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Requests= Open — Masterlist: Danganronpa x Reader Trigger Happy...

Masterlist: Danganronpa x Reader


Trigger Happy Havoc

Goodbye Despair


Ultra Despair Girls

Killing Harmony


  • Kazuichi & Shuichi w/ Cold!S/O
  • Mikan, Chiaki, Chihiro, Kirumi, Byakuya, Celestia & Hiyoko dealing w/ Bugs
  • Mahiru, Celestia, Sonia, Miu, Akane, Gundham, & Taka w/ Living Doll S/O
  • Leon, Taka, Gundham, K1B0, Kokichi, Mikan, Korekiyo, Sayaka, & Tsumugi spending Quarantine w/ S/O
  • “Defend” (Chihiro, Peko, Kirumi, Toko, Kyoko, & Makoto)
  • Ibuki, Nagito, Rantaro, Himiko, Chihiro, Celestia, & Mikan w/ Internet-obsessed S/O HCs
  • Makoto & Nagito w/ Touchy S/O HCs
  • Celestia, Chihiro, Ibuki, Himiko, Toko, & Nagito Angst HCs
  • Makoto & Hajime x Ultimate Scareactor HCs
  • Mondo, Gundham, Kaito, & Ryoma Crying HCs

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Masterlist: Deltarune x Reader












Snowgrave (Spoilers)

Keep reading

levshany: “Sorry x3 ”


cozune: “i haven’t even pulled for the girlboss yet ”

i haven’t even pulled for the girlboss yet

Deltarune character Nubert drawn in a digitally painted style that looks slightly ominous.

nubert! everyone's favorite character :)

oh silly little puppet man

leestei: “ I CAN’T STAND IT!!! I THINK I’M GONNA HAVE A [HeartAttack]! ”


chulacola: “ Spamtober Day12: Spamton is shocked to see his SwapAU self has become happy, and very successful. AU Spamton design belong to @Teggei from twitter. ”

Spamtober Day12: Spamton is shocked to see his SwapAU self has become happy, and very successful.
AU Spamton design belong to @Teggei from twitter.


Maus King

*Maus King steps off the throne! (Encounter)
*Ruler of the Maice…and guardian of cheese (Check)
*Generously leaves cheese around the city for his subjects (Neutral)
*Smells like frozen cheese (Snowgrave)

An OC idea Bug Anon (🐛🐜) proposed. I had permission to flesh this out more, so I have some ideas for this fella:

  • He’s a hidden mini-boss that can be accessed if you touch enough cheese/initiate enough Maus encounters. All must be spared to get access to his den (which is guarded by Maice and a few Mauswheels on patrol).
  • In the process of making trucies with Tasque Manager, wanting Maice and Tasques to coexist peacefully (if recruited the two leaders are seen at the café signing a printed electronic agreement).
  • The Annoying Mouse puzzles were made by him as part of his agreement with Queen to keep pest control stable in the city (and a safe route for Maice to transverse).
  • Summons a Maus and Mauswheel in battle. His only attack is stabbing the tip of the cursor arrow into the box border while dragging it around.
  • In the Snowgrave route he appears after the last Maus is frozen. On your way to get the thorn ring he stops you and asks what you’ve done to his subjects before initiating a battle. The Mauswheel energy ring he summons gives him high defense, but he must be defeated with iceshock to proceed.
Sours: https://clanwarrior-tumbly.tumblr.com/post/622316792122114048/masterlist-danganronpa-x-reader-trigger-happy

Chapter Text

Hello and good day!

You're reading right, I'm actually importing some of my work from Wattpad to AO3. It's been giving me some trouble lately, so I figured better safe than sorry.

I plan to get around to importing the majority of my books there (mostly the Reader ones) so that I can keep a fairly good archive of my work. That being said, some of my oneshots won't make it for various reasons: either I deem them not good enough to make it here or they deal with suicide/suicide attempts. Or maybe I just said 'yeet' and decided not to post.

This is a Danganronpa-themed book, which means you'll be reading about just about every character from DR and SDR2. I've only hesitantly started taking requests for characters from DRV3, though that's more of a gray area since I haven't fully explored that game and the characters yet. Please be patient if I refuse a request for a certain character! Some characters haven't been done yet; either they haven't been requested or I haven't done anything for them yet. That doesn't mean I don't plan to do them eventually! Writing these (and keeping up with requests as of late) has been a large undertaking, especially with other projects to be done.

I'm hesitant to put an actual chapter limit on this, since theoretically the book could go on forever (or until I hit some sort of chapter limit on AO3). So for now, the book will remain incomplete. Perhaps someday in the future I'll post the final chapter, but who knows?

Just some general facts you should know: Every chapter, unless otherwise marked, is a Fem!Reader. If you want to request a Male!Reader or GN!Reader, that's totally fine, I don't mind. Same goes for requesting genderbent versions of a character. All you have to do is ask :)

And speaking of asking, please don't ask "Can/May I request something?" I know it's a bit of a nitpick, but as a general rule for myself, requests are open all the time.You don't have to ask if you can, just put your request down. I'll be reading every comment I get (F in the chat for my inbox, lol), so don't worry about your ask not being seen.

When it comes to lemons, yes I do write for them. Every chapter with smut in it will be marked with a lemon emoji (like this: 🍋Character x Reader - blah blah🍋). Every lime will be marked with a peach (like this: 🍑Character x Reader - blah blah🍑). For those unaware, lemons mean full-on sex, and limes mean limited sexual activity (if there's no explicitly vaginal/anal penetration (or scissoring/tribbing, for some of the gals), I'm counting it as a lime).

There are few things that I won't write for, and it should be said so that some of you aren't disappointed. I do not write adult-on-minor relationships, suicidal/depressed readers, self-harm, actual suicide attempts/suicide, or kinks involving torture/guro, sexual ageplay (think caretaker/baby), DDLG, incest (including step-siblings/parents), bestiality (monsterfuckers are on thin ice, but still okay), and/or bodily fluids that aren't semen/saliva/menstrual blood. No watersports, scat, or vomit. This list will be updated in case I think of anything else, but that's all I can name off the top of my head.

Anyways! To the rules!:

  • 1) Please be respectful in the comment section, both to me and to others. No shipping wars/character wars/kinkshaming in the comments.
  • 2) Please don't bash any character that I happen to be writing for. I know, the franchise has its fair share of right bastards, but that's not an invitation to hate on them.
  • 3) Please be patient. Writing these takes time, and I'm already trying to move things over here (as well as work on other things on the side). If you request something and I agree to it, you have my word that it will be finished as quickly as I can make it.
  • 4) Please DO NOT REPOST MY WORK ANYWHERE ELSE. If you copy and post this anywhere else save for my AO3 and my Wattpad (HetaGarden1), I'm taking the book down. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you catch wind of someone else reposting my work anywhere other than my AO3 and Wattpad, please let me know immediately. I do not give consent for anyone to translate or post this anywhere else.

Next Chapter: Nagito/Reader

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27466363
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  3. Chp fleet operations
  4. Jd mower deck
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Danganronpa X Reader



hiiii ! thank you got requesting @trilldies !

that trope ’ s so wholesome i hope i did the request justice !

if you didn ’ t like how i completed the request please inform me ! <3 ( shdjf , i ’ m quite new at writing v3 characters )

and awhh , bb it means a lot to me that you like my work , i love yall so much istg – also since we don ’ t know much about kokichi ’ s backstory , i ’ m gonna go with the headcanon kokichi had abusive parents ! , also kokichi ’ s part is relatively steamy ish ? fem reader is implied but not confirmed

p.s i don ’ t really know kaito ’ s backstory too well , as much as i love him i haven ’ t read the shit outta the wiki on him yet 😀🤚so i ’ m not gonna write for him just yet ! same thing with kiibo hshgj . my apologies !

- mod marie




❥ i don ’ t really know how to start shuichi ’ s but here i go .

❥ after a day of school , dealing with kokichi and homework , shuichi was exhausted - as soon as he arrived home he flopped on his bed and let out a frustrated sigh .

❥ nothing could bother him right now , the exhaustion of school making his brain fry , nothing could even dare disturb him - it ’ s like he put his life on do not disturb mode , nothing could bother him except - the crippling fact that he had a crush on his bestfriend .

❥ the same bestfriend who he had 9 out of 10 classes with .

❥ the same bestfriend who was coming over to his house to do homework with him .

❥ fuck .

❥ shuichi groggily got up from his bed , you were gonna be here in like what ? five minutes ? HOW COULD HE HAVE FORGOTTEN -

❥ his house was pretty clean so he didn ’ t need to worry about that .

❥ he trotted down to his kitchen from the second floor , shuichi got some takis out from the pantry , he also got out some pringles and merged the two in a bowl , shuichi set the bowl on his living room ’ s table and , almost comically , he heard a knock on the door .

❥" hey sushi ! it ’ s me n/n ! “

❥ and you were here.

❥ wait didn ’ t you like oreos instead of takis - nevermind that now , shuichi nervously opened the door , ” uh hey s/o . “ he completely ignored that nickname LMAO .

❥ ” hayooo ! “ you exclaimed , the juvinile detective ’ s face flushed . he opened the door an inch more so you could step inside .

❥ ” uh hey , s/o . “

❥ you sat on his sofa , facing him . just the eyecontact between you two flustered him more than he already was BAHAHA . . .though what he didn ’ t know was that you were also on the same boat .

❥ ” so , about that civics assignment . “

❥ you began , breaking the layer of thick ice surrounding you two , your words snapped shuichi out of his trance . ” i think we should do the presentation on powerpoint , what are your thougths ? “ you asked , flustering the bastard more .

❥ he quickly nodded . ” mkay .. so .. “ you reached for your backpack , bringing it closer and opening it - taking out your laptop .

❥you moved yourself closer to shuichi so he could see your screen , due to the close proximity - both of your faces flushed with a pink color , his eyes darted to your wallpaper - it was a picture of the two of you .

❥ shuichi felt his heart melt , before he could comment you quickly opened powerpoint , and so your work began .

❥shuichi was too submerged in the work to have noticed the fact you were leaning on him - and you were asleep 😀

❥ goddamnit -

❥ as soon as he noticed , saihara panicked - almost springing up from the couch like a cat when they see an eggplant or whateva .

❥ cryhara tensed up , you were literally sleeping on him ! if his face wasn ’ t as red as a coochie during bleed week it sure was now ( I APOLOGIZE HSKDJG )

❥ nervously , he tried to adjust himself so you wouldn ’ t contort like a monster high doll . he was trembling , the loser virgin didn ’ t want to wake you up but he didn ’ t know what to do -

❥ once shuichi found a decent position - that being any position that doesn ’ t break both you and his back , he closed down your computer - looking at your wallpaper one last time , a soft smile on his face .

♡╰──♡ ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ♡──╯♡



❥ kokichi ’ s a little shit .

❥ he ’ s always been a little shit , it ’ s in his blood to be a little shit .

❥ so , since he ’ s such a little shit - he usually goes through your window and if you lift the window your phone lives another day 😀🤚 .

❥ but if you don ’ t open the window kombucha spams you say you are my baka or someshit.

❥ obviously its always playfull little shitness , 👁👄👁 kokichi usually asks you if you ’ re busy that day - so he shows up kinda announced ?

❥ but nevermind that , now kokichi was here . and just chilling on your bed .

❥ ” coconut why are you here now ? did you run out of people to annoy ? “ you asked jokingly , though you geniuenly wanted to know if something had happened -

❥ you worried about kokichi a lot , being his childhood friend you knew him best . and well , to say the least - kombucha didn ’ t really have the best homelife .

❥ ” neeheehee , do i need an excuse to visit my bestieee ? “ he dodged the question , you threw him a panta . ” don ’ t spill any on my bed . “ you warned him , dropping the subject as you spinned on your chair , also opening a panta .

❥ kokichi hummed , the two of you stayed there in comforting silence , the lack of communication in the room didn ’ t bother either of you .

❥ you decided to shift from your chair to your bed , one because you wanted to bother kombucha , two cuz your ass hurt and three because you wanted to watch dance moms .

❥ you made your way to your bed , shoving kombucha off and laying on your bed , using the three pillows behind you to support your head .

❥ ” neehe - SHIT ! “ he fell off the bed , making you snort . kokichi made a ‘hmph’ noise and grabbed your ankle - dragging you down which made you screech .

❥due to the impact and the convenient position you both were in - you fell ontop of kokichi - to be more technicall ; your arms caged the grape bitch and your chest fell right above his face 😀 , oh and you were literally sitting on his-

❥ ” neeheehee , sheesh s/o at least buy me dinner first ! “ kokichi exclaimed pretending to be annoyed , but it was clear to you - since his face told a different story than his words . ” shut up . “ you got up , your face hotter than celestia after the third trial .

❥ you sat back on your bed , kokichi ’ s bitchass following you in pursuit . ” hey s/ooooooo , wanna watch camp camp ? “ kokichi got right in your face . ” actually , yeah . “ you beamed - shoving kokichi outta the way and reaching for the remote .

❥ you turned on your tv and opened youtube , and so – you fucks watched campcamp for a small while .

❥ after an hour of watching the 2nd season , kokichi felt something heavy on his shoulder - he turned and saw you resting on his shoulder .

❥ he took a good look at your sleeping figure and returned his attention to the screen , not without wrapping an arm around you though .

♡╰──♡ ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ♡──╯♡

Sours: https://murdertrialimagines.tumblr.com/
Kokichi Oma x Reader- When he fakes his death because he thinks no one would care (Read description)


X reader danganronpa


Kokichi Oma x Reader- When he fakes his death because he thinks no one would care (Read description)


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