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ATK Freeraider 14 Binding

The ATK Freeraider 14 is one of those products that defies singular categorization by merging two vastly different genres. Is it a freeride binding featuring a high release value of 14 that is capable of big stomps? You betcha. But here’s where things get interesting. It is ALSO (somehow) lightweight enough to be used for everyday touring without feeling like you’re hauling a burdensome ball and chain up the skin track. We can hear the backcountry cliff droppers rejoicing while bigger, hard-charging skiers also nod their heads in agreement. For the folks requiring high release values (you know who you are), take comfort in knowing that ATK incorporated 12mm of heel elastic travel for cushy landings. Speaking of gaps, the Freeraider 14 features adjustability up to 25mm to accommodate a lot of different boots. The binding also comes with a freeride spacer that adds support under the heel when skiing hard, making for a stiff ride. Made in Italy using quality materials and fine machinery, the ATK Freeraider 14 won’t let you down or out (easily).

  • Choose a release value between 8-14 to keep the skis on when you want and off when you don't.
  • Alu Alloys, Stainless Steel, and POM materials used to withstand your abuse.
  • 25mm of adjustment so you can use a whole quiver of boots.
  • Five different walk modes give you plenty of options on varying terrain.
  • 12mm of travel in the Elastic Response System that works to smooth out those high-impact landings.
  • Cam Release System is featured in the heel pieces to make the vertical retention very precise.
  • Easy Entry System makes stepping into your toe pieces a cinch.
  • Snow Pack Proof feature prevents snow/ice/debris buildup in toe pieces so you can focus on skiing, not cleaning your gear.
  • Uphill Hardness Variator allows you to adjust toe piece locking pressure.
  • Magneto Heel Flaps help stabilize the heel risers so they don't rattle around.

Update 2021/22: ATK changed the drill pattern on the toe piece.All bindings labeled as "2021" will have the previous 30/45 x 35 pattern.

convert to ounces
371g [97mm]
Weight (pair) 742g [97mm]
Boot Compatibility  Tech
Brakes  97mm, 102mm, 108mm, 120mm
BSL Adjustment  25mm
Riser Heights  4 + flat
Vertical Release  8-14
Lateral Release  8-14
Crampon Ready  Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials  Aluminum alloys, POM, stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Freeride, backcountry, sidecountry
Notes Includes Freeride spacer
Bottom Line Send it hard without the weight penalty
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Questions & Reviews


How should I choose which brake width to order on this binding?


Hi Mike,

Brake width depends on the waist width of your skis! The closer the brake width to the waist width of your ski, the more ideal the fit. However, brakes that are too narrow can be stretched to the correct width by up to 6mm depending on the brand. Additionally, brakes that are significantly wider than your ski may catch when you roll your skis on edge. reach out to us at [email protected], and we can chat brakes for your set up!

Do you all have any intention of carrying the FR 16?

Do Dynafit ski crampons work with these or do you need to buy the ATK ski crampons?

Hi Michael,

Yes, Dynafit ski crampons are compatible with ATK bindings! Refer to our Ski Crampon Compatibility article for a full guide on the world of Ski Crampons!

They work, but they don't fit as well as the ATK crampons do.

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Model: Freeraider 14 Free TourSours:



FR14, being part of the new “RAIDER” family boasts the same production technologies, lightness and the new patented systems Snow Pack Proof System® , stands out for an improved set of springs that brings the release range from 8 to 14 and the new FREERIDE SPACER included.

The new fully-adjustable Freeride Spacer definitely closes the gap in between Free Touring and Free Ride categories and moves precision and power transmission to a racing Alpine binding level. The spacer provides an incredible torsional stiffness to the boot and transfers the vertical pressure of big jumps and cliffs directly on the ski, still keeping the lateral elasticity to provide a proper lateral release.


  • Easy Entry System®: new geometry of the toe parts elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.
  • SNOW PACK PROOF SYSTEM®: no snow pack under the toe part, even with several up-hill/downhill transitions; it also avoids snow loads on the toe piece, granting a perfect lightness at any moment.
  • U.H.V.® System (Up-hill Hardness Variator): system that allows to change the up-hill locking hardness of the toe part. It compensates the boot toe insert wear and tear during the years, provides a proper locking strenght for each user and reduces the pressures on the locking mechanism.
  • CAM RELEASE SYSTEM®: exclusive system that provides the most stable downhill performance on the market, extremely precise release and the softest heel step-in of the industry.
  • ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM®: an elastic sliding system ( 8+4 / tot 12 mm of elasticity) applied to the heel part to ensure the natural ski flex (also in case of big jumps/compressions), improves the binding release performance when the binding is stressed, reduces the pressure on the ski-boot-binding system.
  • New FREERIDE SPACER included.
  • An updated version of Magneto Heel Flaps® provides 5 different walking modes.
  • The built-in crampons slot assures the perfect insertion of any ATK® crampon size.
  • A 25 mm ADJUSTMENT PLATE is integrated in the heel part to assure a fast adjustment in case of boot substitution.
  • The release system on the heel part provides a 8 to 14 adjustment range, both lateral (Mz) and vertical (My).

1200 – 1900 gr
95 – 120 mm

Additional information

Ski Brake

97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm, 120 mm

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  2. Razer controller mobile
  3. N54 transmission tune
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Light, stable, "party trick" with the gait mode where you can activate it without using the rods. Never a problem with snow getting stuck in the front tire.

Ski stoppers that break. ATK had (has?) Problems with material and construction of the spacer, they crack and break. Has changed 5 in total during a season, but the latest should be of an updated version and seems to hold, so far.
I am also a little skeptical about the locking of the ski tops, I have managed to bend one after the locking button froze and I stepped into the binding again. Went to bend back but is not really 100 after that. They could easily be a few grams heavier and make these bulletproof.
Needs to be lubricated regularly so that the back binding does not stiffen.
And finally, I'm unsure of the durability of the heel raises over time, they pivot using a rivet that I think will wear out.

In summary after about 30 days of riding: bindings that can be ridden HARD, stable with a freeride spacer and by patting the ski in the snow, you go from a flat position to activating the riser (to the highest).
Unfortunately, you will probably have to pay the price of the low weight with a shorter lifespan.

Model year: 2020

ATK FR14 (2020): Light weight tech-binding for hard charging freeride skiers


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