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Big Thompson River

The Big Thompson River below Olympus Dam is a famous trout river which attracts hundreds of anglers. Fishing for brown and rainbow trout can be good to great almost year round. To accommodate the heavy angler usage special regulations apply in some sections, please refer to theColorado Fishing Regulations for additional information. Use caution while fishing, flows below Lake Estes can abruptly fluctuate.

Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake (1700 acres) provides quality fishing for walleye, white bass, catfish, and trout. Anglers may additionally catch crappie, bluegill, and perch. The lake is open year round to fishing, and boating when not frozen. Colorado State Parks Pass or Park Entrance Fee required.

Lon Hagler Reservoir

Lon Hagler Reservoir (181 acres) is a pot luck fishery. Anglers most frequently catch bass, crappie, catfish, and trout. Walleye, bluegill, perch, and carp are also in the reservoir. Tiger muskie are often seen but rarely caught. Although boat fishing is good, this is a great destination for shore anglers and those with younger anglers.

Lonetree Reservoir State Wildlife Area

Lonetree Reservoir (502 acres) provides quality fishing for wiper, walleye, catfish, rainbow trout, black crappie, yellow perch, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. This reservoir is subject to drawdown; boaters should use caution.

Fishing with the Family

Lake Loveland

Lake Loveland offers catch and release fishing from the shore and the piers at North Lake Park. North Lake Park offers many amenities and is a great park to take the kids to.

During the first full weekend of June, Loveland's Annual Fishing Derby is held at North Lake Park Duck Pond. This if for children under the age of 15. Fishing licenses are not required this weekend.

Flatiron Reservoir

This quiet, 47-acre reservoir is surrounded by 200 acres of public lands. It’s a popular spot for fishing, picnicking, and family camping. No boating or swimming is allowed on Flatiron Reservoir. Park Entrance Fees and Camping Permits are required.

Pinewood Reservoir

Three hundred and twenty-seven acres of public lands encircle this idyllic 100-acre reservoir. No-wake speed boating, camping, and fishing make it the ideal place for a little fun in the mountains without driving too far. The park is open year-round. Park Entrance Permits and Camping Fees are required and must be purchased at either Carter Lake or Flatiron Reservoir.


Lake Loveland



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Near Loveland

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Lake Loveland has limited public fishing access along the north shore at North Lake Park, along Taft Ave. north of 22nd St. along walkway, and on the south shore along the dam. Parking is limited except for within the park. There are no public boat ramps, so although private boating is allowed, access is limited to private access and with permission of the homeowners only. Decent fishing exists... Log infor additional details...

Getting there:

Access to North Lake Park is off of Taft Avenue in Loveland, just south of 29th Street. Two other parking areas are located on the South and Southeast side of the lake off of 34.


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Fishing Reports

View fishing reports

Trout painted by Micky Schilling

The City of Loveland Parks & Recreation Department works closely with the State of Colorado to provide fishing information and resources to the public. 

Fish are stocked in many of the area lakes and reservoirs by the State of Colorado - Parks & Wildlife Division each year. 

The following City of Loveland locations list fishing as one of their amenities. Many of them allow fishing only from the shore, while others allow fishing from the Big Thompson River for fly fishing, etc.

There are also numerous lakes and reservoirs in the Loveland area which are owned & operated by the State of Colorado, or Larimer County. Please contact each of those agencies directly for further information.

Note: Fishing reports are prepared manually by Sportsman's Warehouse.

Fishing at Loveland Lake

Loveland Reservoir

The water level at Loveland Reservoir is currently low due to a controlled water transfer to Sweetwater Reservoir to supplement the sources of drinking water for Sweetwater Authority. To find the best fishing conditions, you may need to hike into the reservoir further than usual. Please continue to obey all program rules and stay within designated areas. Thank you for your understanding.

To protect and preserve water quality and natural habitat, Sweetwater Authority and the USDA Forest Service established a unique partnership to provide public fishing access along a portion of the shoreline. In exchange for parcel of land near the reservoir, previously owned by the U.S. Government, Sweetwater Authority provided land near Descanso, California to the National Forest System. This exchange increases natural habitat and forest lands available to San Diego County and Southern California residents and wildlife.

Fishing activities at Loveland Reservoir are designed to protect public health and benefit the community. Activities will be monitored by Sweetwater Authority. Please follow and obey all posted fishing program rules. See below for additional information.

Fishing programs are subject to closure at any time due to elevated fire conditions, Red Flag Warnings, inclement weather or any other safety concerns.

Lake fishing loveland

Loveland Fishing

Fishing in Loveland

Loveland offers anglers a variety of locations for fishing, in lakes, ponds and waterways throughout the community.  Regardless of location, fishing is regulated by Colorado State Regulations and enforced by Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW).  All anglers age 16 and older are required to have a valid Colorado fishing license to fish in Colorado.  Site-specific regulations apply, and bag and possession limits are enforced.  

All anglers are also required to pick up and remove all fishing line, tackle, nets, bait, and other fishing equipment, and properly dispose of all trash.  Fishing line and tackle left behind are a nuisance for other visitors, and can be deadly for birds and other wildlife.  Be a good steward and pack out all trash.  

Here's where you can fish in Loveland

Download the City of Loveland Public Fishing Locations brochure (PDF)

Big Thompson River

From Wilson Ave. to US Hwy 287 (Big Thompson River access from Cottonwood Run Natural Area, Centennial Park, River’s Edge Natural Area, Fairgrounds and Barnes Parks, and King’s Crossing Natural Area)

Boise Bend Natural Area

1225 S. Boise Ave. (Big Thompson River access)

Boyd Lake State Park

3720 N. County Rd. 11C (lake fishing)

Lake Loveland/South Shore Scenic Parkway

499 W. Eisenhower Blvd. (south shore, Lake Loveland)

Pond at Loveland Recycling Center 

400 N. Wilson Ave. (Wilson Ave. and Big Thompson River)

Morey Wildlife Reserve

5439 Cedar Valley Dr. (small section on Big Thompson River at north end only)

Namaqua Park & Natural Area

816 N. Namaqua Ave. (Big Thompson River access along park and natural area boundaries)

North Lake Park

2626 N. Taft Ave. (pond and Lake Loveland fishing)

Oxbow Natural Area

1135 & 1140 Rossum Dr. (Big Thompson River access)

River’s Edge Natural Area

960 W. 1st St. (5 ponds)

At River's Edge, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are catch and release ONLY. Belly boats are permitted. No kayak fishing or other boating of any kind.  River's Edge fishing regulations

Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park 

1211 W. Hwy 34, Big Thompson Canyon (river access)

Other Area Fishing Locations

  • Big Thompson Canyon (Larimer County Areas: Glade, Narrows, Forks and Sleepy Hollow)
  • Big Thompson Ponds State Wildlife Area (Colorado Parks & Wildlife)
  • Boedecker Reservoir (Colorado Parks & Wildlife)
  • Carter Lake (Larimer County)
  • Flatiron Reservoir (Larimer County)
  • Horsetooth Reservoir (Larimer County)
  • Lon Hagler Reservoir (Colorado Parks & Wildlife)
  • Pinewood Reservoir (Larimer County)
  • Simpson Ponds State Wildlife Area (Colorado Parks & Wildlife)

Kayak Fishing in and near Loveland

Kayak fishing is not allowed on any of Loveland’s open lands properties, but there are great local opportunities offered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) at Boedecker Reservoir and Lon Hagler Reservoir State Wildlife Areas.  In addition, kayak fishing is allowed by Larimer County at Carter Lake, Pinewood Reservoir and Horsetooth Reservoir. Lastly, it is allowed at Boyd Lake State Park.

Belly boats and kayaks are treated differently. Only belly boats are allowed for fishing at River’s Edge Natural Area because they are foot propelled and designed solely for fishing. Kayak fishing and all other boating is prohibited at River's Edge. 

Fishing is regulated by Colorado State Regulations. Site-specific regulations apply.

All anglers age 16 and older are required to have a Colorado Fishing License.

Boy Holding FishGeneral Statewide Bag Limits*

  • Trout - 4 fish in aggregate
  • Walleye - 5 fish
  • Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass - 5 fish each species
  • White Bass/Wiper - 10 fish in aggregate
  • Crappie/Catfish/Bullhead - 10 fish each species
  • Yellow Perch/Bluegill/Sunfish - 20 fish in aggregate
  • Tiger Muskie - 1 fish, 36 inches or longer

*Additional bag & size limits may apply to individual waters.

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