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How to Remove the Mower Deck on a Scotts S Lawn Tractor

By Shelley Marie

The Scotts S lawn tractor features a horsepower, cc two-cycle gasoline engine with a inch-wide cutting path. It was manufactured between and To perform regular maintenance such as drive belt or cutting blade replacement, you'll need to remove the mower deck from the tractor. No special tools are needed to remove the deck. The owner's manual recommends replacing or sharpening the cutting blades after every 25 hours of operation, and replacing the drive belt if the blades won't rotate or when excessive vibration occurs while cutting.

Park the mower on a flat surface and stop the engine. Adjust the PTO lever to "Disengage." Set the parking brake and turn the ignition key to the "Off" position. Raise the adjustment height completely with the mower deck lift lever.

Slide two, 2-by-4 wood blocks under each side of the mower deck. Lower the deck with the lift lever until it rests on the blocks.

Locate the belt guide next to the pulley behind the left front wheel on the mower deck. Grasp the left side of the belt guide, and pull it down and away from the pulley to allow removal of the deck drive belt. Slide the belt off of the pulley and reinstall the belt guide.

Locate and remove the spring locking pin and washer that hold the tension rod onto the blade drive arm.

Locate and remove the spring locking pins and washers that hold the draft arms to the front axle brackets.

Locate and remove the spring locking pins and rear draft pins from the rear draft brackets on each side of the mower deck.

Adjust the mower deck lift lever to raise the deck height completely.

Remove the wood blocks from beneath the deck. Slide the mower deck out from beneath the tractor carefully. To reinstall the mower deck, follow the process in reverse order.



  • Keep children and pets out of the area when operating a lawn tractor or performing maintenance to avoid accidents or injuries.
  • When handling the mower deck, take care not to cut yourself on the blades.

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Scotts lawn tractor

NealI just recently bought a scotts lawn tractor used it has a 15 hp kohler , 42 cut, hydrostatic drive it is the Scotts just prior to John deer I think it was made by Murry dose anyone have any opinions on these mowers Im just trying to see if these mowers were any good it is in great condition and I got it cheap.

joel goffmost of the lawn tractors now days are the same. if you look at murray, jd, craftsman, scotts, yardman, and probly others they have the same basic design. there all good for the most part
Kevin LedbetterI have a Scotts (Murray) bought from Home Depot. This machine is garbage. I am constantly fixing the thing. The mower deck pulleys have been replaced several times. Two soleniods and two starters have been replaced. The plastic wheel bearings need too be replaced every two years. The plastic starter gear on the Briggs & Straton engine last about a year. Parts on the machine are simply wearing out at before their time. I am now looking for a solution for transaxle problems. Next time I buy a tractor(probably soon), I won't get sucked in by a "bargin". Another lesson of life learned, "buy quality"; Scotts by Murray is not.
KevinI also have a Scotts (Murray) Lawn tractor that I bought used. Although it has been mostly maintenance free, I have always had occassional starting problems where I have to turn the key multiple times before the starter will fire up (either get no sound or a clicking sound). This is even with a new battery. I just had the Idler pulleys and belt on the deck replaced after 5 years of use. My neighbor has a Scotts one year newer than mine and has had the same starting problem.

Overall, I have found that the Scotts tend to have electrical problems but other than that, are pretty much on par with the other cheaper brands (Lawnking, MTD, etc.) If you want a quality tractor, you need to get a Cub Cadet, Deere or something along those lines.

CarlI have a Scotts Got it at Home Depot. I believe it is an ' It has always had a scalping problem and does not appear to be an easy adjustment. I am currently in the process of changin g the drive belt. What a pain. Online manual (didn't get a paper manual w/it) didn't show drive/traction belt. Its an SOB to replace. I think they hired the Chevy guy that did the engine compartment design for the Monza V8 (remove engine to replace rear plug).

For the money, I guess it was OK. But I can't get excited over it.

PeteI also have a 97' Scotts (by Murray) tractor with the Kohler and hydro. It has done a good job of cutting my 1/2 acre and has taken some fair abuse cutting our community's common areas. I haven't had any problems with the motor or hydro. I have had to reweld a broken steering arm and the bolt that holds the steering sector wore out. These problems were due to cheap parts and jumping over too many curbs. Also, I think that the mower blades are a little on the thin side and get bent easily. All in all, I'm satisfied with it.
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Scotts Lawn Mowers

Scotts Mowersare produced by John Deere and thus carry one the Landscaping and outdoor equipment's industry leader stamp of craftsmanship.

Scott as a company has been known for its lawn care products more than it has been known for lawn equipment,

but along with its famous fertilizers and aerators Scotts also manages to sell their lawn mower ranges.

Scotts primarily produced push reel mowerswhich are the original mowing mechanical equipment.

Scotts Reel Mowers

Reel mowers are different from the gas or electric powered rotary mowers in that they are completely powered by the human hand.
They require no gas and no electric power and are essentially the ideal mowing machine for people who are conscious of their carbon foot-prints.
The fact that they are not propelled by some intricate electric or other fuel powered machinery does not take away the fact that they are very capabletools and very easy to operate.
Also known as cylinder mower, Reel mower have a helix-like blade arrangement rotating on a horizontal axis while the motorized Walk-behind mowers have a blade system that rotates on a vertical axis.
The Scotts
There are actual 5 steel blades that form a helix around the horizontal axle.

The heat treated blades are razor-sharp and can actually cut grass without the tearing effect that one sometimes gets on rotary mowers.

The most important part to keep in shape on these machines is the ball bearingsand blades.

And by keep in shape we mean frequent lubrication and the sharpening of the blades.

The classic design of Scotts lawn mower is as enduring as the green color that is commonly put on all Scotts products.

The Reel mowers from Scotts come in 16 and 10 inchvarieties and have inch radial treaded tires.
They can be adjusted by means of a quick snap system to 9 different height settings.
Scotts reel mowers weigh at a compact 33 pounds and carry a 2-year warranty.

Reel mowers are obviously not suitable for large areasand if you are afraid that they will somehow seize up when they move to areas with stubborn grass then you'll be glad to know that the adjustability of Scott's reel mowers makes it much easier to get even in the areas where the grass is very stubborn.
The Ball bearing reel and movement of the blades is also less clunkier and surprisingly more efficient that what one would expect in a reel mower all that you re required to do is push.

Scotts Riding Lawn Mowers

For those people who like electric or gas-powered lawn mowers or those who have large areas of lawn to cut there is a Scott lawn mower available.
You would expect that to be so, especially with the Scott Brand being produced by John Deere, famous for its lawn tractors and other more sophisticated pieces of machinery.
The Riding series that carries the Scotts name ranges from a 16 horsepower engine to a 25 horsepower engine with cutting decks of inch and 54 inch blades respectively.
The Scotts L Tractor
The Scotts L Tractor
These are the S and S series respectively.

They also come with an automatic transmission or a 5 -speedengine, a side discharge and mulching facility.

For several years John Deere manufactured and marketed these series of riding lawn mowers under the Scotts brand as the Sabre until

These gas powered riding lawn mowers are uncharacteristically bright red riding and because they use the John Deere design and technology John Deere continues to stock parts and still offer product support for those who own these mowers.

The final line of Scotts lawn tractors were built by John Deere.
Scotts riding lawn mowers are reliable and last for quite a long while if maintained properly which is why they haven't completely disappeared.

Scotts Lawn Mowers and Parts

The Scotts lawn mower parts have become the most sought after mowers.
The fact that more parts keep being manufactured for machines that have long gone out of stock is testament of the durability and reliability of these mowers.
The blades are the most important parts of a Scotts lawn mower.
They have to be cleaned so that they do not rust.
Then there's the engine and all the other parts around it like the cooling fins that keep the engine cool.
You can still purchase everything from spark plugs to oil filters.
If you own a Scotts Lawn mower and take good care of it the chances are it will last you a long while.

Reviews Of Scotts Lawn Mowers

Scotts reel lawn mower
At some point in your lawn moving experience, coming across a machine like the Scotts Inches Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower would make you fall in love with it on the first glance.
Scotts 14S reel lawn mower
Try the new Scotts S Inch Economy Push Reel Lawn Mower with T-Style Handle and Heat-Treated Blades.
Scotts 16S reel lawn mower
The Scotts S Inch Elite Push Reel Lawn Mower is considered a very reliable and frequently bought push reel mower option.


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Scotts / John Deere S1742 Lawn / Garden Tractor Mower w/17hp Briggs \u0026 Stratton

Scotts Lawn Mowers are the most popular agriculture machine all over the world. Scotts mowers are manufactured by John Deere.

These mowers are used in the outdoor equipment industry and landscaping. They are totally different from mowers like gas or electric-powered mowers. And Scotts lawn mowers are completely powered by the human hand. 

All products of the Scotts come with durability and better performance. Scotts are known best for their quality lawnmowers.

Apart from the manufacturer, Scotts Lawn Mowers are sold by some most popular online markets. Besides, Scotts is a manufacturer company and it also has its own website for direct sell options. 

So, purchase the best products from reliable platforms.  Let’s know in detail who sells Scoots Lawn Mower.

Who Sells Scotts Lawn Mowers

Who Sells Scotts Lawn Mowers?

We are going to introduce some popular selling platforms from where you can easily buy Scotts Lawn Mowers. But, first of all, direct contact with Scotts is the best way of buying any type of product they offer. 

Do you have any preferred model that you want to buy? You can directly contact the manufacturer through their website. If you need any advice about model choice, connect with them, they will help you to choose the best one.

According to the manufacturer, here we have included some platforms to buy Scotts Lawn Mowers. 

Amazon: Who doesn’t know about Amazon? Amazon is the best platform for buying Scotts Lawn Mowers. If you are interested, then visit and you will find a wide variety of choices and options. 

It is considered an e-commerce giant. Amazon will be the best option for you if you would like to buy Scotts Lawn Mowers. is the most popular and familiar platform for buying Scott’s lawnmowers. Consider this platform where Scotts lawn mowers are available and placed on this unimaginable website. If you have any confusion, there is an excellent option for you that can contact the customer service point. 

For this, you must choose their reliable service with the best quality products. They are customer-driven and give great customer service to all. 

eBay: Are you looking for a reliable online platform to buy something? eBay is the best online platform for buying almost all types of products. You will get there a wide range of options for choosing the best quality mower. 

This is the best buying platform where Scotts Lawn Mowers are available. If you are planning to buy a Scotts lawn mower, then you must consider this online platform.


Scotts Lawn Mower can be the best solution for your lawn care, no doubt. Just you have to choose from a reliable platform.

You know now who sells Scotts Lawn Mower. Just check out them and get your one.

AuthorTodd L Miles

I started "Landscape and Lawns Care" to provide clients with lawn care with better service, better products and, most importantly, better ethics. My promise to every customer is to give the greenest grass possible while controlling weeds, insects, and diseases! The most important thing is that I strive to always do the right thing for you, your lawn and your wallet!

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Tractors scotts garden

Scott's Tractor & Equipment Company is located in Reidsville, NC and has been servicing the Piedmont area for over 30 years.

We are your local authorized service center for John Deere, STIHL, Woods, BOB-CAT®, Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki Engines, and Kohler Engines. We have a large in-stock inventory of lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers, chainsaws, commercial lawn equipment, tractors, Gators, trimmers, blowers, edgers, pole saws, brush cutters, tillers, box blades, and finishing mowers.

Our first-class Service Department is by certified factory-trained technicians. We offer everything from minor tune-ups and maintenance to major overhauls. Call for an appointment today.

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