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Drop Facebook's heart, add a heart effect on Facebook to Hali, XOXO

After the Harry Potter magic effect on Facebook, Facebook recently added a new effect of flying hearts on the interface. When users just need to comment or status writing with 1 in 2 words is Hali and XOXO, then your Facebook will immediately 'explode'. The interface will appear flying hearts fluttering with extremely beautiful effects.

Every new effect, Facebook sends messages to users. For example, the flower emoticon to celebrate Mother's Day, or the Harry Potter magic effect to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter series. So what does the 'explosion heart' effect with Hali and XOXO mean?

Heart effect on Facebook interface

If you often use abbreviated characters in SMS, then some readers will know what the meaning of the symbol XOXO is. XOXO is understood as Hugs and Kisses . Symbol X means Hug (Hug) and O symbolizes Kiss (Kiss).

The starting source for these two symbols is unknown at what point, and why it was used for Hug and Kiss. However, in Western countries it was previously used to express the sender's love to the recipients in each letter. And then, this XO character is also used frequently in SMS language to this day.

Picture 1 of Drop Facebook's heart, add a heart effect on Facebook to Hali, XOXO

With the word Hali originated from Finnish and translated into Vietnamese also means Hug. When we enter a Hali comment or write status on Facebook , there will also be a flying heart effect on the interface.

Picture 2 of Drop Facebook's heart, add a heart effect on Facebook to Hali, XOXO

In particular, when you use Thai language จุ๊บ ๆ on comment or satus also appears a heart effect. In Thai, จุ๊บ ๆ means kiss and also turns pink when we write on Facebook.

Picture 3 of Drop Facebook's heart, add a heart effect on Facebook to Hali, XOXO

Perhaps Facebook is building its own social network with flying heart effect, the interface of love in many different languages. This also partly increases the interaction of users with the most populous social network in the world. Hopefully in the future, Facebook will add Vietnamese to the "flying heart effect language dictionary", not just English or Finnish as it is now.

Currently most Facebook accounts have been updated with this flying heart effect. We just need to comment on any post, or status writing has 1 in 3 Hali, XOXO and จุ๊บ ๆ characters so that the interface appears pink hearts. Let 'drop heart' for me and others on Facebook.

Sours: https://tipsmake.com/drop-facebooks-heart-add-a-heart-effect-on-facebook-to-hali-xoxo
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Facebook launched a new visual effect to entertain its users in a very simple way, by writing the word "XOXO", as soon as pressed the screen is filled with red hearts, which impressed many users.

Take advantage of the new impact

According to the publication of the Mexican site "Elsoldemexico", the effect is activated by commenting on Xoxo or posting it via any post on Facebook. It is basically a shortcut to the Anglo-Saxon language, which means. "Kisses and Hugs" and can be commented out on any publication either via smartphone or via desktop.

Arab interpretation

However, despite the funniest sense of the new influence by Facebook, some Arab users resorted to interpreting this as a way of knowing the accounts penetrated by others, as many accounts circulated this word with writing to find out if your account is monitored or not, which is not It has no basis of health

Sours: https://steemit.com/news/@taoufik/meaning-of-xoxo-on-facebook
XoXo Riddim Mix DJ Kanji 2016 (Official Music Video)

What is the ‘GG’ fist bump on Facebook? ‘Text delight’ explained!

Many Facebook users have discovered that a fist bump appears when they type ‘GG’ in a comment, but what does it mean? Let’s explore the feature.

Facebook is always updating its site with new and exciting features that keep the platform entertaining for users, but sometimes they can be a little confusing.

Many people are reporting that a bizarre fist bump animation appears when you type the phrase ‘GG’ into a comment, but the feature doesn’t appear to be working for all users.

Let’s explore exactly what the ‘GG’ fist bump means.

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Facebook users notice typing ‘GG’ created a fist bump animation

Over the past few days, a new feature has been going viral across Facebook that sees users typing the phrase ‘GG’ into the comments of a post – but why?

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Well, when you type ‘GG’ and post the comment, the text turns pink. Then, when someone clicks on the pink text it creates a fist bump animation.

Some people have also reported that they get a different animation every time they click the text.

It doesn’t work for everyone though, and the feature isn’t actually new at all, but many users are only just discovering it now. So why does it happen?

What is the ‘GG’ fist bump on Facebook?

The ‘GG’ fist bump is actually part of a feature called ‘text delights’ which has existed on the site for a really long time.

It was first launched as early as 2017, but it was never officially announced by Facebook which is why many people don’t know they exist.

‘Text delights’ are a collection of special words that change when types by a user. First, the text changes colour. Then, when someone clicks on the colourful text it will bring up an animation.

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List of Facebook’s ‘text delights’

The ‘GG’ fist bump isn’t the only ‘text delight’ Facebook has, and there’s actually a whole list of different ones that you can use.

Here is a list of all the known ‘text delight’ words and the animation they create:

  • Best wishes – colourful confetti
  • Congrats/ congratulations – balloons
  • You’re the best – a flying star
  • You’ve got this/ you got this/ you can do it – thumbs up
  • Wonderful time – flowers
  • Xo/ xoxo/ xoxoxo – hearts

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and Facebook adds and removes new ‘text delights’ all the time.

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Sours: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/12/18/gg-fist-bump-facebook/

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