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Best Year for Toyota 4runner: So Many Great Years to Consider

4Runner Overview

The 4Runner has been around since the s and it has been a popular choice for lots of different consumers, but it seems to especially appeal to those adventure seekers and weekend warriors who need a reliable partner both on and off the road.best year toyota 4runner

Currently in its 5th generation, the 4Runner has evolved over the years, but it has kept true to its spirit of being a “real” SUV, made for fun and adventure but yet chameleon-like in that it’s able to handle city life just fine and not look out of place doing it. It&#;s the best of both worlds.

Since its beginning, the foundation for its design has been inspired by the truck and 35 years later, that is still the case. With plenty of cargo space and seating for up to 7 with the optional third row, it’s perfect for those who are looking for a rugged ride that is also safe enough to haul the family away for some weekend fun. It’s not a massive SUV, but it’s definitely not small either, making it just the right size.

Toyota offers nine 4Runner trims, equipped with lots of off-roading, tech and safety features. Trims include the SR5, Trail Special Edition, SR5 Premium, TRD Off-Road, TRD Off-Road Premium, Venture Special Edition, Limited, Nightshade Special Edition and TRD Pro.

Some off-roading features to highlight include crawl control and a locking rear differential to help you keep a steady pace when driving over challenging terrain.

Utilitarian features include LED headlights and fog lights for greater visibility. And one of our favorite features is Toyota’s signature power rear glass window, which raises and lowers with the push of a button. No longer do you have to open the back door to put in your cargo or groceries, you can just lower the window. And if Fido is traveling with you, you can crack the window just slightly for some fresh air.

The 4Runner can also tow up to 5, pounds so that your outdoor adventure gear and toys aren’t left behind. There is also a V AC power outlet, which is conveniently located in the cargo area to allow you to power your gadgets when off the grid (or even when just in the city).

From a tech perspective, the 4Runner comes with an easy-to-use infotainment system that features an 8-inch touchscreen display enabled with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa. There are also two front and two rear USB ports so that you can stay powered and connected.

How Much Will a 4Runner Cost?

If you were purchasing brand new, you could expect to pay anywhere from $36, for the base model SR5 to upwards of $50, for the base TRD Pro. Since the 4Runner holds its resale value well, it has a better depreciation value than most vehicles, so considering a used 4Runner is not a bad idea. On the flip side, because of its excellent resale value, the 4Runner can still be quite expensive, depending on what you&#;re looking for in terms of features and how old you’re willing to go.

The automotive research firm, iSeeCars.com, conducted a study to see which vehicles retain their value the best, and as you’d expect, the 4Runner ranked within the Top Its average 5-year depreciation is %, making it the 6th best. The average 5-year depreciation of all vehicles is 49%. Here is what you can expect to pay for a pre-owned 4Runner for model years up to 10 years old. All model years, except for the and , earned a predicted reliability score of 5 out 5 from Consumer Reports. The and model years still performed well, earning a score of 4 out of 5.

  • $15, &#; $18,
  • $16, &#; $21,
  • $18, &#; $22,
  • $20, &#; $25,
  • $21, &#; $30,
  • $23, &#; $32,
  • $25, &#; $35,
  • $28, &#; $38,
  • $30, &#; $40,
  • $32, &#; $43,

4runner years to avoidAlthough the 4Runners have an awesome track record when it comes to reliability, you can never be too safe when purchasing a used vehicle, especially if it is no longer protected by the OEM. We recommend protecting your Toyota 4Runner with an extended warranty. You can research and buy an extended warranty solution for your vehicle online with a trusted partner like olive. Olive specializes in vehicle extended warranties for consumers. Extended warranties for older and used Toyota vehicles are available at https://olive.com/.




Check, Check &#; Rugged and Reliable

Reliability is a very important consideration when purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, so let’s answer the question, specifically for the 4Runner. Is the Toyota 4Runner reliable? Yes! The 4Runner has consistently received awesome reliability ratings year over year, and you can count on it to last a very long time, like into 6-digit mileage figures.

We consulted RepairPal to get a look at some of the 4Runner’s stats. The 4Runner’s Reliability Rating is above average, scoring a 4 out of 5, ranking it 9th out of 26 other midsize SUVs. It scores better than other midsize SUVs, which average a Reliability Rating.

And according to a study conducted by automotive research firm iSeeCars.com to see which vehicles are most likely to last longer than , miles, the Toyota 4Runner ranked in the Top 15 (#8) for all vehicle types, and number 3 when compared to all other SUVs. According to the data from the firm, % of 4Runners last longer than , miles and are well above the average of %. Kudos to Toyota &#; on the Top 15 list, Toyota had seven models rank well, including the Toyota Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Highlander, 4Runner, Tundra, Avalon and Tacoma. https://www.iseecars.com/longest-lasting-cars-study#v=

Maintenance Costs

While the 4Runner is a reliable SUV, it will inevitably need to visit a repair shop from time to time. According to RepairPal, the average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Toyota 4Runner is also lower than its classmates, $, compared to an average of $ for midsize SUVs and $ for all vehicle models.

When looking at the frequency and severity of repairs, the 4Runner does well there too, with frequency being noted as “not often” and severity being listed as “not urgent.” Toyota 4Runner owners have to bring their vehicles into a repair shop for unscheduled repairs an average of times per year, which is the same when compared to other midsize SUVs, as well as for all vehicle models. The probability of a repair being a severe or major issue is 13% for the Toyota 4Runner, compared to an average of 13% for midsize SUVs and 12% for all vehicle models.

What is the Best Toyota 4Runner Model Year?

When shopping for a used 4Runner there are plenty of great options. Usually, we’re able to determine the “best” model year by looking at the data &#;best year used toyota 4runner sifting through reliability scores, performance factors and digging into the complaints, but when it comes to the 4Runner, there isn’t just one best (or even two or three) because if truth be told, Toyota really outdid themselves with the 4Runner. Over the past 10 years, and even 20 years, reliability scores have been consistently exceptional and the same can be said for customer satisfaction scores &#; consistently receiving above-average approval from owners. In terms of complaints, the numbers are low. In fact, so low that you may think that there is an error, but nope there isn’t. It’s a testament to how well-built the 4Runner is, and as a result its legendary reliability is showing up in terms of few complaints and praises from its drivers. Really, determining the “best” 4Runner model year is going to come down to your personal preferences and budget. Because 4Runners continue to sell so well, they can be more expensive than other SUVs that are the same age, so with this in mind, we’ve identified a few model years that have stood out over the past 15 years.

5th Gen: &#; | &#;

If you want to get into a “newer” 4Runner then model years , and are good choices. Yes, the price tag is still more than $25,, but there isn’t too much difference between these years and latest and models, so you can save some money, while taking advantage of the latest body style, tech and safety features. By purchasing a used 4Runner that is about two years old, you can save about $8, compared to buying it new and still have a relatively new model with plenty of useful life remaining.

According to CarEdge, an automotive firm that studies vehicle depreciation, the Toyota 4Runner is its top pick for the best model year value for the 4Runner because you only pay, on average, 83% of the price as new, with 92% of the vehicle&#;s useful life remaining.

Model years &#; are still a part of the 5th generation, but because they are older, they are less expensive. You can buy a or for less than $15, And since the 4Runner is rated as one of the best SUVs to take you well beyond ,, they still have plenty of life left. These model years received a lot of upgrades from the previous models, so you’re likely to find off-roading features like crawl control, as well as several terrain modes. Beginning in , many more trim options were offered too.

4th Gen: and

The and are being called out because not only did they receive perfect reliability scores, but they also have relatively low complaints for being nearly 15 years old. It’s also easier to find one for less than $10,, possibly even less than $9,, depending on what you&#;re after. The other standout for this generation is that it is the only generation that offered a V8 engine, so if you’re looking for a more powerful ride, then the fourth-genners are right up your alley.

As with any used vehicle, you’re going to want to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic, preferably one that is certified to work on Toyota 4Runners, before you sign on the dotted line. And because we can’t predict the future, we’d also recommend purchasing an extended warranty too. We know that the 4Runners are reliable and long-lasting, but in the event that an unexpected repair is needed, it&#;s good to be protected so that you’re not shelling out cash out of pocket. Shop extended warranties with a trusted partner like olive at https://olive.com/.

Toyota 4Runner Years to Avoid (Or what to look out for)

5th Gen:

As we’ve mentioned previously, there are lots of great older 4Runner options, but the should be avoided, or at the very least, seriously inspected before considering it to buy. While the had the most complaints than other five-genners, they are still relatively low and nowhere near the amount associated with the through models, which we’ll discuss later. We mention the model year because out of all the models ever made, it is the only year where owners reported issues with the airbags. The airbags did not deploy consistently, making this complaint the 4Runner’s overall second worst issue and a major safety concern. The average cost to repair is $9, at an average mileage of 15, miles. So we’d recommend avoiding this year or at the very least putting it through a very rigorous inspection if you&#;re considering purchasing the

4th Gen &#; &#;

Bar far, these model years &#; , and &#; had the most complaints and should be avoided if you have the choice. Carcomplaints.com labeled the year as the “worst model year ever,” but to clarify, none of the 4Runners are really that bad. In fact, carcomplaints.com awarded all three years their seal of “Awesome,” which is confusing we know. Let us explain: these model years should be avoided because they are just not as good as other model years. They are not bad at all, just others are better. Carcomplaints.com noted on their website that “although the model year is the “worst” model year for the 4Runner, it’s not really bad at all &#; mainly it’s just that other 4Runners model years are even better.”

Regardless, since they do have the most complaints, it’s worth investigating. The worst problems associated with these years have to do with body and paint issues, specifically rusting. Lots of owners reported severe rust and corrosion causing the body frame to fall apart in some of the worst cases. One owner said his rust and corrosion issues were so extreme that one of his transmission mounts fell right through a hole. Another reported that the entire frame was affected and received a quote to replace at $12, to $15,

Out of all the complaints associated with all the 4Runner model years, two of the top three are in relation to rust: excessive rusting (#1) or undercarriage rusting (#3). The average cost to repair is anywhere from $1, to $2, Toyota is aware of the rust issue, however it has not formally done a recall for the 4Runner. It did however do a recall for rust for the Tacoma and Tundra pickup trucks.

Before you purchase a 4Runner of any year, we recommend being diligent about checking the frame for any rust or corrosion, especially model years that are part of the fourth gen ( &#; ).

Protecting Your Toyota 4Runner

Unfortunately, no amount of research can protect us from unexpected repairs, so we recommend purchasing a Toyota extended warranty solution for your 4Runner. Our mechanical breakdown insurance and vehicle service contracts that extend coverage on pre-owned vehicles can be a great way to avoid expensive repair costs if something goes wrong.

Introducing olive

For nearly 20 years olive and its affiliates have been providing coverage for vehicles in a consumer-friendly way. Get peace of mind with olive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

Why Choose olive?

  • No waiting period
  • Start coverage up to , miles, and be covered all the way up to ,
  • No yearly mileage limits
  • Coverage across the U.S.
  • Manageable monthly payment options
  • Cancel anytime

You can get an online quote today and be covered tomorrow-and you will get no robocalls from olive. Best of all, our products, customer service and reputation for excellence have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we have partnered with some of the insurance industry’s largest companies to back us. We’re in the business of helping you live life covered!

Learn more abiout Toyota 4Runner coverage or get an instant online quote.

Sours: https://olive.com/best-year-for-toyota-4runner/

ROAD TEST EDITOR JONATHAN WONG: The Toyota 4Runner is a guilty pleasure for me. I'm not a huge fan of SUVs but I've always liked the 4Runner for some reason. I talked my stepfather into buying one in , and he piled up more than , miles on that white SR5 model before he had to junk it because of an unfortunate accident. The drivetrain was still strong at the end, but the body and suspension damage made repairing it not worth it. That was three years ago. If not for that accident, I have no doubt that it would still be running strong.

Now in its fifth generation, which debuted for the model year, the 4Runner is still a body-on-frame vehicle, which is rare nowadays for SUVs. Styling was updated some, as was the interior. It wasn't a drastic change, which is a good thing for a nameplate such as the 4Runner. Toyota dropped the V8 engine option that I don't really miss; I always thought the V6 was more than sufficient.

After spending more than a week in our Toyota 4Runner SR5 tester, my appreciation for it remains strong. I piled on a good number of miles running errands, heading to family functions and moving a bunch of stuff and people around. I never tired of its trucklike ride quality, which for a full-frame vehicle is quite comfortable. Sure, it's rougher than the unibody SUVs on the market, but the ride fits the character of the 4Runner.

And one has to remember that the 4Runner is well respected in off-roading circles. There are the meaty tires, plenty of ground clearance and a 4WD system that's been around for quite some time. The most extreme driving I did was plow through some big puddles of water and pound down some badly rutted dirt roads. A small part of me even hoped for some snow, but that never came during my time. Either way, the 4Runner has serious off-road credibility, and a rougher on-road ride quality is acceptable.

The liter V6 with hp got the near 4, pounds of 4Runner moving along fine for merging and passing. It's a smooth engine connected to an equally smooth five-speed automatic transmission. Steering is responsive for a truck shod with tires more off-road-oriented, but the brakes took getting used to with an aggressive bite point.

The optional premium package provided the creature comforts such as leather-trimmed seats, heated front seats and a decent-sounding eight-speaker sound system with the tailgate function that I activated when I helped swap on a set of winter tires and rims at a friend's house. And the satellite radio was a bonus.

I also appreciated the sliding rear cargo floor that made loading and unloading those tires easy. Instead of having to lean in, you just need to slide the entire floor out.

As I said, SUVs such as the 4Runner are rare now. I guess you can consider it a rugged, old-school SUV from a time when fuel economy didn't matter all that much. Ah, those were the days. I still love the 4Runner, though. I wonder whether my stepfather is looking to replace his Honda Pilot anytime soon.

SENIOR ART DIRECTOR CHERYL L. BLAHNIK: I liked this Toyota 4Runner SR5 a lot. It's a perfect outdoor-activity vehicle with lots of cargo room, comfy seats and off-road capability to get to a campsite or ski resort up in the mountains.

As Wong said, it's a real truck, and that can't be said about many of the car-based crossovers flooding the market nowadays. Most of those vehicles have become too fluffy in an effort to appeal to a broader audience, which is understandable.

As for the 4Runner, the interior is still comfortable with plenty of room, heated leather seats and a nice sound system. On the outside it has a simple, retro feel with its flared wheel wells and chunky taillights. It looks rugged, and it's nice to know that it has the capabilities to back up its appearance.

Toyota 4Runner SR5

Base Price: $32,

As-Tested Price: $37,

Drivetrain: liter V6; 4WD, five-speed automatic

Output: hp @ 5, rpm, lb-ft @ 4, rpm

Curb Weight: 4, lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 19/ mpg

Options: Premium package including leather-trimmed and heated eight-way power-adjustable driver's seat with power lumbar support, heated four-way power-adjustable front passenger seat, leather-trimmed steering wheel, courtesy lights, AM/FM/CD player with MP3/WMA playback capability, eight-speaker sound system, XM radio, USB port with iPod connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity ($2,); convenience package with power tilt/slide moonroof and one front and one cargo area V AC power outlet ($1,); auto-dimming rearview mirror with integrated backup camera ($); sliding rear cargo deck with under-floor storage ($); antitheft alarm system with engine immobilizer ($); carpet floor and cargo mats ($)

More information:Check out the Toyota 4Runner at shopautoweek.com

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Sours: https://www.autoweek.com/drives/a/toyota-4runner-sr5-review-notes-endangered-suv-species/
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Clean Retail Price

The MT clean retail price reflects a reasonable asking price by a dealership for a fully reconditioned vehicle (clean title history, no defects, minimal wear) with average mileage.

5-Year Cost to Own / Rating
$30,Coming SoonComing Soon / N.A.
$30,Coming SoonComing Soon / N.A.
$32,Coming SoonComing Soon / N.A.
$36,Coming SoonComing Soon / N.A.
$38,Coming SoonComing Soon / N.A.
$40,Coming SoonComing Soon / N.A.

Cargo (Std/Max):

90 cu.ft.

Toyota 4Runner Expert Review

MotorTrend Staff

When it was first introduced in the s, the Toyota 4Runner was essentially a compact pickup truck with five-passenger seating and a permanent bed shell. My, how times have changed. While the 4Runner remains a body-on-frame based SUV, it has evolved considerably, and it now competes against a sea of on-road biased, car-based crossovers.

The all-new Toyota 4Runner is longer, wider, and taller than before, and is powered by either a liter four cylinder engine mated to a four-speed automatic (available for rear-drive models only), or Toyota's horsepower, liter V-6 and five-speed automatic combination. Instead of getting softer, the new 4Runner plays on its uniqueness and strengths, with Toyota making it even more off-road capable than before.

Toyota has added several cool trail features to the 4Runner, including Crawl Control, a system that controls throttle and brake at low speeds, enabling the driver to better focus on steering inputs. The 4Runner also has an impressive inches of ground clearance, and its Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System can disengage the anti-roll bars for increased wheel articulation and travel. In addition, the 4Runner's Multi-Terrain System offers several pre-programmed off-road settings.

Body styles: SUVEngines: L I-4, L V-6Transmissions: 4-speed automatic, 6-speed automaticModels: SR5, Trail, Limited

We were hoping for the addition of the company's new L V-8 as an option, but that hasn't happened. In fact, there are only minor changes for the sport/utility vehicle receives a new brake override system. In addition, the sliding cargo tray/cargo organizer is a standalone option on two-row Limited models; the cargo organizer is a separate option on Trail models.

The new 4Runner is bigger, more rugged-looking, and bolder than before, with a bold, in-your-face style that screams off-road. The 4Runner Trail Edition adds black fender flares, grille, utility roof rack, and the hood received a hood scoop. Seventeen-inc

Five-passenger seating is standard for the 4Runner, and room for seven is optional. All 4Runners come standard with an eight-speaker audio system, tailgate party audio, a slide-out cargo tray, and an eight-way adjustable driver's seat with power lumbar su

While the 4Runner excels off-road - Toyota tested it at speed in the Baja and as a slow rock-crawler on the world-famous Rubicon Trail -- it is surprisingly capable on the road as well. While its body-on-frame architecture and live rear axle can make for a bouncy ride, its steering is linear and responsive, and its brakes are responsive and easy to modulate. The liter V-6 4Runner reaches 60 mph in seconds.

Driver and front passenger airbags are standard, as are front seat-mounted side airbags, roll-sensing side curtain airbags for all rows, and dual front knee airbags. Stability control, traction control, and ABS with electronic brake-force distribution and brake assist are also standard.

SR5: mpg city/ mpg highway Trail: 17 mpg city/22 mpg highwayLimited: 17 mpg city/ mpg highway

  • Off-road capability
  • Sliding cargo tray
  • Cool styling
  • Seven-passenger capability
  • No V-8 option
  • Heavy curb weight
  • Bouncy ride
  • Cluttered gauge layout

Cool, capable off-roader

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Nissan Xterra
  • Kia Borrego
Sours: https://www.motortrend.com/cars/toyota/4runner//
Should you buy a Toyota 4Runner? Why is it so reliable?

Toyota designed the 4Runner for people who aren&#;t content to stay on the highway. While there&#;s no reason you can&#;t use the Toyota 4Runner as your daily commuter, the vehicle shines when you take it off-road. It has the power and durability needed to explore rugged trails. Drivers who love camping and other outdoor adventures often gravitate to the 4Runner. While a new vehicle is always nice, it&#;s often difficult to talk yourself into taking a vehicle that was just in a showroom to the middle of the woods. If you are more comfortable using a used vehicle for your off-road escapades, you should consider purchasing a Toyota 4Runner.

What made the Toyota 4Runner special in

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was one of the years when many vehicles that had always been considered crossovers made an obvious shift toward becoming a crossover. The Toyota 4Runner was one of the few exceptions. It continued to maintain its trucklike power and durability while offering passengers a convenient third row of seats. The only real difference between the and 4Runner was that Toyota decided not to bother installing a four-cylinder engine in any of the 4Runner trim options.

In , Toyota produced three different 4Runner trim options. All three were equipped with a gasoline-powered hp liter V6 engine. Edmunds reports that the vehicle is equipped with a five-speed shiftable automatic transmission. All 4Runners are equipped with cruise control, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, puddle lights, padded touchpoints, a power rear window, and a CD/MP3 audio system that includes eight speakers and an auxiliary audio jack.

Strictly speaking, the Toyota 4Runner was designed to accommodate seven passengers; however, the third-row seat is small and provides a limited amount of legroom. It&#;s only suitable for children and small adults. The third-row seating does provide a good spot for pets and additional storage. With the seats folded down flat, the 4Runner has 90 cubic feet of cargo capacity.

Why the model remains a great vehicle in

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The biggest drawback to purchasing a Toyota 4Runner is the price tag. Even though the vehicle is 10 years old, it has retained its value. You should plan on spending between $16, &#; $19, for one that is in good condition. Granted, this seems like a lot for a used SUV, but it&#;s important to remember that this is a vehicle that will still sell well in a few years, can take you places, such as mountain tops, that other vehicles simply can&#;t reach, and it has a reputation for being extremely reliable.

It&#;s impressive that at 10 years old, the vehicle still enjoys a Consumer Reports reliability score of five out of five. Its customer satisfaction score is an equally impressive four out of five, with the biggest driver complaint being a less than stellar fuel economy. 

When it comes to a used SUV that you can use for off-road adventures, you should take a look at any Toyota 4Runners you find in your area.

Purchasing a Toyota 4Runner

RELATED: Best And Worst Times To Buy Used Cars

If you have decided that a Toyota 4Runner is the perfect choice for you, make sure that you only purchase a used vehicle from a seller who is willing to let you take it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase check. The purpose of this check is to make sure that there&#;s no sign of undeclared flood damage, that all of the vehicle&#;s safety features are in good working condition, and there aren&#;t any obvious mechanical flaws that will eventually lead to buyer&#;s remorse.

Are you currently looking to add a Toyota 4Runner to your garage?

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