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[RELEASE] SurvivalGames - Survival Games for Sponge!

Hello everyone! I am submitting and hope you enjoy it!


SurvivalGames is a Sponge Plugin which lets you play the classic Minecraft Survival Games game mode on your Sponge Server! You can run multiple survival games at once, and each game is customizable. Config files for survival games can be saved and loaded from file.

This plugin was created for the Sponge Summer Plugin Competition 2016.

Survival Games can be fully played. Hence why this is marked as a full RELEASE.

NOTE: Players participating in the demo must be opped.

Installing the plugin on your server gives you instant access to survival games. just run to have the demo worlds and config files automatically downloaded. BE WARNED: running this command might ruin your server (still working out bugs), so please run it on a fresh server.
Run these commands to get the server running:

  • For each player:

Everything which can be set via a config can also be adjusted through commands. The root command is . Other commands include:

  • Creates a new survival game
  • Deletes a survival game
  • Loads a survival game from a config file
  • Saves a survival game to a config file
  • Sets a p\config value of a survival game
  • Prints the current value of a config property
  • Adds a value to a list property. Examples include spawn points and players.
  • Removes a value from a list property.
  • And more!

Each command has it’s own permission, based on the structure of the command in the command tree. For example, to run , you need the permission .

Each survival game config has the following options:

  • World name
  • A vector for the center of the map
  • Spawn locations
  • Boundarys for the game (World borders are created from this)
  • An exit world and vector, for teleporting players who have perished in the games.
  • Loot for spawning items in chests
  • Mob spawners
  • And more!

You can configure a certain region to spawn mobs when a survival game is running. This is done via the

SurvivalGames has it’s own events which are fired when game-related things happen. Not only can other players use these events, but SurvivalGames also can fire command blocks with the command . This allows for map makers to do some really custom stuff!

For example, If a command block is set with the command , then whenever a MobSpawnedEvent occurs, the command block is executed. It is then turned into a redstone torch for 5 seconds, so surronding blocks can be powered. (This is a temporary workaround)

While they still need work, you can view the Javadocs here:
But I recommend you just look at the source code :wink:



Survival Games Reloaded Travis-CIBuild Status

Survival Games is a plugin that has the aim of creating a fully automated hunger games style experience. The plugin was created to be simple to use, and to be easily setup on any type of server, no matter the size or type! Survival Games provides a way for your server to have a full fledged, fully automated hunger games experience for any player. For more information on the aim of the plugin, watch popular youtuber AntVenom play Survival Games HERE.


Before installing this plugin, a few things are required.

  • WorldEdit
  • MySQL Database (optional) - If you wish to use stats, you must have an SQL database.


  • Any plugin that modifies damage amounts by applying more damage can sometimes cause issues and make the player actually die (ie McMMO).
  • Some locking plugins such as LWC have been reported to have issues with the lobby signs, but should work normally if protection is turned of for those signs.
  • WORLD PORTAL will make this plugin completely break if the lobby is not in a world that is loaded at start!


This is not just another Hunger Games plugin. This plugin aims to bring a fully automated, fully fledged gaming system to your server.

  • Full automation
  • Automatic arena regeneration
  • Chest reset / randomly filled chest
  • Auto game start
  • Spectators
  • In-game Lobby with real-time player and arena stats
  • Multiple arenas
  • Simultaneous games
  • Web-based stats
  • Easy arena setup
  • Per Arena Permissions
  • Lightning and thunder on player deaths (Simulate cannons)
  • Multiworld Support
  • Events API - Economy, Kits + More! Plus many, many more features included in this plugin!

Original Website

The documentation for the original plugin can be found at

Note that this updated plugin also has Bandages, and a modified and extended Chest Refil system.


The players should be in Survival mode, and need to have permissions to place, interact with and break blocks. You can define which blocks may be placed and broken in the file.

To join arena number 1, players need to have the following permissions:

  • sg.arenas.join.1 - Allows player to join lobby 1 =======
  • All known bugs, fixed.
  • Kits menu & config
  • Death match
  • and more! Note: Devs and important people of this plugin have colored names on lobby signs

Read Before Posting!

  • A full tutorial on kits, economy and new features will be released soon!

  • If you're updating from the official version by ThunderGemios10 you will need to convert the item id's to item names This means that old chest and kit configs will need to be edited to use the material name (ex: 267 to iron_sword). The config.yml block break/place whitelist will also need to be updated.

    Make sure to use the correct name for your version (so YELLOW_FLOWER instead of DANDELION on 1.12) on 1.13 both will work, but it won't convert wool,64,14 into RED_WOOL so i recommend you use the 1.13 name if you're on 1.13.

If you have for example 6 arenas, and you want every player to be able to join all arenas, give each rank the following permissions:

  • sg.arena.join.<arena#> (Replace <arena#> with the arena number.)
  • sg.arena.join
  • - Allows player to vote for start
  • sg.arena.spectate - Allows a user to spectate a game

If you have problems with players being unable to join a game, make sure that there is no '.all' or '.*' permission for the 'join' group. Grant permissions explicitly.

Staff can also have the following permissions:

  • sg.arena.forcestart - Allows the user to Start Sg (/sg start)
  • sg.arena.disable - Allows the user to disable an arena
  • sg.arena.enable - Allows the user to enable an arena
  • sg.arena.nocmdblock - Allows user to bypass ingame cmd block

To create an Arena and Lobby, you should be an Operator or have the following:

  • sg.arena.create - Allows the user to create an arena
  • sg.arena.setarenaspawns - Allows user to set spawns
  • sg.arena.resetspawns - Allows the user to reset all spawnpoints
  • sg.arena.delete - Allows a user to delete an arena
  • sg.lobby.set - Allows the user to set the lobby spawn and wall

Creating a World

There are several Survival Games worlds you can download, or you can of course make your own. The World should have PVP enabled, and be in Survival mode. You can optionally disable spawning monsters; this may be a good idea as players can otherwise be attacked while waiting for the game to start.

You should have some sort of wall around your playing arena to prevent players from leaving. Outside, you need to have a Lobby area somewhere for players to gather and select an Arena.

Creating a Lobby

Create your lobby are somewhere outside of the Arena. Generally, you will want to use WorldGuard or similar to protect it from damage, and disable PvP within the lobby, though this is optional. The Lobby will usually have your World spawn point, or be connected to it somehow.

Stand in the Lobby in the location you want people to respawn after a game, and run

You can create a Wall for an Arena (once you have made the arena) like this:

  • place two Wall Signs next to each other
  • select them (using the WorldEdit Wand and left-click on the first sign, right-click on the second)
  • Use the command where X is the Arena number -- if you only have one Arena, this will be 1.

Creating an arena

This required the WorldEdit wand.

Use to obtain the WorldEdit wand (usually, a golden axe). With the wand, select the entire arena area by left-clicking one corner, and right-clicking the opposite corner. Don't forget to cover all the vertical area as well! You can use to expand your selected area from bedrock to the top of the sky if you want; see the WorldEdit documentation for other WorldEdit commands.

Once selected, use to create the arena, and find out its number. You can use to list all the currently defined Arenas.

The next thing to do is to define the spawn points for the arena. Use to set your current location to be spawn point number 1. You can then use repeatedly to keep adding new spawn points. The number of spawn points is, of course, the maximum number of players for your arena.

Now you have an arena, you need to have a Wallsign for it in the Lobby. See the above section for help on doing this.

Defining Kits

To be added.


The 'paper' item acts in-game as a Bandage. Right-clicking when holding a piece of paper will add 5 hearts and destroy the paper.

Automatic Chest Refills

Chests will be randomly filled at the time they are first opened. If the item in Slot 0 of the chest is a wool block, then the Base level of the chest will be set to the colour code of the wool plus 1; otherwise, it will default to using Level 1.

A chest Base Level will be randomly increased by up to in the chest.yml file, with a chance of 1 in of going up a level. When a level is determined, then a random number between and is selected and this many random items are picked from the group (for level X). The same item may be picked multiple times.

If the option in is true, then the chest is emptied before random items are selected. Otherwise, only the Wool Block (if present) is removed, and the other items are left in place.

Items defined in the sections may be given in multiple forms, optionally quoted. The identifier can be given as a name or as a number, and all fields after the quantity are optional. Here are some examples:

  • diamond_sword,1 (Item name and quantity)
  • dye,5,2 (Item name/number, quantity, and DV)
  • "diamond_sword,1,0,sharpness:2 looting:1" (Item name/number, quantity, DV, enchantment list)
  • "iron_sword,1,0,sharpness:2 fire:5,Excalibur" (Item name/number, quantity, DV, enchantment list, and name) The Enchantment names are the lower-case class names from Bukkit without underscores.

If the option in config.yml is set, chests will be reset (new random items added) at the first midnight. If is set, this will be done every midnight.

Chests will be reset at the end of the game, along with any blocks which have been changed.


To be added.

Playing the game

Players should start in the Lobby. They right-click on the sign, and this takes them into the game (or places them in the queue if the game is already full or in progress).

In the you can set to be the minimum number of players required to automatically start the game. If there are fewer players, then players can use until more than percent of them have voted, at which point the game will start.

Players can use to leave the game early; they can use or to leave the queue.

  1. Smoking stone amazon
  2. French bulldog mix puppies ohio
  3. Yellow metal wall flower

Survival Games

This plugin was originally authored by Double0Negative and this is the updated and optimized version for Spigot.

Survival Games is a plugin that has the aim of creating a fully automated hunger games style experience. The plugin was created to be simple to use, and to be easily setup on any type of server, no matter the size or type! Survival Games provides a way for your server to have a full fledged, fully automated hunger games experience for any player. For more information on the aim of the plugin, watch popular youtuber AntVenom play Survival GamesHERE.


Development Files - Change Log - Source Code


  • Full Automation
  • Automatic Arena Reset
  • Does not use Redstone! - Create your own maps!
  • Automatic Chest Reset
  • Auto game start with voting & more.
  • Spectators
  • Signs
  • In game lobby with real-time player and arena status.
  • Unlimited Arenas
  • Unlimited Spawns per Arena
  • Simultaneous games
  • Multiworld support
  • Web based stats

Planned Features:

Known Bugs:


  • MySQL Database (optional) - If you wish to use stats, you must have a SQL database. It is no longer required for logging.
  • WorldEdit - Needed to create arenas


Place the Survival-Games.jar into the directory plugins and start/restart the server.


Player Commands:

  • /sg vote - Vote to start the game
  • /sg leave - Leave the game
  • /sg join - Teleports you to the lobby spawn point
  • /sg join <id> - Joins the game <id>
  • /list - Shows a list of players dead and alive players (only ingame)
  • /sg spectate <id> - spectate a game
  • /sg lq or /sg leavequeue - Leave the queue your in.

Admin Commands:

  • /sg createarena - Creates a new arena in your region selected with world edit
  • /sg setlobbyspawn - Set the spawn point for dead tributes
  • /sg addwall <arena> - Sets the signs you have selected with worldedit as a lobbywall.
  • /sg disable <gameid> - Disable a game and force reset it (forces the arena rollback to run, useful if a crash or server shutdown occurs while a game is running. Also allows you to make changes the the arena.
  • /sg disable - Disabled every arena at once
  • /sg enable <gameid> - renable a disabled game
  • /sg enable - enable all games
  • /sg start - Force Start the game your in
  • /sg start <arenaid> <Time> - Force a game to start <arenaid> is the arena # and the <time> is how long the countdown is
  • /sg setspawn next - Set the next spawn point for the arena you are located in
  • /sg setspawn <spawnid> - set a specific spawn for the arena you are in (
  • /sg delarena <id> - Deletes an arena
  • /sg resetspawns <id> - resets all spawns for an arena
  • /sg refill - Refills the chest stock.
  • /sg reload <games | settings | all> - reloads part or all of the plugin.
    • Note: /sg can be interchanged with /survivalgames, /hg and /hungergames


Player Permissions:

  • sg.arena.join.# - Allows the user to join a certain arena
  • sg.arena.join.* - Allows the user to join all arenas
  • - Allows the user to vote to start (/sg vote)
  • sg.arena.spectate - Allows a user to spectate a game
  • sg.lobby.join - Allows the use of /sg join to join the lobby
  • sg.arena.forcestart - Allows the user to Start Sg (/sg start)
  • sg.arena.disable - Allows the user to disable an arena
  • sg.arena.enable - Allows the user to enable an arena
  • sg.arena.nocmdblock - Allows user to bypass ingame cmd block
  • sg.arena.create - Allows the user to create an arena
  • sg.arena.setspawn - Allows user to set spawns
  • sg.arena.resetspawns - Allows the user to reset all spawnpoints
  • sg.arena.delete - Allows a user to delete an arena
  • sg.lobby.set - Allows the user to set the lobby spawn and wall


This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • The plugin's version
  • The server's version
  • The OS version/name and architecture
  • The core count for the CPU
  • The number of players online
  • The Metrics version If you wish to disable this feature (/me cries), you can do so by opt-in out, which you can do in the config file under /plugins/PluginMetrics/
How to setup Survival Games X - Plugin Tutorial

 Survival Games Premium 5.2


DO NOT post negative reviews complaining about issues or such before asking for help.

SurvivalGames a plugin that challenges each player to survive as long as he can among his foes! loot chests and gain advantages on others! you can also find that friendly guy who wants to team with you and help you eliminate others, last man standing wins! But it doesnt end there, with this plugin, you can fly with your imagination, transform it into a Skywars plugin, or a Hungergames plugin (where you can build freely), or anything you wish, the features this plugin includes will blow your mind, and with constant updates, and support as well, nothing could go wrong!



If you need help post your issues in the discussion area.

Before posting any stupid reviews ASK for help!



Unlimited arenas!
Option for Bungee mode
Map voting for Bungee mode
Vote power up to 3 in BungeeMode
Waiting lobby for Bungee mode
Server restarts after a certain amount of games in Bungee mode
Randomize and limit the amount of maps players can vote for in BungeeMode
Become a spectator on death and watch the rest of the game!
Deathmatch to finish the arena!
Coins system! (included inside the plugin)
Vault support!
1.8 Titles!
Tier 1 and Tier 2 chests
Custom tier 2 Chest type, tier 2 could be anything, even grass
Leader board signs!
Display top players heads
Change coins earned per kill/win
Option to allow spectators to open players inventories
Have any amount of coin modifier you want, there is no limit
Lightweight Rollback (Only rolls back carepackages and prevents Fire from burning/spreading, and blocks tnt damage)
Advanced Rollback (Restores the full world)
Option to allow arena modification, so for example you can allow players to break/place certain things, blow up certain things, or maybe modify everything, and this features allows you to use this plugin in so many different ways, it allows you to imitate different plugins such as SkyWars
Fireworks ending and a cool little map
Display your own images such as server logo on the winner map
Carepackages (Call an airdrop with rare items that are configurable)!
Sponsoring feature for spectators
Create categories and sort items that players can sponsor
Fire wont spread/burn blocks just burn players :D
Have your own SHOP so players can buy items with coins or disable the shop!
Achievements ;D!
Reset a specific player stats with a simple command, or reset everyone
View offline/online players stats
Create your own kits! make them free or purchased with in game money or real money or require a permission
Option for allowing players to be able to spectate arenas that have already started!
Players in the game can only perform commands u specify!
Loads needed worlds for you! incase you don't have multiverse
A built in world management commands, you can 'create' 'delete' 'import' 'tp' 'list' 'backup' 'rollback' worlds with a simple command! and so you don't need any other plugin to manage your worlds!
You can create 'normal, nether, the_end, empty' worlds with the worldmanager command
A warning system, where doing something not allowed a configurable amount of times will result in player being kicked out of the game.
Disable specific items from being used!
Works with or without MySQL
Changeable signs format and colors
Change breakable blocks and placeable blocks
Add '*' in breakable/placeable blocks to add all blocks and do -ID to remove a block from all the blocks
Global lobby
Update checker! the plugin will notify you when there are available updates
Grace time at the begin! (Configurable)
Refill chests after specific time
Strike lightning on player death!
Saves many player stats! such as Gamesplayed, kills, wins, Play time, and more!
Change items that spawn in chests and the durability and the amount of them and enchant. name, lore them!
Have a custom chest.yml for each arena, or use a single chest file for all arenas!
Amazing bounty system that fully uses GUI's
Change prefix, scoreboard prefix, scoreboard content, and almost all messages! But there are some stuff not configurable, so don't complain about that.
Signs that shows some information about arenas, and can even display their state color on the block behind them
Auto-join sign (A sign that finds the best available arena and let the player join)
Option for Global Deathmatch in BungeeMode, basically if its on, all of your arenas will use the same Deathmatch map
Basic API
Cool scoreboards!
Cool tracking compass!
All commands that manage players stats can be accessed even when the player is offline
Super, and I MEAN super independent, it can work FULLY by it self, without a single other plugin. it doesn't even need the main ones, like Multiverse or Essentials.
Enough for now, you see your self ;)



/sg - None
/sg List - None
/sg Join - sg.join
/sg Leave - None
/sg Stats - None
/sg Lobby - None
/sg Admin - sg.admin
/sg Create - sg.create
/sg Delete - sg.delete
/sg Enable - sg.enable
/sg Disable - sg.disable
/sg Start - sg.start
/sg Stop - sg.stop
/sg Addspawn - sg.addspawn
/sg Removespawn - sg.removespawn
/sg Adddeathmatch - sg.adddeathmatch
/sg Removedeathmatch - sg.removedeathmatch
/sg Reload - sg.reload
/sg Coins - sg.coins
/sg Setgloballobby - sg.setgloballobby
/sg Setglobaldeathmatch - sg.setglobaldeathmatch
/sg Setmodifier - sg.setmodifier
/sg Pastebin - sg.pastebin
/sg WorldManager- sg.worldmanager
/sg Kit - sg.kit
---- Lonely permissions :D----
sg.breaksigns - Allows the player to break survivalgames signs
sg.setsigns - Allows the player to create survivalgames signs
sg.unblockcommands - Allows players to execute commands while in sg - Allows to vote for 2 maps Allows to vote for 3 maps



Thanks to InvertedTNTfor the awesome tutorial!



These images were created on version 4.5



Please note that these videos were made in SurvivalGames 1.7
These videos are very outdated, new ones coming out soon!



Stats signs:
Line 1 - [sg]
Line 2 - stats

Auto-Join signs:
Line 1 - [sg]
Line 2 - autojoin

Join signs:
Line 1 - [sg]
Line 2 - join
Line 3 - arena

Leader board signs:
Line 1 - [sg]
Line 2 - top
Line 3 - kills/wins/deaths/coins/gamesplayed
Line 4 - Rank (Rank is basically the target you looking for! if you wanna show the top player the rank would be 1, second player would be 2, simple, you can do any rank :D)
Example: [sg] top kills 1

To display top heads above signs, simply add a skull above it



As I have said before, this plugin is super independent, it doesn't need a single plugin to run and I'm planning to keep it like this.

You need TitleManagerif you want to use Titles, but that doesn't mean you have to have it.

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Minecraft Hunger Games Plugin - Minecraft Plugins


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