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When will my Philips Android television update to Android 9?

If you have a Philips Android Television that came with Android 8.0, your television will be updated to Android 9.0 later this year, in Q3 2020. 

Philips televisions that came with Android 8.0 can be identified by a model number ending in 504/F7, 604/F7 or 704/F7. Note that televisions ending in 604/F7 A, 704/F7 A 604/F7 C or 704/F7 C shipped with Android 9.0 and this article does not pertain to those models.

What do I need to do to make certain I receive Android 9.0?

In order to make certain that the update to Android 9.0 goes smoothly, it will be necessary to update your television to the latest firmware, version 113. The update to version .113 will be released on 8/31/2020. 

We will be pushing this update out automatically to all televisions in the next month, so you may notice a reboot when you turn the TV on when the update occurs. Let the TV update fully. It will reboot and begin updating. Once it has finished, the home screen will appear.

Please verify that you have firmware 113 by going to Settings->About and verify that your firmware is now 113. You only need look at the last 4 digits of the line labeled "Software Version" you should see 113_#, where # is a number that is not important. 

What if I interrupt the update or it failed to complete?

You can initiate this update manually by going to Settings->About->System Update and following the on-screen instructions.

Again, after the update completes and you see the home screen, you can verify the firmware updated by going to Settings->About. You only need look at the last 4 digits of the line labeled "Software Version" you should see 113_#, where # is a number that is not important. 

What will happen when Android 9.0 is released?

You will have a notification on screen that an update is available and you can simply accept the update or manually initiate it as detailed above. 

The information on this page applies to the following models: 65PFL5504/F7, 75PFL5704/F7, 43PFL5604/F7, 65PFL5604/F7, 50PFL5604/F7, 43PFL5704/F7, 50PFL5704/F7, 65PFL5704/F7 . Click here to show more product numbersClick here to show less product numbers


User Manual Philips 43PFL5766/F7 5700 series 4K UltraHD LED Android TV

Philips 43PFL5766/F7 5700 series 4K UltraHD LED Android TV - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
Documents: Go to donwload!
User Manual
  • Owner's manual - (English, French)
Other Documents
  • Hook Up Guide PDF file, 88.5 kB March 10, 2021 - (English)
  • Quick start guide PDF file, 1.2 MB March 11, 2021 - (English)
  • Quick Install Guide PDF file, 537.0 kB December 10, 2020 - (English)
  • Leaflet Version: 4.2.2 PDF file, 846.9 kB March 18, 2021 - (English)

file thumbnail

Android TV User manual Philips 43PFL5766/F7


  • Notice
  • Getting started
  • Features
  • Included accessories
  • Symbols used in this user manual
  • Unpacking
  • Installing the stands
  • Lifting the TV set
  • Installing the Batteries
  • Remote
  • Control panel
  • Terminals
  • Connecting antenna or cable / satellite / IPTV set-top box
  • Plugging in the AC power cord
  • Selecting your connection quality
  • Connecting your devices
  • Use your TV
  • Switching on your TV and putting it in standby mode
  • Adjusting volume
  • Switching channels
  • Watching channels from an external device
  • Access the Home menu
  • Apps
  • Google Assistant
  • How to use Google Assistant with your remote
  • Privacy protection built-in
  • Google Duo
  • Picture format
  • TV screen information
  • Using options menu
  • Getting more from your TV
  • Network & Internet
  • Live TV/Antenna
  • Channel
  • Customize Channel List
  • Channel Installation Mode
  • Parental Controls
  • Multi audio
  • Open source licenses
  • Version
  • Accounts & sign-in
  • Apps
  • Device Preferences
  • About
  • Date & time
  • Timer
  • Language
  • Keyboard
  • Inputs
  • Power
  • Picture
  • Sound
  • Storage
  • Home screen
  • Retail Mode
  • Google Assistant
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Screen saver
  • Location
  • Usage & Diagnostics
  • Accessibility
  • Reset
  • Remote & accessories
  • Add accessory
  • Useful tips
  • FAQ
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Information
  • Glossary
  • Maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Warranty
  • License End of book

Connecting your devices

HDMI digital connection

HDMI connection offers the highest picture quality.

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) transports highdefinition digital video and multi-channel digital audio through a single cable.


  • If there are issues with picture/color and/or sound when connecting an external device using the HDMI port, please try switching the HDMI EDID Version. (Refer to HDMI EDID Version L p. 15)
  • Some HDMI cables and devices may not be compatible with the TV due to different HDMI specifications.
  • Use an HDMI cable with the HDMI logo (a certified HDMI cable). High speed HDMI cable is recommended for the better compatibility.
  • The unit accepts 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i, 1080p, 2160p 24/30/60 Hz of video signals, 32 kHz / 44.1 kHz and

Newest Added: 43PFL5766/F665PFL5766/F750PFL5766/F655PFL5766/F6SW700M/05

Series: 5700 series

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Philips 43PFL5766/F7 | Series: 5700 series | Pages: 41 | Created on: 2021-03-08 | File type: PDF | Filename: 76390422_43pfl5766-f7.pdf | Size: 10.34 MB | Language: English, French | Other documents: 4 files.

Download User Manual


Owner manual PDF of Philips 43PFL5766/F7 5700 series 4K UltraHD LED Android TV.

Use manuals file type: PDF. Philips - Televisions

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