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The High Elves, or Altmer, arrived in Tamriel thousands of years ago from Old Aldmeris. They see themselves, perhaps justifiably, as the ruling race of Tamriel. They are a highly cultured people, known for their breathtaking architecture and massive libraries of histories and creative works. They tend to be isolationists, largely remaining on Summerset Isle, and only emerge when they perceive a great threat to their homeland. They are powerful mages and warriors, and the de facto leaders of the Aldmeri Dominion.

For more information, see the main lore article.

A list of all the Altmer encountered in ESO can be found here.

In-Game Description[edit]

The racial skills of the High Elves reflect their magical affinity by increasing their spell damage, resource recovery, base magicka, and experience gain. These innate bonuses help define the race as proud and powerful spell casters.

Skill Perks[edit]

Altmer have an associated skill line that complements their lore-based abilities with a focus on improved magicka pool and regeneration and their destructive magic abilities. Abilities are listed below. Notes

  • The numbers displayed here are the base values for the skills. Magicka/Stamina Cost is based on a character of Level 50 Champion Points160. Damage values are based on Max Magicka/Stamina 12000, Max Health 16000, and Weapon/Spell Damage 1000. The actual numbers you see in the game may depend on a variety of factors, including skill line rank, your equipped weapons and armor, other skills, enchantments, etc. As such, they should only be used as a comparative reference.

Passive Abilities[edit]

NamePlayer LevelSkill RankDescription
ON-icon-skill-Altmer-Highborn.pngHighborn11 freeIncreases your experience gain with the Destruction Staff skill line by 15%. Increases your experience gained by 1%.
ON-icon-skill-Altmer-Spell Recharge.pngSpell Recharge51When you activate an ability, you restore 200Magicka or Stamina, based on whichever is lowest. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds. When you are using an ability with a channel or cast time, you take 1% less damage.
152When you activate an ability, you restore 400Magicka or Stamina, based on whichever is lowest. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds. When you are using an ability with a channel or cast time, you take 2% less damage.
303When you activate an ability, you restore 625Magicka or Stamina, based on whichever is lowest. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds. When you are using an ability with a channel or cast time, you take 5% less damage.
ON-icon-skill-Altmer-Syrabane's Boon.pngSyrabane's Boon101Increases your Max Magicka by 600.
202Increases your Max Magicka by 1200.
403Increases your Max Magicka by 2000.
ON-icon-skill-Altmer-Elemental Talent.pngElemental Talent251Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 86.
352Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 172.
503Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 258.
Sours: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:High_Elf

ESO High ElfHigh Elves or the “Altmer” as they are known in their homeland, the Summerset Isle, feel a sense of pride over the accomplisments their race has achieved since the dawn of time. Simply put, the Altmer see themselves as better than the others. The High Elves developed the common tongue of Tamriel and are revered in the arcane arts, making the finest wizards of all the races.

The symbol of High Elves in Elder Scrolls Online is the head of an eagle. Altmer are the dominant race of Aldmeri Dominion, an alliance joined by Bosmer and Khajiit.

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In Elder Scrolls Online, the naturally magic-inclined High Elves receive bonuses to experience gains with destruction staffs and have increased magicka regeneration rate in combat thanks to the Spellcharge racial skill. Gift of Magnus, identical to the racial skill of Bretons, increases the maximum magicka a High Elf can have, and the Elemental Talent increases the elemental magic damage they deal.

With these passive abilities, the High Elves have a slight egde over most other races when it comes to magicka. The Elemental Talent ability is especially  interesting, because it increases the damage done by cold, fire and shock effects by a flat percentage, giving high elves great synergy with class or other  abilities that deal elemental damage. Overall, the High Elf is a race with great benefits to magic based combat.

High Elf Racial Skills
PassiveDestruction Talent
  • Increase experience gain with Destruction Staff skill line by 15%.
PassiveSpellcharge (0/3)
  • Increase Magicka recovery while in combat by 3%.
PassiveGift of Magnus (0/3)
  • Increase maximum Magicka by 4%.
PassiveElemental Talent (0/3)
  • Increase damage done by Cold, Fire or Shock effects by 2%.
Sours: http://tamrieljournal.com/factions-and-races/aldmeri-dominion/high-elves/
  1. Gila fires
  2. Eurorack pcbs
  3. Old crystal decanters

Alinor Amphora, Delicate  ♦  Alinor Amphora, Embossed  ♦  Alinor Amphora, Portrait  ♦  Alinor Amphora, Slender  ♦  Alinor Ancestor Clock, Celestial  ♦  Alinor Archway, Tall  ♦  Alinor Archway, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Armchair, Backless Polished  ♦  Alinor Armchair, Backless Verdant  ♦  Alinor Armchair, Noble  ♦  Alinor Armchair, Polished  ♦  Alinor Banner, Hanging  ♦  Alinor Bathing Robes, Decorative  ♦  Alinor Bed, Canopy Full  ♦  Alinor Bed, Noble Full  ♦  Alinor Bed, Noble Single  ♦  Alinor Bed, Polished Single  ♦  Alinor Bench, Marble  ♦  Alinor Bench, Verdant  ♦  Alinor Bookshelf Wall, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Bookshelf, Polished  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Carved Wood  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Millet  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Shallow Limestone  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Stemmed Limestone  ♦  Alinor Bread Basket, Wrought Iron  ♦  Alinor Cabinet, Noble  ♦  Alinor Carpet, Alinor Crescent  ♦  Alinor Carpet, Intricate  ♦  Alinor Carpet, Verdant  ♦  Alinor Carpet, Vibrant  ♦  Alinor Chair, Polished  ♦  Alinor Chalice, Delicate  ♦  Alinor Chalice, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Chalice, Silver Ornate  ♦  Alinor Column, Heavy Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Huge Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Jagged Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Slender Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Tumbled Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Counter, Polished Corner  ♦  Alinor Counter, Polished Drawers  ♦  Alinor Curtains, Drawn  ♦  Alinor Curtains, Tall Drawn  ♦  Alinor Display Stand, Marble  ♦  Alinor Display Stand, Marble Wide  ♦  Alinor Divider, Noble  ♦  Alinor Divider, Polished  ♦  Alinor Drapes, Noble  ♦  Alinor Fence, Tall  ♦  Alinor Fence, Tall Long  ♦  Alinor Fireplace, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Floor, Ballroom Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Fountain, Four-Way Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Fountain, Regal  ♦  Alinor Fountain, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Goblet, Silver Plain  ♦  Alinor Goblet, Silver Stamped  ♦  Alinor Goblet, Simple  ♦  Alinor Jewelry Box, Noble  ♦  Alinor Jewelry Box, Octagonal  ♦  Alinor Jewelry Box, Peaked  ♦  Alinor Jewelry Box, Polished  ♦  Alinor Lantern, Hanging  ♦  Alinor Lantern, Stationary  ♦  Alinor Meal, Complete Setting  ♦  Alinor Meal, Individual  ♦  Alinor Monument, Marble  ♦  Alinor Nightstand, Noble  ♦  Alinor Nightstand, Octagonal  ♦  Alinor Nightstand, Scalloped  ♦  Alinor Pedestal, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Pergola, Blue Wisteria Peaked  ♦  Alinor Pergola, Purple Wisteria  ♦  Alinor Pergola, Purple Wisteria Overhang  ♦  Alinor Pew, Polished  ♦  Alinor Pie Dish, Cherry Pie  ♦  Alinor Plate, Embossed  ♦  Alinor Platter, Scalloped  ♦  Alinor Plinth, Sarcophagus  ♦  Alinor Post, Stone Wall  ♦  Alinor Post, Tall Fence  ♦  Alinor Pot, Hanging Stamped  ♦  Alinor Pot, Limestone  ♦  Alinor Pot, Patterned  ♦  Alinor Rug, Alinor Seal  ♦  Alinor Runner, Royal  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Open  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Peaked  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Wedge  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Arched  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Arched Glass  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Crenellated  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Lantern  ♦  Alinor Sconce, Wrought Glass  ♦  Alinor Shrine, Limestone  ♦  Alinor Shrine, Limestone Raised  ♦  Alinor Stairway, Timeworn Wide  ♦  Alinor Stairway, Timeworn.  ♦  Alinor Statue, Kinlady  ♦  Alinor Statue, Kinlord  ♦  Alinor Statue, Orator  ♦  Alinor Streetlight, Paired Wrought Iron  ♦  Alinor Streetlight, Wrought Iron  ♦  Alinor Table Runner, Cloth of Silver  ♦  Alinor Table Runner, Coiled  ♦  Alinor Table Runner, Verdant  ♦  Alinor Table Setting, Complete  ♦  Alinor Table, Decorative Marble  ♦  Alinor Table, Noble Grand  ♦  Alinor Table, Noble Intimate  ♦  Alinor Table, Round Marble  ♦  Alinor Tapestry, Alinor Dawn  ♦  Alinor Tapestry, Alinor Dusk  ♦  Alinor Tapestry, Royal Gryphons  ♦  Alinor Tomb, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Trunk, Engraved  ♦  Alinor Trunk, Noble  ♦  Alinor Trunk, Peaked  ♦  Alinor Trunk, Spired  ♦  Alinor Urn, Bronze  ♦  Alinor Urn, Gilded  ♦  Alinor Urn, Limestone Large  ♦  Alinor Urn, Stemmed  ♦  Alinor Wall Mirror, Noble  ♦  Alinor Wall Mirror, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Wall Mirror, Verdant  ♦  Alinor Wall Shrine, Marble  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone Corner  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone Long  ♦  Alinor Wardrobe, Polished  ♦  Alinor Wine Press, Display  ♦  Alinor Winerack, Polished  ♦  Ancient High Elf Statue  ♦  High Elf Armoire, Winged  ♦  High Elf Banner, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Bar, Overhanging  ♦  High Elf Basin, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Basin, Standing  ♦  High Elf Basin, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bed, Bunk  ♦  High Elf Bed, Single  ♦  High Elf Bed, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Bed, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bed, Winged Double  ♦  High Elf Bench, Covered  ♦  High Elf Bench, Curved  ♦  High Elf Bookcase, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Bookcase, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bookshelf, Engraved  ♦  High Elf Bookshelf, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Bookshelf, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bottle, Winged  ♦  High Elf Bowl, Serving  ♦  High Elf Brazier, Winged  ♦  High Elf Cabinet, Corner  ♦  High Elf Candelabra, Winged  ♦  High Elf Candle, Winged  ♦  High Elf Candleholder, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Carafe, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Carpet, Eagle  ♦  High Elf Carpet, Rustic  ♦  High Elf Carpet, Tree-Themed  ♦  High Elf Carpet, Water-Themed  ♦  High Elf Cart, Covered  ♦  High Elf Chair, Regal Verdant  ♦  High Elf Chair, Regal Winged  ♦  High Elf Chair, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Chair, Winged  ♦  High Elf Chandelier, Winged  ♦  High Elf Chest of Drawers  ♦  High Elf Counter, Block  ♦  High Elf Counter, Long Cabinet  ♦  High Elf Crest, Winged  ♦  High Elf Cup, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Decanter, Glass  ♦  High Elf Desk, Regal Winged  ♦  High Elf Desk, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Desk, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Divider, Carved  ♦  High Elf Divider, Delicate  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Corner  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Winged  ♦  High Elf End Table, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf End Table, Verdant  ♦  High Elf End Table, Winged  ♦  High Elf Flask, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Flute, Wine  ♦  High Elf Goblet, Glass  ♦  High Elf Goblet, Silver Ornate  ♦  High Elf Goblet, Winged  ♦  High Elf Lamp, Oil  ♦  High Elf Lamppost, Spiked  ♦  High Elf Lamppost, Stone  ♦  High Elf Medal, Winged  ♦  High Elf Medallion, Winged  ♦  High Elf Plate, Dinner  ♦  High Elf Platter, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Platter, Winged  ♦  High Elf Pot, Hanging  ♦  High Elf Sconce, Winged  ♦  High Elf Shelf, Long  ♦  High Elf Shelf, Short  ♦  High Elf Stool, Covered  ♦  High Elf Stool, Curved  ♦  High Elf Streetlight, Stone  ♦  High Elf Table, Sturdy Formal  ♦  High Elf Table, Sturdy Kitchen  ♦  High Elf Table, Tea  ♦  High Elf Table, Verdant Formal  ♦  High Elf Table, Verdant Kitchen  ♦  High Elf Table, Winged Formal  ♦  High Elf Table, Winged Kitchen  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Eagle  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Rustic  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Tree-Themed  ♦  High Elf Tapestry, Water-Themed  ♦  High Elf Throne  ♦  High Elf Trestle, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Trestle, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Trestle, Winged  ♦  High Elf Trunk, Jeweled  ♦  High Elf Trunk, Winged  ♦  High Elf Vase, Gilded  ♦  High Elf Vase, Winged  ♦  High Elf Wagon, Covered  ♦  High Elf Wagon, Sturdy  ♦  High Elf Wine Rack, Folding  ♦  High Elf, Goblet, Glass  ♦  Painting of High Elf Tower, Refined

Sours: https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Altmer+(High+Elf)
ESO Ancestral High Elf Style - Antiquities System Reward

High Elf

The High Elves are a race of proud and powerful spellcasters in the Elder Scrolls Online. The racial skills of the High Elves reflect their magical affinity by increasing their weapon and spell damage, resource recovery, base magicka and experience gain.

High Elves have the following Racial Passives in The Elder Scrolls Online.

HighbornIncreases experience gain with the destruction staff skill line by 15%. Increases your experience gained by 1%.
Spell RechargeWhen you activate an ability, you restore 625 Magicka and Stamina, based on whichever is lowest. This effect can occure once every 6 seconds.
Syrabane's BoonIncreases your Maximum Magicka by 2000.
Elemental TalentIncreases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 258.

High Elves belong to the Aldmeri Dominion Faction in The Elder Scrolls Online along with Wood Elves and Khajiits.

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