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With permission from these creative designers, we bring you our top collection of Signs and Decorations Custom Designs for you to decorate your flags, stalls, and signages with, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Save and share designs using Design & Creator IDs, and feel free to share your work with us, too!

These custom design creations are listed in the order of approval. We will update this page with more content from time to time!

Flower Prints.jpg
Check out these beautiful flower designs by Twitter user seagutless. You can place them on signs to put in your flower gardens, or you can mount them on the walls of your home! Whatever you do, make sure you get all the designs!

She also has designs for Fruits, Turnips, and more, so make sure to check them out by searching her Creator ID.

Food Menu.jpg
Set up food stalls on your island with a stall and finish it up by customizing a simple panel. Who knew simple items could look so good? Check out more of spicysiopao's work on their Twitter page!

Creator:spicysiopao (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-5391-7740-8545
Pizza menu.png Pizza
Design ID: MO-5CF4-TPKV-C6CM
Drinks and dessert menu.png Drinks and Dessert
Design ID: MO-HYV6-LNYR-8PH2

Lace food stall.jpg
Create cute stalls for your coffee shops with this lace design by Twitter user marimo_angela. You search using her Creator ID to see more of her works!

Creator:marimo_angela (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0885-0938-8047
Lace.jpgLace Food Stall
Design ID: MO-3GM6-19FG-8KWJ

Museum signs.jpg
You can set these up these lovely Museum signs created by Twitter user chiipls. Place them outside your Museum entrances or next to your fossil displays!

Creator:chiipls (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-8214-5251-0252
Museum 1.pngMuseum 1
Design ID: MO-6NHX-GKSW-112Q
Museum 2.pngMuseum 2
Design ID: MO-X26L-3DFQ-KRK7

Simple Panel Windows.jpg
This simple window designed can be put on panels to immediately beautify any recreational areas on your island. Twitter user LOONBIT easily does this with a little greenhouse area.

Pink Wisteria Stall.png
These lovely designs can be used on a stall, and it will look like there is wisteria hanging over it. You can choose from pink and purple designs!

You can also check out KaranaNoMori's Instagram to see more Animal Crossing content!

Creator:KaranaNoMori (Instagram)
Creator ID: MA-1670-7120-5026
Pink.png Pink
Design ID: MO-2G4V-K7M2-J4JB
Purple.png Purple
Design ID: MO-41CG-S5R3-0FQQ

Cafe Stall.png
Add these cute foods and drinks menus designed by Twitter user beepboop_plays to your cafes stalls! You can check out her Twitter page for more Animal Crossing content!

Creator:beepboop_plays (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-4487-4488-3942
Cafe drinks.png Drinks Menu
Design ID: MO-BDC3-VHK5-72GW
Cafe juice.jpg Juice Menu
Design ID: MO-M9GP-WJL6-D4SP
Cafe dessert.png Dessert Menu
Design ID: MO-WFV3-N8Q5-LB80

Shared with us by the official Animal Crossing Twitter page, nothing screams Island Getaway other than the face of Tom Nook!

Creator:Ninten (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0690-3887-0655
Tom Nook flag.jpg Tom Nook Flag
Design ID: MO-2QMX-TY9K-DM08

These beautifully-made custom designs for signs and decorations were contributed by the following users. If you want to see more of their work, you can check their pages!

If you want your work to get featured, you can say so in our Custom Design Share Board, and don't forget to show us your work!

You can also send us a direct message in our Twitter account @Game8_ACNH!
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Nintendo Direct - Able Sisters
You must first have the Able Sisters tailor shop set up on your island before you can use this feature.
How to Unlock the Able Sisters Tailor Shop

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You can use the Custom Designs Portal to save and share designs online with other players.

Custom Designs Portal - How to Share Custom Designs Online

The design ID may have been deleted. In this case, you can search the User ID instead and see their catalog of creations.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: 15 Best Custom Sign Design Codes For Island Improvement

One of the most simple ways to add some depth to your Animal Crossing: New Horizonsisland is with simple custom signs. While there are some options for basic directional signs the best ones are truly custom designs that reflect your island's style and color scheme.

These signs can do anything from help visitors navigate the island to telling you which trees have apples on them. You can also use signs to display rules or instructions and even identify the villagers in a specific home.

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Here we've gathered some of the very best custom signs that you can use to improve your island. Whatever you're looking to mark, there's a sign for your needs.

Updated July 8th, 2020 By Helen Ashcroft: Summer is here and it has brought with it a new update for the game. Players can now enjoy swimming in the ocean and diving to its depths to reach new sea creatures. As excitement builds so does the desire to keep on customizing your island.

We've updated this list of custom signs so that you can make the very best summer vacation island you can imagine. Here are a few new ideas to help your island stand out this summer.

15 Dive Sign By Stephdub

My first custom design- definetly not fancy! But I needed a sign like this, so wanted to share in case you did as well! :) from ACQR

What better way to celebrate the new update than with a dive sign? Use this to encourage visitors to come and dive into the ocean on your island.

It can also be used to mark the best places to dive or to enhance an area designed for players to get changed into their wetsuits before taking to the ocean.

14 Pascal Sign By KaitRose

I made a sign in honor of our new diving pal, maaan! (Also posted without the slats) from ACQR

Another new addition to the game is Pascal, an otter with a love for scallops. He pops up when you find the tasty morsels and offers to take them off your hands.

It can be a surprise for newcomers to see the otter appear amongst the waves so this sign gives them a heads up. It's also cute and otterly perfect, so why wouldn't you add it to your island?

13 No Lifeguard Sign By Noahboutthis

No Lifeguard On Duty Sign from ACQR

The Nook Store can offer you a lifeguard chair in exchange for Nook Miles tickets. However, it doesn't give you a lifeguard to go with it. Since players can now swim in the ocean displaying this sign is surely the responsible step to take.

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Let your visitors know that the lifeguard is not on duty, so they know that despite the cool looking chair, no one is looking out for their welfare.

12 Direction Signs For Lanterns By ZephTheChef

Requested direction designs from ACQR

These direction signs are designed to go on the lanterns and they match perfectly. The icons for the town hall, shops, and Redd's island are subtle and perfect.

If you're looking for something that offers help without needing to be on a huge sign then these are perfect. Multipurpose lighting and signage is an unbeatable combination.

11 Bulletin Board By Vince_not_vinnie

For all my fellow teachers & academics out there: a bulletin board for your classrooms, community centers, etc! Creator code MA-7743-1341-1331 from ACQR

This bulletin board by Vince makes a perfect addition to any classroom, home, or community center. Seen here on a simple panel and as a painting, you can see how versatile it is.

A bulletin board is a staple that isn't in the game but matches well with the whiteboards, educational posters, teacher's desks, and other similar additions.

10 Bakery Signs By Chicaco

These cute bakery signs by Chicaco are the perfect background for any budding breadmakers. They look fantastic in this Kiki's Delivery Service inspired bakery but would also look great in a pantry.

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The rustic designs match well with darker signs and could also be placed straight onto a wall to create an illusion of kitchen shelves.

9 Botanical Orchard Illustrations By UltraOrnagicNuggets

My botanical illustrations for my orchard. Thanks to u/vitaminbug for the inspiration. MA-7842-5811-5225 from ACQR

These beautiful botanical illustrations were created by UltraOrganicNuggets and inspired byVitaminbug. While many orchard signs are cute we love the traditional feel of these.

You can find more designs in the Reddit thread and under the creator code but we also recommend checking out the inspiration for them by Vitamin bug. Here you'll find many more equally beautiful signs in a very similar style. Use them to mark trees, flowers, stalls, and more.

8 No Entry Sign By Spyro105 Gaming

This design by Spygro105 may be simple but it's very effective and something many players may find themselves needing, especially if they chose to open up their island to others.

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Just like in real life, this sign has lots of uses and can be easily placed on both paths and signs to help visitors know where not to wander. Keep it simple and enforce your own island rules.

7 Mazes And More By Illtsu

I made some more signs! from ACQR

If you want some cute signs for your visitors then these designs by Iltsu are a great choice. Along with the common ideas of asking guests to water plants, wishing them well, and showing what they can take, we love the additions.

The hedge fencing that came with the recent patch means making mazes is more common now and we adore the idea of asking guests to leave notes on your message board or come for a cataloging party.

6 Misc Signs By Rosie

The cute cafe sign is adorable, especially with its matching menu but for us, the dig site sign is what really grabs our attention.

Rosie has done an amazing job here and this sign is perfect for anyone who conspires to put all their rocks in one place to make an excavation site. This is sure to brighten up museum areas on any island.

5 Museum And Shooting Star View Points By Pixieava

Saw someone else making signs for their museum so I thought I’d give it a go! These are for my museum and shooting star viewing point. My creator ID Is MA-1448-2262-6846 from ACQR

These two signs by Pixieava are for Celeste and Blathers. One is a great illustration of what you find in Balthers' museum and the other is a cute way to mark a lookout point for when Celeste comes to watch the meteor showers.

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Many people choose to have a dedicated lookout area for stargazing when Celeste comes into town. This is a nice way to mark the area and could also be used on a smaller sign if required.

4 Free Recipes By Demon

If you want people to know those excess DIY recipes are available to freely take then this sign is sure to be a big help. Simple but effective it lets visitors know what the deal is.

Since some players only offer recipes for swap or purchase it's always lovely to find someone offering them for free so celebrate generosity with this cute sign by Demon.

3 Flea Market By Black_Chutney

I made a wooden Flea Market sign, inspired by a cute “Take One Leave One” sign I saw here. MA-1285-2966-6818 from ACQR

The idea of combining stores together into a flea market is a stroke of genius. The simple wooden sign by Black_Chutney even gives opening hours.

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If you need a simple sign to point to your marketplace, shopping area, or stalls then this may be the answer.

2 Misc Direction Signs By Kelly

This sign is one of many by Kelly which point to different island staples. The signs include shops, the campsite, the museum, and the plaza, so it's worth checking the creator code for all the options.

Help visitors navigate around your island in style by adding directional signs that look cute as well as helping others find the places they need to visit.

1 Villager Signs By Cheers_Kitty

Uploaded 218 villager portraits for the sign in front of the villager house (MA-8501-1535-1176) from AnimalCrossing

These signs by Cheers_Kitty are a true labor of love. They have produced a whopping 218 villager portraits which you can use outside villagers' homes to mark who lives there.

While not every villager is quite covered we're pretty sure they will be since it seems unlikely the creator would stop after getting so far through the list. If you want villager signs you're highly likely to find the perfect ones here.

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Animal Crossing | ACNH

Best Custom Designs For Signs

Check out creative custom designs for signs (sign board) made by great Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH) designers! Use these custom design codes to decorate your island!!

suppinWith permissions from kind ACNH users, we've listed some of the great custom designs for sign. Thank you for these amazing designs!

Table of Contents

Custom Design For Sign

Sign Board Designs By iltsu


Very creative sign board designs made by @islander_iltsu! Great idea to interact with the visitors in your island! I love how this creator show lot of love and respect to the flowers too.

Sign Board Design Codes

Use Signs For Design Projects


Signs like these have a variety of uses, but one place you could use them is in front of a cafe, street stall, or flower bed you've created! Try to use one of the great designs above in some of your own projects.

> Outdoor Cafe Design
> Street Market Design
> Flower Field Design

Custom Design Credits

Thank You For Great Designs

We'd like to take time to thank all of the great ACNH creators for giving us permission to introduce your designs! Thank you so much!

More Designs? Tell Us!

We are always looking for more great custom designs! If you've made a great design or if you know someone who's made one, please tell us in the comments from the bottom of this page or join our conversation on the Custom Design Forum!

Check Out Custom Design Forum From Here

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