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Anyone know any good armour replacers?
Before you ask: No, I'm not looking for some ♥♥♥♥♥♥ female armour replacer.

I just want to know if anyone knows of an armour replacer that makes the armour for BOTH genders look better, as I think the vanilla armour looks kind of dull at times. I haven't found many, and the ones I did find are ♥♥♥♥♥♥ armour replacers or things that replace 1 set of armour- I don't want to have to get 30 set replacers for the game.

Any help is appreciated!

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Skyrim: The 10 Best Armor Mods To Date

A trusty weapon is nothing without a good, solid set of armor to back it up, and that's especially important in Skyrim. The province is full of threats both small and great, and the right armor can go a long way towards surviving some of the tougher encounters in the game. That being said, the vanilla armor is getting pretty old, especially for those eager to replay Skyrim in the modern-day.

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There are a plethora of armor mods to choose from, but the best ones add in a large number of different sets to the game, as opposed to just one. Some are texture overhauls, while others are brand new creations crafted by talented 3D modelers and hobbyists. Adding a few of these mods can significantly transform the adventure experience in Skyrim for the better.

10 Amidianborn Book Of Silence

• Legendary Edition version | Special Edition version

There are many retexture mods for Skyrim's vanilla armor sets, but this mod is one of the most comprehensive and attractive. It reskins most of the armor and weapons in the game from scratch, offering much richer detail, more variance, and greater fidelity.

In addition, the mod page allows gamers to choose between the complete package or individual modules that affect armors, creatures, Dragonborn DLC content, unique items, or weapons on an individual mix and match basis. It serves as an excellent baseline mod for gamers to build on.

9 Immersive Armors

• Legendary Edition version | Special Edition version

For years, Immersive Armors has served as one of the backbone armor mods for Skyrim, and for good reason. It injects a ton of brand new armors into the game which can be crafted, or found in world, and there's something in here that caters to everyone's individual tastes.

The armors themselves are creative and unique, and the MCM menu allows gamers to adjust the parameters of how the mod operates. They can customize which armors are distributed in world, which can be crafted, and even which ones can be broken down in smelters. There are a lot of great tips for first-time Skyrim players, but adding mods like these to a load order is an often overlooked one.

8 NordWarUA's Race Armor Expansion

• Special Edition version only

By default, Orcish armors aren't particularly interesting, varied, or attractive, but this mod aims to change all that. It also adds new Elven armors into the game that look sharp, detailed, and ready for battle. Together, this mod offers a bit of an armor overhaul for two of Skyrim's most popular races.

This is good news for gamers who like to play as either Orc or Elf or those who simply enjoy wearing diverse armor sets. They boast an authentic and lore-friendly look that breathes a lot of life into the Orc aesthetic while adding a bit more glamor and glitz for the Elven races.

7 Armor And Clothing Extension

• Legendary Edition version | Special Edition version

Originally known as Clothing and Clutter Fixes back in the Oldrim days, this mod has since been ported to Special Edition, as well. Both mods offer the same basic idea - a switch-up of the game's armors and clothing, as worn by the various NPC characters in the game.

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While this doesn't affect the player, it does bring a fresh dose of variety to Skyrim, as the NPCs will no longer wear the same type of armor or clothing. It takes into account each character's rank and position in the game and assigns them a particular armor or clothing set, which goes a long way to creating a more interesting Skyrim.

6 Bosmer Armor Pack

• Legendary Edition version | Special Edition version

This mod adds five new Bosmer armor sets into the game, with a combined total of 29 individual pieces, and 6 new weapons thrown in just for the sake. While not the largest armor add-on mod, it is a welcome addition that looks cool, fits the aesthetic of Skyrim quite well, and allows gamers to stand out from the crowd.

Both male and female characters are supported, not to mention Skyrim's mysterious Argonians and the Khajit, for an all-purpose armor pack that can appeal to any player. The Bosmer Wild Hunt and Reinforced Armor sets are particularly cool, with individual features that can't be found in any other armor mod pack.

5 Legendary Armors - DeserterX Collection

• Legendary Edition version | Special Edition version

DeserterX has been cranking out armor and clothing mods for female characters for quite some time, and although they aren't the most lore-friendly of the bunch, they are perfect for gamers who prefer to play as a female Dragonborn. Many of the armors were designed with style in mind, over substance, but some are truly wicked-looking, and fit right in.

The Riverwood Trader houses a number of crafting manuals necessary to create the various armors in the game, making it a one-stop-shop that can be revisited when the player sees fit. In total, there are 16 individual armor sets available for crafting, which add a new level of visual flair to the Dragonborn character.

4 Dragonbone Barbarian Armors

• Legendary Edition version | Special Edition version

Dragonbone armor is some of the toughest in Skyrim, but it's even better when it looks the part. Thankfully, this mod exists for the purpose of creating more diversity within Dragonbone armor sets, while at the same time offering a modular approach to how they can be worn.

The Special Edition version of the mod offers male and female armors, while the Legendary edition is purely for the ladies. Some are designed to be characteristic of a Barbarian lifestyle and their skimpy approach to clothing, while others offer more pieces and padding to create a complete and structured set.

3 Realistic Armor

• Legendary Edition version | Special Edition version

Those looking for a more realistic and gritty approach to the Skyrim experience should consider installing this mod, which overhauls the game's armor sets into something that looks straight out of medieval times. This is a better option for those who want a bleak fantasy fiction experience, as opposed to high fantasy.

It also adds a few new armor sets to the game to round things out, which is a nice touch. While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, history buffs, in particular, might enjoy the refreshing change from the magical, to something much more realistic and historical.

2 Chakrasse Armor Pack 1 (CSSE)

• Special Edition version only

Mod author ChakraSSE has crafted a ton of interesting, and particularly outrageous armors for Skyrim, and he's amassed many of them into a standalone pack. This mod contains 13 armor sets for Skyrim which are built on the game's vanilla assets, while at the same time looking like an original creation.

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The armors in question may not be to everyone's tastes, but there should be options in there for every kind of gamer. Each armor seems focused on looking as cool and wicked as possible, which is not a bad thing for gamers who want to look like a truly intimidating Dragonborn.

1 Legendary Alpha Shields

• Legendary Edition version | Special Edition version

Armor wouldn't be complete without some nifty shields to complete the ensemble, and this mod pack goes the extra mile. It tosses in 30 completely new shields with their own distinct looks and models, textured beautifully to compensate a variety of armor types.

The Steel Smithing perk is required to craft these shields, and although that might seem a bit simple and straightforward, the shields themselves are definitely worth adding into the game, perhaps as a baseline mod. They also make great decorative items.

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Updated BD's replacer to the new 3BA

fixed some clipping with the new sliders
added transparency to vampire clothes
fixed/applied uniboob and unicurtain when needed
added zap slider to ebonymail armor to hide the body depending on whether the armor or the body is shown

I didn't ask for permission as i planned to do it for myself so i'll take this down if tasked to

also do message me if i forgot something ect...


About the standalone version

I've looked into it and i'm pretty sure you can use this file for it too, as the path output in the slider set is apparently the same

Basically, the mesh buil in bodyslide goes in the same folder, standalone version or not so it should work fine for both

It is still theory tho, i won't test it.

Guess what, the original was updated

My version should still work nonetheless, your choice

Skyrim: Top 5 Immersive Armor Mods for The Elder Scrolls 5 Special Edition!
I currently have the Molten Glass Armor and Weapon Replacer mod - -, but I am having trouble finding others. Any suggestions?

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If you're looking for a fresher look, but still vanilla, you can try the Old Kingdom - Armor Replacer that just came out. It covers basically all the armor in the game. It's a little on the high side though. About 400MB+.

Ah, that looks good! Thanks very much!

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Old Kingdom is really good so yes, get that

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About 6 months ago I was on here and had a thread asking why no one has retextured all of the vanilla armor. Now someone finally has and it is amazing. Combine that with 2k NPC clothing and you have a complete overhaul.

So, tried out Old Kingdom - exactly what I was looking for, thanks guys! Hadn't thought about the npc's though

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DTwheels posted...

So, tried out Old Kingdom - exactly what I was looking for, thanks guys! Hadn't thought about the npc's though

2k NPC clothing just does clothes like barkeep, smithing, noble, fine, things like that. Old kingdom doesn't do the clothing but does all of the armor, so they compliment each other.

Old Kingdom is also currently making a Weapon version as well. Excellent mod.

TXGUY147 posted...
Old Kingdom is also currently making a Weapon version as well. Excellent mod.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to that one

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