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Thread: Galvanized wheels: what to use to clean/shine?

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  1. 05-17-2011, 07:42 PM#1

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    Galvanized wheels: what to use to clean/shine?

    I have a boat that I keep detailed and in very good condition. Boat lives in my garage on a galvanized trailer. The wheels on the trailer are also galvanized and I want to clean them up. They are dirty and need to be scrubbed down but I want to try and shine up the wheels a bit after a good cleaning. I know I can't make the galvanized look like aluminum but what should I use for them? I was thinking about trying a metal wax from WG or maybe some Collinate 850. I don't have any metal polishes/waxes in my arsenal so I'm open to options. I do a review once I get there.

    Anyone have any recommendations? The trailer is normally dunked into brackish water with a couple saltwater drops. I want to make the wheels look good like the boat.


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    Your not gonna make them look great but durability wise the collinite metal wax is something else, if I'm going to polish then seal, try optimum metal wax followed with collinite for durability, this is time consuming though and on galvanized looks without a machine to polish will be minimal

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    Re: Galvanized wheels: what to use to clean/shine?

    I was in the boating industry for 20 years and never found anything to make galvanized wheels/trailers look better that didn't destroy the finish. Look at it this way.....they won't get any uglier than they are now so just wash them and be done with it. in North Texas

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    Re: Galvanized wheels: what to use to clean/shine?

    Yea, you guys are probably right. I guess I could spend the time on more usefull things like the boat or truck that pulls the boat. I would love to put some nice aluminum wheels on but if the salt gets under the clear they will look worse than the galvanized.
    Thanks guys.

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Painted or galvanized wheels for fresh water?

Postby turbotodd »

Freshwater use, galv is not really needed unless your waterways are real alkaline or acidic. Not common.

The biggest problem with most standard painted rims is that most of the factory trailer rims are built as cheaply as absolutely possible. They build them quickly and cheaply with little regard to longevity. (A.K.A "Chinese). Just look at them. Very few of them are even balanced. Most of them are junk. The paint is not real good, and of course they rust in a few years. Aluminum rims will solve that. Or powder-coated steel rims.

Off topic, but I believe in balancing them. Especially the little 4.80 and 5.30x8 and x12 tires. Those little 8" tires are turning some serious RPM when cruising down the freeway at 70mph. Mine are ST 13". When I bought it, it had a shake. Took it to the tire shop and had them balance them. They acted like I was nuts saying nobody balances trailer tires. Made a big difference in how the trailer pulls on the highway.

Something else people don't think about is speed. ST rated trailer tires (example ST175/80D13) only have a 62mph speed rating but I see people pulling them on the freeways at 80+, and often times on very little inflation pressure, we get them at the shop with 10-15 psi frequently. Then they're wondering why they only got 1000 miles out of them...

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