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PDP Gaming Rechargeable Battery Pack

Rated 5 out of 5by Mrsmommifrom Works Great!This charging kit works great. It comes with 2 batteries, a 10 ft charging cord, and 4 battery doors. You have to REALLY pay attention on the battery doors. If you have a 2020 and later controller the inside of the battery door states on it for 2020 and later controllers. The door for the older controllers is blank. They are not interchangeable. The door for the newer controllers doesnt fit on the older controllers. Pay close attention or it can be very frustrating. Other than that, it works great, holds a long charge and no connection issues.

Date published: 2020-12-09

Rated 5 out of 5by Synica1from Great product, check covers carefullyI bought this last week for our Series X & S controllers, paired with a slim charging (double) solution. I believe the other reviewer did not read the instructions, or perhaps received an earlier model than I did. In the box are two batteries, charging cable and *4* battery covers. Yes, FOUR - because two of them (labeled "for controllers 2020 and newer" in small type on the inside) are for the Series X|S controllers, while the other two are for older controllers. Once you identify which cover(s) to use with which controller, it's easy-mode. I just wish they had an option for additional batteries and covers for the slim charge solution, without the play & charge option, but hopefully that'll come soon.

Date published: 2020-11-23

Rated 5 out of 5by TechGuyfrom Great charging kit for XBOX controllersThis PDP play and charge kit for XBOX controllers comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and 4 battery doors for the wireless controllers. It is designed to work with both XBOX One and XBOX Series controllers as there are separate battery doors provided (2 each) for these 2 versions. The battery doors fit perfectly onto the controller. The micro-USB port is located on the battery itself, which enables it to be charged outside of the controller or even while playing. A 10 foot micro-USB cable is included in the kit, which is convenient for charging while playing. There is a white LED indicator on the battery pack that pulsates while charging and turns solid when fully charged. The batteries are rated for 20 hours of play. I would recommend this charging kit for XBOX controllers as it is both convenient and cost saving than using regular AA batteries.

Date published: 2020-12-16

Rated 5 out of 5by Johnny93from Simple and NecessaryThere may be nothing in this world that is more infuriating than losing a showdown because the batteries in your controller die. Counteract this ill-prepared, ill-fated possibility by making sure your equipment is charged and ready to go. The batteries that come with this kit are long lasting and you get two! Use the included 10ft cable when it is time to recharge. Very good, straight to the point product.

Date published: 2020-12-09

Rated 5 out of 5by TayM1234from Awesome ChargerI love this charging kit. The accessories are great and it charges quick and effectively. Plus, the charging cord is long, which is nice because it makes the charger easy to place but still allows room for the cord to be hidden. Prior to having this, I was constantly going through batteries, so to have chargeable ones is going to save me a lot of money and time. I literally just place the controllers on the charger after use and they’re ready to go when I am. I absolutely love it. I highly recommend to anyone in the market! They’re great.

Date published: 2020-12-30

Rated 2 out of 5by XBSXfrom Charges, but only with the cord...In between 2 and 3 stars, but since it does the one thing I didn't want the new design to do, which is not be compatible with the last xbox one charge stand/base, I'm giving it 2. With that said I should give it one, but the parts still work so I guess 2. I knew they would do this. I even emailed them rigth when the XBSX came out ask said please for the love of god make the new kit compatible with the old. They said they would. well the new batteries fit in the old and the old even fit in the new controller, but the new battery does NOT fit in the base. the new plug in port in the battery where you plug it in with the cord extrudes out too far keeping it from making good contact with the terminals and therefore not allowing the new batteries to charge.. Very frustrating.

Date published: 2021-07-21

Rated 5 out of 5by youngscraphicsfrom Really nice!I really was not sure what to expect with this product as I am a traditional batteries in a controller guy but boy was I blown away! It was a really good switch to go from regular "chargeable" batteries into this system. I really like that there are multiple different packs and backs for the controllers as my kids like to lose the backing, so this is good! I also like the USB cable to plug into the top of the controller when close to the console.

Date published: 2020-12-14

Rated 5 out of 5by JYo94from Great charge!I have been gaming for about 15 years and this charge and play kit is awesome. I like that you can either charge it and let it be or you can charge it and play at the same time. This charger is perfect for having multiple controllers. The charge last for a long time so you don’t have to pause your gaming to get a charge or plug in the charger. I recommend this charge kit to all the Xbox gamers.

Date published: 2020-12-07


The 3 BEST Batteries for Xbox Controllers

When you’re in the midst of a team deathmatch or scavenging for items in the latest battle royale, Best AA Batteries for Xbox Controllersyou don’t have time to worry about switching out your Xbox controller’s rechargeable pack every gaming session. You also don’t want to search for your micro USB cable and be forced to play wired 50% of the time. AA batteries last far longer than any rechargeable pack, plus there are options to juice them up again just like a rechargeable battery pack. Whether you’re gaming on an Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X, or even doing some retro gaming on an Xbox 360, we’ve got your 3 best AA battery options, so you can stay immersed in your gameplay for as long as needed. 

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1. Energizer® Rechargeable AA NiMH -Power Plus 

If you are transitioning from run-of-the-mill rechargeable battery packs, the Energizer Recharge Power Plus would be the best fit for you. These Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are built from recycled materials and rated as the best rechargeable AA battery by Consumer Reports.

These batteries will last longer than your average lithium battery rechargeable battery pack. The Recharge Power Plus will need an additional one-time purchase of a charging station in order to receive the full benefits of rechargeable batteries. It’s recommended to buy a 4-pack, so you can have one pair on the charging stand while the other pair is in use in your controller. If you usually play 2-player and use two or more Xbox controllers, Energizer’s 1 hour NiMH Charger can charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously.

2. Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium

The Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery earned the highest score from Consumer Reports with an 89/100. Lithium batteries are more expensive than their alkaline counterparts but can run some electronics for up to 10 times longer than an alkaline battery. The L91 Ultimate Lithium batteries are ideal for casual gamers that don’t spend copious amounts of hours gaming each week.

These batteries could last 2-4 weeks in your Xbox controller under moderate usage.

3. Energizer Max E91 AA Alkaline Batteries

Energizer’s Max E91 AA Alkaline Batteries are the budget-friendly middle ground between the above two options. Lithium batteries rule the roost in terms of run time, but alkalines are far more affordable. We recommend purchasing 3. Energizer Max E91 AA Alkaline Batteries if you’re in a pinch and looking for a short term solution.

Buy Bulk AAs to Keep the Game Going

For tournaments or all-night LAN parties, you want to make sure you aren't left with a "Controller Disconnected" message. Buy bulk AAs for your Xbox controllers

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Do AA batteries last longer than rechargeable battery packs?

Yes, in fact they do. The average lifespan of AA batteries in an Xbox controller is roughly 40 hours. The average lifespan of the most common rechargeable battery pack, the Xbox Play and Charge Kit, is only 30 hours. The Play and Charge kit's battery life decreases over time too. Xbox Support even recommends AA batteries over a rechargeable alternative. 

Do Xbox One controllers run on batteries?

Yes, unlike their PS4 counterparts, Xbox One controllers are able to run on disposable AA batteries, rechargeable AA batteries, rechargeable battery packs, or via a wired connection to a console or USB port.

How long can Xbox controllers run on low battery?

When your Xbox controller reaches critically low battery, your Xbox will notify you on your display. After that point, you have about 30 minutes to find new batteries. Soon your Xbox will give you another warning by flashing the middle X logo and shutting off even if you're in the middle of a game.

Don't risk losing an SND round in Call of Duty or crashing your car in Forza due to an unexpected controller outage. Stock up on AA batteries for as low as $0.50 each when you buy in bulk from Battery Products. 

Why choose AA batteries over rechargeable battery packs?

Rechargeable battery packs' electricity hold are known to deplete rapidly with regular use. Since many people game for hours and hours every week, the lithium-ion battery used in rechargeable packs wears out quickly. Lithium-ion batteries also have a history of malfunctioning and sometimes even exploding. And when you run out of charge, you're forced to sit close enough to your console to use a charging cable. AA batteries are more economical and convenient for use at home.

Get the best bulk pricing from Battery Products.

Enough surprise trips to your local store for a 20-pack of batteries every few months. These purchases add up and are much more expensive than a single bulk order from Battery Products. We sell AA batteries in bulk for a discounted price that is more competitive than all local retailers. One bulk purchase and you'll be set for years to come. Stay immersed in your game instead of hastily swapping out your TV remote batteries because you ran out of your battery supply.

Browse Battery Products' full line of AA Batteries for Sale in Bulk including Alkaline AA Batteries, Lithium AA Batteries & Rechargeable AA Batteries. Order Batteries in Bulk
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VENOM Xbox One Twin Rechargeable Battery Packs - Black

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This Is REALLY Why Xbox Series X/S Controllers Still Use Batteries

Buying guide for best xbox one rechargeable battery packs

The Xbox One is a great gaming console. From crisp graphics to high-tech hardware, more than 59 million gamers enjoy hours and hours of high-definition gameplay. If you’re a part of the Xbox One family (or considering joining), then you know that the wireless controllers are powered by AA batteries. But constantly purchasing batteries can grow tiresome and quickly start to put a dent in your wallet. If you’re looking to extend the gameplay life of your controller, or if you’re tired of constantly replacing batteries, an Xbox One rechargeable battery pack is the way to go.

Simple rechargeable battery packs can offer a great solution to any basic controller power needs. More advanced solutions like docking stations can provide even more functionally by giving users a way to charge and store their entire Xbox controller.

Options will vary depending on your gaming setup, the number of controllers, and, as always, your budget. Making the right decision on an Xbox One rechargeable battery pack can get tricky, but this shopping guide can help you narrow down your options. When you’re ready to buy, check out our favorites, too.

Key considerations


Milliampere hours (mAh) measure electric power over time. The higher the milliampere hours, the longer the battery life. Rechargeable battery packs for the Xbox One controller range from 1,000 mAh to 2,500 mAh, and prices tend to increase with the milliampere hours.

Space and setup

Some charging stations require that you dock your controller. Other stations charge just the battery itself. Charging the controller is usually more convenient because most stations act as storage centers for the controller when it isn’t in use. These charging stations tend to cost more than simple battery chargers.

Even simpler and less expensive are rechargeable battery packs that can recharge while attached to the controller and plugged in, essentially charging while you play. These give you unlimited battery life but obviously restrict your wireless capabilities.


There are some (albeit very few) controllers that aren’t compatible with certain battery packs right out of the box. If you want to avoid any confusion, but sure to check the battery pack specifications or review online user reviews to get a sense of what battery packs work best with the controller you have.

The Xbox One supports up to four controllers on one system. Most charging docks can only charge two controllers at a time, but there are three USB ports located on the Xbox One. If you have more than two controllers, you’ll have to decide on the approach that will work best for you: two charging stations, rechargeable batteries, or a combination.


The two main Xbox One colors are white and black, although there are special Xbox editions whose colors may vary. Furthermore, if you decide to buy additional controllers, there are even more color options to choose from. Note that most battery packs are white or black.

Did you know?

You can always check the status of your controller’s battery life by pressing the Xbox Home button in the center of the controller. The battery icon at the top of the screen displays how much juice the controller has left.



Xbox One rechargeable battery pack features

Replaceable battery packs

A replaceable battery pack allows you to switch out your controller’s AA battery compartment for a rechargeable battery made specifically for Xbox One. Replaceable battery packs can be charged via USB while attached to the controller or charged by placing them on their own charger (which will likely need to be plugged into the wall). These battery packs tend to be less expensive. They work well because you can easily plug in and charge the batteries while continuing to play. Some battery packs last longer than others, depending on the overall battery quality and listed milliampere hours.

Docking stations

With a docking station, you can securely charge your controller and its replaceable battery when you’re not playing. These reliable stations help to organize your gaming setup because you can keep all your controllers in one place while charging. And you can be sure your controllers are fully charged if left docked overnight. Docking stations work especially well if you have two or more controllers because one controller can be charging while you play.

Xbox One rechargeable battery pack prices

Replaceable battery packs are generally the most affordable and cost between $15 and $20. Battery packs that include or need a charging station cost $25 to $30. Durability, fit, and milliampere hours all affect the price. Keep in mind that some products offer more than one battery, so be sure to take advantage of such deals if you need battery power for more than one controller.


It’s frustrating to run out of battery power while playing your favorite game. Some games automatically pause when your controller runs out of juice, but not if you’re playing online. Online games won’t pause for one player, so you’re clearly at a disadvantage if your controller dies or you’re repeatedly being prompted to replace your battery. Even if you’ve invested in a quality battery pack, here are a few tips to make sure you never run out of power again.

  • Shut off the controller when you’re done playing. Even though the Xbox One controller automatically powers off after 15 minutes of idle time, those extra minutes of battery usage still add up. If you want to get the most out of your battery life, manually shut off the controller.

  • Disable certain controller features. Though disabling some features may take away from fully immersing yourself in certain games, it’s a great way to preserve battery life if you find yourself in a jam. Turning off the controller’s vibration feature and unpairing any audio headsets will save a bit more energy.

  • Keep the controller plugged in. If you don’t need to play wirelessly, leave your controller plugged in via USB. That way, the controller will be fully charged the next time you want to play wirelessly.

  • Purchase more than one controller. Even if you play mostly by yourself, keep another Xbox One controller on hand if you can. That way, you can keep one controller charged while you wirelessly play with the other.

  • Update your controllers for optimal functionality. Many people don’t know that you can update your Xbox One controller software. Many times this is done automatically through system updates, but sometimes it’s necessary to update manually. The update option can be found in the device settings of the Xbox home screen.


Q. Do all rechargeable battery packs allow you to play and charge at the same time?

A. No. While this is a useful feature, not all battery packs allow it. Make sure to check the specifications.

Q. Do battery packs add a lot of extra weight to the controller?

A. Battery pack size differs depending on the product, but, in general, users don’t complain about packs adding weight, and many users don’t notice much difference.

Q. How long do Xbox One rechargeable batteries last?

A. According to Microsoft, an Xbox One rechargeable battery should last about 30 hours on a 3-hour charge. Some products claim to get up to 35 to 40 hours of battery life before needing to recharge.


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TOP 5 ❌ Best Rechargeable Battery Pack for Xbox One 2021 - Xbox Series


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