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Imp (Doom 2016)

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The imp is a large humanoid creature spawned from the depths of Hell who originally appeared in Doom (1993) and has been in every Doom game since. These imps are taller than those in the classic series and are similar in stature and acrobatic skills to imps in Doom 3. They are the weakest demon in Doom (2016), and as such they occur in droves throughout the game. As with their previous incarnations, they continue to present a dual threat in the form of melee attacks with their vicious claws, and the ability to throw fireballs at a distance.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Health: 250[citation needed]

Chainsaw Fuel Usage: 1

Imps can leap in nearly any direction, hang on pillars and walls, and run twice as fast as the player, all while still attacking the player without any pause. Amongst lower-tier enemies they have already been described as "dangerous," with their charged fireballs doing significant damage, as much as 72 hit points in the game's Nightmare skill level. Imps possess two fireball attacks - a fast but weak fireball, and a "charged" fireball that has a short windup time but deals much more damage and moves more quickly, giving barely enough time for the player to dodge if his attention is focused. A "harasser" unit by design, imps will often retreat from the player and try to find purchase on a higher, more distant surface from which to attack. This is in contrast to the previous incarnations of the monster, which always sought to close to melee range - this imp rarely resorts to melee attacks unless the player chooses to close to that range.

That being said, some imps prefer to engage in melee and will occasionally leap toward the player to strike if they are at medium range; these imps cannot be distinguished visually from their range-oriented cousins, so observation is advised to determine which type the player is facing.


Attack Too Young To Die Hurt Me Plenty Ultra Violence Nightmare
Melee 4 7.5 13 22.5
Fireball 7.5 15.5 22.5 45
Charged Fireball 12.5 25 44 75

Unique player kills[edit]

The imp has a player kill similar to that of the revenant, albeit more gory. It will rip out some of the player's entrails before ripping off his left arm and beating him to death with it.


For how common the imp was as the front-line soldier of Hell's armies, the UAC possessed little actual information on the imp beyond the obvious. Anatomical comparisons of the imp with the summoner did seem to show a relationship between the two, however, suggesting that the latter is a highly advanced form of the imp.

Research found that the imp's projectiles are composed of concentrated Hell energy, which sucks in airborne particles and debris before heating them up into a condensed fireball. Their athletic ability and flexible combat tactics were also commented on, as well as their habit of feeding on human flesh when they have opportunities to do so.

Design change[edit]

An imp being cut in half by the chainsawduring the E3 demo.

Imps underwent a dramatic redesign between the E3 2015 initial public presentation of the game and the release final product. The earlier design was closer in appearance to a smaller version of the Hell knight, suggesting some kind of relationship between the two. The final imp design added distinct features to the head and body, two prominent glowing eyes, spines on their back, and accents of purple color.

Some dead imps in the Lazarus Labs still retain the older model even in the final version of the game.


The bluish-purple coloration of the imp as well as the spines on its back are considered by some fans to be callbacks to the appearance of the normal imp and nightmare imp in Doom 64. This design influence remains currently unconfirmed, but other influences from the game are known to exist, making it a distinct possibility.




  • Known Relatives: Other demons.
  • Group Affiliation: Forces of Hell.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 6’3″ Weight: 240 lbs.
  • Eyes: Glowing Red Hair: None


Powers and Abilities

Dirty little dogshit-coloured bastards that heave balls of fire around, and have electrified bone spikes jutting from their bodies.

They can take a few hits from most handguns without stopping (a shotgun at close range is another matter – Imp kebab). Luckily, their aim is not too good and their balls of fire are pretty slow-flying.

Doom imp sprite front view


For the general background, see the Doom marine writeup. The Imps are among the least powerful creatures from Hell, but when in a pack can be a problem.

Doom imp sprite in combat


Brown, vaguely reptilian humanoid with red eyes, bone spikes protruding from their bodies and long fangs and claws. Grr.

Doom imp sprite shambling


Roar at enemies, then advance while throwing flames until they are close enough to claw at their enemy, assuming said enemy has survived the prior attacks. Grr.

DC Universe History

See the Doom marine writeup.

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Doom Imp

Dex: 03 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Carnivorous
Int: 01 Wil: 02 Min: 01 Occupation: Minor monster
Inf: 02 Aur: 02 Spi: 02 Resources {or Wealth}: 00
Init: 006 HP: 000

Claws: 04, Flame Immunity: 05, Flame Project: 05, Lightning: 05, Skin armour: 01

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Flame Immunity only works against the fire generated by Imps (-3).
  • Flame Project has No AV (use DEX instead) (-0 or -1 depending on house rules).
  • Flame Project is a small fireball, not a stream of flame (-0).
  • Lightning has No Range (-1).




Strange Appearance, Catastrophic Rage, CIA toward attacking anything that hits them and is not a fellow Imp.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Doom video games (Ultimate DooM, DooM ][, Final DooM).

Helper(s): Roy Cowan. Sprites rendered by Elite Sniper 177. Main illustration by Hidfan .

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  3. Artifact standard deck
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  5. Swgoh reddit

The Imp is a human-sized humanoid demon and also the most common enemy in Doom games, thus being considered the "backbone" of all hellspawn in the entire franchise.

The Doom instruction manual says:

You thought an imp was a cute little dude in a red suit with a pitchfork. Where did these brown bastards come from? They heave balls o' fire down your throat and take several bullets to die. It's time to find a weapon better than that pistol if you're going to face more than one of these S.O.B.s.


  • The Doom source code gives the object name and the sprite root name to the Imp, arguably because Imps were called "Demon Troops" in the Doom Bible, being the main and more common force of monsters of a directly demonic origin in the invasion. According those early plans, the Imps were meant to belong to a different species than the Demon Troops and were described as more traditionally impish in design; small flying demons, possibly like those eventually found in Heretic, which were apparently called gargoyles mainly to distinguish them from the existing Doom monster, since they look like commonplace imps.
  • Apart from zombies and Wolfenstein SS, the Imp is the only hellspawn that can be gibbed (e.g. by rockets, berserkfist attacks, barrelexplosions and BFG blasts).
  • Imps are the only other monsters aside from zombies that emit two different alert and death sounds when spotting the player.
  • It is very difficult getting two Imps infighting together but, if one Imp manages to destroy a barrel (mostly via fireball attack) and the resulting explosion hurts any other Imps lurking nearby, they will turn against the one that blew up the barrel in the first place, and hurt themselves mutually through scratching (since projectile attacks are hardcoded to not deal damage in-between creatures of the same species).
  • The Imp gibbing death sprite contains a Zombieman arm.
  • In a ZDoom-based source port, if the player is killed by an Imp (monster is credited with delivering the blow that reduces player's health to 0%), one of two obituary messages will be displayed at the top of the screen depending on which attack the Imp used to kill the player: "[player name] was slashed by an Imp" or "[player name] was burned by an Imp" for the claw and fireball attacks respectively.
  • Imps seem to resemble Weevils from Torchwood, particulary their faces.
  • In Brutal Doom, Imps launch more realistic fireballs and also have a leaping claw attack which it uses at relatively medium-to-close distance, similarly to their newer version.
  • The Imp's death sounds are stock soundbites of a camel's grunt, at a lower pitch. This is also the case of some of the death sounds emitted by the former humans.
  • Imp's dying voice is simply a Bactrian camel mating call.

Doom RPG

Main article: Imp/Doom RPG

In Doom RPG, the Imp appears as a class of monster. There are three variations, identified by color:

Imps are most susceptible to attacks from shotguns.

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This article is about the monster in the classic Doom series. For other games, see:

The imp is a human-sized, humanoid, fireball-flinging monster, the most common opponent encountered in id Software's Doom and Doom II. It is leather brown in color, with red eyes, numerous white bony spikes protruding from its body, and sharp white claws on its hands and feet. Imps encourage new players to practice strafing. They are officially described as follows:

"You thought an imp was a cute little dude in a red suit with a pitchfork. Where did these brown bastards come from? They heave balls o' fire down your throat and take several bullets to die. It's time to find a weapon better than that pistol if you're going to face more than one of these S.O.B.s."

― Doom instruction manual [source]

Combat characteristics[edit]

An imp will make one of two different loud, serpentine hisses when it is alerted. An imp attacks by hurling a single bright red fireball, which inflicts projectile damage when it strikes another living object. At melee range, it uses its razor-sharp claws to scratch; if its target moves out of range before this attack has followed through, the imp will proceed to shoot a fireball instead. When killed without being gibbed, an imp will randomly emit one of two distinct low-pitched snarls, as it falls on its back and a hole opens up in its midsection, disgorging plentiful amounts of blood.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The imp moves slowly, as do its fireballs. The player should practice until evading both sorts of objects becomes completely straightforward (except perhaps under highly unusual circumstances, such as a teleportation trap, in close quarters, or when surrounded).

An imp can usually be killed by a single shotgun shell and often by six bullets. As the citation above implies, facing multiple imps with a pistol takes concentration, but it can be done, given sufficient maneuvering room and adequate footwork on the player's part. In fact, the imp's relatively high pain chance sometimes makes it difficult for it to retaliate when damaged at a fast rate.

Imps often come in packs, and the super shotgun or rocket launcher are both particularly effective here. While the standard shotgun is not completely reliable in dispatching an imp per shell, a blast from the super shotgun usually brings two down and, in rare cases, even three. The rocket launcher can take out entire crowds with little difficulty if used carefully.

Melee against an imp should usually be avoided by novices as it is much trickier than against a demon, since the imp is faster with its clawing attack than the less dexterous demon. The chainsaw takes only a bit of time to dispatch an imp, so it is convenient against a single enemy, but the player risks being surrounded if there are several imps. If the encounter takes place in a large open area or with the advantage of surprise from around a corner, hit-and-run tactics with the berserk fist are safe and effective, as long as the player is not under fire from other directions.

Although its ranged attack and hit point total give it an advantage against the lesser zombies, the imp can easily find itself outmatched during monster infighting. A single imp fighting a shotgun guy may yet call victory, but a demon or spectre can almost always overpower the first two or three imps they engage in melee, and a couple of blows from any larger monster will more than likely put an imp out of its misery.

Imp fireballs move twice as fast as usual when either the Nightmare! skill level or the -fastcommand line parameter are used, and these are hurled persistently by the monster as long as a target is in sight.


  • The Doom source code gives the object name MT_TROOP and the sprite root name TROO to the imp, due to the fact that imps as they exist in the final game developed from a concept called the "demon troop" in the Doom Bible, being the main and more common force of monsters of a directly demonic origin in the invasion. According to those early plans, the imps were meant to belong to a different species than the demon troops, and were described as more traditionally impish in design: small flying demons, possibly like those eventually found in Heretic.
  • The imp-like gargoyle of Heretic was named as such mainly to distinguish it from the existing Doom monster, since it looks like the commonplace concept of an imp.
  • Apart from zombies and Wolfenstein SS, the imp is the only monster that can be gibbed with rockets, berserk fist attacks, barrelexplosions and BFG blasts.
  • Imps are the only other Doom monsters aside from zombies that emit two different alert sounds when spotting the player.
  • The official French name of the monster is diablotin.


ID #3001 (decimal), BB9 (hex)
Hit points60
Speed8 map units per frame
(93.3 map units per second)
Reaction time8
Pain chance200 (79.30%)
Pain time4 tics
Bits list

1: Obstacle

2: Shootable

22: Affects Kill %

Sprites & sounds
Sprite nameTROO
Alert soundDSBGSIT1 or
Action soundDSBGACT
Pain soundDSPOPAIN
Death soundDSBGDTH1 or
DSBGDTH2 (normal)
DSSLOP (gibs)
Melee attack
Ranged attack
Speed10 map units per tic
(350 map units per second)
Sprite nameBAL1
SoundDSFIRSHT (firing)
DSFIRXPL (impact)
Damage done by an imp's attack (either type)
  1. These tables assume that all calls to P_Random for damage, pain chance, blood splats, impact animations, and backfire checks are consecutive. In real play, this is never the case: counterattacks and AI pathfinding must be handled, and of course the map may contain additional moving monsters and other randomized phenomena (such as flickering lights). Any resulting errors are probably toward the single-shot average, as they introduce noise into the correlation between the indices of "consecutive" calls.
  2. Assumes that direct hits are possible, which does not occur in any stock map.
  3. Hardcoded exception to infighting negates damage (excepting indirect damage caused by exploding barrels).

Appearance statistics[edit]

In the IWADs the imp is first encountered on these maps per skill level:

The IWADs contain the following numbers of imps per skill level:

Of the maps covered on the Doom Wiki, the following have the highest numbers of imps in single-player on skills 4-5:

This data was last verified on October 6, 2021.

Other games[edit]

Doom 64[edit]

The imp is featured in Doom 64, though with a sleeker appearance, only having noticeable spine-like spikes along its back.

A more powerful variant known as the nightmare imp also occurs as one of the new monsters in the game.

This version of the imp also features discrete animations for melee attacks versus ranged attacks, similar to the revenant in other games. This means that unlike the original version, the attack type is determined when it commences rather than by the victim's proximity at a particular frame; the imp cannot throw a fireball the instant his claws have missed the player.

Doom RPG[edit]

In Doom RPG and its sequel, Doom II RPG, the imp appears as a class of monster. There are three variations, identified by color:

  • Impling (green)
  • Imp (normal colors)
  • Imp lord (red with green eyes)

Imps are most susceptible to attacks from shotguns.

  • An impling in the BREW 2.1 version of Doom RPG.

  • The impling in the iOS version of Doom II RPG.

  • An Imp and Impling in the iOS version of Doom II RPG.

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