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Artificial Hedges & Privacy Planters

Privacy planters and planter barriers don’t have to be boring! Make any commercial or residential space extra special with artificial hedges and partitions made with premium faux plants such as:

  • Ivy
  • Bamboo
  • Boxwood
  • Birch
  • Tall grass
  • Horsetail Reeds
  • Cypress

Style and function - Artificial hedges Our premium faux hedges and artificial planters not only add to the overall aesthetics of a space but are also highly functional. Artificial planters work as commercial sidewalk barriers and parklet enclosures, they create privacy nooks on restaurant patios and block views to unseemly elements like AC units or electrical boxes.

Faux hedges that look great and last - Our designers design each leaf and stem for maximum realism and our engineers ensure our artificial hedges can withstand the sun’s rays. To make our outdoor faux hedges fade-resistant, we blend in UV blocking additives into the resin during the manufacturing process. This is in contrast to how others only spray on a sunscreen that soon washes off or burns away. We also make our artificial planters tough and sturdy to withstand the rigors of a commercial setting.

Available in standard and custom shapes and sizes. From artificial planters only 2 feet long to extra large outdoor artificial hedges of over 6 feet long, we have a solution for any area. We also offer faux hedges with planters - we work alongside our sister company Planters Unlimited to make the commercial-grade fiberglass planters used for our Hedges-in-Planters Collection. In addition to adding a sense of sumptuous, lush greenery to any space, our faux hedges require little-to-no maintenance and last for years. No matter why you need them, you’ll find the right artificial hedges here or call us for a quote on a custom artificial hedge solution - 1-888-320-0626.

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Sours: https://www.artificialplantsunlimited.com/hedges.html

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Artificial hedges are such a fantastic way to brighten up your outdoor area and have the potential to cover up dull fences, create incredible pool area feature walls and turn a boring space into something beautiful and unique.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they’re also super useful in creating borders, increasing privacy and are long lasting with minimal maintenance. We’ve delved deep into the utilization of artificial hedges in outdoor settings and compiled a list of their greatest benefits.


1. Minimal Maintenance

In comparison to their real counterparts, artificial hedges for outdoors require absolutely minimal maintenance. They don’t need the hefty irrigation that real hedges need and they’re a fantastic water saving alternative. A common complaint when it comes to real hedges are the brown patches that can arise without proper maintenance however artificial hedges never encounter this and maintain their greenery and thickness all year round.

artificial outdoor hedge wall

2. Instant Effect 

While real hedges require time to grow and take shape, artificial hedges are installed within a matter of hours. World Of Hedges LTD states that most plants take five years to grow to their full height, which is a stark contrast to our almost instant hedge walls. You no longer have to make the decision of practicality over beauty, as our hedge walls provide instant privacy and boundary solutions with all the charm of lush greenery.

EGW-Botany-3-2Evergreen panel - exterior pebble area

3. Long Lasting

Most of our products, including our Evergreen Premium and Classic Boxwood are UV stable and warranty covered for four years. They’re the perfect foliage to create a natural looking, realistic outdoor hedge wall with no risk of ruin. Whilst some lower quality options run the risk of fading, ours have been tried and tested so you can purchase with peace of mind.


4. Aesthetic Appeal

You could solve your privacy issues with a low maintenance fence but that leaves you with little room to improve your outdoor areas aesthetic appeal. Utilize the space you have to its best ability by dressing bland fencing up. Courtyards and backyards can often be scarce in greenery but adding it wherever possible really creates a beautiful visual impact. Where space is limited and lighting can be a bit dark, green panels have the ability to bring a space to life and add depth, making small areas look larger rather than confined.

residential hedge wall

5. Fully Customisable 

Where real hedges might only grow to a metre or so in height, artificial hedges can be as tall or short as you desire. This is perfect when using them for privacy. As long as there are anchorage points for our panels to be tied to (fences and walls are perfect), they can be used to design your hedge to your liking. If you were to tire of looking at the same beautiful green view (highly unlikely), you also have the option of switching up your green panels or adding one of our styling packs and further customising your artificial outdoor hedge.

vertical poolside garden wall

6. Location Versatile

Another common complaint of real outdoor hedges is the requirement of consistent sunlight or easy access for maintenance. Some outdoor areas are extremely difficult to get to such as narrow areas between houses and fences and if these are visible through large windows, a dreary fence can dampen the appeal. Other areas are simply shaded from sunlight and won't allow for the healthy growth of a real hedge. These are all instances where an artificial hedge is the perfect solution. A talented install team (like our own) can access almost anywhere and install our green panels where real hedges would usually be impossible.

artificial outdoor hedge feature wall

External Green Wall Kitchen Splash backjpg

balcony feature wall residential-min-1


Sours: https://www.evergreenwalls.com.au/blog/artificial-hedges-for-outdoors-and-their-benefits
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You can't go wrong with faux plants from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Not only do we carry the best artificial hedges, but we also can build them in any size you may need.

When looking for the best artificial hedges, look for heavy-duty powder-coated frames, and faux plants that have been made with UV protection mixed into the materials, versus sprayed on after the fact.

We've made the buying process easier - with us you know you are getting quality hedges, and our in-house designers can help you build the best faux hedges to specifications. 

And maintenance with artificial hedges and plants is practically non-existent. Caring for live hedge shrubs requires a lot of time and effort and using hedges for your project may be a good fit for a variety of reasons. Designed with durable materials, including a powder-coated commercial-grade iron grid frame, your hedges will stand tall and can remain outdoors without receiving damage from strong winds or severe weather. And, the UV-impregnated, fade-resistant foliage will not fade from constant sun exposure.

The commercial planter you choose to place your hedges in should match or complement your existing décor. Most people prefer that the planter height makes up approximately 1/3 of the overall height of the combination. After measuring the placement of your hedges, choose the plants you like, and order custom sizes to fit your needs.

Sours: https://www.plantersunlimited.com/artificial-hedges-buying-guide
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Boxwood Hedges

High-Quality Artificial Plants

Our outdoor artificial plants look anything but fake. Each hedge is made of the highest quality commercial-grade materials, including special components to withstand moisture and UV rays. That means no matter how harsh the conditions, these hedges won't wither or fade. Our boxwood hedges are designed to mimic their living counterparts in regards to color, size, texture, and density. In fact, each branch is hand placed on a rust-free iron grid at varying angles to make the hedges look as lifelike as possible. With fake plants this high quality, your neighbors and customers will wonder how you can keep your plants in top shape year round.

Customizable Boxwood Hedges

Our boxwood hedges come in a variety of sizes to meet your exact needs. We also have a huge selection of planters with finishes ranging from matte black to chic metallic silver. That means you can create the perfect combination of hedge and planter to match your design style. Intimate areas can use small hedges in an earthy adobe finish, while large modern spaces can use larger hedges in chic metal planters. If you can't find the right plant for your space, call our representatives, and we can custom make a hedge that will fit your area perfectly.

Functional Faux Plants

Artificial hedges are for more than just looking great - they can also serve multiple functional purposes in your space as well. Use large plants to create walls of privacy hedges in open dining spaces, cover boring walls or eyesores, or use smaller hedges to line an entryway or improve the flow of your space. The possibilities are truly endless. Even better, artificial hedges in planters can be moved to accommodate different events and customers, meaning you aren't locked into one design plan like you might be with living plants. With artificial hedges, you can truly get the best of both worlds - style and function.

Read MoreSours: https://www.artificialplantsunlimited.com/hedges/boxwood-sp.html

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