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Hummer H1

Motor vehicle

Hummer H1
ManufacturerAM General
Also calledHummer HMC (1992–2002)
HUMVEE C-Series (2017-current)
Model years1992–2004, 2006
AssemblyMishawaka, Indiana, U.S.
ClassLarge truck/SUV
Body style4-door Open Top - HMCO
4-door SUV - HMCS
4-door Hard Top - HMC4
2-door Fleet - KSC2
2-door Enlarged Cab - XLC2
LayoutFront-mid engine, four-wheel drive
RelatedHumvee military vehicle
Engine6.2 L Detroit DieselV8
6.5 L Detroit DieselV8
5.7 L L05V8
6.5 L turbo Detroit DieselV8
6.6 L turbo DMAX DieselV8
TransmissionGM TH400/3L80 3-speed automatic
GM 4L80-E 4-speed automatic
Allison 1000 5-speed automatic
Wheelbase130 in (3,302 mm)
Length184.5 in (4,686 mm)[1]
Width86.5 in (2,197 mm)
Height77 in (1,956 mm)
2004–06: 79 in (2,007 mm)
Pre-2003 Wagon: 75 in (1,905 mm)

The Hummer H1 is a four-wheel-drive utility vehicle based on the M998 Humvee, which was created by AM General. The vehicle was produced from 1992 through 2006, and was the first of what became the Hummer line. Originally designed strictly for military use, the off-road vehicle was released to the civilian market due to market demand. It was initially known as the "Hummer"; however, under a 1999 deal, GM bought marketing rights to the Hummer name and called the vehicle the Hummer H1.[2] At the time, GM began marketing the Hummer H2 that was also assembled by AM General on a modified GMC 2500HD chassis. AM General continued to build the H1 and Humvee in its Mishawaka, Indiana facility. GM stopped marketing the H1 in 2006 model year, but AM General continued production of the military Humvee versions.


Originally released in the civilian market March 14, 1992, the Hummer H1 became known from photographs published during Operation Desert Storm and the enthusiastic campaign from actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

AM General announced that 2006 would be the last model year for the Hummer H1, with production winding down in June 2006 due to a new emission law for diesel engine vehicles, which took effect in 2007. The final model year of 2006 had the most powerful engine and improved fuel efficiency—about 10 mpg‑US (24 L/100 km; 12 mpg‑imp).[3]


The Hummer H1 was available in three major variants: a convertible-like soft top, a four-door hard top Sport Utility Truck and an "Alpha Wagon" body version. Less known variants were a two-door pickup truck and a four-door slantback, which shares the same body style of the Humvee employed by the U.S. Military. The convertible/soft top and the station SUV versions were the last types available to individual consumers.

Currently, five engine types and three automatic transmission types can be found in Hummer H1s. The common engine/automatic transmission combinations are:

The Hummer H1 shares some common driveline parts with the HMMWV. These include brakes, axles, frame and major body panels (hood, tailgate and quarter panels) are shared between the HMMWV and Hummer H1. All H1s and HMMWVs were produced on the same assembly line; of which civilian H1s were then painted and finished in a separate building opposite the parking lot.

The H1 models are inherently stable due to their wide track. They can ford 30 inches (76 cm) of water and climb a 22-inch (56 cm) step. Their stock ground clearance of 16 inches (41 cm) is made possible by tucking driveline components inside a channel in the wide central space between the left and right seats. They have high approach/departure angles of 72/37.5 degrees. Most H1s are equipped with a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), which enables the driver to increase or decrease the tire air pressure at the push of a button, since lower tire pressures are more suited for off-road, and higher tire pressures are desirable on-road.[4]

Hummer H1s have other unusual features, such as inboard brakes and portal gears that allow the drivetrain's half shafts a higher placement, for greater ground clearance. The radiator is up high, sloping over the engine on a forward-hinged hood. The air intake is high-mount, enabling the H1 to ford waist-level water. Rather than using simple run-flat tire, magnesium-aluminum alloy or rubber inserts are an optional feature for runflat ability.[5] Options included leather seats, a winch kit, and running boards.[6]

2006 Hummer H1 Alpha[edit]

The "Alpha" was an extensively re-engineered H1 that was equipped with GM's DuramaxDiesel and 5-speed Allison transmission. The previous turbo-diesel engine suffered from sluggish sales; lack of power was one of the reasons for customer resistance. In 2002, AM General CEO Jim Armour took the idea of repowering the H1 to Bob Lutz and the GM Luxury Vehicle committee. GM soon approved the use of their Duramax/Allison powertrain for the H1. This would support the continuation of the H1; it would also represent an updating in terms of power, torque, refinement and the ability to meet 2004 heavy duty EPA emissions requirements.

The update program commenced in late 2002 with production launch slated to be fall of 2004. The engineering team chose the engine variant out of the GMT560 truck (the C4500) because it packaged better into the H1 engine bay; however, 23 engine component changes were required and the team had to do a 2.0 in (51 mm) body lift to accommodate the taller engine and its turbo housing (a prior 0.5 in (13 mm) lift had been done for MY96 to accommodate the turbo on the 6.5L engine). The 8th digit of the VIN is 3, setting this version of the 6.6L Duramax apart from the versions used in pickup trucks.[7] The GMT560 engine calibration was used with minimal modification; engine output was 300 hp (220 kW) and 520 lb⋅ft (705 N⋅m) of torque. The Duramax engine was equipped with cooled exhaust gas recirculation and an internal engine oil cooler, thus, requiring a 40 percent heat rejection increase to engine coolant. Because space was limited between the air-lift brackets that protrude from the hood, the fan system was modified by putting it directly under the coolpack and driving it through a special gearbox directly off the crankshaft damper pulley. Several other cooling system modifications were required to assist with cold starting from −30 °F (−34 °C).

Other major modifications included the use of special high-strength steel in the chassis frame, a more powerful steering gear; quieter axle differentials, redesign of the geared hubs to use quieter helical gears, new induction, exhaust and electrical power systems; and re-engineering of the fuel supply and filtration system.

The Duramax engine delivered more torque at lower engine speeds than the 6.5L, combined with a lower gearing ratio (about 44.5 to 1 in low lock) made the vehicle more powerful. Other changes included centralized tire inflation and a new interior.

Production launch was early in 2005, and continued until production ceased in mid-2006. All vehicles built during this time are classified as model year 2006 (10th digit in VIN is a 6.)

The program was cancelled May 12, 2006 because GM decided to withdraw technical and financial support for future engineering and recertification.

The Hummer brand[edit]

Main article: Hummer

On June 2, 2009, General Motors attempted a sale of its Hummer brand to a Chinese company, Tengzhong, as part of its bankruptcy settlement. GM stated at the time that it hoped the sale would save about 3,000 jobs in the US.

On February 24, 2010, General Motors announced that the company was shutting down its Hummer brand due to Tengzhong withdrawing its bid. Tengzhong stated that the bid was withdrawn due to a failure to get approval from the Chinese government.[8]

On January 30th, 2020, General Motors announced the revival of the Hummer nameplate, which would be used as a new electric off-road vehicle sub-brand within its GMC brand. The reborn Hummer, now known as the GMC Hummer EV, will have two variants, an SUV and a truck ("SUT"), with top variants reaching 1,000 hp from three electric motors.[9]

Yearly production[edit]

Model year Total production
1992 316
1993 612
1994 718
1995 1,432
1996 1,374
1997 1,209
1998 945
1999 831
2000 1,333
2001 869
2002 704
2003 494
2004 252
2005 0
2006 729
Total 11,818

While there is no 2005 model year Hummer H1, the 2006 model year H1 Alphas were manufactured in both 2005 and 2006. 448 H1 Alphas were produced from January through May 2005, and 281 H1 Alphas were produced from September 2005 through May 2006, when the production for the Hummer H1 officially ended.[10]


  • Hummer H1 models
  • 2004 Hummer undercarriage

  • A camouflaged Humvee military version of hummer in San Francisco

  • A Hummer H3, a Hummer H1, and a Hummer H2, showing the H1 in comparison to the other two models

  • 1993 AM General Hummer H1 sales brochure
  • 1993 A M General Hummer - 46185738164.jpg
  • 1993 A M General Hummer - 46185737354.jpg
  • 1993 A M General Hummer - 46185739554.jpg
  • 1993 A M General Hummer - 46185741034.jpg

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1996-2003 H1 Hummer Stage 2 Performance Kit +140 HP




Product Details

Stage 2 Performance Kit +140 HP

The Stage 2 Performance Kit for 1996-2003 H1 will make a considerable difference to the overall drivability and longevity of your H1 Hummer. The basis of this performance upgrade is our unique proprietary & copyrighted RapTorq ECM. This kit instantly adds up to 140 horsepower with an upgraded cooling system! The Stage 2 Wake Up Kit provides exclusive, full range Dynamic Spectrum Tuning of air/fuel ratio, ignition advance, boost control, High flow exhaust, upgraded cooling system, and various other parameters for ultimate power gains and optimal mileage. This kit is designed to add a whole new level of performance gains to your H1!

• Power gains across entire power band, not just at full throttle
• Improves throttle response, acceleration, and low-end torque
• Provides performance gains up to 140 horsepower
• Boost Control
• Increased fuel pressure
• Equalizer Head Cooling
• 4″ Performance Exhaust

Stage 2

– This stage is for mildly modified H1 vehicles. Fuel, Air (intake/outtake), Boost Control, Cooling, and Timing-Curves are modified and designed to burn lower-octanes at peak efficiency. The increased fuel pressure, High flow intake/exhaust, and cooling system will dramatically improve performance gains with optimal mileage at these peak horsepower gains. Drivers can use low-cost regular octane fuel for potential mileage gains or mid-grade and higher-fuel for optimal performance gains.

**Available in Stage 1, 2, 3, & 4! Dyno tested to ensure top horsepower and drivability.

Kit Includes:RapTorq
Air Filter
Cooling Upgrade Level – 5

RapTorq High Performance ECM Our unique proprietary & copyrighted Predator RapTorq ECM was engineered over a 22 month span with specific testing and development by our in-house Predator Motorsports engineering team.

During the development phases of our RapTorq ECM, our engineering team included a full evaluation of all available ECM programs by our competitors. While it remains standard practice to only modify the factory GM fuel-delivery curve. Our RapTorq ECM features a completely re-engineered “fuel-delivery curve &start-of-injection timing curve”. This design is engineered to optimize the H1’s combustion chamber providing peak efficiency and rapid power gains across the engines entire power band.

Our RapTorq ECM programming provides rapid throttle response from light-throttle to full heavy-throttle performance power. In conjunction with power gains, Fuel Economy is also improved on an average of 10-20% throughout all operational conditions. The primary goal was to create superior drivability with a maximum power curve within the OEM GM exhaust-gas temperature limits.

Power increased by 115hp & 156ft/lbs of torque providing Rapid Torque & Horsepower gains!

RapBoost High Performance Turbo Boost Controller

Our Predator RapBoost is a naturally suited mate to our RapTorq ECM programming or a fully stock H1 and is designed to compliment the operational characteristics of the factory turbo.

The RapBoost is a purely mechanical with a fully adjustable waste gate controller. Designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM factory boost control canister used on H1 turbochargers.

The RapBoost works in conjunction with the factory waste gate valve mechanism to create a smooth and rapid working turbine inlet-pressure relief valve. This type of control allows retention of all available turbine drive pressure up to the predetermined pressure bypass point, providing maximum turbocharger performance along with effective shaft-speed / boost control.

Characteristic of the RapBoost design is its easy installation and simple calibration.

Power increased by 21hp & 27ft/lbs of torque providing Rapid Torque & Horsepower gains!

RapFlow High Performance Fuel Lifter

Our Predator RapFlow Fuel Lifter Pump is designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the low-quality factory lifter pump that is unreliable and prone to low-pressure fuel flow. The RapFlow Fuel Lifter Pump is suited perfectly for the high demands of the H1 Hummer where Rapid fuel flow, Strength, and Reliability are paramount.

The RapFlow High Performance Fuel Lifter Pumps feature a unique valve design that improves flow quantity and quality. The high-volume inlet and outlet surpasses the capacity of conventional OEM factory models. Produces 6 psi and does not require a regulator.

**We also offer a Performance Fuel Pressure Test Kit. This will determine if you are receiving adequate fuel pressure. We recommend checking fuel pressure on your stock lifter pump every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

K&N Air Filter

H1 Performance air filters from K&N will help your Hummer run better!

Designed to increase horsepower & torque for the 1996-2003 Hummer H1

Washable & Reusable

This K&N H1 air filter lasts the lifetime of your vehicle

Equalizer Head Cooling Our Predator Equalizer Head Cooling System rapidly Cools and Equalizes heat within the heads and block. Improving engine cooling distribution and longevity. The Equalizer Head Cooling System is designed to improve the poor coolant flow conditions that exists within the OEM factory cooling system. Poor coolant flow throughout the block and heads can cause extremely high operating temperatures in the the block and portions of the cylinder heads. These unequal temperatures create heat-stress conditions that can lead to cracking within the cylinder walls. Potentially causing a higher risks of engine failure.

By generating proper coolant flow throughout the block and heads, our Equalizer Head Cooling System reduces heat-stress and high temperatures. Reducing heat-stress in these castings will dramatically reduce the risk of engine failure and help prevent cracking/breaking of cylinder walls. The Equalizer system is vital to a reliable long lasting engine.

**Each system includes a patented proportioning valve system which equalizes pressure for even cooling and crossover manifold for proper coolant flow.

4″ Performance Exhaust

What can a 4” Predator Performance Exhaust System do for your H1? Dramatically improve your H1’s tone, increase in horsepower, and Fuel Economy.

Having that extra boost in power can also make your life a lot more fun in off-road terrain. Giving you that extra push you need to keep from getting stuck. If you live at a high elevation and often find your H1 struggling a little to climb steep roads, the extra power added by our 4” Performance Exhaust System can help you out there too.

**Lifetime Warranty. Designed for 1996-2004 Hummers.

Cooling Upgrade Level – 5

Cooling increase is based on a scale of 1-10, ten providing the best possible increase in cooling over stock.

When placing your order please include your vin number in the comments section of the order form. Also, a $550.00 ECM core charge applies. Core charges will be refunded within 30 days once the core has been received.

**We highly recommend installing & testing your Raptorq ECM before returning the core. **Limited lifetime warranty and a full 30 day money back guarantee

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Hummer H1 Interior Custom Design by Monster Performance

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  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Snorkel

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  • Cummins Conversion Kit

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  • Predator Direct Flow Hood Scoop

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  • RapFlow High Performance Fuel Lifter Pump

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  • Trek-R Steering Wheel Kit

    Trek-R Steering Wheel Kit

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  • 12″ Alpha Brake Kit

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  • H1 High Performance RapBoost Turbo Controller

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  • Aluminum Radiator

    High Performance Aluminum Radiator

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  • Engine Cooling Fan

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  • Optima Battery Hold Downs

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  • Stage 1 Wake Up Kit H1 1996-2003 6.5TD

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  • H1 RapTorq High Performance ECM Upgrade 1996-2003 6.5TD

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  • K&N Air Filter

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  • Adjustable Shock

    High-Tech Adjustable Shock

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  • High Performance Semi Metallic Brake Pads

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  • Trek Steering Wheel Kit

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  • RapCool High Performance PMD Isolator

    H1 RapCool High Performance PMD Isolator

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  • Predator Steering Stabilizer

    Predator H1 Steering Stabilizer

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  • 6.5TD RapJet High Performance Fuel Injector Set

    6.5TD RapJet High Performance Fuel Injector Set

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  • Forced Air Induction Seal Kit

    H1 Forced Air Induction Seal Kit

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  • Predator 4" Performance Exhaust System

    Hummer H1 4″ Performance Exhaust

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  • 2006 Alpha Duramax RAPTORQ ECM Upgrade

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  • Predator Performance Shock System

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  • H1 Premium High Performance 10″ Dimpled and Slotted Rotors

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  • Equalizer

    H1 Equalizer Cooling

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  • Hummer H1 4″ Alpha Exhaust 6.6 Duramax

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  • 6.6L Duramax Low Temperature Thermostat  (Pair)

    6.6L Duramax Low Temperature Thermostat (Pair)

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  • Duramax Resonator Cap

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  • HMMWV Geared Hub Heat Sink

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  • H1 Alpha High Performance Aluminum Radiator

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  • Stage 2 Performance Kit H1 1996-2003 6.5TD

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  • Predator Triple Lock Torque Converter 6.5TD

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  • Heavy Duty Half Shaft Kit

    H1 Heavy Duty 12k Half Shaft Kit

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  • 6.6 Alpha RapJet High Performance Fuel Injector Set

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  • Predator Aluminum Intercooler

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  • Stainless Battery Splash Guard

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  • Stage 4 High Output Kit 1996-2003 6.5TD

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  • Stage 3 High Output Kit H1 1996-2003 6.5TD

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  • Predator Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 4L80E

    Predator Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 4L80E

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