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Fortnite Season 6: Game-breaking 'Chicken glitch' sends player flying across the map

Along with the usual leaks, rumors, and larger-than-life fan theories, players have been finding numerous glitches and exploits in-game since Fortnite Season 6 was released. The latest exploit discovered is being called the 'Chicken glitch.'

Exploits are not uncommon, and they usually get patched with regular updates and community feedback.

However, some glitches could be considered game-breaking. In situational encounters like map rotation, these glitches are overpowering. Players who figure out how to exploit these glitches gain an unfair advantage over others.

But everything is fair in this battle royale title where third-parties or third-partying opponents are perceived as a good strategic move.

With that said, this article discusses how to exploit the latest 'Chicken glitch' in Fortnite Season 6.

How to exploit the game-breaking 'Chicken glitch' in Fortnite

For the new season of Fortnite, Epic Games announced their "Primal" theme that introduced tamable animals along with a brilliant crafting system that allows players to make their gear rather than relying on looting chests.

The crafting system is not perfect as the collected materials take time to build. But it adds a whole new dynamic to the game.

While chicken is an easy source of bones needed to craft Primal Weapons, the latest glitch allows players to use a chicken for rapid map rotation. This is where the chicken glitch works wonders.

A Reddit user known as u/DaBloodyResh posted a video in which he made a startling discovery that is overpowering during map rotation.

In the video, his teammate launches u/DaBloodyResh up in the air with the help of a shockwave grenade or the mechanical shockwave bow. The player was holding on to a chicken.

While the launching method has been used before for a quick escape or to get some air time for a map rotation, players can travel vast distances to outrun the circle after being launched in the air with a chicken.

If players land on umbrellas, sun loungers, and lilypads, the speed boost from the shockwave grenade stays on, allowing players to travel even further in one jump.

The way players rotate in Fortnite Season 6 has changed drastically due to these glitches. Players should exploit this fun glitch before it is nerfed or patched in the upcoming update.


Players can use guardian towers in conjunction with a chicken to travel an insane distance. Just like the shockwave grenade and chicken combo, this combo allows players to travel even further.

Get an insane speed boost from the guardian tower chicken combo (Image Via YouTube/Glitch King)

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It's unclear whether Epic Games intended for these mechanics to work this way in Fortnite.

While these glitches are fun in casual gaming, the developers should patch these glitches soon because it would cause major issues in the Fortnite competitive scene where a lot could be at stake.


If you’ve landed at Holly Hatchery during Fortnite Season 7 and thought to yourself about how much you’d like that low-gravity area to cover the whole map, then we have good news for you.

There’s a glitch that has just been discovered that will let you fly around the map like you’re in the low-grav zone, but other players won’t have the same advantage as you have. Obviously, it’s a game-breaking bug, so it’s not recommended you try it for yourself if you’re not willing to be banned.

It’s tough to say if Epic will actually ban you for it, but if you don’t want to take any chances, it’s probably better for you to watch a video than for you to do it yourself.

Here’s how it works.

New Flying Glitch

In a video by Fortnite YouTuber and streamer Fresh, he showcases how to fly around the map like you popped down an Alien Nanite cube.

He doesn’t go into much detail about how to replicate it for yourself, but it looks like you’ll need to have a friend with you and they’ll need a Rift-to-Go. Unfortunately, the Wild Week is now over so you won’t be finding those on the ground anymore.

From there, you’ll need to get knocked and eliminated in an Alien low-gravity zone like Holly Hatchery. Your teammate will then collect your card and reboot you while holding the rift in their hand, at least that’s what it seems like from the video.

If everything goes according to plan, you should be rebooted and have the ability to zip around the whole map. From here, you can get a good loadout and try for a win, or you could do what Fresh did and let another team win since he didn’t want to ruin anybody’s experience.

This glitch will certainly be much harder to pull off without the rifts in the game anymore, if that is the reason this even worked in the first place.

Not Many Glitches

fortnite season 7 live event leak

Epic Games

Something Epic has done a good job of this season is remaining relatively glitch free. There have been some things in past seasons, like having infinite health with the Zero Point, that have ruined games, but that hasn’t really happened in Season 7.

If you check out the Trello board, you’ll see that not many bugs have to be fixed on any given week, which is a great thing. However, just because there haven’t been a ton of glitches doesn’t mean the season has been a grand success.

Many players argue that the updates didn’t do enough to change the game from week to week, and the map changes that did happen haven’t really done much.

Hopefully Season 8 will be give us some actual new areas to explore and learn instead of just renaming current ones and calling it a day.

The new season is nearly upon us and there will be a countdown to the end event appearing any day now. These aliens have to get off the island one way or another, so keep your eyes on the sky.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: How To Fly In Fortnite - Players Find Two Flying Glitches

Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 4 is live (unless you're on iOS), and you can jump in as a wealth of Marvel heroes and villains.

Many offers abilities in some limited-time modes, but a new glitch is allowing players to fly when using Storm or when using the Iron Man Gauntlet..

Here's what to look out for.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Storm Flying Glitch

Storm's Tornado Launch sends her up into the air, but this glitch allows her free movement while she's up there.

Essentially, players just need to use an emote directly before initiating the ability.

That sends Storm sky-high and allows her to go wherever players choose - almost like zooming around in creative mode.

Check out the glitch in action below courtesy of Reddit user u/GayMadMan.

So if you emote then use Storm’s super power you can

Luckily, the glitch only applies in modes where abilities can be used - so you're not likely to see other players flying overhead during a standard battle royale match.

After a minute or so, Storm returns to the ground, but it's worth trying while you can.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Iron Man Gauntlet Flying Glitch

According to @Jawsh_TV, players can fly with the Iron Man gauntlet.

You'll need to eat a spicy fish, use the Iron Man Gauntlet as you dive into water, and then fly into a crashpad while only holding forward.

Check it out below:

Since season 4 is superhero themed it makes sense that you can fly! Tutorial: eat spicy pepper, iron man gauntlet into dolphin dive, fly into crashpad and only hold forward. Happy flying :)(normal gravity and settings btw)
— JoshTV | #ObeyJosh (@Jawsh_TV)
September 16, 2020

In subsequent tweets, Josh points out that you can cancel the flight with any button input.

We'd imagine Epic will patch these out pretty quickly, so you may not have long.

Season 4 of Chapter 2 looks to have been incredibly popular, drawing in a sizeable roster of Marvel heroes and villains.

YouTuber Ali-A recently glitched into the Helicarrier's vault - check out what's inside here.

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FLYING GLITCH In Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 7!

Fortnite Season 7 Glitch is turning Ferraris into a flying machine 

One of the issues gamers have pointed out time and again is the abundance of glitches in Fortnite.

Glitches have been a part of the popular Battle Royale game since it was released back in 2017. Although Epic rolls out various hotfixes and updates, the glitches remain in the game.

Recently, gamers have been dropping onto the island and enjoying themselves exploring the newly added content following the v17.20 update.

The Ferrari collaboration has provided the leisure to drive around the island in a brand new 296 GTB. However, gamers have recently revealed a glitch that allows the Ferrari's to fly in Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 glitch: Use a ramp to make the prancing stallion fly

Epic's most recent partnership with Ferrari rolled out a handful of 296 GTBs to the island. These supercars spawn across various NPCs, and gamers are having a grand time driving around in them.

The recent glitch that has been revealed allows gamers to take Ferraris for a flight. The concept of flying cars has become a reality in Fortnite Season 7.

To trigger the glitch, gamers need to build a few ramps. Once the structure is ready, gamers need to mount the Ferrari and, at the last ramp, press the boost button.

Once the boost button has been deployed, gamers need to release it momentarily. Gamers immediately need to hit the boost button to maintain the elevation of the Ferrari.

The glitch requires utmost precision, and it might take a few tries to get used to it. However, it is a fun way to rotate around the island and even avoid the impending storm.

Epic regularly rolls out hotfixes for Fortnite that patch these kinds of in-game glitches. Gamers are therefore advised to drop onto the island and try this glitch out before Epic fixes it. It is fun to use glitches and does not affect other gamers. Hence gamers can use it without feeling guilty of exploiting the game.

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Gamers are also reminded that the Ferrari collaboration has rolled out a special challenge in the game. Completing this special challenge rewards gamers with 30000 XP. It is a wonderful opportunity to earn XPs and rank up. Therefore, gamers are advised to complete it before the collaboration event ends in Fortnite Season 7.


Fortnite fly glitch

Fortnite Glitch Allows Players To Fly Around Like Superman (Kinda)

Players have discovered a glitch in Fortnitethat allows them to fly around The Island like Superman, but only for a short period of time. Fortnite Season 4 is Marvel-themed filling the battle royale will all sorts of superhero cosmetics and abilities, but this is one superpower the devs didn't intend to make the cut.

Fortnite Season 4 introduced superhero abilities that replaced mythic weapons. These abilities can be found by eliminating bosses or looting supplies at Quinjet Patrol locations. As the season has progressed more powers have been added. Each ability is tied to a Marvel hero or villain. Silver Surfer's Surfboard, Doctor Doom's Gauntlets, and Thor's Hammer are just a few of the powers players can harness during Fortnite Season 4. Some of these abilities allow players to glide or jump a short distance, but nothing compared to the flying exploit that players have found.

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Redditor OmegaReu posted a clip to the dedicated Fortnite subreddit, in which they demonstrated themselves flying around Fortnite's island using an exploit. They also showed the steps players need to take in order to set up this trick, and it's not a simple glitch to execute since players will need to gather a few resources that aren't always easy to find. In the video, OmegaReu uses a Pepper, two Spicy Fish, a Crash Pad, and Iron Man's gauntlets to emulate a knock-off Superman. Most of these items can be found with a bit of luck while foraging, but Iron Man will have to be faced head-on to obtain his gauntlets.

OmegaReu claims in their post that the glitch can be performed in an actual round of Fortnite, but they tested the glitch in an experimental Battle Lab with normal settings. Starting in a body of water, they placed a Crash Pad on a ramp in front of them before eating the Pepper and pre-caught Spicy Fish. They then used Iron Man's gauntlets to launch themselves into the air before landing in the water and diving into the Crash Pad. This combination of increased speed and lowered gravity allowed OmegaReu to fly across the map in Superman's signature plank position. While the flying didn't last too long, they were able to fly halfway across the map in a matter of seconds.

Hopefully, this glitch won't get patched out as it utilizes Fortnite's mechanics as they are intended but in a creative manner. Plus, this glitch doesn't allow players to fly forever, and will likely send them soaring into the storm. Or, maybe Epic Games will see this clip and add a new ability to Fortnite that emulates this reaction.

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Fortnite is available on all platforms.

Source: OmegaReu


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