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Marshall Speaker Buying Guide & Test 2020

Marshall speaker buying guide and testMarshall is one of the most legendary brands in the music industry. They have always been best known for their guitar amplifiers, but now Marshall has gone mainstream.

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In recent times, having a Marshall speaker has become extremely popular. And I can easily understand that people want their fingers in them. The quality is fantastic and the design is awesome. You’ll get a unique speaker for your home.

Read our test and buying guide below.

Marshall speaker test

Let’s get started with the test so you can find out which Marshall speaker you need to buy. The test contains the following:

  • Review of the product
  • Expert assessment
  • Dealers

Test winner: Marshall Stanmore speaker

In the first place we have Marshall Stanmore. It reminds in many ways of the former Woburn model, but I think you get more for the money with a Stanmore compared to a Marshall Woburn. That said, the design is extremely delicious and beats all other test products at that point. It’s super fat with a more elongated shape. So, if you go a lot into how the speaker looks, you should buy it here. The elongated shape is extremely bold and it makes the speaker look delicious.

Marshall Stanmore Speaker

Marshall Stanmore Speaker

A fantastic speaker in a nice brown color. We have the well-known Marshall design with gold-plated lines and buttons. Of course, we have the sound which is great. Not only does the speaker sound good, it can also play really loud. highly recommend Marshall Stanmore.

Looking at the price, it reminds a lot about Marshall’s other products. It’s a bluetooth speaker. And compared to them, this Marshall speaker knocks its competitors on the floor. At least soundy. Keep in mind that Marshall has an app so you can control the sound throughout the house if you have several Marshall speakers. The app is called Marshall Multi-Room.It is a good competitor to Sonos, who has been on the market for a long time. The app still lacks some improvements, but is generally easy to use. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications:

  • Inputs: 2 x Phono, 1 x Mini Jack (Mini Jack to Mini Jack Cable included)
  • Other ports: Bluetooth, 1x optical (Toslink)
  • Power consumption: max 200 W
  • Output power: 80 watts (RMS)
  • Frequency range: 45 Hz – 22 Hz (± 3 dB)
  • Base unit (s): 1 x 5.25 “”
  • Treble unit (s): 2 x 0.75 “”
  • Net weight: 1 kg
  • Width: 35 cm
  • Height: 5 cm
  • Depth: 5 cm

Although it has only one base unit, it is more than ample. However, it is compatible with Chromecast, Spotify Connect and AirPlay. In addition, it has internet radio. That being said, it’s time to pick up on the product.


  • Good sound
  • Good quality
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Apple TV compatible
  • Design

If you are interested in seeing and hearing the speaker, click this video:


Marshall Stanmore: A perfect choice for those who have plenty of space and require your speaker to play extremely loudly

Marshall Stockwell Speaker

We are now back to what you would normally connect with a bluetooth speaker. At least in size. The previous speakers have almost been the size of guys amplifiers, but this one is very similar to a traditional bluetooth speaker. And yet not. Because it really stands out from the crowd. Both in terms of sound quality and design.

Marshall Stockwell Speaker

Marshall Stockwell Speaker

If it is not a requirement that your speaker should be able to overdo a sports hall, then choose it It is small, flexible and has a great sound.In addition, the price is low.

If you buy a regular bluetooth speaker, you often get one Plastic product that gets scratches and breaks as light as nothing. This is where Marshall strikes. This Marshall speaker has a unique design and great durability and sound quality while allowing you to move around with it. with traveling, it is protected by its black flipcover, let’s take a closer look at the specifications:

hash = 3C53B411304A65C57690A615B493E1A965732FDD “] If you buy a regular bluetooth speaker, you often get a plastic product that gets scratches and breaks as light as nothing.This is where Marshall strikes. And sound quality, while you can move around with it, and if the speaker is going to travel, it is protected by its black flip cover.

Let’s look a little closer at the specifications:

  • Power supply: Battery
  • Batteries: 2 x Lithium ion rechargeable (rechargeable batteries included)
  • Battery life: 25 hours
  • Output Power: 27 Watts (RMS)
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Midrange device (s): 2 x 2.25 ”
  • Number of equalizer bands: 2-band
  • Net weight: 2 kg
  • Width: 26 cm
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Depth: 1 cm

I like a long battery life. There is nothing worse than having to charge his device 24/7. Marshall Stockwell has a battery life of 25 hours. It’s fantastic. The speaker can also be recharged via USB. Super smart if you don’t just have an outlet nearby. With that said, it’s time to pick up on the product.


  • Delicious sound
  • Great value for money
  • Unique design
  • Travel friendly (cover)
  • Low weight


  • Cannot play as high as the previous two speakers
  • Missing a bit of bass

If you are interested in viewing and hearing the speaker, click this video:

Marshall Stockwell: This speaker is for those who want a small, flexible and styled speaker

Marshall Kilburn speaker

Although Marshall Kilburn ends up in a last place, it is an extremely delicious Marshall speaker. It has some faults, but I still love it. Designally, it is a world of its own. It looks like a true copy of a Marshall amplifier from the 60s and 70s. Both in shape and front. In addition, it is easy to carry with you, as you can lift it using the handle.

Marshall Kilburn Speaker

Marshall Kilburn Speaker

If it is not a requirement that your speaker should be able to overdo a sports hall So choose it here. It is small, flexible and has a great sound. In addition, the price is low.

The speaker is higher than you just expect. And so it lacks in no way is bass. In addition, Marshall has been able to mount bass and treble adjustment options. This is something we appreciate music lovers. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications:

  • Power supply: Battery
  • Batteries: Built-in, rechargeable
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Power consumption:  70 W
  • Output Power: 25 Watts (RMS)
  • Base unit (s): 1 x 4 “”
  • Treble unit (s): 2 x 0.75 “”
  • Frequency range: 62 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Maximum sound pressure: 100 dB SPL @ 1m
  • Number of equalizer bands: 3-band
  • Cross-over frequency: 2 kHz
  • Net weight: 3 kg
  • Width: 2 cm
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Depth: 2 cm

With the purchase you get a mini-jack cable, a power cable and a removable leather strap. The cool thing about this speaker is that it has a big size. It measures a lot in depth, but still weighs no more than 3 kilos. You can easily carry it around.

When I tested the sound quality, I put both treble and bass at 50%. And I almost got a shock. Out came a super bold and very powerful sound with bass, fullness and warmth.


  • Super sound
  • Lots of adjustment options
  • Headphone output
  • Rem / handle
  • Nice design


  • Not quite as flexible as the Stockwell speaker
  • Does not accept calls
  • There are no playback control elements

If you are interested in seeing and hearing the speaker, click this video:

Marshall Kilburn: A perfect choice if you often have a place without power

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Marshall wireless speaker

You can wirelessly connect your mobile to all Marshall speakers . Both their Kilburn and Stockwell models use rechargeable batteries as power supplies. Therefore, these speakers are wireless. You can bring them without being dependent on electrical outlets. It’s fucking easy and mega delicious.

Marshall bluetooth speaker

Common to all the speakers shown is that they have bluetooth. So no matter which one you choose, is it possible to play music from your device (such as your mobile or iPad). It is very easy to connect your device. Once connected, your device will automatically connect to the speaker when it is turned on.

Discontinued models

Marshall Woburn speaker

Marshall Woburn is out of production today, but was actually our previous test winner. A fantastic speaker in terms of sound, materials and quality. Marshall Woburn Speaker is a huge speaker that really delivers a great sound. You can hear all kinds of music genres on it, but rock and pop are the best. The speaker is in the well-known Marshall design – gold lines and gold buttons. It doesn’t get any better. Looking at the price, it reminds a lot of the Marshall Stanmore model. The biggest difference is that this Marshall speaker is larger and has 2 bass units instead of 1. If you have plenty of room, you should buy this speaker. You can hear music at full volume. The cool thing about this speaker is that there is no distortion. At the same time, it is equipped with some cool buttons where you can adjust both bass and treble. If you like loud bass then you should hear this Marshall speaker. It can really deliver a low frequency response without a mud-like intermittent response. All in all, a clean, detailed and warm sound. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications:

  • Inputs: 2 x phono, 1 x minijack
  • Other ports: Bluetooth, 1x optical (Toslink)
  • Power consumption: max 200 W
  • Output power: 80 watts (RMS)
  • Frequency range: 35 Hz – 22 Hz
  • Cross-over frequency: 2.8 kHz
  • Net weight: 7.9 kg
  • Width: 400 mm
  • Height: 308 mm
  • Depth: 200 mm

As you can see, it weighs 7.9 kilos, which must be said to be a part. You should pay particular attention to this if you buy it.

As a compilation of my assessment, here is a list of the speaker’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • Great sound
  • Good quality
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Apple TV compatible
  • Design
  • Good price

If you are interested in seeing and hearing the speaker, click this video:

Marshall Woburn: This speaker is for those who want a medium size and who can play at the same time


Buying guide for best Marshall speakers

Music wouldn’t be what it is today without Marshall. The British manufacturer has played an integral role in shaping the tones of rock ‘n roll, from Eddie Van Halen’s trademark “brown sound” to the legendary crunch of Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC’s Angus Young, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, and others. 

And while the brand has been around since the 1960s, its portfolio has adapted to today’s tech remarkably. WIreless Marshall speakers allow you to bring the company’s exceptional audio engineering and classic good looks into your living room, office, or event venue. It gets even better if you own Marshall music gear, because you can tie your space together with a cohesive, stylish design. 

Marshall speakers are available in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of contemporary features like Bluetooth, voice controls, app compatibility, and multiroom connect. Some plug into an outlet, some are battery powered and wireless, and others offer a blend of both for maximum flexibility. Whether you’re hosting guests, throwing a party, bingeing podcasts, or you just want more music in your life, we’re here to break down everything Marshall speakers have to offer and recommend our favorites.

Key considerations

Speaker quality

Deciding whether or not to buy a speaker ultimately comes down to one thing: how great it sounds. There are several factors that go into a Marshall speaker’s sound quality, though, including wattage, loudness in decibels (dB), speaker driver size, frequency response, and, of course, the number of speakers. 

Wattage: This simply measures how much power the unit puts out per channel. Wattage is directly related to loudness in decibels at one meter, and, on average, 15 to 20 watts is adequate to produce around 80 decibels, which is fairly loud, but it’s on the low end for a quality speaker system. 

Driver size: This is also incredibly important to sound quality. Drivers are individual loudspeaker transducers that convert electrical audio signals into sounds, and the size of the driver generally relates to the size of the speaker itself. Portable speakers often have 40-millimeter drivers, but certain versions utilize larger ones for powerful projection. 

Frequency response: Measured in hertz, this describes the range of frequencies in which a speaker can reproduce audio. If a speaker has a frequency response of 100 to 20,000 hertz, for example, it operates best at those tonal points. In general, the wider the range the better. 

Number: You may have seen a figure like 2.1 or 5.1 in speaker descriptions. This refers to the number of full-range speakers the unit has (such as five), followed by the number of subwoofers (such as one).

Inputs and outputs 

The majority of Marshall speaker users connect wirelessly, either through Bluetooth or a WiFi network. Bluetooth offers a usable range of about 30 feet, while WiFi ranges can vary with different routers and can be much farther. 

For those who prefer the wired listening experience, there are several cable input options. These inputs include USB ports, RCA cables, 3.5-millimeter cables, and even optical cables for Blu-ray, CD, and DVD players. Additional outputs allow for supplemental subwoofers as well, so if expanding your system is a goal, consider models with redundant connections.

Battery life

Marshall offers several outlet-powered home speakers, but many run on lithium-ion batteries. The brand has a rough standard of 20 hours, with some offering 25 hours. Charging is often done via micro USB or USB cable, which means they can be replenished from a laptop, power bank, or other mobile device. 

Some Marshall speakers offer a power-saving setting that switches the speaker into a standby mode if it doesn’t receive a signal for a certain amount of time. This lessens the strain on the battery, but it may cause your speaker to disconnect from your Bluetooth or WiFi network. If this happens, simply press the Wake button once and you’re ready to play.




Multiroom connect

What’s better than one Marshall speaker? How about two? Four? Six? Marshall’s Bluetooth speakers can now link together via the multiroom connect feature in the Marshall Bluetooth app. You can link speakers together for events or even have one act as a mono left speaker and the other as mono right for a true high-fidelity experience. The Marshall app also permits the adjustment of EQ, volume, music playback, and LED light settings. 

WiFi models are even easier to connect together and can link to apps like Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and Apple AirPlay.

Smart speaker features

Select models take Marshall’s crisp tones and sleek aesthetics into the smart speaker realm. These models, such as the Action II and Stanmore II, integrate either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa depending on the version you get. This permits easy voice controls, smart home device integration, searching the web, answering questions, and myriad other things.


When a speaker plays music, an electrical current passes from the power source into the speakers, but that current faces resistance. That resistance is called impedance, and it’s measured in ohms. A speaker with lower impedance lets the electrical signal “flow” more easily, and results in higher sound quality.



Marshall speaker prices

Inexpensive: The brand’s most economical speakers are the portable Bluetooth variety. Although there are spendier outliers, expect to fork over between $200 and $250 for the majority of these battery-powered units. They offer impressive volume and quality despite their lack of plugs, and the battery life is a healthy 20 to 25 hours. 

Mid-range: Moving up to $300 or so, you can find larger Bluetooth models with powerful speakers and ample watts. These generally require a power outlet to work, and in some cases offer smart speaker and multiroom features.

Expensive: At the top of the range, you’ll pay about $400 for Marshall’s largest, loudest home speakers. Users can enjoy multiroom capabilities by linking speakers together over WiFi, and in some cases, they can interact with the products with smart voice controls. Streaming audio is possible over Chromecast, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect here, as is playing music through 3.5-millimeter and RCA inputs.  


  • Buy a portable speaker according to your needs. If you travel with it often, prioritize lightweight and compact models that are durable. Some versions have aluminum casings and housings, while others are plastic. In addition, seek out a water-resistant model if you use it outside or near swimming areas.
  • Get the right power for outdoor use. If you use your Marshall speaker outside, you’ll need more power for it to project well over distance. Output is measured in decibels at one meter, and we wouldn’t go any lower than 88 decibels for outdoor use.
  • Experiment with speaker placement. Portable speakers offer an outstanding amount of utility. Try placing them in different spots in your chosen space, because different environments produce different acoustics and sound profiles. Experiment and settle on what you like best for that setting.
  • Check the sound quality. Own a quality speaker but still experiencing poor sound? Inspect the audio file you’re playing. It may not have a high enough resolution (bit rate) to produce the quality you expect, so you may want to return it for another speaker or find an alternative version for clearer results.

Marshall specializes in well-balanced, powerful sound along with solid build quality and handsome looks. That said, all-weather outdoor speakers are not the brand’s strong suit. If you want a waterproof speaker for camping or outdoor events, you may want to look elsewhere.



Other products we considered

A couple Marshall speakers just dodged our list, but we think they’re worthy of mention, too. One is the Marshall Action II Smart Speaker, which impresses with its WiFi controls, multiroom capability, voice activation, and, of course, epic sound. It also offers RCA and 3.5-millimeter inputs. We’re also impressed with the Marshall Tufton Portable Speaker. Sporting a guitar-inspired carry strap and intuitive Bluetooth connection, this model boasts 20 hours of playtime and enhanced 360° sound.


Q. What’s better: a WiFi speaker or Bluetooth speaker?

A. The majority of Marshall speakers utilize Bluetooth technology to play music wirelessly from your phone, computer, or other device. A select few use WiFi, though, while others use both for additional connectivity options. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth speakers are extremely intuitive to pair with your devices and they tend to be less pricey than WiFi models. They’re also often battery-powered and portable because they don’t need to be near a WiFi router. Bluetooth models do tend to have less range, however, with an average of around 30 feet.

WiFi models, by contrast, can stream to multiple devices easily with improved range, and the music won’t be interrupted by phone calls or texts. You’ll pay for the capability, both in price and a more complicated setup. Also, traffic on your WiFi network can potentially decrease audio quality, and these models generally require a power outlet.

Q. Can I use a portable Marshall speaker outside?

A. Marshall offers several portable, battery-powered Bluetooth speakers that are meant to be taken out of the home. These models equip handy carry straps and are ruggedly constructed in general, much like Marshall’s guitar and bass amplifiers. Some are even rated IPX2 water-resistant, which means they’re able to withstand small amounts of water. To be clear, they are not waterproof, so if you want something for the pool or shower, consider a different brand. 

Q. Can I play my guitar or bass through a portable Marshall speaker?

A. In short, no, Marshall’s home and leisure speakers are not designed to play instruments. Not only do they lack the correct amplification technology to take a weak guitar signal and add gain, the inputs are different between instruments and music players. That said, Marshall does offer portable, battery-powered instrument amps for easy busking, gigging, or on-the-road playing. 

Q. How long do batteries last?

A. Although battery life can fluctuate greatly depending on volume, battery age, and even ambient temperature, Marshall’s speakers seem to set a standard of 20 hours of playtime on a full charge. Some offer 25 hours or more, but even small units meet the 20-hour mark. 

Marshall’s speakers charge surprisingly quickly as well. With smaller portable units, you can enjoy a couple of hours of playtime with just a quick charge of 20 minutes and fully replenish the battery in about 5 to 6 hours.

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Top 10 Best Marshall Audio Speakers 2021

Top 10 Best Marshall Audio Speakers 2021

1. Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

  • Stockwell ii makes use of blumlein stereo sound building for a multi-directional expertise that can immerse you in your music, indoors or out.
  • Stockwell ii options an ipx4 water resistant score, making it supremely rugged and sturdy. its encased in a silicone exterior and includes a stable metallic grille and the enduring marshall script. take it with you wherever the lengthy highway leads.
  • Three class d amplifiers energy its subwoofer, entrance and rear going through tweeters for a sound thats brilliantly highly effective and clear.
  • You possibly can observe the speaker battery life with the visible battery indicator situated on the highest panel of the speaker.most sound stress stage: 80 db spl @ 1 m
  • Stockwell ii presents 20+ hours of moveable playtime on a single cost. its pint-sized body and guitar impressed carry strap make it good to take with you.
  • Stockwell ii comes geared up with bluetooth 5. zero know-how for wi-fi music play. play music with any bluetooth system at a variety of as much as 30 ft away from the speaker.

2. Marshall Acton II Wireless Wi-Fi Multi-Room Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-In, Black – NEW

  • Management your music with out lifting a finger -now you possibly can play and management your music hands-free with alexa.most sound stress stage: 98 db spl @ 1 m
  • Let alexa do the heavy lifting -just like a roadie, alexa is there to assist carry the load whereas you’re busy doing different issues.
  • Included_components : acton ii voice speaker, consumer guide
  • Revolutionary sound now with alexa.
  • Limitless methods to pay attention – think about this speaker your backstage cross to each track on the planet. entry to all of the world’s music has by no means been simpler, simply ask alexa. join with wi-fi, bluetooth, rca or the three. 5mm enter.
  • Management your sensible house -control alexa-enabled sensible house units with acton ii voice.

3. House of Marley Bag of Riddim Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • State-of-the-art options: the bag of riddim features a customized detachable bag with a shoulder strap, handles, and a handy entrance storage pocket good for touring.
  • Rechargeable & appropriate: this wi-fi speaker has a chargeable battery that may last as long as 10 hours of play time with a full four hour cost time. it additionally is supplied with bluetooth know-how permitting wi-fi vary as much as 45 ft after connection.
  • Superior sound: dive in to good sound wherever you go and revel in a really spectacular sound high quality for the most effective music expertise with the home of marley bag of riddim audio system. 2 x three.5” woofer, 2 x 1” tweeters.
  • Eco-friendly design: bag of riddim is crafted with a bamboo face and home of marley rewind cloth, which makes use of 30 hemp / 30 natural cotton / 40 recycled plastic bottles. it’s good to take pleasure in at house or on the go.
  • Home of marley: home of marley is constructed on the ideas of superior high quality, sustainability and a dedication to charitable causes whereas enhancing lives by nice product experiences in addition to utilizing proceeds to assist world reforestry.

4. Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black

  • 20+ hours of moveable playtime on a single cost. its compact dimension and rugged sturdiness make it good to take with you. emberton will be rapidly charged, with 20 minutes giving it a playtime of 5 hours.
  • Easy and simple to make use of. management it with the multi-directional management knob. you possibly can play, pause, skip tracks and alter the amount of your speaker, in addition to flip it on or off.
  • Outfitted with bluetooth know-how for easy connectivity, distinctive audio high quality and wi-fi music play. play music from any bluetooth system with a 30 ft vary.
  • Included elements: emberton speaker,consumer guide with authorized and security data, usb-c charging cable
  • Wealthy, clear and loud, just like the artist meant. emberton makes use of true stereophonic, a novel type of multi-directional sound from marshall. expertise absolute 360° sound the place each spot is a candy spot. by separating out the spatial content material of stereo recordings, emberton produces a sound a lot bigger than its dimension and outperforms most audio system in its class.
  • Emberton is hard and resilient. with its silicone exterior and stable metallic grille, it boasts an especially sturdy and simple to make use of design. its ipx7 water-resistance score means you possibly can submerge emberton in 3ft of water for a interval of as much as 30 minutes.

5. Marshall Acton II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black (Renewed)

  • Multi-host performance this speaker options multi-host performance so you possibly can simply join and swap between two bluetooth units. now you and a pal can take turns taking part in what you need to hear.
  • Customise your sound fine-tune your music to fulfill your necessities. simply use the marshall bluetooth app or the analogue controls in your speaker’s prime panel to good your sound in keeping with the room you’re in.
  • Bigger than life sound acton ii is the smallest speaker within the marshall line-up, however produces a sound that’s nothing wanting massive. it delivers a effectively balanced, highly effective audio expertise, but can match within the tiniest of areas.
  • Iconic marshall design this speaker combines up to date know-how with iconic marshall design to ship hardhitting sound whereas retaining a basic look. you’ll need to proudly show this speaker in any room.
  • Wirelessly join with bluetooth bluetooth supplies a superior wi-fi sound at a variety of as much as 30 ft (10 metres) whereas sustaining connectivity. use your bluetooth enabled smartphone, pill or pc to stream music on to your speaker with no wires required.

6. Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in, White

  • Think about this speaker your backstage cross to each track on the planet. entry to the world’s music has by no means been simpler, simply ask alexa to play music from probably the most popularstreaming companies and you’re able to pay attention. you possibly can join with wi-fi, airplay 2, spotifyconnect or bluetooth.
  • You possibly can play music, get solutions, handle on a regular basis duties and simply management sensible devicesaround your own home – simply by utilizing your voice. alexa may help you hearken to your favouritesong, flip up the amount, discover a recipe for dinner or verify your commute to work. you caneven dim the lights, ask for the newest information or verify what’s on television all with a single voicecommand. simply ask.
  • Included elements: voice speaker, mains lead, fast begin information, authorized and security data
  • Loud simply bought smaller. uxbridge voice is engineered to create a thunderous sound from itscompact body. a complicated setup with high-end elements come collectively to producescreaming highs and onerous hitting lows for a brilliantly balanced sound solely marshallcan ship
  • Fill your own home with immersive sound by constructing a multi-room system with amazon echo andother supported alexa built-in audio system or airplay 2 enabled audio system. wirelessly play differentsongs in every room or deliver all of it collectively and play the identical track all through the entirehome. merely begin with one speaker and construct your system over time.
  • Advantageous-tune your music to fulfill your necessities. you need to use the rocker buttons in your speaker’s prime panel to good your sound in keeping with the room you’re in. merely alter the amount, treble and bass with the brass buttons.

7. Marshall Acton II Voice Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa – 1002493 (Renewed)

  • Limitless methods to listen think about this speaker your backstage cross to each track on the planet. entry to the entire world’s music has by no means been simpler.
  • Construct a multi-room system with amazon alexawant to fill your own home with music with multi-room music on alexa-enabled units you possibly can wirelessly play completely different songs in every room or deliver all of it collectively and play the identical track all through your complete house.
  • Revolutionary sound now with alexa acton ii voice is the smallest speaker within the marshall line-up, however produces a sound that’s nothing wanting massive. it delivers a well-balanced, highly effective audio expertise that’s simply managed by your voice.
  • Management your music with out lifting a fingerconsider this speaker your backstage cross to each track on the planet. entry to the entire world’s music has by no means been simpler.

8. Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Black – NEW

  • Wirelessly join with bluetooth 5. zero: bluetooth 5. zero aptx know-how supplies lossless wi-fi sound at a variety of as much as 30 ft whereas sustaining connectivity.
  • Wired connectivity: there are extra methods to attach than simply bluetooth 5. zero. plug into the rca or three. 5mm enter for an analogue listening expertise.
  • Iconic design; frequency vary: 50–20,000 hz
  • Bigger than life sound: it is good for any room, large or small. constructed with superior elements, it produces clear and exact audio, even on the highest ranges.
  • Customise your sound: use the marshall bluetooth app or the analogue controls in your speaker’s prime panel to good your sound in keeping with the room you are in.
  • Multi-host performance: this speaker options multi-host performance so you possibly can simply join and swap between two bluetooth units.

9. Marshall Tufton Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

  • Multi-directional sound
  • Tufton has an ipx2 water resistant score and flush mounted nook caps making it an especially rugged and sturdy speaker. it includes a stable metallic grille and the enduring marshall script. tufton is a behemoth of sound made for the open highway.
  • A further mid-range driver is situated on the rear of the speaker. this configuration presents a transparent and articulate sound throughout all frequencies, and offers the listener a real 360° blumlein stereo sound expertise.
  • Tufton presents 20+ hours of moveable playtime on a single cost. its guitar impressed carry strap makes it good to take with you. you possibly can even observe the speaker battery life with the visible battery indicator situated on the highest panel of the speaker.
  • Tufton comes geared up with bluetooth 5. zero know-how for wi-fi music play. play music with any bluetooth system with a variety of as much as 30 ft away from the speaker.
  • Tufton options multi-host performance so you possibly can simply join and swap between two bluetooth units. now you and a pal can take turns taking part in what you need to hear.

10. Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (4091390)

  • Constructed-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries permit for 25 hours of play time
  • Reply, decline and finish calls with the telephone button
  • Moveable speaker for all times on the highway
  • Get pleasure from your music with out the trouble of wires, since stockwell comes with bluetooth wi-fi know-how
  • Incorporates a helpful usb port to cost your listening system whilst you’re on the go

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Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker - REVIEW

Despite the stiff competition in the highly competitive speaker market today, Marshall speakers have succeeded in gaining popularity. The steady rise in popularity is seen to continue even in the coming years.

This post aims to come up with a thorough evaluation and comparison of Marshall Acton II vs. Stanmore II vs. Woburn II. Which one is best for you? Although coming from the same manufacturer and possessing a lot of common features, each model has some unique features in terms of audio performance and design.

Marshall Action II

Marshall Stanmore II

Marshall Woburn II






4.53 lbs.

10.25 lbs.

18.85 lbs

AC Input Power

100 to ,

50 / 60 Hz

100 to 240 VAC,

50 / 60 Hz

100 to 240 VAC,

50 / 60 Hz

Speaker Configuration





Black, white, & Brown

Black, white, & Brown

Black, white, & Brown

Frequency Response

50Hz to 20kHz

50Hz to 20kHz

50Hz to 20kHz

Maximum Sound Level

98 dB @ 1m

101 dB @ 1m

110 dB @ 1m




50W (2x)


15W (2x)

15W (2x)

15W (2x)

Amplifier Power Rating

60 W

60 W

130 W

Amplifier Class

3 x Class-D

3 x Class-D

4 x Class-D

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 (Qualcomm apt X)

Bluetooth 5.0 (Qualcomm apt X)

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3.5mm and RCA input

Let's begin by taking a glance at a comparison chart of the three models. This way, you can see why these speakers are quite popular today. Next, we’ll examine each Marshall wireless speaker individually. In the end, we will provide a recommendation on which Bluetooth speaker is ideal for your particular preference and needs.


Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

Architectures of The Marshall Bluetooth Speakers

Architectures of Marshall Speakers

Compared to speakers from other brands, it is easy to notice that the Marshall Bluetooth speaker stands out. Each one is as elegant and aesthetically pleasing as the other. However, when choosing the right model, you need to consider a few things, including the weight and dimension.

Based on the comparison chart above, Marshall speakers come in different sizes. If dimension and/or weight is crucial for you, take a look at Marshall’s lightest and smallest model – the Marshall Action II. Sure, you can find a handful of portable speakers from other manufacturers of the same weight and size, but the Marshall model arguably is more pleasing to the eye.

Marshall Woburn II is much bigger in stature. It is as much as 4x larger than Marshall Action II. It is therefore important that you first think long and hard when choosing between these two models.

If you prefer something that lies somewhere in the middle, then the Marshall Stanmore II might fit your needs. It is neither the biggest nor the smallest among the siblings, and it would be the optimal choice if you are looking for a speaker that is big enough, but short of being humongous such as Woburn II. It is also worth mentioning that the speaker’s size has a bearing on its cost. The bigger the speaker size, the more expensive it becomes.

In terms of design, the dimensions and weight are the main difference between the three Marshall speakers. As mentioned, they share a lot in common. They are all available in 3 colors, namely black, brown, and white.

It would be difficult to find a more beautifully designed speaker on the market today than the Marshall Wireless speaker models.

On the front side of the speakers, you will find the iconic Marshall Logo as well as the woven grille. This is perhaps one distinct feature that Marshall will continue to provide in the years to come.

Summing it up, Marshall speakers will surely complement the overall look of your home. Expect to receive compliments from family, friends, and other visitors because of your speaker’s aesthetics.

Other than the logo and woven grille along with the front panel, there are other iconic things that distinguish the Marshall speakers from the rest. These include the three knobs at the top intended for the volume and the bass and treble. These buttons allow you to customize the speaker to produce the exact sound you prefer.

The red LED lights will turn on whenever any function, including the knobs, are switched on. On the left side, you’ll find the AUX Jack as well as the source button. This is also known as the pairing button.

In-between, you’ll find the Bluetooth and AUX lights that will light up whenever you connect the speaker wirelessly or through a cable, respectively. The Play/Pause and Power buttons are located at the right corner. These buttons need no further explanations.

In terms of durability, it is safe to say that the speakers will not be easily damaged with normal wear and tear. Of course, it can sustain damage with improper use or if you intentionally do it. Other than that, you can expect your speaker to provide you with many years of efficient performance with proper care.

Marshall Acton speaker

Note that newer Marshall portable speaker models like Kilburn II, Tufton, and Stockwell II come with IPX2 ratings. This means they are, to some extent, water-resistant, and can handle some splashes of water. Thus, you can carry them around even in rainy weather – with proper precaution, of course. Cover them to protect them from the elements, to always be on the safe side.

It is unthinkable, however, that you will be out on a rainy day with your Action II, Stanmore II, or Woburn II primarily because of their relatively big size and heavy weight, and you would need a power source. Nevertheless, you must not place your speaker near water – even a glass of water.

To sum it all up, water resistance is not among the strong suits of the Marshall speaker models we are evaluating. 

The Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Physiognomies and Features 

Not one among the three speakers featured in this review boasts of an impressive battery life. Simply put, they all need a regular power supply to sustain optimum performance. This is quite a shame considering that these portable speakers boast of their capability to produce some amazing playtime. I guess you just need to accept the fact that their batteries aren’t reliable.

Their power supply limitations notwithstanding, these speakers are flexible in terms of connectivity. They are, after all, Bluetooth speakers, and as such you can the speaker to your device wirelessly within a range of 30’. This is something that you won’t expect any problems with. Most users can attest to that. You can connect your device to the speaker hassle-free.

Also, you can plug the AUX Jack conveniently into the port found on the unit’s top left corner. The Woburn II and Stanmore II offer more options. You can connect them via RCA. They also come with Qualcomm and apt X support. But, make no mistake about it. The Action II is not inferior by any means. Despite its smaller size, it can compete in terms of performance.

Marshall Acton II vs. Stanmore II vs. Woburn II: any way you go, you can expect to get some amazing features. Each Marshall model boasts of multi-host functionality. This means you can connect the two devices via Bluetooth at the same time. The speaker also comes with the Marshall Bluetooth app that allows you to customize the audio aside from the control knobs.

You can tweak and change your EQ depending on your current mood. Amp up your listening experience the way you want. Using the app, you can make the speaker sleep or wake up. You can also change the LED lights’ intensity.

While this post isn't about the multi-room speakers from Marshall, we find it appropriate to mention some features. Multi-room functionality adds three wireless connectivity options: Spotify Connect, Chromecast built in, and Apple AirPlay. WiFI can be used as well to access Google Assistant. You can consider the multi-room options if these features matter to you.

The Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Performance

One of the most important considerations when looking for a wireless speaker is audio performance. Even if it has the most enticing and advanced features available, the speaker is worthless if its audio ability sucks. What’s great about a Marshall speaker is that it is the complete package. 

The massive body serves an important purpose, which is to provide loud, big sounds. These speakers can make a loud party even louder. You can set the bass & treble using the app and the knobs. Customize the sound, whichever way will give you the most satisfaction. Simply put, everything you need is available.

The speakers’ lowest frequency is 50Hz. This is arguably low. If you need more, Woburn II offers an impressive 30Hz, and this is not something you experience daily.

The three speakers can all go quite low to produce humongous bass with high quality sound waves.

The maximum sound pressure level for Action II is 98 dB, 101 dB for Stanmore II, and 110 dB for Woburn II. The full spectrum of the speakers’ powers are impressive 60W, 80W, and 130W for the Action II, Stanmore II, and Woburn II, respectively. These specs are sufficient to enliven a loud party – even in a colossal home.

Although all three are quite powerful in terms of audio performance, and provide crisp and neat sounds, we need to single out Woburn II as the strongest just because it produces the loudest sound.

Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Comparison

As mentioned earlier, the main goal of this Marshall Acton II vs. Stanmore II vs. Woburn II review is to help you decide on the best wireless speaker for your specific needs and preferences. To do that, you need to consider various factors like size, power, and cost. Is the speaker worth every cent you spend for it?

Each of the speakers we reviewed is an excellent choice, but which one is the best for you?

Why You Should Choose the Marshall Action II

Marshall Acton II

This model can be a good choice if you are buying your first Marshall speaker. It is relatively small and more affordable. It comes with most of the functional features and iconic design of the typical Marshall speaker. Unless you need a speaker that can provide you with a more powerful audio performance, Marshall II has everything you need.

Why You Should Choose the Marshall Stanmore II

Marshall Stanmore II

If you need a speaker that is slightly bigger than Marshall II, but not too big to occupy a lot of space, then Stanmore II may be what you are looking for. It may not be as big as Woburn II, but it can provide louder sounds than Action II. It is the best choice if you are looking for something in between, particularly in terms of budget.

Why You Should Choose the Marshall Woburn II

The largest and loudest in the Marshall wireless speaker family, Woburn II also boasts of the most powerful bass. After all, size does matter. If portability and cost are non-issues for you, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t get this speaker. While Woburn II is pricier than Action II and Stanmore II, it will prove worth its expensive price. It doesn’t only boast of its massive size. It also offers an equally massive audio performance.

All three speakers are amazing and come highly-recommended. They all boast of a great design, amazing features, and most importantly, an impressive audio performance.


Time and again, we have reiterated that regardless of the model you prefer, you can expect an amazing and powerful experience. Each of the Marshall speakers has a timeless design and reliable features. Because all three are similar in almost all functional aspects, your choice can be decided by a few factors: price, audio performance, and size.

How powerful and how loud do you want your Bluetooth speaker to be? How much money can you afford to spend for it? Your answers will dictate the perfect speaker model for you.

For the regular user, however, we highly recommend the speaker that is in the middle ground: Marshall Stanmore II. It is neither too small nor massive. It is likewise friendlier on the budget. It is just of the right stature and price.


Speakers compare marshall

How to choose your perfect Marshall Bluetooth speaker

Since gaining the opportunity to stock wireless speakers from the legendary and iconic brandMarshallon our website, we wanted to educate our customers about which Marshall Bluetooth speaker might be the right fit for them.

For those not aware of Marshall, they are an English company with over 50 years of design and expertise in their field.

They specialise in engineering guitar amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets and have been celebrated by some of the world’s most renowned musicians such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Muse and Gorillaz to name a few.

Find out more about the journey of Marshall >>

Article Breakdown: 

The chances are you will have seen Marshall equipment featuring in live band sets as they are some of the best and most highly respected amplifiers in the market. In our experience, you’ll find very few brands that have this level of heritage and respect within their industry.

In 2018, they bravely moved into the wireless speaker market to give listeners the opportunity to stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth instead of via cables.

Their lineup comprises of 3 Bluetooth Home speaker options, 4 portable speaker options (1 new for 2020) and 3 voice-activated speakers (with versions consisting of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant). 

What we love most about Marshall speakers here at Smart Home Sounds is their distinguishable appearance, characterised by a retro and vintage style. These speakers are a real statement and will actually add to the aesthetics of your room, instead of taking it away, which a lot of other speakers struggle to do. 

Little touches such as the guitar-strap inspired carry handles on the portable speakers and the analogue controls to change EQ settings and volume makes the whole Marshall experience authentic and unique. 

Let’s briefly cover the basic detail of each speaker and we’ll tell you what’s good and bad about the speaker to help you towards a more informed purchase decision. 

marshall Portable Bluetooth speakers

Marshall Kilburn II lifestyle blogMarshall portable bluetooth blogMarshall Emberton lifestyle blog

The four Marshall portable, Bluetooth speakers have been designed with a primary focus on sound quality and appearance in mind. They are purely a "listen and enjoy" speaker wherever you are, utilising simple Bluetooth technology.

Most of the Marshall portable speakers have the following advantages:

✓ Longest battery life in portable speaker market at 20 hours + battery life LED indicator

✓ Bass, treble and volume analogue knobs (except for the Emberton)

✓ Quick charge (20 minutes charge boost speaker by a number of hours)

✓ Aux-in (3.5mm jack) for connecting any device (except for the Emberton)

✓ Bluetooth 5.0 technology (the latest and greatest standard of Bluetooth) with 30-foot range

✓ Multi-directional sound (bass driver on the rear for sound that can be enjoyed at all angles)

✓ Multi-user control up to 2 devices so you and a friend can share the control of music at any one time

✓ Weather resistance (starting from IPX2)

✓ Guitar-inspired carry handle for easy transportation


While we love these benefits, here's a couple of things that we found that could be improved.

✖ There is no play/pause button on any of these portable speakers, meaning you must be near to your Bluetooth device to control the speaker. 

✖ When volume is changed using the analogue knob, this is not reflected in the Bluetooth device.

✖ As it is Bluetooth only, any calls, notifications or any other audio that plays through the device will output via the Marshall speaker. We would have loved to see something like AirPlay 2 as an alternative.

Let's take a quick look at each of the portable speakers in turn and see what the differences are between them.

Marshall Emberton - Ultra-compact, Bluetooth, portable speaker (£129)

Marshall emberton Beach LifestyleMarshall Emberton hands lifestyleMarshall Emberton rock lifestyle
  • Lightweight at 0.7Kg
  • 3-Hours charging = 20+ hours of playback time / 20-minute charge = 5 hours of playback time
  • Multi-directional control knob for ease of use
  • Small in size, big on sound! 

New for 2020, Emberton is Marshall’s most portable Bluetooth speaker to date. 

Measuring in at only 68mm tall and 76mm wide, this ultra-compact speaker is also the smallest speaker in Marshall’s lineup. However, don’t let its size fool you! Like all Marshall speakers, Emberton rocks a truly powerful soundstage which belies those deceptively compact dimensions. 

Delivering Marshall’s ‘True Stereophonic’ sound, you’ll always be sure to hear every last note - no matter where you are in relation to the speaker - thanks to Emberton’s 360° multi-directional output. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which offers improved reliability and a greater range of up to 10 metres (30ft), as well as a 20-hour + battery life between charges, your music will always remain free from interruptions. 

And true to Marshall’s rock heritage, Emberton’s metal grilles and silicone casing make for a rugged speaker which easily withstands the rough and tumble of life on tour. Coupled with an IPX7 waterproof rating, Marshall Emberton is the ideal choice when it comes to playing the soundtrack of your next adventures, no matter where life takes you. 


Marshall Stockwell II- Compact, Bluetooth, portable speaker (£219)

Marshall stockwell iiMarshall Stockwell ii lifestyleMarshall Stockwell ii photo
  • Weighs only 1.38kg and measuring 18cm x 16cm x 7cm (H x W x D)
  • Can fit in bags and rucksacks easily 
  • Weatherproof rating of IPX4
  • Perfect for taking on holiday, to the beach, or for a weekend away

Starting off with the baby speaker of the Marshall portable range, this is an ideal travel speaker for using both at home or taking on holiday, due to its compact size and lightweight design.

The Marshall Stockwell II comes with a durable metal grill and silicone wraparound so it’s fit for taking with you on the road. Even the odd water spillage or rain shower, the Stockwell II can continue playing the music.

While its recharge time is less than average at 5 hours to full charge, it features the longest battery life we have seen in a portable speaker at a massive 20 hours and a quick 20 minute burst gives 6 hours of music which is very impressive.

The Stockwell II goes very loud past 80% but once you reach this volume level, the instrument separation starts to struggle, but can be forgiven from a speaker of this size. This speaker is ideal for smaller spaces with a few people, where there is less background noise to contend with.

At £219, this is our pick of the range for anyone looking to gift someone with the joy of music on the go. It’s charming design and portability combined with its market-leading battery life makes this hard to beat in the portable speaker category.

Shop Marshall Stockwell II

If you’re looking to throw parties with floor-filling sound when you’re on the go however, you’re going to want to consider upgrading to the Kilburn or Tufton outlined below.

Marshall Kilburn II - Mid-weight Bluetooth, portable speaker (£269)

Marshall Kilburn II beach lifestyle blogMarshall Kilburn II feet lifestyleMarshall Kilburn II car lifestyle
  • Reasonably lightweight at 2.5kg but less portable than Stockwell II
  • Drip-proof at IPX2
  • Will fit in large rucksacks / bags only
  • Perfect for larger social gatherings

The Kilburn II is Marshall’s upgrade to the Stockwell II giving a wider and more powerful soundstage at the cost of an added weight and size so it's not quite as portable. It was much punchier and bassier though than the Stockwell II and could fill larger spaces more easily, perfect for the open outdoors.

The Kilburn II benefits from many of the same features as the Stockwell II but the added power means you can listen louder with no struggles.

We didn't feel that anyone would find a better-sounding portable speaker for £269.

However, it's not quite as weather-resistant as the Stockwell II at IPX2 which means it can withstand drips at a maximum of 15 degree angle on the speaker.

A 20 minute battery charge provides only an extra 3 hours of extra listening, compared to 6 hours in the Stockwell II, but the Kilburn has half the recharge time to full battery at 2.5 hours.

If you're the sort of person who prioritises sound over portability, the Kilburn II could be perfect for you at only a £50 greater investment than the Stockwell II.

Shop Marshall Kilburn II

If you’d like to go one step further, then check out the Tufton below.

Marshall Tufton - Heavy-duty portable speaker with Bluetooth (£349)

Tufton car lifestyleMarshall Tufton StepsMarshall tufton car lifestyle
  • Most powerful sound in Marshall’s portable speaker category
  • Drip-proof at IPX2
  • Heavy at 5kg
  • Great for taking on long journeys or large parties

Aptly named “The King of the Road”, the Tufton is a formidable portable speaker for music-lovers who listen loud and accept no compromises on sound quality, thanks to its 3-way driver system. 

We didn’t need to take it past the 80% volume mark and if you like to throw a lot of parties, this guy is all you need.

This level of sound is normally found in large home audio speakers, so the added portability is a great touch.

It's quite heavy at 5kg so you wouldn't want to be carrying this around for too long, but once you've got it positioned where you want, it rewards you with massive sound.

The Tufton also has the same weather rating as the Kilburn II, IPX2 meaning it's good for very light rain only.

In terms of battery life, it lasts 20 hours from full charge, takes 2.5 hours to charge from flat and 20 minutes gives a 4 hour boost, which are commendable stats for a speaker of this size.

Tufton is built for the true music-lovers and music-players out there who want the ability to listen anywhere.

Shop Marshall Tufton

marshall Bluetooth home speakers

Marshall Woburn LifestyleMarshall Bluetooth RangeMarshall home Bluetooth range

So moving on from portable options, the next options are standard Bluetooth speakers that can be used anywhere indoors, perfect for at home or taking to other indoor places. They require mains power at all times as they do not contain a rechargeable battery.

As they do not have any portability, they are built to be a little larger and as such, result in more premium sound quality.

Aesthetically, they look slightly different with a gold strip that runs along the bottom of the speaker, a gold logo and textured vinyl grill instead of metal, giving a more classic look than the other speakers in the range. 

Here's some of the common benefits in each of the Bluetooth Home speakers

✓ 3 colour options to suit your preference (black, brown & white)

✓ The highest standard of Bluetooth on the market (Bluetooth 5.0)

✓ Marshall Bluetooth app as an additional way of controlling the speakers for EQ or switching between ambient and stereo mode

✓ Play / pause buttons + volume, bass and treble knobs

✓ 3.5mm jack for connecting other devices e.g. turntable

Let’s see how the Bluetooth home speakers differ.   

Marshall Acton II Bluetooth - Mid-size Bluetooth speaker (£219)

Marshall Acton TopMarshall Acton LifestyleMarshall Acton Lifestyle Blog
  • 3 dedicated class D amplifiers, dual tweeters and a subwoofer to provide powerful audio
  • Sounds impressive at quieter volumes but also goes extremely loud Great for workshops and other busy environments.
  • 3 colour options (black, white and brown)

The Acton II combines a classic look with modern technology and a sound that goes well beyond its physical form.

It is relatively compact so can fit in many tight spaces and in our opinion, the perfect size speaker for a bookshelf, kitchen counter or even bed-side table.

This is our pick of the home Bluetooth range if you want pure value for money. The sound produced goes far beyond the price paid, compared to its competitors.

Shop Marshall Acton II

Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth - Versatile but powerful (£299)

Marshall Stanmore lifestyle womanMarshall Stanmore close up lifestyleMarshall Stanmore lifestyle
  • Offers the best balance between size, sound quality and price
  • Two 15 watt class D amplifiers powering the tweeters and a 50 watt class D amplifier to drive the powerful subwoofer
  • Larger than Acton, but not as large as Woburn, offering a valid compromise
  • Includes RCA input in addition to 3.5mm jack

The Stanmore II is one of Marshall's most popular speakers as it sits comfortably in between the Acton and Woburn models.

Its versatile size makes it perfect for any space, large or small.

The Stanmore II also adds an RCA input in addition to a 3.5mm jack from the Acton giving more wired options.

Simply cycle through Bluetooth, Aux and RCA using the handy switch button on the top of the speaker.

Shop Marshall Stanmore II

Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth - The powerhouse (£429)

Marshall Woburn II lifestyle whiteMarshall Woburn II lifestyleMarshall Woburn II turntable
  • Most powerful sound of entire Marshall range
  • Two 1" tweeters and dual 5.25" subwoofers
  • Our pick for use with a turntable via 3.5mm jack or RCA input
  • Largest speaker of Bluetooth home range so need to consider space
  • Includes RCA input in addition to 3.5mm jack

The Woburn II is simply legendary. This is the speaker for large parties and a blow-the-roof-off sound. Its presence feels like the musicians are performing live with you in the room.

We simply haven’t heard a speaker with bigger bass at this price point. Or if you do, let us know!

We love the Woburn II alongside a turntable for providing analogue design as well as function!

Check out our range of turntables >>

The only downside to this speaker is that it does take up space that you need to plan for. At 40cm high, 31cm wide and 20cm deep, it's designed really to sit in the same place at home.

To get the most out of this speaker, you need to be the sort of person that blasts music out and makes no apologies in doing so.

Shop Marshall Woburn II

Marshall speakers with Voice control

All of the speakers mentioned up until now, use Bluetooth as the sole method of control. While this is the simplest and most familiar method, it's not taking advantage of today's improvements made in control.

However, Marshall have given us one final option and those are the speakers with voice assistants built in. 

As we know, voice assistants let you speak to your speaker and ask it to perform tasks such as play your favourite music from your streaming service, tell the news, stories, fun facts or even integrate with your smart home devices. 

Voice control is a great way of controlling the speaker when you're not close to your Bluetooth device.

Marshall Uxbridge - New for 2020: the compact voice-enabled speaker (£169)

Marshall Uxbridge handsMarshall Uxbridge voice lifestyleMarshall uxbridge top lifestyle
  • The most compact speaker in the voice-enabled lineup
  • Alexa built-in
  • 1 x 30W Class-D amplifier for tweeter and woofer
  • Newly designed EQ and volume control slider panel
  • Choice of black or white

This little powerhouse is the smallest of the voice-enabled range but has been designed to compete with the likes of the Amazon Echo and Sonos One. Offering stylish aesthetics, powerful stereo sound and Alexa voice control in one package for £169, this should definitely be on your shortlist. Marshall has also recently updated the Uxbridge to offer the Marshall Uxbridge Google Assistant-enabled version, compatible with the Google Home family of products.

New for 2020, it also adds AirPlay 2 which might be the differentiator for any avid Apple users.



There are 2 other voice-controlled options. Based on the Acton II and Stanmore II Bluetooth models, there are different versions for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so you will need to make a decision about which one you’re friends with most. 

Marshall Stockwell lifestyleMarshall Range Lifestyle

Whenever the wake word "Alexa" or "Hey Google" are said, the twin-microphone array is listening to your command, highlighted by the 5 led lights running along the bottom.

The voice assistants were very quick to respond and execute the task, albeit you did have to shout if music was playing loud.

Currently, only Spotify is supported by the voice assistants on Marshall speakers so we would love to see Marshall add more supported streaming services with the voice assistants. However, all voice enabled Marshall speakers benefit from Spotify Connect, which is an excellent alternative to Bluetooth as this means other audio that you might be listening to from your device won't play through the speaker.

If you would like to know more about the Acton II or Stanmore II models with voice control, please check the links below.

View Acton II with Amazon Alexa (£269)

View Acton II with Google Assistant (£269)

View Stanmore II with Amazon Alexa (£349)

View Stanmore II with Google Assistant (£349)

Are Marshall speakers worth it?

There are two things we love most about Marshall speakers: the appearance and the sound.

Every Marshall speaker we tested sounded impressively warm and is a different style of listening to more modern speakers. They genuinely have a sound similar to a PA and mimics more of a concert-style sound with pumping bass. 

Combine this with the stunning retro appearance, this is one of the most charming and interesting audio brands we have come across.

If you are looking for a single speaker, the Marshall range provides exceptional value in every single product.

If we had one improvement for Marshall speakers, that would be the way they are controlled. Although Bluetooth is the most popular and simplest method of playing music, we'd love a WiFi multi-room alternative, maybe in the form of an app, which is as good as the one offered with Sonos Speakers.

We can forgive Marshall for this though as the legend of the brand and the sound quality of the products make up for this, and is why Marshall get a massive recommendation from Smart Home Sounds.

Shop Marshall Speakers

Learn More

A Brief History of Marshall speakers (and why we HAD to add them) >>

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SOUNDTEST: Comparing the Marshall Stockwell II and Kilburn II portable speakers - THE COLLECTIVE


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