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Welcome to the premier industrial source for Magnetic Particle Testing Services in California - Southern. These companies offer a comprehensive range of Magnetic Particle Testing Services, as well as a variety of related products and services. provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results. Click on company profile for additional company and contact information.


Magnetic particle testing services for complex and small to large parts. Capabilities include radiography, non-destructive, penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current and ultrasonic inspection. Suitable for aircraft and honeycomb structures, castings, composites, welded assemblies, pressure vessels, honeycomb core panels, forgings and fasteners. Serves the aerospace, automotive, nuclear power, shipbuilding, marine, fabrication, government and chemical processing industries. Meets AS9100 and ANSI standards. FAA approved. ITAR registered. NADCAP certified.

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Residual and continuous magnetic particle testing services. Magnetic particle testing can be used to detect discontinuities at surface and near sub-surface of ferrous materials. Magnetic particle testing can be performed on ferrous, plated ferrous, non-plated ferrous and ferromagnetic metals. Pre-treatment capabilities include grit blasting, chemical descaling and cleaning. Additional services include pick-up, consulting and diagnostics. Small volume to large volume productions can be done. High humidity, salt spray and copper sulfate testing also available. Meets ASTM-1444, ASTM-1417 and AMS-2644 standards. Nadcap certified. ITAR Registered. On-time delivery.

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Inspection and non-destructive testing services. Concrete, masonry, fireproofing, nailing, framing and weld inspections are available. Non-destructive testing services include structural radar, ultrasonic, radiographic and magnetic particle testing.

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Testing, inspection, certification and consulting services for consumer products. Industy sectors include electrical and electronic products, wireless products and services, automotive, softlines and accessories, toys and juvenile products, hardlines, food, healthy and beauty, building products, renewable energies and medical. Capabilities include supply chain solutions, testing, inspections, CSR services, factory assessments, certification, sustainability solutions, market access solutions, information services and consulting,

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Field and lab non-destructive testing services. Capabilities include radiography, ultrasonic testing, liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, visual inspection, eddy current inspection, passivation, quality assurance and research and development. Destructive testing services such as concrete testing, rebar testing, tensile and compression testing and bend testing services also offered. Serves the aerospace, aviation, construction, fabrication, power and petrochemical industries. ITAR registered. NADCAP and FAA certified.

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Non-destructive testing services for construction applications. Ultrasonic, penetrant, soil, magnetic particle, visual and ground penetrating radar services are offered. Markets served include commercial, healthcare, education, government, retail, infrastructure and municipal. 24/7 services are available.

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NADCAP certified magnetic particle testing services. Capabilities also include penetrant testing, nital etching, hardness testing, conductivity testing, cleaning & etching, coating weight testing, copper sulfate testing, high humidity testing, salt spray testing & water immersion testing.

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Magnetic particle testing services suitable for the aerospace industry. Magnetic particle inspection capabilities include AC & DC magnetization, raw material, new manufacture hardware & overhaul, in-process & final inspection cleaning, re-work & re-inspection available on premise. Other capabilities include abrasive cleaning & descaling, passavation testing, liquid penetrant inspection & passivation. Nadcap accredited

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Manufacturer of metal finished products with multi-color anodizing, silkscreening, electro plating, decorative metal coating, & laser marking & engraving services. Includes precision parts inspection to MIL-I-45208, chemical film per Mil-C-5541, & passivation of stainless steel per QQ-P-35 & MIL-S-5002. Also includes PTFE impregnation of hard anodize per MIL-A-63576 type I, anodizing per MIL-A-8625, types I, II, & III, dyed & non-dyed, & silk screening marks per MIL-I-43553 types I & II, MIL-P-15024, type E-MIL-STD130H.

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Non-destructive testing and inspection services, including magnetic particle and penetrant inspection. Other testing services include conductivity, salt spray, and hardness testing. ITAR registered. Nadcap certified.

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Magnetic Particle Testing

Locating Surface Flaws on Magnetized Materials

Magnetic Particle TestingMagnetic Particle Testing, also frequently referred to as Mag Particle Testing, MPI Testing and Magnaflux Inspection, identifies surface flaws in metal products that can be magnetized. The magnetic particle testing services performed at Laboratory Testing Inc. may be applied to raw materials, semi-finished materials such as castings and forgings, finished materials and welds.

Mag particle testing is performed with either a wet solution or a dry powder containing small magnetic iron particles. When these small particles are applied to the surface of the test material, either during or after magnetization, they will be attracted to the magnetic field. The attraction to the magnetic field causes the particles to accumulate in flaws such as cracks, laps and seams, where they will be visible to a trained and certified NDT Inspector.

Mag Particle Testing Methods

Wet fluorescent magnetic particle testing is performed most often at Laboratory Testing Inc. with a solution of very small particles contained in a liquid carrier. The wet solution has an advantage over the dry in that it is easily sprayed, flows well to small leakage fields and the fluorescence allows the particles to be seen without difficulty under our special lighting.

The Lab’s Magnaflux inspection equipment is designed for fast and reliable testing. These machines provide a maximum output of 6,300 amps and can handle products that are up to 12 ft. long.

LTI also performs MPI testing using the visible dry powder method, when wet fluorescent magnetic particle testing is not an option for oversized products.

Magnetic Particle Testing Summary

  • MPI Testing Methods – dry powder and wet fluorescent magnetic particle testing
  • Size Limitations – products up to 12 feet in length
  • Product Requirements – ability to be magnetized
  • Test Supplies – Magnaflux brand
  • Test Specifications – ASTM E1444, MIL-STD-1949, MIL-STD-271, MIL-STD-2132, AMS 2300 Series

The NDT Inspection Department at LTI performs a number of other test and inspection services, including ultrasonic, X-ray and liquid penetrant. Use our RFQ form for a quote or Contact Us to find out about the many other testing and calibration services available at LTI to make your job easier.

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RNDT, Inc. strives to be the unsurpassed commercial testing laboratory through commitment, integrity and experience.

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Industrial Radiography (RT)

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Visual Inspection (VT)

Special Services

Codes and Standards

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Division

Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

RNDT provides industrial radiographic testing services in both our laboratory and in the field at customer locations. We have traditional film based and digital computed radiographic testing services. Our custom built mobile darkrooms are easily set up in less than 10 minutes. We have several exposure vaults that allow for very large parts to be examined. We have several X-ray cabinets for small parts such as electronic chips. Also, we provide high volume processing of film with state-of-the-art ecologically friendly automatic processors. Our Level II and Level III radiographers are experienced in many different specialty techniques involving geometrically challenged parts.

Industrial radiography involves the use of penetrating X- or gamma radiation to examine parts and products for flaws that could be detrimental to their intended use. An X-ray machine or radioactive isotope is used as a source of radiation. Radiation is directed through a part onto a film or an electronic device (plate). When the film or plate is processed, a negative-like picture is obtained that shows the internal characteristics of a part. Possible imperfections show up as density changes in the film, in much the same way an x-ray can show broken bones.

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Ultrasonic testing uses the transmission of high frequency sound waves into a material to detect imperfections within the material or changes in material properties. The most commonly used ultrasonic testing technique is pulse echo wherein sound is introduced into the test object and reflections (echos) are returned to a receiver from internal imperfections or from geometrical surfaces of the part.

Our Level II and Level III certified UT technicians work to many codes in many industries. From thickness readings on ASTs to performing full length ultrasonic examinations on 40′ long seamless pressure vessels.

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Liquid Penetrant testing is probably the most widely used NDT method. The test object or material is first cleaned and then coated with a visible or fluorescent dye solution. After a pre-selected time interval (dwell time), the excess dye is removed from the surface, and then a developer is applied. The developer acts like a blotter and draws penetrant out of imperfections which are open to the surface. With visible dyes, the vivid color contrast between the penetrant and the developer makes the “bleedout” easy to see. With fluorescent dyes, an ultraviolet lamp is used to make the “bleedout” fluoresce brightly, thus allowing the imperfection to be seen readily.

With a wide variety of penetrant materials and a custom made fluorescent penetrant inspection system, we can provide both field and lab, high volume processing of many different parts with both fluorescent and visible penetrants.

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Magnetic particle testing is done by inducing a magnetic field in a ferro-magnetic material and dusting the surface with iron particles (either dry or suspended in a liquid). Surface imperfections will allow the magnetic field to leak out of the part, distort the magnetic field and concentrate the iron particles near imperfections, thus indicating their presence.

Magnetic Particle Testing, or Magnaflux as it is sometimes called, uses magnetic leakage fields to detect surface and subsurface cracks and discontinuities.

Our Magnaflux 6000 amp bench units with 8′ head stocks, portable power packs, yokes, prods, black lights and all required accessories provide the foundation for RNDT to provide quality MT visible and fluorescent, wet and dry examinations in both the lab and field.

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Probably the oldest and most common method of NDT is visual examination, which has numerous industrial and commercial applications. Examiners follow procedures ranging from simple to very complex, some of which involve comparison of workmanship samples with production parts. Visual techniques are used with all other NDT methods.

By use of many different gauges, micrometers, calipers, rulers, magnifying devices, remote video equipment, and surface conditioning equipment, we provide both lab and field visual inspection services.

Positive Material Identification:

  • X-Ray Fluorescence tube-based system
  • Portable alloy identification
  • Fast & accurate
  • Multi-element Analysis in one measurement
  • No isotope licensing or travel restrictions
  • Experience in all industries
  • Computer generated certified test reports
  • Latest technology available

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RNDT, Inc. is the ONLY commercial testing and research laboratory in Pennsylvania that has staff ASNT NDT Level III Examiners in UT RT AE MT PT & VT and EN-473 / ISO-9712 Level III Examiners in UT RT MT & PT.

These certifications, along with our ISO-17025 accreditation, satisfy global requirements for nondestructive testing personnel including the stringent requirements for the European Pressure Equipment Directive. We also employ ASNT ACCP Professional Level III Examiners in the testing methods of UT RT MT PT & VT, AWS-CWI, OSHA Crane Inspectors and API-510 pressure vessel inspectors in addition to NDT Level II technicians with multiple certifications.

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Positive Material Identification (PMI) is a nondestructive means of determining the chemical composition of metals. In a global sourcing environment, material can inadvertently be mixed up and cause serious issues while in service. Innov-X Alpha Series

We can quickly and accurately determine the chemical composition of many different metals. We have several Innov-X Alpha Series X-ray fluorescence units and experienced technicians that can provide this service anywhere in the USA.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is the emission of characteristic “secondary” (or fluorescent) X-rays from a material that has been excited by bombarding with high-energy X-rays or gamma rays. The phenomenon is widely used for elemental analysis and chemical analysis, particularly in the investigation of metals, glass, ceramics and building materials, and for research in geochemistry, forensic science and archaeology.

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RNDT, Inc. is centrally located in Pennsylvania to support any testing needs that your company may have relating to the Marcellus Shale Formations. Due to our location, we can offer reduced travel time and mileage to many sites. Often, our location eliminates the need to charge per diem because our technicians travel home each night.

Our technicians are not your typical RT hands. They are experienced with castings, forgings, rolled products, electronic components and much more. How does this make a difference? In addition to our ever expanding field services division, we operate a world renowned testing laboratory in Johnstown, PA. We test components from nearly every industry you can think of in most product forms. All of our technicians have been through the RNDT training school taught by several of the most experienced Level III instructors the industry has to offer.

RNDT, Inc. has a fleet of fourteen 4 X 4 mobile darkroom trucks and experienced radiographers to handle all pipeline and piping fabrication examinations.

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RNDT has NDT professionals that are recognized worldwide as leaders in the field of nondestructive testing. We have several professionals that have been active in nondestructive testing for thirty plus years working in all industries. We can develop a nondestructive testing technique for you on your product. Fill out a request form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. Because NDT does not permanently alter the article being inspected, it is a highly-valuable technique that can save both money and time in product evaluation, troubleshooting, and research. Common NDT methods include ultrasonic, magnetic-particle, liquid penetrant, radiographic, remote visual inspection (RVI),eddy-current testing.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (magnaflux testing, MPI)
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Welcome to the premier industrial source for Magnetic Particle Testing Services in Pennsylvania - Western. These companies offer a comprehensive range of Magnetic Particle Testing Services, as well as a variety of related products and services. provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results. Click on company profile for additional company and contact information.


Nadcap CP, CT and NDT, ISO 13485:2016, AS9100 Rev D, ITAR, FAA Repair Station and ATF-FFL (7 and 10) certification. Nondestructive Testing (Magnetic Particle) - parts up to 144" in length. Techmetals can plate the parts, the with three NDT benches, test each unit without wasting time/money sending elsewhere. Perfect for Aerospace, Aviation, Defense and Automotive industries - check fatigue cracks, grinding crasks, heat test cracks, seams, stringers, star cracks, laps, cold shuts and more.

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Non-destructive magnetic particle testing services including examinations and analysis. Capable of testing metallic, polymeric, ceramic, and composite materials, powdered metals, paints and coatings, machinery and structures, consumer products, and heavy, mining, and oil field equipment. Utilizes portable and multi-directional magnetic equipment with 15 and 36 in. long capacities. Suitable for large and small samples. Markets served include aerospace, construction, energy, manufacturing, municipalities, and transportation. Provides 24-hour a day operations and field services such as sample set-up, collection, and transportation. Utilizes truck fleets with daily pick-up services. Nadcap accredited.

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ISO 9001:2008 certified magnetic particle testing services. Capabilities include stamping up to 0.125 in. thickness, CNC machining up to 40 in. length, tool, die and mold designing, tumbling, cleaning, stress relieving, injection, thermoset, thermoplastic, compression, insert and transfer molding, grinding, milling, drilling, boring, turning, electrical discharge machining, EDM threading, rib machining, contouring, laser welding, etching and brazing and zinc die casting. Meets MIL-I-45208A, MIL-Q-9858 and MIL-STD-45662 standards.

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ISO 9001:2008 certified non-destructive testing services including ultrasonic, radiographic, visual & magnetic particle testing services. Other services such as machining, welding, fabricating, milling, assembly, blasting & painting are available.

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Non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection management services for the construction, fabrication, manufacturing, aviation, power generation and infrastructure industries. Types of non-destructive testing include radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant. Services such as quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA), heat treatment, welding certification and mechanical integrity testing are also offered.

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ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9002 & ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified reliability testing engineering services. Reliability testing services include testing products in a flexible environment for a wide variety of product fields for new product development, or refining existing products. Testing services include powertrains, hydraulics, structures & field data acquisition & analysis.

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ISO 17025 certified magnetic particle inspection & testing services. Magnetic particle testing is done by inducing a magnetic field in a ferro-magnetic material & dusting the surface with iron particles (either dry or suspended in a liquid). Capabilities include Magnaflux 6000 amp bench unit with 8 ft. head stock, portable power packs, yokes, prods, black lights & all required accessories for visible & fluorescent, wet & dry examinations in both the lab & field. Certified to AAR: M-101, M-107, M-208; MIL-I-45208A, ASME Section III NCA-3800, MIL-STD-45662A & ISO-Z-540-1.

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Testing and inspection services. Offers inspection, nondestructive testing, rope access, and technical services. Heat treating services are also offered. Serves the oil and gas, chemical, manufacturing, and power industries.

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Non-destructive testing, inspection and training services. Magnetic particle, material, coating, paint, water, soil, chemical, impact, liquid flow, metallurgical and bolt testing services are offered. Visual, fluorescent penetrant, thermal, ultrasonic and eddy current inspection are also available. Leak detection and ground penetrating radar services are provided.

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Quality management services. Quality assurance and control, non-destructive examination, heavy construction and technical writing services are available. Markets served include power generation, pipeline, petrochemical, aerospace, refinery and commercial industries.

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Services magnaflux me testing near

Magnaflux MPI.


Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a relatively low cost, yet highly effective non-destructive testing method used to identify surface and near-surface defects in ferrous metal parts or components, including castings, forgings, weldments and machined or stamped parts.

Magnaflux MPI

At ATRONA, we conduct fast and efficient wet magnetic particle inspection on a daily basis and employ a systematic approach in accordance with ASTM E1444 guidelines. This process begins before actual testing commences...


  • Review provided part specifications and prints to determine if criteria can be met.
  • Level II techs develop a technique that meets customer and test specification requirements for proper inspection.
  • Technique is reviewed by a Level III inspector and revised/approved as needed.
  • Once approved testing can commence.

Following approval of a technique that will meet the customer’s test specification requirements, our certified techs begin testing.


  • STEP 1 - Clean part as needed with a solvent degreaser so it’s free of oils and contaminants.
  • STEP 2 - Secure part between head and tail stock of wet bench machine. Using a “head shot,” a pre-determined amount of electrical current is applied to magnetize the part according to the standard (ASTM E1444). Some test specifications call for multiple head shots.
  • STEP 3 - Bathe part in wet flourescent suspension solution that contains iron oxide particles, as an electric current is applied.
  • STEP 4 - With the magnetic bench machine enclosed within a darkroom enclosure, UV light is applied to identify indications of any defects that appear in relation to the direction of the magnetic field applied to the part.
  • STEP 5 - Depending upon the specific test requirements, one or more “coil shots” may also be applied to the part to identify any discontinuities that run in the opposing direction.
  • STEP 6 - Demagnetize the part.
  • STEP 7 - Following this thorough visual examination, the part is accepted or rejected, based upon pre-defined criteria. Failed parts are isolated from accepted parts and tagged accordingly.

Let ATRONA exceed your expectations for magnetic particle inspection. Our newly expanded MPI area is designed for optimum work flow with three Magnaflux benches operated by certified techs, thousands of square feet of available floor space to store incoming and outgoing parts, as well as an adjacent ground level dock for ease of access. In addition, as a full-service lab, ATRONA has expert metallurgists on staff available for consultation when issues arise. They can also perform additional testing, if necessary, to assess the severity or root cause of any detected indications.

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Specific Tests and/or Properties Measured


Test Methods

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Applicable Standards

ASTM E1444

Key Equipment or Technology

Magnaflux Inspection Benches and Other Equipment

Other Non-Destructive Testing

ATRONA also conducts:

  • Liquid Dye Penetrant
  • Real Time X-Ray
  • Material Properties
Y-2 AC Electromagnetic Yoke for Non-destructive Testing


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