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Thread: Gotta love living in the rust belt VS Rocker panel replacement

I work at a body shop, we just did an '01 530 drivers side rocker about 4-5 months ago. Owners wife ran it up on a curb. You can still order all those parts, it is #3. Proper procedure, as per BMW is, the B pillar is to be cut up there near the roof, which is why the part comes the way it is. It's quite a bit of work, but if you have done this in the past, it's a piece of cake. It's a ton of tear down, you're gonna want to take the seats out, all the seals, interior trim panels, seatbelts, foam panels under the carpets, lift the carpets up towards the center, harnesses, modules, tedious, but a piece of cake if you have the place, the time, and the know how. On part number 3, it took over a month to get the part from the Fatherland. BMW sent over the pond in 5 days, they kicked ass. But US Customs, the dimwits that we taxpayers pay to do their jobs, held it at the port of Baltimore for over 30 days.... Don't know why, BMW shipped the part in an open crate. It was way more transparent than the stupid administration in the current Whitehouse....

Oh, one more thing, when you are done, make sure you spray a ton of wax inside all the nooks and crannies of the rocker and the pillar. All the places where you welded through the zinc coatings, and paint will not reach!!! New rust will form at those points!!!

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For that price you can probably get M-tech sides painted (both sides). They do not come painted from BMW so you would either need to get a body shop on your own to paint it, or buy them painted from a vendor (or buy used ones that happen to be in your color).

There shouldn't be any drilling involved if it's an OEM part.


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