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Performing Special Duty assignments is not only career enhancing, but also gives self-satisfaction while serving Soldiers. The following PDF explains some of the Special Duty assignments available for Soldiers.

Full PDF found here:

**Special assignments include special management command and joint, HQDA, and HRC assignments that have special missions and require personnel with specific qualifications. Soldiers assigned to these positions will be stabilized for a period of 36 months. However, HRC may reassign Soldiers with less than 36 months in accordance with paragraph 3– 8a(10). This section establishes policies for assignments to the following agencies:

a. International and OCONUS Joint headquarters, U.S. military missions, military assistance advisory groups, Joint U.S. military advisory groups, and similar activities. b. The U.S. Central Command.
c. Headquarters, Department of the Army and HRC.
d. The U.S. Disciplinary Barracks.
e. The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.
f. Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence and field activities.
g. Defense Courier Service.
h. The U.S. Criminal Investigation Command.
i. The U.S. Transportation Command.
j. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
k. The U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, U.S. Army War College, and U.S. Army Officer Candidate School.
l. Joint communications support element.
m. U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC).

**All personnel actions pertaining to nominative assignments are processed by HRC (AHRC–EPD). The normal tour of duty for these assignments is 3 to 4 years, unless otherwise specified by the individual agency. Soldiers assigned to these agencies are contact replacements requested by the appropriate agency approximately 9 to 12 months in advance of the incumbent’s scheduled rotation date. Stringent screening processes exist to ensure that only the most highly qualified Soldiers are selected for nominative posi- tions at the following agencies:

a. Office, Secretary of Defense.
b. Joint Staff.
c. Defense Commissary Agency.
d. Defense Finance and Accounting Service. e. Defense Information Systems Agency. f. Defense Nuclear Agency.
g. Defense Logistics Agency.
h. Defense Intelligence Agency.
i. Defense Mapping Agency.
j. On-Site Inspection Agency.
k. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.
l. U.S. Delegation NATO Military Committee.
m. Immediate Offices-Office, Secretary of the Army.
n. Office, Army Chief of Staff.
o. Military Personnel Exchange Program (AR 614–10).
p. Offices of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army.

**Special Operations Forces (SOF) assignments require Soldiers able to excel in the performance of their duties in highly complex and dynamic environments throughout the full spectrum of modern warfare and peacetime missions. The nature of SOF missions requires a high state of readiness, therefore, Soldiers will be assigned on a priority basis. Stringent screen- ing processes exist to ensure that only the highest quality Soldiers are accepted and assigned. Soldiers who desire to apply for duty or assignment may do so without regard to current assignment. Only fully qualified Soldiers will be accepted for duty in the following assignments:

a. Special Forces positions.
b. Civil Affairs positions.
c. Psychological operations positions.
d. U.S. Army Special Operations Command Operational Support and/or Force Sustainment positions.  e. 75th Ranger Regiment positions.
f. Special mission units’ positions.
g. 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment positions.
h. U.S. Special Operations Command positions.

Reference for above can be found in: AR 614-200


Army updates online tool for selecting assignments

The Army is updating a program that allows active-duty enlisted soldiers to choose preferences for assignments and locations.

The Assignment Satisfaction Key, or ASK, program has been redesigned by the Army Human Resources Command to be an expanded career development tool, according to an Army news release.

As in the past, soldiers can use the Web-based program to choose their preferences for future assignments and locations. Enlisted soldiers in ranks E-1 through E-8 non-promotable can view requisitions via the online tool, then volunteer for them and indicate their preferences.

When a soldier logs in to ASK, he or she will only see assignments they are eligible for, based on MOS, rank, time on station, and military education. This provides troops with realistic expectations, according to the release.

Once a soldier submits the request, it shows up in the Army's Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System, and Human Resources Command assignment managers will work on the order.

The updated tool allows soldiers to select assignments with lower requisition priority, instead of only showing assignments that have the most in-demand needs to be filled.

This has increased the number of assignments soldiers can view, an HRC spokeswoman said.

"Requisitions are each assigned a priority, based on Army Manning Guidance, that dictates which assignments should be filled first," Lt. Col. Janet Herrick said.

ASK now includes additional priorities, allowing soldiers to select from a higher number of available units and locations, she said.

The updated program now has one screen that's easier to navigate, and it also offers soldiers the option of indicating his or her availability for broadening opportunities, including drill sergeant and recruiter assignments, or other special-duty interests.

Soldiers who nominate themselves for assignment through ASK will receive feedback via email.

The assignment tool is available at An Army Knowledge Online account password is needed to gain access.

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Assignment Satisfaction Key

Passing information with the click of a mouse

Soldiers can update the following information via the internet: 

Personal Contact Information: Current home address, phone number (home and duty), and email address (either home or military).

Assignment Preferences: Soldiers must select 6 choices (3 CONUS and 3 OCONUS) from lists provided. Two CONUS installations will be divisional installations. 

Special Duty Interest Preferences: Drill Sergeant, Recruiting and/or Airborne. Soldiers are not volunteering for these duties.

Assignment Volunteers - Soldiers may volunteer for up to 3 CONUS and/or 3 OCONUS locations from lists provided. 

Special Duty Interest Volunteers: Soldiers may volunteer for Drill Sergeants, Recruiting and/or Airborne. 

Access is available thru the U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC)  web site at Once you access the U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) web site, you will click on the "Assignment Satisfaction Key" displayed above. Soldiers will need a Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account password to gain access to their information.  

 More Information on ASK

Assignment Satisfaction Key

Web access to enlisted assignment information is the key to electronically influencing your career

You can update assignment preferences and related information through a newly developed web application.  The "Assignment Satisfaction Key" or "ASK" Internet tool provides the capability to post assignment preference information directly to the Total Army Personnel Database.  U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD) assignment managers will use this information when considering you for assignments.

Under the old "Dream Sheet" days, you could choose from 230 CONUS locations and 280 OCONUS locations, but had little chance of being assigned to any of the locations.  "ASK" requires you to select two CONUS locations from a Divisional Installation Listing and one CONUS location form a more expanded listing.  You may select three of four OCONUS locations.

By providing you with realistic location options, our goal is to match Army readiness requirements with your preferences.  You are contributing to the overall decision process and your vote counts.  While U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) must still fill unique assignments, the majority of assignment locations will be available for you to select.  Those who decline to submit preferences will be assigned according to the needs of the Army.

This application is available through U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC)'s web site at:  Use your Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account password to gain access to this information.  Use of AKO will ensure necessary security requirements are met.  You may view and update the following information:

Personal Contact Information - You will be able to provide your current home address, phone number (home and duty) (commercial and Digital Service Network (DSN), and email address (either home or military).

Assignment Preference - Assignment preferences will be used when you are being considered for assignment.  You must select 6 locations (3 CONUS and 3 OCONUS).  Two CONUS preferences msut be selected from Assignment Location List (asg Loc List) A and one from Asg Loc List B.  Three OCONUS preferences must be selected from Asg Loc List C.

Special Duty Interest Preference/Volunteer - You may indicate a desire to be considered for or volunteer for Drill Sergeant, Recruiting, and/or Airborne.

Assignment Volunteer - You may now "volunteer" for assignment locations.  Provided you are otherwise qualified.  U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) assignment managers will consider assignment volunteers over non-volunteers.  Volunteer choices may be selected from Asg Loc List A, B and C.

Assignment Location Listing

The following Assignment Location Listings provide you with the choices you need to select from your Assignment Preferences and Assignment Volunteer locations.

List A - Divisional Installations

Fort Bragg, NCFort Lewis, WA
Fort Campbell, KYFort Polk, LA
Fort Carson, COFort Riley, KS
Fort Drum, NYFort Stewart, GA
Fort Hood, TX

List B - Divisional Installations and Other CONUS Installations

APG, MDFort Leavenworth, KS
Fort Belvoir, VAFort Lee, VA
Fort Benning, GAFort Leonard Wood, MO
Fort Bliss, TXFort Lewis, WA
Fort Bragg, NCFort Meade, MD
Fort Campbell, KYFort McPherson, GA
Fort Carson, COFort Monroe, VA
Fort Drum, NYFort Polk, LA
Fort Eustis, VARedstone Arsenal, AL
Fort Gordon, GAFort Riley, KS
Fort Hood, TXFort Rucker, AL
Fort Huachuca, AZFort Sam Houston, TX
Fort Irwin, CAFort Sill, OK
Fort Jackson, SCFort Stewart, GA
Fort Knox, KY

List C - OCONUS Locations


How to Contact the Enlisted Personnel Management Directorates

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
1-800-394-3763 (CONUS)
703-325-3763 (COMM)
221-2763 (DSN)

U.S. Army Human Resources Command
200 Stovall Street
Alexandria, VA 22332-0414

Fax Number:

(703) 325-5463
DSN 221-5463

CDR HRC-Alexandria
Attention: AHRC- (Your branch office symbol in column 2)
2461 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22332

221-XXXX (DSN)
703-325-XXXX (COMM)
Your branch fax extension (in column 4)

Soldier Assignment Module (SAM)

For soldiers who have used ASK, SAM provides virtually instant capability for your assignment manager and professional development soldiers to identify all open requirements you may be eligible for, provides the capabilities to hone in on the most eligible soldiers and also (on the same screen) identifies all volunteers for a specific assignment location.

ASK  The key to influencing your career

Point of contact is Mrs. Hodge at 325-2738, [email protected], Plans, Procedures and Operations Branch.

Update started on 01/11/07   (in revision)


List of United States Army careers

Wikipedia list article

The United States Army uses various personnel management systems to classify soldiers in different specialties which they receive specialized and formal training on once they have successfully completed Basic Combat Training (BCT).

Enlisted soldiers are categorized by their assigned job called a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). MOS are labeled with a short alphanumerical code called a military occupational core specialty code (MOSC), which consists of a two-digit number appended by a Latin letter. Related MOSs are grouped together by Career Management Fields (CMF). For example, an enlisted soldier with MOSC 11B works as an infantryman (his MOS), and is part of CMF 11 (the CMF for infantry).

Commissioned officers are classified by their area of concentration, or AOC. Just like enlisted MOSCs, AOCs are two digits plus a letter. Related AOCs are grouped together by specific branch of the Army or by broader in scope functional areas (FA). Typically, an officer will start in an AOC of a specific branch and move up to an FA AOC.

Warrant officers are classified by warrant officer military occupational specialty, or WOMOS. Codes consists of three digits plus a letter. Related WOMOS are grouped together by Army branch.

The Army is currently restructuring its personnel management systems, as of 2019.[1][2][3] Changes took place in 2004 and continued into 2013. Changes include deleting obsolete jobs, merging redundant jobs, and using common numbers for both enlisted CMFs and officer AOCs (e.g. "35" is military intelligence for both officers and enlisted).

Immaterial & Personnel Special Reporting Codes[edit]


  • 00A Duties Unassigned
  • 00B General Officer
  • 00C Relieved from Duty; Sick in Hospital or Quarters
  • 00D Newly Commissioned Officers Awaiting Entry on Active Duty for Officer Basic Course Attendance
  • 00E Student Officer
  • 01A Officer Generalist
  • 01B Aviation/Infantry/Armor/MI Immaterial
  • 01C Chemical/Engineer/MP Immaterial
  • 01D Army Financial Management/Adjutant General immaterial
  • 02A Combat Arms Generalist
  • 02B Infantry/Armor Immaterial
  • 02C Infantry/Armor/Field Artillery/Engineer Immaterial
  • 03A Infantry/Armor Immaterial
  • 05A Army Medical Department
  • 09G Army National Guard (ARNG) on Active Duty Medical Hold
  • 09H US Army Reserve (USAR) on Active Duty Medical Hold


  • 001A Unqual in Auth WO MOS
  • 002A Patient
  • 003A Student
  • 004A Duties Unassigned
  • 011A Brch/MOS Immaterial
  • 019G Army National Guard on Active Duty Medical Hold
  • 019H US Army Reserve on Active Duty Medical Held

Infantry Branch (IN)[edit]




  • 11B Infantryman (includes soldiers formerly designated 11M [Mechanized] and 11H [Anti-armor]) 11B Infantryman is the basic infantry soldier MOS of the US Army.
  • 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman (Mortarman)
  • 11X Undetermined Infantry (Open Enlistment Option, B/C determined during training.)
  • 11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant

Corps of Engineers Branch (EN)[edit]

USA - Engineer Branch Insignia.png
  • Prior to 1999, the Engineer designations were 12 series and 83 series.
  • In 1999, CMF 83 changed to CMF 51.
  • In 2004, CMF 51 changed to CMF 21.
  • In 2004, the engineer designation changed from 12 to 21.
  • In 2009, the engineer designation was changed again, from CMF 21 to CMF 12.
  • In 2013, the engineer officer designations 12B (Combat Engineer) and 12D (Facilities/Contract Construction Management Engineer (FCCME)) were consolidated into 12A.


  • 12A Engineer; General Engineer


  • 120A Construction Engineer Technician
  • 125D Geospatial Information Technician


  • 12A Engineer Senior Sergeant
  • 12B Combat Engineer
  • 12C Bridge Crewmember
  • 12D Diver
  • 12G Quarrying Specialist (RC)
  • 12H Construction Engineering Supervisor
  • 12K Plumber
  • 12M Firefighter
  • 12N Horizontal Construction Engineer
  • 12P Prime Power Production Specialist
  • 12Q Power Line Distribution Specialist (RC); No longer in use
  • 12R Interior Electrician
  • 12T Technical Engineer
  • 12V Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator; No longer in use
  • 12W Carpentry and Masonry Specialist
  • 12X General Engineering Supervisor
  • 12Y Geospatial Engineer
  • 12Z Combat Engineering Senior Sergeant

Field Artillery Branch (FA)[edit]

USA - Army Field Artillery Insignia.png



  • 131A Field Artillery Technician


Air Defense Artillery Branch (ADA)[edit]

USA - Army Air Defense Artillery.png



  • 140A Command and Control Systems Integrator
  • 140K Air And Missile Defense (AMD) Tactician
  • 140L Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Technician (Patriot Systems Technician)
  • 140Z Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Immaterial


  • 14E PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
  • 14G Air Defense Battle Management System Operator
  • 14H Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator
  • 14P Air and Missile Defense Crewmember
  • 14S Avenger Crew Member
  • 14T PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
  • 14Z Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Senior Sergeant

Aviation Branch (AV)[edit]


  • 15A Aviation Officer
  • 15B Aviation Combined Arms Operations
  • 15C Aviation All-Source Intelligence Officer
  • 15D Aviation Maintenance Officer


  • 150A Air Traffic and Air Space Management Technician
  • 150U Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations Technician
  • 151A Aviation Maintenance Technician (Nonrated)
  • 152C OH-6 Pilot
  • 152E AH-64E Attack Pilot
  • 152F AH-64A Attack Pilot
  • 152G AH-1 Attack Pilot (RC)
  • 152H AH-64D Attack Pilot
  • 153A Rotary Wing Aviator (Aircraft Nonspecific)
  • 153B UH-1 Pilot (RC)
  • 153D UH-60 Pilot
  • 153DD UH-60 MEDEVAC Pilot
  • 153E MH-60 Pilot
  • 153L UH-72A Pilot
  • 153M UH-60M Pilot
  • 154C CH-47D Pilot
  • 154E MH-47 Pilot
  • 154F CH-47F Pilot
  • 155A Fixed Wing Aviator (Aircraft Nonspecific)
  • 155E C-12 Pilot
  • 155F Jet Aircraft Pilot (C-20F/J, )
  • 155G O-5A/EO-5B/RC-7 Pilot
US Army Aviation Branch Insignia.svg


  • 15B Aircraft Powerplant Repairer
  • 15C MQ-1 Operator
  • 15D Aircraft Powertrain Repairer
  • 15E Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer
  • 15F Aircraft Electrician
  • 15G Aircraft Structural Repairer
  • 15H Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer
  • 15K Aircraft Components Repair Supervisor
  • 15M MQ-1 Repairer
  • 15N Avionic Mechanic
  • 15P Aviation Operations Specialist
  • 15Q Air Traffic Control Operator
  • 15R AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer
  • 15T UH-60 Helicopter Repairer
  • 15U CH-47 Helicopter Repairer
  • 15V Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer (RC)
  • 15W Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator
  • 15X AH-64A Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer
  • 15Y AH-64D Armament/Electrical/Avionic Systems Repairer
  • 15Z Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant

Cyber Branch (CY)[edit]

US Army Cyber Branch Insignia.png


  • 17A Cyber Warfare Officer
  • 17B Cyber Electromagnetic Activities Officer - Electronic Warfare
  • 17D Cyber Capabilities Development Officer


  • 170A Cyber Operations Technician
  • 170B Cyber Electromagnetic Activities Technician - Electronic Warfare
  • 170D Cyber Capabilities Developer Technician


  • 17C Cyber Operations Specialist
  • 17E Electronic Warfare Specialist

Special Forces (SF)[edit]

USA - Special Forces Branch Insignia.png



  • 180A Special Forces Warrant Officer - WO1-CW5


  • 18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant - SGT-SFC
  • 18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant - SGT-SFC
  • 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant - SGT-SFC
  • 18E Special Forces Communications Sergeant - SGT-SFC
  • 18F Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant - SFC
  • 18X Special Forces Candidate
  • 18Z Special Forces Senior Sergeant - MSG-CSM

Armor Branch (AR)[edit]




Signal Corps Branch (SC)[edit]

Insignia signal.svg



  • 255A Information Services Technician
  • 255N Network Management Technician
  • 255S Information Protection Technician
  • 255Z Senior Network Operations Technician


Information Network Engineering Functional Area (FA 26)[edit]

Effective 1 October 2016, Functional Areas 24 and 53 were merged into FA 26.


  • 26A Network Systems Engineer (formerly Functional Area 24A, Telecommunications Systems Engineer)
  • 26B Information Systems Engineer (formerly Functional Area 53A, Information Systems Manager)
  • 26Z Senior Information Network Engineer (26A and 26B merge at O6 to 26Z)

Judge Advocate General Branch (JA)[edit]

JAGC Staff Corps Insignia Army.gif




Information Operations Functional Area (FA 30)[edit]


  • 30A Information Operations Officer

Military Police Branch (MP)[edit]





  • 31B Military Police
  • 31D CID Special Agent
  • 31E Internment/Resettlement Specialist
  • 31K Working Dog Handler

Strategic Intelligence Functional Area (FA 34)[edit]


  • 34A Strategic Intelligence Officer

Military Intelligence Branch (MI)[edit]



  • 350F All Source Intelligence Technician
  • 350G Imagery Intelligence Technician
  • 351Z Attaché Technician
  • 351L Counterintelligence Supervisory Special Agent
  • 351M Human Intelligence Collection Technician
  • 351Y Area Intelligence Technician
  • 352N Signal Intelligence Analysis Technician
  • 352S Signals Collector Technician
  • 353T Intelligence Systems Maintenance Technician
MI Corps Insignia.svg


  • 09L Interpreter/Translator
  • 35F Intelligence Analyst
  • 35G Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst
  • 35L Counterintelligence Special Agent
  • 35MHuman Intelligence Collector
  • 35N Signals Intelligence Analyst
  • 35P Cryptologic Linguist
  • 35Q Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist
  • 35S Signals Collector/Analyst
  • 35T Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator
  • 35V Signals Intelligence Senior Sergeant/Chief Signals Intelligence Sergeant
  • 35X Intelligence Senior Sergeant/Chief Intelligence Sergeant
  • 35Y Chief Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Sergeant
  • 35Z Signals Intelligence (Electronic Warfare) / Senior Sergeant/ Chief

Finance & Comptroller Branch (FC)[edit]




  • 36B Financial Management Technician

Psychological Operations Branch (PO)[edit]

USA - Psych Ops Branch Insignia.png


  • 37A Psychological Operations


  • 37F Psychological Operations Specialist

Civil Affairs Branch (CA)[edit]

Civil Affairs Branch Insignia.gif


  • 38A Civil Affairs Officer
  • 38G Military Government Specialist


  • 38B Civil Affairs Specialist

Space Operations Functional Area (FA 40)[edit]


  • 40A Space Operations
  • 40C Army Astronaut

Adjutant General Corps (AG)[edit]



  • 42B Human Resources Officer
  • 42C Army Bands
  • 42H Senior Human Resources Officer


  • 420A Human Resources Technician
  • 420C Bandmaster


  • 42A Human Resources Specialist
  • 42R Musician
  • 42S Special Band Member


  • 79R Recruiter Noncommissioned Officer
  • 79S Career Counselor
  • 79T Recruiting and Retention NCO (ANG)
  • 79V Army Reserve Career Counselor (USAR)

Public Affairs Functional Area (FA and CMF 46)[edit]



  • 46S Public Affairs Mass Communications Specialist
  • 46Z Chief Public Affairs NCO

Academy Professor Functional Area (FA 47)[edit]

US Military Academy Staff Insignia.png


  • 47A USMA, Professor
  • 47C USMA, Professor of English
  • 47D USMA, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • 47E USMA, Professor of Law
  • 47F USMA, Professor of Systems Engineering
  • 47G USMA, Professor of Foreign Languages
  • 47H USMA, Professor of Physics
  • 47J USMA, Professor of Social Sciences
  • 47K USMA, Professor of History
  • 47L USMA, Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership
  • 47M USMA, Professor of Chemistry
  • 47N USMA, Professor of Mathematical Sciences
  • 47P USMA, Professor of Geography and Environmental Engineering
  • 47Q USMA, Professor and Associate Dean
  • 47R USMA, Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  • 47S USMA, Professor of Physical Education
  • 47T USMA, Professor of Leader Development and Organizational Learning
  • 47U USMA, Professor of Military Art and Science
  • 47V USMA, Professor of Army Cyber

Foreign Area Officer Functional Area (FA 48)[edit]


  • 48B Latin America
  • 48C Europe (no longer used -- these officers are now designated 48E)
  • 48D South Asia
  • 48E Eurasia
  • 48F China
  • 48G Mideast/North Africa
  • 48H Northeast Asia
  • 48I Southeast Asia
  • 48J Africa, South of the Sahara
  • 48X Foreign Area Officer

Operations Research/Systems Analysis (ORSA) Functional Area (FA 49)[edit]


  • 49A Operations Research/Systems Analysis
  • 49W Trained, ORSA
  • 49X Untrained, ORSA

Force Management Functional Area (FA 50)[edit]


Army Acquisition Corps (FA and CMF 51)[edit]



  • 51A Program Management
  • 51C Contract Management
  • 51R Systems Automation Acquisition and Engineering
  • 51S Research and Engineering
  • 51T Test and Evaluation
  • 51Z Acquisitions

Noncommissioned Officer

  • 51C Acquisition, Logistics & Technology (AL&T) Contracting NCO

Nuclear and Counter WMD Functional Area (FA 52)[edit]


  • 52B Nuclear and Counter WMD Officer

Simulation Operations Functional Area (FA 57)[edit]


  • 57A Simulation Operations Officer

Chaplain Branch (CH)[edit]


  • 56A Command and Unit Chaplain
  • 56D Clinical Pastoral Educator
  • 56X Chaplain Candidate


Army Marketing Functional Area (FA 58)[edit]


Strategic Plans and Policy Functional Area (FA 59)[edit]


Medical Department Branches[edit]

Medical Corps Branch (MC)[edit]


USA - Army Medical Corps.png

Dental Corps Branch (DC)[edit]


USA - Army Medical Dental.png

Veterinary Corps Branch (VC)[edit]

USA - Army Medical Veterinary.png


  • 64A Field Veterinary Service
  • 64B Veterinary Preventive Medicine
  • 64C Veterinary Laboratory Animal Medicine
  • 64D Veterinary Pathology
  • 64E Veterinary Comparative Medicine
  • 64F Veterinary Clinical Medicine
  • 64Z Senior Veterinarian (Immaterial)


Medical Specialist Corps Branch (SP)[edit]

USA - Army Medical Specialist.png


  • 65A Occupational Therapy
  • 65B Physical Therapy
  • 65C Dietitian
  • 65D Physician Assistant
  • 65X Specialist Allied Operations

Nurse Corps Branch (AN)[edit]

USA - Army Medical Nurse.png


  • 66B Public Health Nurse
  • 66C Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse
  • 66E Perioperative Nurse
  • 66F Nurse Anesthetist
  • 66G Obstetrics and Gyneco
  • 66H Medical-Surgical Nurse
  • 66N Generalist Nurse
  • 66P Family Nurse Practitioner
  • 66R Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • 66S Critical Care Nurse
  • 66T Emergency Room Nurse
  • 66W Certified Nurse Midwife

Medical Service Corps Branch (MS)[edit]

USA - Army Medical Specialist Corps.png



Medical CMF[edit]


  • 68A Biomedical Equipment Specialist
  • 68B Orthopedic Specialist
  • 68C Practical Nursing Specialist-(LPN/LVN)
  • 68D Operating Room Specialist
  • 68E Dental Specialist
  • 68F Physical Therapy Specialist
  • 68G Patient Administration Specialist (formerly 71G)
  • 68H Optical Laboratory Specialist
  • 68J Medical Logistics Specialist
  • 68K Medical Laboratory Specialist
  • 68L Occupational Therapy Specialist
  • 68M Nutrition Care Specialist
  • 68N Cardiovascular Specialist
  • 68P Radiology Specialist
  • 68Q Pharmacy Specialist
  • 68R Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist
  • 68S Preventive Medicine Specialist
  • 68T Animal Care Specialist
  • 68U Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Specialist
  • 68V Respiratory Specialist
  • 68W Combat Medic Specialist
  • 68X Behavioral Health Specialist
  • 68Y Eye Specialist
  • 68Z Chief Medical NCO

Health Services FA[edit]


  • 70A Health Care Administration
  • 70B Health Services Administration
  • 70C Health Services Comptroller
  • 70D Health Services Systems Management
  • 70E Patient Administration
  • 70F Health Services Human Resources
  • 70H Health Services Plans, Operations, Intelligence, Security, and Training
  • 70K Health Services Materiel

Laboratory Sciences FA[edit]


Preventive Medicine Sciences FA[edit]


Behavioral Sciences FA[edit]


Chemical Corps (CM)[edit]

Chemical Branch Insignia.svg



  • 740A Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Warrant Officer


  • 74D Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Specialist (formerly 54E)

Logistics Corps[edit]

USA - Logistics Branch Insignia.png

As of 1 Jan 2008, all officers from Quartermaster, Transportation and Ordnance branches who have attended the Captain's Career Course, with the exception of EOD officers (89E), are transitioned to the Logistics branch.


  • 90A Multifunctional Logistician (LG)

Transportation Branch (TC)[edit]

USA - Transportation Corps Branch Insignia.png


  • 88A Transportation, General
  • 88B Traffic Management
  • 88C Marine and Terminal Operations
  • 88D Motor/Rail Transportation


  • 880A Marine Deck Officer
  • 881A Marine Engineering Officer
  • 882A Mobility Officer


  • 88H Cargo Specialist
  • 88K Watercraft Operator
  • 88L Watercraft Engineer
  • 88M Motor Transport Operator
  • 88N Transportation Management Coordinator
  • 88P Railway Equipment Repairer (RC)
  • 88T Railway Section Repairer (RC)
  • 88U Railway Operations Crew Member (RC)
  • 88Z Transportation Senior Sergeant

Ammunition CMF, Mechanical Maintenance CMF & Ordnance Branch (OD)[edit]

Ordnance Branch Insignia.svg


  • 89E Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer
  • 91A Materiel Maintenance and Munitions Management Officer


  • 890A Ammunition Warrant Officer
  • 913A Armament Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer
  • 914A Allied Trades Warrant Officer
  • 915A Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer
  • 915E Senior Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer
  • 919A Engineer Equipment Maintenance Warrant Officer
  • 948B Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer
  • 948D Electronic Missile Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer
  • 948E Senior Electronics Maintenance Warrant Officer


  • 89A Ammunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist
  • 89B Ammunition Specialist
  • 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist
  • 91A M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer (formerly 63A)
  • 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (formerly 63B)
  • 91C Utilities Equipment Repairer (formerly 52C)
  • 91D Power Generation Equipment Repairer (formerly 52D)
  • 91E Allied Trades Specialist (formerly 91E and 91W)
  • 91F Small Arms/Towed Artillery Repairer (formerly 45B)
  • 91G Fire Control Repairer (formerly 45G)
  • 91H Track Vehicle Repairer (formerly 63H)
  • 91J Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (formerly 63J)
  • 91L Construction Equipment Repairer (formerly 62B)
  • 91M Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer (formerly 63T)
  • 91P Self Propelled Artillery Systems Maintainer (formerly 63D)
  • 91S Stryker Systems Maintainer
  • 91X Maintenance Supervisor (formerly 63X)
  • 91Z Senior Maintenance Supervisor (formerly 63Z)
  • 94A Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer (formerly 27E)
  • 94D Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer
  • 94E Radio & Communications Security (COMSEC) Equipment Repairer
  • 94F Computer/Detection Systems Repairer
  • 94H Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Maintenance Support Specialist
  • 94M Radar Repairer
  • 94P Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Repairer (formerly 27M)
  • 94R Avionic and Survivability Repairer
  • 94S PATRIOT System Repairer
  • 94T AVENGER System Repairer
  • 94W Electronic Maintenance Chief
  • 94X Senior Missile Systems Maintainer
  • 94Y Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) Operator/Maintainer
  • 94Z Senior Electronic Maintenance Chief

Quartermaster Corps Branch (QM)[edit]

USA - Quartermaster Corps Branch Insignia.png


  • 92A Quartermaster Officer
  • 92D Aerial Delivery and Materiel



  • 92A Automated Logistical Specialist
  • 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist
  • 92G Culinary Specialist
  • 92L Petroleum Laboratory Specialist
  • 92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist
  • 92R Parachute Rigger
  • 92S Shower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Specialist
  • 92W Water Treatment Specialist
  • 92Y Unit Supply Specialist
  • 92Z Senior Noncommissioned Logistician

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