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Josephine was recruited by Leliana enlisted her as the newly created Inquisition's political advisor and chief diplomat at some point after resigning her post as Antiva's ambassador to Orlais.

After meeting Maxwell Trevelyan, Josephine becomes engaged in a debate with Marquis DuRellion, who politely protests the Inquisition's presence in Haven. Regardless of Maxwell's response, Josephine performs a shrewd diplomatic word play to get the Marquis to reconsider his stance.

After being forced out of Haven by Corypheus, Josephine joins the rest of the Inquisition as they journey to Skyhold. Upon arrival, as the Herald is elevated to the rank of Inquisitor, Cassandra calls out to Josephine, asking if their people have been told. Josephine confirms it and promises that the world will soon know. Josephine then lets out a small cheer with the rest of the assembled before catching herself.

Assassination attempt

As the eldest child of the Montilyet family, Josephine must oversee her family's merchant business in addition to her duties to the Inquisition. To improve their financial standing, she attempts to restore their former place as traders in Orlais.

However, her messengers are intercepted and murdered, and the documents permitting the restoration are destroyed. Comte Boisvert in Val Royeaux says that he can provide some information on the subject, in exchange for Inquisitor Maxwell's presence at the meeting. Once the Inquisitor agrees to go with Josephine, they journey to Val Royeaux and the estate of Comte Boisvert. Upon meeting the Comte, he produces a copy of a contract of the House of Repose assassins guild, instructing them to target anyone attempting to reinstate the Montilyets in Orlais. The family responsible, the Du Paraquettes, lost their noble status 60 years ago; however, they put out the contract one hundred and nine years ago. A little thing like the death of the contractor is not enough to nullify the bond. Josephine cunningly deduces that the "Comte" is an impostor given how well informed he is. The Repose assassin admits to having bound and gagged the real comte in the closet nearby, and says that the House of Repose wanted to grant Josephine the courtesy of an explanation, as her situation is so unusual. Afterwards, the assassin politely observes that he hopes he and Josephine never meet again, and wishes her luck in her plan to have the contract voided.

Afterwards, Josephine seeks to restore the Du Paraquettes' titles to get them to annul the contract. However, Leliana suggests that she send agents into the House of Repose to steal the contract on her life so the guild would not have any cause to attack her, an option that Josephine is opposed to.

Grand Masquerade Ball

During the ball at the Winter Palace, Josephine is forced to put up with her sister Yvette, and interrupts every time she attempts to talk about her past. Josephine also advocates preserving Empress Celene's claim to the throne.

Upon returning to Skyhold, Josephine is accosted by a cleric, who insists on having Leliana and Cassandra Pentaghast stand as candidates for the Divine. Josephine politely tells the cleric that the Inquisition needs them for the time being.

Battle of the Arbor Wilds

During the battle at the Arbor Wilds, Josephine is seen at the forward camp talking with Empress Celene about events in the Orlesian Empire as the final battle rages in the background. She worries for Maxwell and hopes for his safe return.

Battle at the Valley of Sacred Ashes

During the final battle, she posits that Corypheus's pet dragonmay be coming for the Deep Roadsand suggest contacting Orzammarfor support, when she is interrupted by the Breach re-opening in the Valley of Sacred Ashes. When the Inquisitor returns to Skyhold victorious, she curtsies before her leader (and then embraces her lover) and spends the rest of the evening fretting over the details of the celebratory banquet, yet she is relieved she had to prepare for this instead of the end of the world.

Dragon Age Inquisition: How To Romance Josephine

With a plethora of customization options and many quests and side missions available; choosing a romance option is yet another way players can tailor their Dragon Age playthrough to them. Dragon Age Inquisition is no different and has plenty of characters to choose from in terms of romantic partners.

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One of these romance options is Josephine Montilyet of Antiva. She's available as a love interest whether you play as a female or male character and your race has no impact on the relationship either.

Introductions And Early Impressions

You'll first meet Josephine after Cassandra reinstates the inquisition; she'll introduce you to several influential people in forming your army to combat the breach. One of these introductions is Josephine -- your ambassador.

Once you are in the Hinterlands, visit the Chantry and find Josephine in her room where you'll find her conversing with the owner of Haven. Once this scene is finished, there are plenty of dialogue options for her. Unlike some of the other romances, there are no approval ratings, you'll simply have to charm her and get to know her through the options available.

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After you have spoken to her about securing allies in the Chantry there is a romance dialogue option "You sound too good to be true" that will warm her to you even more.

Flirting And Getting To Know Josephine

There are several opportunities for you to flirt with Josephine after this but none of them lead anywhere too serious. You'll also want to exhaust all dialogue options by making sure you tap into the "investigate" wheel as the more you know her, the easier the romance options are later in the game.

At one point she makes a comment about how she misses her staff in Antiva as she used to discuss the day's visitors with them. Select the "Discuss them with me" option and it will lead to a cut scene on the balcony. After she comments on you thinking she's a gossip select the "I think you're delightful" prompt.

Once you've completed the In Your Heart Shall Burn quest, you'll want to visit Skyfold again and find Josephine. A brief conversation will lead to her telling you about her family's financial issues; you'll want to select "Can I help?" "Who did it?" and "If it helps you, I'll go."

Help Her With The House Of Repose

This leads to a quest focused around Josephine: Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune. You'll need to travel to Val Royeaux, find Josephine, and then go to see Comte Boisvert. Play through this mission, following the prompts, until you are free to travel to Val Royeux again and find Josephine by the docks. You'll want to select the "I'm glad you're safe" dialogue and, eventually the romance option "You don't need to" when she thanks you for helping her.

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Back in Skyfold, Leliana will warn you not to mess with Josephine's feelings which should hint that you're on the right track; you'll want to make sure you impress that you care for Josephine so choose dialogue options that reflect this.

Keep in mind that, at any point before completing ALL of the House of Repose missions, you'll have the opportunity to reverse your choice and follow Leliana's advice.

Make Things Official (And Wait For The Duel)

You'll then seek out Josephine and speak to her private; when prompted you'll want to select the "I should have flirted harder" romantic dialogue option. Follow the dialogue prompts once again (it doesn't matter too much which you choose) and you'll find yourself in a solidified romance with Josephine.

After you have started a relationship with Josephine, there are a few romance-specific side quests available to you — but this is how you woo her and get her into a committed relationship!

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Dragon Age Inquisition Wiki Guide

Josephine, the Best Wife™, is one of your three advisors, and is in charge of the Inquisition's Diplomatic Relations.

The Inquisition's power is not absolute: it must earn its place among the forces in conflict. Sister Leliana understands this well, and has called on an old friend, Lady Josephine Montilyet, to be the Inquisition's ambassador in the halls of the influential. The eldest daughter of a noble Antivan family, Josephine is a rising star among diplomats, skilled at forging alliances with tact, grace, and carefully cultivated favors. She is a consummate planner who understands that ressurrecting the Inquisition will require support and goodwill from Thedas's movers and shakers. Fortunately, the ambassador enjoys challenge, and she sincerely believes that the Inquisition is the best way to halt the chaos sweeping Thedas


As a female or male, talk to Josephine in Haven or Skyhold, and when romance options come up, take them. When you get to a point where Josephine will tell you Leliana wanted to speak with you, seek her out and speak with Leliana, and make sure the topic of you and Josephine comes up. She'll ask you about your romantic intentions toward Josephine, so tell the truth. Return to Josephine after, and that will trigger the conversations where you can choose to start the romance.

You will now see a few new conversation options with Josephine. Taking them and coming back to speak with her advances the plot of the romance.

Personal Quests

Of SOmewhat Fallen FOrtune

Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune is triggered by speaking to Josephine in Skyhold several times and asking about her family's fortune. She'll brief you on the situation, then forward a favor.

Travel to Val Royeaux. Josephine waits for you on the south end of the main level near a courtyard. Be sure you're healthy and supplied, then talk to her to automatically travel to a temporary zone. After a cut scene, you'll have a fight. The area is a little tight, and the enemies enjoy going stealthy, so you may need to use a lot of area attacks to keep control. The enemies may be below your level however, so it should be a pretty easy battle.

Once you're clear, travel to Skyhold and speak to Josephine. The quest will advance, and you're given the optional objective to have Leliana's spies help out. If you wish to do that, run the mission “Destroying House of Repose's Contract” from the war map. It'll take 19 minutes to finish, so if you do it, consider burning some time with shopping or chatting with your companions.

Whether you do the mission or not, speak to Josephine, then travel back to Val Royeaux. She'll beat you there, but this time, she's at the east end of the main level. Speak to her, and you'll resolve the quest.

Heraldry From a Herald

An Unexpected Engagement

Duelling for Josephine - Dragon Age Inquisition

How to Romance Josephine in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

Poppy is the author of A Bard's Lament and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Developed by BioWare, Dragon Age is arguably one of the best fantasy role-playing video game series of all time. The developer really delivered in 2014 with Dragon Age: Inquisition with endless story possibilities, character choices, warrior classes and sidequests. One of the many great features of this epic game is the ability to enter a romantic relationship with several possible characters. Being able to romance them depends on your character's gender and race. Two of the characters in this game, however, can be romanced whether your Inquisitor is male or female, Dwarf, Qunari, Elf or human. One of these is the male Qunari Warrior, Iron Bull, and the other is your very own ambassador, Lady Josephine Montilyet.

It is possible to romance Josephine no matter what race, class or gender your character is. This article is a step by step guide on how to enter a romantic relationship with your Inquisitor's Antivan ambassador.

Meeting Josephine

When Cassandra decides to reinstate the Inquisition so that you can build an army to combat the growing threat of the Breach, she introduces you to three people. These characters can be used to carry out War Table missions, thus earning power, influence and items. These characters are Cullen, an ex-Templar and military advisor ("Forces"), Leliana, your spymaster, who was a companion and potential romance option in Dragon Age: Origins ("Secrets"). That leaves Josephine, your ambassador ("Connections").

Josephine will greet you differently depending on your character's race. If you are an Elf, for example, she will greet you with an Elvish phrase.

Gaining Approval

Like Cullen, there is no visible Approval Rating for Josephine, but there are plenty of opportunities to gain her trust and flirt with her.

After you have met Mother Giselle in Ferelden's Hinterlands, go to the Chantry and head for Josephine's room (towards the War Room, but on the left). She is in the room with the research table.

You will see a short cutscene where the owner of Haven is talking to Josephine. Josephine is a diplomat, so you should choose your dialogue options based on "what would Josephine do?"

  • If you select "The Divine's advisors founded it." it leads to an amusing conversation.
  • "You handled him well."
  • Select "Investigate" options wherever possible for more information on Josephine.
  • "I'm glad you're here."

Josephine will ask you to "please excuse" her, but approach her again for more conversation options.

  • Select all the "Investigate" dialogue options.
  • Agree with her on her opinions.
  • When you talk to her in Haven's Chantry about securing allies, flirt by selecting the romance option "You sound too good to be true."

Approval in Skyhold

There aren't many more opportunities to flirt with Josephine until after you've completed the "In Your Heart Shall Burn" storyline quest. Before you complete it, make sure you have asked Josephine as much as possible about herself and her family by selecting all of the "Investigate" dialogue wheel options. After the quest, approach her again in Skyhold (she is near the War Table room).

She will tell you that her family is in huge debt. Select:

  • "Can I help?"
  • "Who did it?"
  • "If it helps you, I'll go."

This triggers the quest "Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune".

Josephine's Personal Quest "Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune"

Travel to Val Royeaux and meet Josephine and select "Let's go see Comte Boisvert."

Because of the lack of Approval rating, it doesn't really matter what dialogue options you choose in this scene, but if you'd like to play it safe, choose the top options (or "1." if you're playing on PC.)

Return to Skyhold and approach Josephine, who will apologise for dragging you into her situation. Select:

  • "You had no idea." or "You're safe here."
  • In the next option, whichever dialogue option you choose doesn't actually affect the quest.

Talk to Josephine again and ask "What's our next move?"

Head for the War Table and select the "Find a Sponsor for the Du Paraquettes" (in north-eastern Orlais). Only Josephine is available to do this quest. Activate it. It takes 20 minutes to complete, so go and do some more quests while you're waiting.

When the quest is complete, talk to Josephine again and ask "What's our next move?"

You will be sent to see Minister Bellise in private. Select the dialogue options:

  • "The Du Paraquettes were noble." or "To win a favour from me."
  • "Connections beyond Orlais."
  • You can also seduce the Minister if the romance option presents itself.

Travel to Val Royeaux again and meet Josephine at the dock. Select:

  • "I'm glad you're safe."
  • Select "Investigate" options whenever you can.
  • "You did the right thing."
  • "You're too soft-hearted for this."
  • The romance option "You don't need to."

Initiating the Romance

Talk to Josephine again, and she will tell you that Leliana wishes to speak with you. Approach Leliana (if you can't find her, consult your Skyhold map).

Select the following options:

  • "I do like her."
  • "I'm not toying with her."
  • "I am."
  • "I'm glad you care for Josephine."

Go back to Josephine, and she'll ask to speak to you privately. Select:

  • The romance option "I should have flirted harder."
  • (Any)
  • (Any)
  • "That sounds wonderful."

Romance-Specific Sidequests

If you have been using the "Investigate" option when talking to Josephine, the "Heraldry from a Herald" quest will be initiated. Visit the War Table and initiate the "Find the Old Montilyet Family Crest" quest. Once it is complete, purchase the crest from the merchant Barnabus in Val Royeaux. Give it to Josephine as a gift.

Talk to Josephine again and the quest "An Unexpected Engagement" will be initiated. Select:

  • "You can't be!"
  • The "Investigate" option
  • "I understand."

Talk to her until the War Table quest "Challenge Josephine's Fiancé to a Duel" operation becomes available. Head for the War Table and send Cullen to initiate it.

The quest takes 14 minutes and 15 seconds, so either go complete another quest or go and sit with a cup of tea until Cullen is ready to report in.

Find the messenger in Skyhold and select "Convey my thanks". Then travel to Val Royeaux to meet with Lord Adorno Ciel Otranto of Antiva.

If you are a mage, the "Investigate" option during the conversation with Lord Adorno will trigger a unique dialogue, but aside from that, you can choose either "Rapiers will do" or "If you must".

If you have the "Secrets" perk "Underworld Knowledge", you can threaten Lord Adorno with the dialogue option "You're a family of backstabbers."

Josephine will appear; select:

  • "Duelling him for you."
  • "Out of love!" (This will cement your relationship with Josephine.)

Other scenes, such as the dance during "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts" and the ending scene, are unlocked upon romancing Josephine.

She can be romanced by any race, warrior class or gender. Do you love Josephine as much as we do?

Questions & Answers

Question: Does Josephine get naked?

Answer: No. Unlike some other characters, you never see Josephine out of her dress.

Question: Can I sleep with Josephine in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Answer: No, you can’t. She and your character kiss and cuddle, but that’s it.

Question: The fiancé quest won’t start. Is there some requirement in between the quests that I should do?

Answer: You have to have finished "Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune." You must have flirted with her enough times and exhausted all her dialogue wheels (asked her everything). Did you ask her everything in Haven? You must have asked her about her family for the quest to initiate.

Question: Can you have any other romance interests in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Answer: Yes, there are eight in total. Please see the article “Who Should I Romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition? A Complete Guide” for the details on all the romanceable characters and how to woo them.

Question: Does Josephine in Dragon Age: Inquisition like you siding with the Mages or Templars?

Answer: She doesn’t have a strong opinion either way. Leliana and Cullen are the ones who support one side or the other (Leliana prefers mages, Cullen prefers Templars). Josephine is the only romanceable character whose romance isn’t affected by your choice.

Question: I never get the Fortune side quest for Josephine in "Dragon Age: Inquisition." I followed all the steps and made sure to "investigate" as much as I could. What do I do? I have made new characters about three times and yet I still have no luck.

Answer: I’m sorry to hear that, it must be so frustrating! I assume you’ve flirted with her whenever possible. You definitely haven’t romanced anyone else? Have you reached Skyhold? Try talking to Leliana and Cullen; some other quest might be waiting to trigger.

Question: Wasn't the Iron Bull pansexual while Josephine was simply bisexual?

Answer: Both of them are attracted to all races and genders.

Question: While playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I'm at the docks it doesn't give me the romance option. Is that bad?

Answer: You might not have flirted with her enough. Approach her after and see if her engagement quest is available.

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Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on April 24, 2020:

Did you actually talk to Leliana yet? Try exhausting ALL of Leliana's dilaogue wheels and seeing if the option shows up.

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on December 20, 2019:

You might not be far enough along in the main story. Where are you up to? You might have to finish Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts first.

Alex on December 20, 2019:

I exhausted all investigate options with josephine and finished of somewhat fallen fortune and gifted her her old family quest but the dueling her fiance quest wont start, did i do something wrong?

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on July 16, 2019:

Sorry to hear that, Patryk. How far along are you in the game's main story? What's the last mission you did? Have you done Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts yet?

Patryk on July 15, 2019:

I've done previous 2 of her missions, but i still can't get last one. I'm about to play last mission of the game and still didn't get the cutseen about her engagment

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on April 16, 2018:

Josie is cute for sure! Enjoy romancing her, and you're very welcome :D

Haley from Baltimore, MD on April 16, 2018:

I love Josie! I'm on my third play through, and officially romancing her this time (instead of just flirting). Thanks for the hints!

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on January 25, 2018:

I wonder why you're reading a guide on how to romance her if you don't like her? :)

aerie on January 25, 2018:

I did not like her.

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on November 27, 2017:

I'd suggest going and doing another side-quest in the meantime, and then trying again. Also try talking to other party members and then going back to talk to Josephine.

Blockdestroyer55 on November 27, 2017:

Asked her all the investigation questions before in your heart shall burn but after I got back she didn't say anything about her family in Dept?

Ragnar the Red on June 15, 2017:

A small correction: the "Find A Sponsor" objective on the war table is in North-Eastern Orlais, not Ferelden.

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on June 06, 2017:

Thanks for pointing that out, I appreciate it!

Cynistrelle on June 05, 2017:

I know you don't speak french but still.. it's Comte Boisvert ( Greenwood) not Bolsvert( Greenbowls) ...

Starburner on January 25, 2017:

I thank you for this incredible guide that allowed my Inquisitor Luke from House Travelion to find true love at last. I actually first tried to romance Cassandra, but reading just those kind words in this guide convinced me to restart the game and lose all my progress, JUST to see for myself the truly heartwarming love story blossom and grow. thank you again.

Sum Futurus Inquisition.

(We Are The Inquisition)

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on January 04, 2017:

As Nunya said, you should go and do another quest (i.e. leave Skyhold and come back) so that some 'time' can go by in the game. Finish any sidequest and then speak to her.

Nunya bidness on January 03, 2017:

you have to go do another side quest for someone else to activate the cut scene.

Stew-Art on January 02, 2017:

I finished the Heraldry from a Herald quest, I still can't access Josephine's "An Unexpected Engagement" Quest. I need help


Dragon age josephine

Josephine is an NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition that becomes an advisor and ambassador to the Inquisition, but does not join your party as a companion. josephine-thumb.jpg

"The Inquisition's power is not absolute: it must earn its place among the forces in conflict. Sister Leliana understands this well, and has called on an old friend, Lady Josephine Montilyet, to be the Inquisition's ambassador in the halls of the influential. The eldest daughter of a noble Antivan family, Josephine is a rising star among diplomats, skilled at forging alliances with tact, grace, and carefully cultivated favors. She is a consummate planner who understands that resurrecting the Inquisition will require support and goodwill from Thedas's movers and shakers. Fortunately, the ambassador enjoys a challenge, and she sincerely believes that the Inquisition is the best way to halt the chaos sweeping Thedas."



Related Quests

Name, Time & RequirementsBestForces RewardSecrets RewardConnections Reward

Strike a Bargain with Merchant Princes (30 min)

Completed In Your Heart Shall Burn.
The merchant-princes of Antiva claim they wish to aid the Inquisition with their access to trade routes and high-quality goods. Josephine has dealt with Antivan nobility all her life, so have her inspect this bargain for any pitfalls.
ConnectionsN/AN/A30 Influence

Stop War Between Nevarra and Tevinter (40 min)

Completed Strike a Bargain with Merchant Princes.
Tevinter and Nevarra are fighting over a contested piece of land along their border. Josephine is afraid it will escalate into full-scale war. Have her send diplomats to assist the Inquisition soldiers trying to make both sides see reason.
ConnectionsN/AN/A120 Influence



No: Josephine joins the Inquisition as an advisor and will only operate for you via the War Council and War Table.


Josephine Montilyet is not a companion but can be romanced. Note: She does NOT have a nude model in game!

As an Advisor to the Inquisition, her role to form alliances and pacts drives her and should be the focus of romancing options, investigating talks relating to politics.

  • Romance by: Males and Females, any race
  • Alignment: Fair and diplomatic, supports peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Important Approval Choices: Advisors are not affected by the approval system, there is no way to gain or lose approval with them. To create a relationship, you must focus on flirting conversation points.
  • Romance Point: To trigger the romance plot, you must talk to Josephine and look for the romance dialogue option, that will send you to talk to Leliana. Once with Leliana, select the option to talk about Josephine and mention that you have romantic intentions towards her, which will make it so Josephine has new dialogue that starts the romance.


Alignment & Approval Rating

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Background, Dialogue & Other Notes


Dragon Age Inquisition: Introducing Josephine Montilyet (First Dialogue) + Romance


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