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Animal Crossing New Horizons: 15 Best Custom Food Designs (With Codes)

Arguably the best part about playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to make the most customizable, personalized island ever. Fans of the series have been proving their talent by sharing so many custom designs they have been creating to transform their islands into unique places like no other.

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Having a booming village on an island without a cafe or restaurant seems ridiculous, which is why many players have been taking matters into their own hands, even without the presence of decorative food items available in the game. By designing clothes, wallpaper, canvases, and more to look like food, players have been creating the most beautiful and exciting shops, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants in their towns, and you can join in the fun by downloading their codes!

Updated January 3rd, 2021 by Meg Pelliccio: The new year has just arrived and while everyone is busy making changes for their "new year, new me" mottos, many Animal Crossing players are looking to refresh their islands with new themes and details for the new year. Animal Crossing fans have proven themselves resourceful time and time again, and utilizing clothing design options to create food is evidence of that.

For anyone wanting to give their island a new look, or perhaps even throw a new year's feast, there are some great designs out there to make it appear as though players really are serving up some tasty digital food.

15 Waffle Designs

Twitter user splatkelly has created some mouth-wateringly good waffle dishes utilizing brimmed-hat designs. There are a few designs available depending on how players like their waffles: plain, with syrup, and lastly, with fruit.

You can find all of this user's tasty-looking designs by using the code MA-7279-9184-3798 at the Able Sisters' Shop. To display food dish designs on the table, approach the table from behind, open the designer app, and choose the "display here" option to place the hat as if it were a dish.

14 Strawberry Shortcake

This strawberry shortcake design by Ashura looks simply divine! This Animal Crossing player has cleverly used a brimmed-hat design to create this delicious-looking cake, complete with sliced strawberries on the side and a lovely biscuit/sponge base, depending on your preferences.

For those wanting to create a cake stand or shop on their island, this design would be perfectly suited to take pride of place in a lovely cake display. There are other cake designs included in this list, so islanders can have a wide selection to choose from.

13 Bibimap and Ramen

Animal Crossing player atsumariachi has created these amazing food design worthy of any food stall. Using brimmed-hat designs, they have created highly detailed dishes, including a bowl of bibimap and some spicy ramen noodles.

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For the bibimbap dish, the code is MA-4170-9183-3024, and for the ramen noodles, the code is MO-2GSC-N312-6K58. This particular player has a host of other great designs too, including clothing and banner designs for food stalls so it's worth checking out their other work as well.

12 Key Lime Pie

Animal Crossing player Pip has created this simple yet stunning key lime pie, complete with slices of lime on the side of the plate. This repurposed hat design would go splendidly on any cake stall or island cafe.

Players can download this specific design with the code: MO-X589-1LJ0-GDXB, but this particular user has created many stunning designs, including other food dish designs, and players are able to search for their full catalog by using MA:5306-2766-7190.

11 Gudetama Dishes

Gudetama is a Japanese character that is a lazy egg yolk. Twitter user Howliecake has created these adorable Gudetama-inspired dishes so that players can share the love for this little yolk on their island, while still looking super tasty.

The cute and hilarious thing about these dishes is that the side of the bowl is decorated with little Gudetama butts for a nice little comical touch. To find these designs by this user, as well as plenty more, you simply need to search using the code MA-2760-6547-5917 in the Able Sisters' Shop.

10 Ramen

Would it really be a Japanese game without the presence of some delicious ramen? You can find designs for both spicy and mild ramen (it's obvious by the bright red color of the broth) to make a ramen stand for Animal Crossing.

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Players can invite their friends over to their village to experience a fun, noodle slurping experience unlike any other when they design a whole ramen shop with plenty of tasty bowl options. Time to throw on a chef's outfit and get creative!

9 Sushi & Dumplings

Players can wear their sashimi outfit from the Able Sisters' store without a worry in the world, but what better way to accent running around dressed like a giant rice dish than by serving up some sushi?

This Animal Crossing artist made an assortment of tasty sushi, sashimi, and dumpling dishes that you can display anywhere for a boost of yummy decor. Laying them all out on a picnic blanket is cute, but building a whole Japanese restaurant for these food dishes would be totally awesome.

8 Waffles

There can't be anyone who doesn't love a good waffle for breakfast, and now your Animal Crossing villagers can enjoy the warm morning dish any time! This gooey stack of waffles topped with syrup makes for the best decor if you're looking to make a cafe perfect for Sunday brunch.

Digging into a giant stack of fluffy waffles (even if they're virtual) is always a good idea for those who love chowing down on sweets during the "most important meal of the day."

7 Burger

There have been various players who have actually designed entire McDonald's restaurants on their islands. Yes, you heard that right: entire McDonald's filled with burgers and nuggets. The best way to start building your own billionaire fast-food chain is to download codes.

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Soon, you'll be making your own piping hot burgers for everyone on your island to enjoy. Players have even created McDonald's golden arches, uniforms, & more to really make the ACNH fast-food experience authentic.

6 Black Forest Cake

Lined up booths covered in freshly made cakes would be enough to make any visitor drool. A bakery isn't complete without some sugary sweets and this black forest cake is the perfect addition to any virtual cafe or bakery.

Draw up some flour and sugar to sit on the counter in the background while the cake sits on display for your villagers to gawk at. There are plenty of other cake designs out there that players can find if they really want to hone in on the cake aesthetic.

5 Cinnamon Roll

A great dessert worth adding to any cafe or bakery is this ooey, gooey cinnamon roll topped with dripping icing. The treat looks almost too good to eat, which is perfect since the players can't eat it anyways.

This beautifully designed gem can sit atop a table or shop counter to really steal the show with its yumminess. It would also look great sitting next to other pastries or even a plate of waffles.

4 Packaged Meat

Looking for a rawer dish to place in a kitchen setting? This Animal Crossing player went above and beyond to make a packaged meat design that looks insane when printed onto a pillow. The pillow can then be placed on a kitchen counter where it will appear to be a container of raw meat ready to be prepared.

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This design will make you look like the ultimate chef with plenty of cooking experience up your sleeves. You don't even need a restaurant or cafe set up to use this design, it would look great in any kitchen.

3 Apple Pie

Though there are definitely a lot of cake designs to choose from, pie lovers can also have their dream dessert make an appearance on their island with this apple pie design. The pie is super tall compared to normal pies, but players can just see it as "the more the merrier."

This treat will look extra cute if your main fruit is an apple or have an apple orchard. The only thing this dessert is missing is a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream plopped on top, but maybe that could be added on in another design. Yum!

2 Bakery Shelf

Besides having cake designs on hats and tables with chairs set up in a cafe area, the background of the shop needs to fit the bakery vibe that most players look for when designing their own cafe. This wallpaper/canvas design is perfect for a bread shop or bakery.

The creator of the design made their outdoor bakery look super sleek and professional by setting up this wallpaper as if it were a real wall of a shop, lined with fresh baked bread and baguettes.

1 Berry Cake

Players have gotten extra detailed when making designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons look extra lifelike. This berry cake features a variety of red and blue berries scattered on top and even has a glossy shine over it, making it look super tasty and realistic.

Each layer on the side of the cake is visible and the top layer is so delicious looking, it would make an absolutely wonderful addition to any kitchen or restaurant.

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Destiny 2 Players Point Out How Unrewarding Legend Astral Alignment is

Yesterday, Bungie introduced the new Legend difficulty mode for Astral Alignment in Destiny 2, but players are not happy with how unrewarding it is.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ highly anticipated anniversary update went live in mid-March, bringing with it important quality-of-life features like farts and Sanrio characters. But the biggest bombshell for hardcore designers had to be the increase in slots. Players promptly began using bonus slots for the new personalization options that have opened up for a handful of items.

In terms of flags, the most popular usage I’ve seen is Pride declarations for queer folks to celebrate their identities in the game. There are also plenty of creative and cute uses for both the custom umbrella and uchiwa — I’m a big fan of things that look like food, or designs that replicate tiny little faces.

But the most versatile out of all the new custom items has to be the face cutout standee. Partly, it’s just fun to see folks put fun pop culture references into the game, whether that’s a Ghibli movie or perhaps a fellow Nintendo game. But some folks have also figured out how to use the standees for interesting architecture, allowing them to build things like see-through walls and entirely new structures. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite standee customizations.

  1. Ios 14 app
  2. Whirlpool range parts
  3. Pinion bike frame
  4. The galactic republic

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

  1. Open the Custom Designs app.
  2. Select a blank square or a square to override with a new design (or edit to an existing one you made).
  3. Fill in the squares to make your design; you'll have a variety of tools and colors to use.
  4. You can buy and unlock the Pro Designs tab to make specific kinds of clothes. This is available at Nook's Cranny.

Once you have the Able Sisters shop unlocked you can walk up to the clothes on the back wall and download the designs there OR Display your own designs there. Your villagers may end up wearing them!

You can also share your Design IDs or Creator ID to let friends across the internet download your design(s).

How to Download Custom Designs from Able Sisters Kiosk

Once you unlock the Able Sisters shop interact with the Kiosk in the back. From here, you can search for designs via Creator ID, Design ID, and (as of update 1.4.0) Criteria Search, and Favorites Search.

  • Creator ID: will show you everything a creator has shared.
  • Design ID: will pull up a specific design a creator has shared.
  • Criteria Search: lets you input a design name and design type.
  • Favorites Search: lets you jump to your favorite creators' designs. To favorite a designer, search and select on of their designs and then select X to Favorite!

You can download any and all designs but you only have a set number of slots. If you're looking for an easier way to find cool designs be sure to check out our pages highlighting some of the best:

How to Use NookLink to Get Designs from New Leaf and Happy Home Designer

To get designs from New Leaf and Happy Home Designer you will have to use a real world app and an in-game app. Below are the steps!

1. Download the Nintendo Switch Online App for iOS or Android.

2. Use the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game-Specific Service, called NookLink.


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Movie screen pattern animal crossing

Fan-Made Animal Crossing Dress Is Incredibly Detailed

An Animal Crossing: New Horizonsfan spent over a week creating an extremely detailed dress that showcases many of the game's recognizable graphics and symbols. The game's mechanics allow players to customize their own clothing in-game, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons has inspired clothing designs in real life, as well.

Clothing customization is one of Animal Crossing: New Horizon's most unique gameplay features. Players can use codes or scan QR codes to download personalized designs from other players, as well as make their own design ideas come to life by using the "Custom Designs" or "Custom Design Pro Editor" listed in the Nook Phone menu. Players have made admirably detailed fashion pieces in Animal Crossing, such as Claude von Riegan's outfit from Fire Emblem: Three Houses or Jedi robes from the Star Wars movies. As a result, it's no surprise that some might feel inspired by these custom mechanics and try to execute clothing designs in real life.

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Reddit user sushifan123 is a seasoned seamstress with eight years of sewing under their belt, and indicated that they have made other clothing inspired by Animal Crossing in the past. But their most recent creation is an A-line dress using a fabric decorated with colorful Animal Crossing motifs, such as cherries, fishing rods, and a handful of different ACNH characters. The user categorized the dress as Lolita style, a Japanese fashion subculture inspired by Rococo-period European clothing, and explained that the entire undertaking took "a week or so of continuous work, plus a couple weekends after that."

The Animal Crossing details do not stop at sushifan123's patterned fabric. The crocheted collar is held together by three buttons shaped like the game's iconic green leaf logo, often seen representing unrevealed items in New Horizons. The Reddit user also includedtwo more leaf item buttons on the back to secure a bow accessory made out of the same fabric as the dress. Beyond the ACNH themes, sushifan123's final product showcased their craftsmanship through additional details like two large front pockets and a crimped section down the center of the back.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans could be getting new content in future updates scheduled to release later this year, which hopefully means Nintendo will expand the game's clothing customization features. For one thing, pants aren't a clothing template available in the game, nor can players customize coats. As shown by sushifan123's impressively detailed Animal Crossing dress, though, making ACNH-inspiredclothing creations in real life could potentially satisfy those awaiting Nintendo's impending updates.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for Nintendo Switch.

Source: sushifan123/Reddit


How Brewster's Roost Is Different In Other Animal Crossing Games

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Yea, I know there's no item called that. I can use a Simple Screen and put custom designs on it...but i have a problem, the picture I want, I cant figure out how to cut it so it fits on 4 panels. Can someone help me figure it out?

Ha Ha Bay welcomes you:
ACNH Dream Address: DA-8924-2947-7030

I think there's a site called ACNH Patterns

Kiki from Isle Melly // Sporadically online, pls dm me on discord Kiki#0418 for faster replies

Kikifreena posted...
I think there's a site called ACNH Patterns
I used that for other custom designs but it wont let me select a tall section so i dont know how to get it to show up properly on my screen.

Ha Ha Bay welcomes you:
ACNH Dream Address: DA-8924-2947-7030

As far as I know (and I wish I was wrong - perhaps I am), the simple screen displays the same image duplicated twice. That is (if you're familiar with the Stall DIY), you get one pattern, and the screen displays it as two square patterns, one on top of the other. I have an outdoor movie screen too, using 3 simple panels side by side. Best I could do was to duplicate a logo across the grid (3 simple screens resulting in a grid of 6 images - two identical ones per screen).

Would love to know if someone has figured out any alternative.

AC IGN: Douglas. Island: Sharkhaven. DA-3321-9667-9549. Switch FC: SW-7203-5395-6713

The comment above this signature's probably gonna get edited more than twice. Oops!


Now discussing:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Creates Cozy Outdoor Theater

By Sean Murray


Since we can’t watch movies in theatres, this outdoor movie theatre in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is your best alternative.

Since we can’t watch movies in theatres, this outdoor movie theatre in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is your best alternative.

We’ve got Reddit user u/charlenegoh for this cozy little outdoor theatre, which is sort of like a drive-in theatre except there aren’t any cars in New Horizons. Instead, cars are replaced by custom outdoor rugs resplendent with picnic baskets and teddy bears.

You’ve got all the amenities in this outdoor theatre. On the one side is an old-timey slushie machine, while on the other is a movie-style popcorn kettle. The projector sits right in front of a campfire, while the credits roll on-screen.

User charlenegoh wants to make it clear that they’re not taking credit for all of their design. Some of the custom work comes from previous posts such as the custom movie credits design and the outdoor rug designs here. Those rug designs, by the way, aren’t truly rugs--they’re actually six different custom path designs that are arranged to make it look like a rug.

Here are the codes for both in case you want to create your very own outdoor movie area.

Credits: MA-0099-5662-8625

Rugs: MA-6362-2192-3471

Source: Reddit

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If You Hate Cancel Culture, You Should Be Outraged Netflix Suspended The Trans Employees Who Criticised Dave Chappelle

I'm sure the free speech defenders will be here any second now...

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