8 5
21 8 "Charred Remains" November 20, 1997 5 4
22 9

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[ {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 1,"title": "If I Were You","series_number": 285,"season": 11,"season_number": 28,"air_date": "2007-01-24" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 2,"title": "A Tight Leash","series_number": 287,"season": 11,"season_number": 30,"air_date": "2007-02-07" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 3,"title": "Muffled Cries","series_number": 288,"season": 11,"season_number": 31,"air_date": "2007-02-14" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 4,"title": "Skirting the Evidence","series_number": 290,"season": 11,"season_number": 33,"air_date": "2007-02-28" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 5,"title": "Small Town Terror","series_number": 291,"season": 11,"season_number": 34,"air_date": "2007-03-07" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 6,"title": "Fresh Heir","series_number": 292,"season": 11,"season_number": 35,"air_date": "2007-03-14" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 7,"title": "Step by Step","series_number": 294,"season": 11,"season_number": 37,"air_date": "2007-03-28" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 8,"title": "Blanket of Evidence","series_number": 295,"season": 11,"season_number": 38,"air_date": "2007-04-04" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 9,"title": "Fired-Up","series_number": 296,"season": 11,"season_number": 39,"air_date": "2007-04-11" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 10,"title": "Two in a Million","series_number": 297,"season": 11,"season_number": 40,"air_date": "2007-04-18" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 11,"title": "Bitter Brew","series_number": 298,"season": 11,"season_number": 41,"air_date": "2007-04-25" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 12,"title": "Sharper Image","series_number": 300,"season": 12,"season_number": 1,"air_date": "2007-09-26" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 13,"title": "Wheel of Misfortune","series_number": 303,"season": 12,"season_number": 4,"air_date": "2007-10-24" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 14,"title": "The Day the Music Died","series_number": 306,"season": 12,"season_number": 7,"air_date": "2007-11-14" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 15,"title": "Sole Survivor","series_number": 307,"season": 12,"season_number": 8,"air_date": "2007-11-19" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 16,"title": "Catch 22","series_number": 309,"season": 12,"season_number": 10,"air_date": "2007-12-17" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 17,"title": "A Cinderella Story","series_number": 310,"season": 12,"season_number": 11,"air_date": "2007-12-24" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 18,"title": "Sands of Crime","series_number": 342,"season": 13,"season_number": 13,"air_date": "2009-02-20" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 19,"title": "Sworded Scheme","series_number": 344,"season": 13,"season_number": 15,"air_date": "2009-01-30" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 20,"title": "Fashion Police","series_number": 346,"season": 13,"season_number": 17,"air_date": "2009-03-13" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 21,"title": "Church Dis-service","series_number": 347,"season": 13,"season_number": 18,"air_date": "2009-04-03" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 22,"title": "Seedy Intentions","series_number": 348,"season": 13,"season_number": 19,"air_date": "2009-04-17" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 23,"title": "DNA Dragnet","series_number": 349,"season": 13,"season_number": 20,"air_date": "2009-05-15" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 24,"title": "Office Visit","series_number": 369,"season": 13,"season_number": 40,"air_date": "2010-03-05" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 25,"title": "Shoe-In for Murder","series_number": 371,"season": 13,"season_number": 42,"air_date": "2010-03-19" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 26,"title": "Family Interrupted","series_number": 372,"season": 13,"season_number": 43,"air_date": "2010-04-02" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 27,"title": "Runaway Love","series_number": 373,"season": 13,"season_number": 44,"air_date": "2010-04-16" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 28,"title": "Watchful Eye","series_number": 374,"season": 13,"season_number": 45,"air_date": "2010-04-30" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 29,"title": "Waste Mis-Management","series_number": 375,"season": 13,"season_number": 46,"air_date": "2010-05-14" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 30,"title": "Dirty Little Seacret","series_number": 376,"season": 13,"season_number": 47,"air_date": "2010-05-28" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 31,"title": "Lights Out","series_number": 377,"season": 13,"season_number": 48,"air_date": "2010-06-11" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 32,"title": "Purebread Murder","series_number": 380,"season": 14,"season_number": 1,"air_date": "2010-09-10" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 33,"title": "Hear No Evil","series_number": 381,"season": 14,"season_number": 2,"air_date": "2010-09-24" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 34,"title": "Three's a Crowd","series_number": 383,"season": 14,"season_number": 4,"air_date": "2010-10-22" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 35,"title": "A Squire's Riches","series_number": 384,"season": 14,"season_number": 5,"air_date": "2010-11-05" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 36,"title": "Home of the Brave","series_number": 385,"season": 14,"season_number": 6,"air_date": "2010-11-19" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 37,"title": "Textbook Murder","series_number": 388,"season": 14,"season_number": 9,"air_date": "2010-12-31" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 38,"title": "Filtered Out","series_number": 389,"season": 14,"season_number": 10,"air_date": "2011-01-14" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 39,"title": "Water Logged","series_number": 390,"season": 14,"season_number": 11,"air_date": "2011-01-28" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 1,"netflix_episode_number": 40,"title": "Social Circle","series_number": 391,"season": 14,"season_number": 12,"air_date": "2011-02-11" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 1,"title": "A Daughter's Journey","series_number": 198,"season": 9,"season_number": 13,"air_date": "2004-08-23" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 2,"title": "Badge of Betrayal","series_number": 203,"season": 9,"season_number": 18,"air_date": "2004-09-22" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 3,"title": "Deadly Matrimony","series_number": 204,"season": 9,"season_number": 19,"air_date": "2004-09-29" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 4,"title": "Point of Origin","series_number": 206,"season": 9,"season_number": 21,"air_date": "2004-10-27" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 5,"title": "Seeds for Doubt","series_number": 207,"season": 9,"season_number": 22,"air_date": "2004-10-07" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 6,"title": "Saving Face","series_number": 208,"season": 9,"season_number": 23,"air_date": "2004-10-13" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 7,"title": "Northern Exposure","series_number": 209,"season": 9,"season_number": 24,"air_date": "2004-12-08" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 8,"title": "For Love or Money","series_number": 212,"season": 9,"season_number": 27,"air_date": "2004-06-20" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 9,"title": "South of the Border","series_number": 213,"season": 9,"season_number": 28,"air_date": "2004-11-12" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 10,"title": "Walking Terror","series_number": 215,"season": 9,"season_number": 30,"air_date": "2005-03-02" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 11,"title": "Plastic Puzzle","series_number": 218,"season": 10,"season_number": 3,"air_date": "2005-06-01" }, {"netflix_collection_number": 2,"netflix_episode_number": 12,"title": "Tagging A Suspect","series_number": 225,"season": 10,"season_number": 10,
Medical Detectives (Forensic Files) - Season 9, Episode 10 - Head Games


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