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South Carolina Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is for low-income families and individuals. The program issues vouchers that can be used as rental subsidy for paying up to 70% of rent. Households will need to pay the remaining 30% in order to retain the rental assistance. The assistance is paid directly to the landlord by local Public Housing Authority (PHA). U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds the Section 8 program and administers it through agreement with local PHAs.

If you're looking for rental assistance through Section 8, you will need to file an application with your local PHA who will put you on a waiting list after determining your initial eligibility. You will be informed when your name comes up on the waiting list. Some PHAs maintain long waiting lists due to large number of applications that they receive. To increase your chances of getting the rental subsidy through Section 8, try to submit applications to as many PHAs as many you can.

When you receive a Section 8 voucher, you've to find a house that meets HUD's requirements for safe and sanitary residence. You can look for Section 8 subsidized housing units through this tool at HUD website ( Section 8 voucher recipients can also continue to live in the house they are living at the time of receiving voucher. Once you've picked a housing unit, PHA will inspect it to ensure that it meets Section 8 requirements.

Section 8 tenants will have the same rights and duties as they arise under the contract of tenancy with the landlord. Applicants failing to comply with the terms of contract can be evicted by the landlord after informing PHA.

Section 8 tenants can use their voucher throughout the country. They can relocate once their current contract of tenancy has come to an end. However, such tenants will need to inform PHA before moving their voucher to a new place. PHA will inspect the new housing unit for Section 8 requirements.

Who can Qualify for Section 8?

To be eligible for South Carolina Section 8 rental assistance, you will need to meet the following requirements.

  • You should be a U.S citizen or a qualified alien. You will need to provide relevant documents for eligibility determination.

  • You should be a 'family' according to HUD's definition of family. HUD considers an individual to be a family under certain circumstances for Section 8 program.

  • Your annual household income should be within the income limits specified by HUD for your area. Since the income limits are based on area median income, they vary from one area to another. Usually, households with income below 50% of the area median income will be able to qualify for the program. You can contact your local PHA to know more about income limits in your area.

  • Household shouldn't have been evicted from a public housing or a Section 8 housing for drug-related criminal activity.

How to Apply

To apply for South Carolina Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Find a local PHA in your area offering Section 8 vouchers. You can use this link ( to locate PHAs in South Carolina. You can also find most PHAs online and get all the necessary information there. You can even check whether the PHA is accepting applications for Section 8 at this time. Use this list ( to find website for your local PHA in South Carolina.

Step 2: If the waiting list is open, visit PHA and complete an application at the office. Don't forget to take necessary documents with you while applying. PHA will determine your initial eligibility and put you on the waiting list if you meet the criteria.

Step 3: Once you've submitted your application, you will receive an update in 90 days. You will also be informed once your name comes up near top of the list. All you've to do is to wait until you receive a notification for interview and eligibility determination.


Section 8 Waiting Lists in South Carolina

As of October 24th 2021, there are 9 Section 8 waiting lists that are open now, opening soon, or always open in South Carolina.

Section 8 Waiting Lists Open Until Further Notice

There are 9 Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting Lists in South Carolina that are either always open or that have not announced a closing date.

Waiting ListLast Updated On
Chester Housing AuthorityJuly 14th, 2017
Housing Authority of MarionJuly 14th, 2017
Sumter Housing AuthorityMay 10th, 2017
Housing Authority of GreenwoodJuly 14th, 2017
Myrtle Beach Area, South Carolina Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)April 27th, 2021
Myrtle Beach Area, South Carolina MainstreamApril 27th, 2021
Lake City, South CarolinaApril 5th, 2021
Georgetown County, SC Section 8 HCV Waiting ListNovember 3rd, 2020
Spartanburg County, SC Limited Section 8 HCV Waiting ListMay 18th, 2021

There are 43 housing authorities in South Carolina which offer the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. For more on the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program visit the Housing Choice Voucher section of our Low Income Housing Renter's Guide.

Closed Section 8 Waiting Lists

The following waiting lists have been confirmed to be closed in the last two years.

Waiting ListClosed Date
Charleston, SC Section 8 HCV Waiting ListClosed on October 21st, 2021
Rock Hill, SC Mainstream Section 8 HCV Waiting ListClosed on June 30th, 2021
Charleston County, SC Section 8 HCV Waiting ListClosed on April 20th, 2021
Clarendon, Colleton, Dorchester, Fairfield, Lee and Lexington County, SC Section 8 HCV Waiting ListClosed on April 8th, 2021
Beaufort County, SC Section 8 HCV Waiting ListClosed on January 20th, 2020
City of Columbia and Richland County, SC Section 8 HCV Waiting ListClosed on December 20th, 2019
Spantanburg County, South CarolinaClosed on September 30th, 2019
North Charleston, SC Section 8 HCV, Section 8 PBV, and Other Communities Waiting ListsClosed on May 22nd, 2019
Kershaw County, SC Section 8 HCV Waiting ListClosed on April 26th, 2019
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Section 8 HCV Waiting ListClosed on February 12th, 2019
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