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101 Awesome Pokemon Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

If you are a fan of Pokémon, you will enjoy plenty of awesome and cool pokémon tattoo ideas. This is an old-school cartoon that millions of us used to love! Which pokémon was your favorite? Well, either way, you will enjoy these body ink ideas!

Top 20 Pokemon Tattoos

1. Pokémon Tattoos Psyduck

Psyduck is a forgetful pokemon. If you can relate to him in this way and you like cool yet cute tattoos, this is it!

2. Pokémon Tattoos Magicarp

If you are a fan of water Pokemons, or maybe you are a water sign in the zodiac – you will enjoy a Magicarp somewhere on your body!

3. Pokemon Tattoo Over Leg

Men who love straight-up cute pokémon tattoos will love something similar on their legs!

4. Pokeball Tattoo Ideas

‘’Gotta catch them all’’ is our favorite phrase! If you love Pokemon and you were a die-hard fan, you will need Pokeball tattoos.

5. Pokemon Tattoos Designs

Charmander is a fire pokemon. If you love firey designs and this one used to be your favorite, make sure you get it somewhere visible.

6. Pokemon Tattoo Gengar

Gengar is a cool Pokemon. True fans will want similar tattoos over their bodies.

7. Pokemon Tattoo Togepi Design

Togepi is everyone’s favorite! If you like simple and cute Pokemons, this is the one!

8. Pokemon Tattoo On Arm

If you are a water sign, you will enjoy water pokemon tattoos.

9. Pikachu Tattoo On Calf

Millions of people loved to follow Pikachu on all of his journeys! If you are a die-hard fan still to this day, get similar tattoos.

10. Pokemon Tattoo Sleeve 

Pokemon tattoos sleeve options are very bold and attention-seeking. If you are a fan of giant designs, as well as the evolution of one Pokemon, in particular, you will enjoy this design.

11. Pokémon Tattoo Bird Design

Your Pokemon tattoos can look simple, goofy, and fun!

12. Pokemon Tattoo On Back Gengar

Giant tattoos across the entire back are very bold and brave. If this sounds like you, get this Gengar!

13. Pikachu Tattoo Detective Design

Not too long ago, Detective Pikachu came out, and everyone fell in love with this movie! Are you one of them?

14. Blastoise Tattoo Designs

Blastoise tattoos are great for guys who prefer water signs, as well as giant pokemon tattoos.

15. Cool Mewtwo Tattoo 

Mewtwo was the most talked-about Pokemon in the saga. If you need a brave sign for your tattoo inspo, Mewtwo is the one!

16. Pokemon Sleeves Tattoo 

Pokemon sleeves could also be your go-to if you are indecisive. A fan of plenty of Pokemons, or maybe even Digimons? Go for a sleeve!

17. Bulbasaur Pokemon Tattoos 

Bulbasaur was one of our favorite characters. If you like the green color and you like cuter tattoos, this is an amazing choice.

18. Charizard Tattoo Designs

Charizard is a tough and often go-to tattoo choice. If you love to follow the trends, you will need a Charizard on your arm!

19. Haunter Tattoo Pokémon Tattoo Ideas

Spooky and scary Pokemons are always a good choice, especially if you don’t like typical and common tattoos.

20. Squirtle Tattoo Ideas 

Squirtle is a Pokemon that everyone used to love! If you are a fan of friendly and original (first series) Pokemons, you will need a Squirtle!

On That Note

Gotta catch them all, right? But which design was your favorite? As you can see, tattoos can look cute, brave, bold, as well as unusual. Make sure you stick with your gut and go for tattoos that truly bring back those childhood memories.

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Pokemon tattoos are not so common. People often wonder if it is a good idea to have a pokemon tattoo. I would say that it depends on you. There are many examples where fans went on to have tattoos of their favorite TV shows or movies or characters. Even if you decide to go for a pokemon tattoo then the big confusion lies in the choice of pokemon.

There are hundreds of pokemon and it gets difficult for you to choose the right kind for a tattoo. From Snorlax, Celebi to Dragonite there can be thousands of pokemon tattoos. Here we picked up 50 best pokemon tattoos designs for men and women-

pokemon tattoos

1. Now who wouldn’t like a chilling on the beach Squirtle tattoo? This squirtle tattoo would look even better on forearm.

pokemon tattoo

Pokemon Tattoos

pokemon tattoo design

pokemon tattoo sleeves

pokemon tatto

pokemon tattos

2. One adorable thing about pokemon tattoos is that you can show women empowerment through them. Here is a boxing mewtwo pokemon tattoo design on a girl.

tattoo pokemon

Pokemon Tattoo 2

pokemon tattoo designs

pokemon sleeve tattoo

simple pokemon tattoos

pokemon tatoos

3. Pokemon Go increased the popularity of Pokeball tattoos too. So how about a pokemon tattoo where your favorite pokemon is caught inside the Pokeball.

cool pokemon tattoos

Pokemn Tattoos 1

pokémon tattoos

pokemon go tattoos

small pokemon tattoos

pikachu tattoo

4. Different pokemon tattoos can convey different messages and hold different meanings. For example a Gastly pokemon tattoo design can be used to scare kids.

pikachu tattoos

Pokemon Tattoo 3

simple pokemon tattoo

best pokemon tattoos

pokemon tattoo sleeve

badass pokemon tattoos

5. Pikachu is the most popular and most adorable pokemon so there is no way to ignore tattoos of Pikachu. Here is a Pikachu tattoo made using blackwork (thick solid black outlines).

pokemon go tattoo

Pokemon Tattoo 4

traditional pokemon tattoo

ghastly tattoo

pokemon tattoos for guys

haunter tattoo

6. A simple pokemon tattoo idea would to have multiple pokemon tattooed in action. For example here is a sylveon tattoo along with pokeball and mew tattoo.

pokemon tattoo ideas

Pokemon Tattoo 5

pokemon tattoos small

ghost pokemon tattoo

pokemon sleeve

awesome pokemon tattoos

7. If you wish to have a fairy tattoo design then I would suggest opting for Gardevoir pokemon tattoo design. Here is a beautiful design for you.

watercolor pokemon tattoo

Pokemon Tattoo 57

pokemon half sleeve

gastly tattoo

gastly haunter gengar tattoo

amazing pokemon tattoos

8. If you wish to have Chinese dragon tattoo or sea kraken tattoo design then you can get them both in a majestic Gyrados pokemon tattoo.

pokemon sleeve tattoos

Pokemon Tattoo 7

geometric pokemon

pokemon watercolor tattoo

new school pokemon tattoo

water pokemon tattoo

9. Eeve can transform into many forms and its final evolution is into Vaporeon. Here is a simple vaporeon pokemon tattoo design.

pikachu tattoo designs

Pokemon Tattoo 8

haunter pokemon tattoo

cool pokemon ideas

minimalist pokemon tattoo

pokeball tattoo

10. If you have a cheerful and jolly nature then you should pick up a Squirtle pokemon tattoo design as it is always in a happy mood.

gyarados tattoo

Pokemon Tattoo 9

raichu tattoo

charizard tattoo

lugia tattoo

tribal pokemon tattoos

pokemon tattoo flash

tribal pokemon tattoo

unknown pokemon tattoo

matching pokemon tattoos

gardevoir tattoo

pokemon ball tattoo

Simple Pokemon Tattoos

11. You can also imagine your favourite pokemon into characters of other popular movies or books. For example here is a Pikachu tattoo inked in the costume of a Jedi (Star Wars).
Pokemon Tattoo 50

12. Small size pokemon tattoos would also look adorable but in my opinion you should try large size or medium size pokemon tattoos.
Pokemon Tattoo 11

13. Rare type of Pokemon are more loved by people than common pokemon. Here is a Ivysaur pokemon tattoo that is rarely found.
Pokemon Tattoo 12

14. Bublasur is one adorable pokemon and here is a bublasur pokemon tattoo design on the thigh of a girl.
Pokemon Tattoo 1

15. Even though boys choose to dominate pokemon types still it does not mean a boy cannot have a feminine pokemon tattoo. Here is a chikorita tattoo on the calf of a boy.
Pokemon Tattoo 14

Tattoos Pokemon

16. If you have an observing personality then you should opt for Umbreon tattoo design like this.
Pokemon Tattoo 15

17. Many people wonder if Pokemon tattoos are cool or would it be too much? I would say that it is common to have tattoos of pop culture things that you love.
Pokemon Tattoo 16

18. Pokemon tattoos can be a very good option for matching sibling tattoos. You can opt for a pokemon that evolves into a dangerous form. The younger sibling can have the first generation pokemon tattoo and the elder sibling can have much advance and highly evolved pokemon of the same breed.
Pokemon Tattoo 17

19. Pokemon tattoos can be a very good cover up tattoos but for this, you have to choose more than one pokemon. For example here are multiple pokemon inked in one tattoo on the thigh of this woman.
Pokemon Tattoo 54

20. A smiling Pikachu tattoo can give you positivity all day. Here is a Pikachu tattoo seating on a pokeball.
Pokemon Tattoo 19

Pokemon Go Tattoos

21. You can also have a temporary tattopo design that shows your favourite pokemon along with your favourite movie character.
Pokemon Tattoo 20

22. Instead of going for a full body pokemon tattoo design you can have pokemon tattoo of just th face like this.
Pokemon Tattoo 21

23. A 3d pokemon tattoo design would be hard to do but if you are die hard pokemon fan then I would recommend you to try it.
Pokemon Tattoo 22

24. You can see a lot of pokemon tattoo fails online and therefore I would suggest you have a temporary pokemon tattoo first to see the reaction of people.
Pokemon Tattoo 23

25. Jigglypuff is known for its hypnotizing capabilities. If you have crush on someone then you can dedicate a Jigglypuff pokemon tattoo to her/him.
Pokemon Tattoo 60

Pokemon Couple Tattoos

26. There are flying pokemon, ground pokemon, and water pokemon. It’s up to you to decide on what kind of pokemon tattoo you want.
Pokemon Tattoo 25

27. Another beautiful evolution of Eevee is into Espeon. You can opt for Espeon pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 58

28. Pokemon tattoos are colorful so remember that they might fade away quickly. A different colored pokemon can represent a different form of pokemon. Here is a vulpix pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 27

29. Charizard is one of the most popular pokemon and it is also game mascot in the Pokemon world. Here is an angry Charizard pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 28

30. This pokemon tattoo design can be improved a lot. I picked this design because the artist creatively tried to show how a pokemon would look like while coming out of Pokeball.
Pokemon Tattoo 29

Best Pokemon Tattoos

31. You can have a simple pokeball tattoo design too. Here is a pokeball tattoo in the shape of heart.
Pokemon Tattoo 30

32. If you are not very social person and want to show it with a tattoo then you should pick up a cubone pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 31

33. Girls can add flower tattoo designs to their pokemon tattoos as it will make the tattoo even more beautiful.
Pokemon Tattoo 32

34. If you have a fierce nature and you are not afraid of anything then you should pick up a growlithe pokemon tattoo.
Pokemon Tattoo 33

35. You can also have temporary pokemon tattoos where you show all your favourite pokemons on various parts of your body.
Pokemon Tattoo 34l

Pokemon Sleeve Tattoos

36. A pokemon tattoo design can be easily done using watercolour. Try a watercolour pokemon tattoo and you will not regret it.
Pokemon Tattoo 35

37. Pikachu tattoo will suit both boys and girls but remember to place it on the upper part of body like forearm or shoulder.
Pokemon Tattoo 36

38. As there are many weird kinds of pokemon so you must choose one that defines your personality or otherwise you will feed up of questions.
Pokemon Tattoo 37

39. I don’t think there would be any better Pikachu tattoo design than this. Here is a Pikachu tattoo wearing a deadpool costume.
Pokemon Tattoo 38

40. If you are shy in getting a pokemon tattoo then you should pick up a place that you can hide whenever you want. The calf is one good option.
Pokemon Tattoo 55

Small Pokemon Tattoos

41. If you are more into marine life then you can opt for multiple water pokemon tattoos like this.
Pokemon Tattoo 40

42. Gengar is ghost type of pokemon and it will suit on people who are not much social and like to scare people.
Pokemon Tattoo 41

43. Here is a charmander pokemon tattoo design imagined as a Jedi from the Star Wars movie series.
Pokemon Tattoo 42

44. You can either use watercolours or pastel colors to refill your fading away pokemon tattoo designs.
Pokemon Tattoo 43

45. Foot is not a good place to have pokemon tattoos but then again it is good option if you wish to hide it from people.
Pokemon Tattoo 44

Matching Pokemon Tattoos

46. You can opt for a less popular pokemon as your tattoo and keep people guessing about the name of the pokemon.
Pokemon Tattoo 45

47. Espeon is one very adorable pokemon and Boys can have a blue color espeon tattoo design.
Pokemon Tattoo 46

48. Wrist is a good place to have pokemon and couples too can have matching pokemons. Here is a romantic Pikachu tattoo holding heart.
Pokemon Tattoo 47

49. You can use watercolour to fill up the background of your pokemon tattoo just like this.
Pokemon Tattoo 48

50. Here is a majestic gyrados pokemon tattoo design that will look good on arm or sleeve.
Pokemon Tattoo 49

Name your favorite pokemon character and why you love it?

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Whether you’re an anime fan, gamer, or just a simple enjoyer of animated series, there’s no chance you missed Pokemon. It’s one of the most popular animated series that led to the development of games on different consoles, board games, toys, and other pop culture symbols. That doesn’t surprise us, as it guided generations of children to grow up. With the last few years, especially with the release of the worldwide popular game Pokemon Go, we can see an increase in the popularity of Pokemon tattoos.

Given there are so many Pokemon out there to be caught, there are plenty of designs to choose from. But, we believe that if you played the games or watched the anime, you easily stick with your favorite pokemon or the character for that matter. Even if you don’t, or struggle with finding the right design, we’re here to help.

We crafted a detailed and compelling list of the best Pokemon tattoo designs that also come with meanings and types of Pokemon to pick from. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Pokemon Tattoo Origin & Meanings

Pokemon has always been popular thanks to the worldwide popular animated series. However, even the series came after the popular Nintendo Game Boy video game called “Pocket Monsters.” In this game, you have to raise your pocket monster and train the special abilities that allow it to compete and fight against other’s pocket monsters, or those that reside in the wilderness.

Pokemon Tattoo

In the animated series, Ash is a boy who has a goal to become the best Pokemon master of all times. He wants to catch all the pokemon. He and his first pokemon Pikachu travel the world, hang out with their friends who also collect the pocket monsters, and fight other pokemon to collect them.

They also compete in different championships and tournaments while also struggling and fighting malicious pokemon collectors who want to abuse the owning of these magical monsters. The series was particularly popular among children, as well as older anime enthusiasts who also enjoyed the various game implementation of Pokemon.

In 2016, Pokemon became globally popular thanks to the mobile game known as Pokemon Go. The game uses AR (Augmented Reality) to place a virtual presentation of a pocket monster anywhere in the street. To capture it, you have to take a picture of it. Many people were seen following the streets blindly to catch the Pokemon, and the hype was live for a long time.

The word Pokemon originates from -Japanese language, but doesn’t have a special meaning to it. The Japanese mean Poketto Monsuta which translates to “pocket monster,” same as in the Game Boy’s videogame. It was then constructed into Pokemon.

Angry Birds Tattoo

There’s nothing wrong with that since all those little monsters can fit in a pocket, thanks to the Pokeball or the Pokemon ball. Pokemon masters use Pokeballs to collect Pokemon and make them their own.

The Pokemon master or trainer has a goal to collect as many pokemon as possible, but they need to treat them properly too and take care of them.

They develop their skills and enable them to enter the battlefield in order to fight other Pokemon and masters, for a different set of rewards. Each new season of Pokemon embraces new Pokemon, or the new Pokemon generation so to say.

They are named after the locations they are most prominent at, as well as a result of their unique skills. Numerous linguists were hired in order to introduce and name all Pokemon in the Pokemon universe.

But why are Pokemon tattoos popular? As we mentioned earlier, the cartoon helped a lot of children grow up by entertaining and inspiring them. Pokemon games, cards, and board games are played around the world, which increases the influence of this pop culture.

Pokemon Tattoo on Thigh

Some people want to pay tribute to their favorite game or cartoon. Some people also resonate with some of the monsters from the cartoon, find them stunning, or simply want to decorate their bodies with the said tattoo.

Type of Pokemon Tattoo Designs To Go For

There are multiple Pokemon tattoo designs and ideas you could consider. Here, we prepared a few types of tattoos that are increasingly popular and that you can try thinking of to make your tattoo stand out.

Pikachu: Pikachu is simply the cutest and most adorable pokemon. His loyalty to Ash, his strength, power, and protection is worth getting the tattoo of. When starting to watch the series, everyone would like to have a Pikachu card, toy or to collect the pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Fire Pokemon: There are much cute fire pokemon such as Charmander and Vulpix. The evolution of Charmander is Charizard that is way more powerful, but also scary and distant. They are an ideal option for those who want to showcase the passion and fire burning in their hearts.

Ground Pokemon: Earth is also a popular element, some of the most popular pokemon include Bulbasaur, Bayleaf, Landorus, and others. They are more favored by girls who add other natural elements into the tattoo such as flowers, leaves, and other earth pokemon too.

Pixel pokemon: The oldest Pokemon games presented 8-bit and 16-bit characters. That awakes nostalgia, especially among people who are fans of the older titles, or computer enthusiasts. Still, not everyone is a fan of them, especially if you go for the bigger size.

Legendary Pokemon: Right now there are over 80 legendary pokemon. They all shape the plot and storyline in a certain way. Lugia, Mewtwo, Articuno, and other legendary pokemon regularly appear in the tattoos. It’s also worth noting that they are colored and shaded to add more emphasis on their unique and more legendary designs compared to the regular pokemon.

Black Pokemon Tattoo

50+ Best Pokemon Tattoo Designs

Check out the best Pokemon tattoo designs we found for you. You can combine them and experiment to find the perfect design, size, and location. We hope that you’ll find something that will look great on you!

Pokemon Ball Tattoo

Pokemon Ball Tattoo
Pokemon Ball and Pikachu Tattoo
Pokemon Face and Ball Tattoo
Creative Pokemon Ball Tattoo

Pokemon ball is one of the essential tools in the series. When one Pokemon in the wild is defeated, the Pokemon master will throw the Pokemon ball to capture them and make them their monster. However, the task is not easy at all, as the monster needs to adjust to the shell. Given that some Pokemons are stubborn, Pokemon masters can face some difficulties training them.

That said, Pokemon ball is one of the best ways to not only capture them but also preserve the Pokemon in their crew. It doesn’t surprise us why this tattoo is particularly popular. It’s one of the most important assets for trainers and masters. Additionally, it looks quite attractive and stunning, with vibrant red color.

The best part is that you can combine it with the symbol of your favorite Pokemon, keep it open, or close. You can even use some of the unconventional Pokemon balls used through the series. Lastly, you can play around with sizes and locations. Some people may like it on their wrist or shoulder. However, we can see that the locations vary for many people.

Ghost Pokemon Tattoo (Haunter)

Ghost Pokemon Tattoo
Ghost Pokemon with UmbrellaTattoo
Ghost Pokemon with Long tongue Tattoo

If you’re looking for a darker and more mystic type of Pokemon tattoo but you couldn’t decide what to take, perhaps you should try one of the Haunter tattoos we presented. Haunter is originally known as Ghost, in the original Japanese franchise.

It was introduced in the Pokemon Generation I and in Nintendo’s and Game Freak’s adaptation of the Pokemon franchise. It’s a dual-type Pokemon that evolves from Gastly, and quite popular when it comes to tattoos.

It’s interesting to know that he was supposed to be called Spectre in the North American market. However, given its haunting ability he was renamed Haunter. It’s not hard to play around with this Pokemon design, you can place it anywhere you want. Still, it’s worth noting that the tattoo will look much better with some dark shading applied.

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8-Bit Pokemon Tattoo

8-Bit Pokemon Tattoo
Pokemon Tattoo on Arm
A heart-shaped Pokemon tattoo

It’s no secret that Pokemon 8-bit and 16-bit pixel themes were quite popular. Partly because of the Game Boy videogame, as well as the originally developed theme for Pokemon Go.

Today no gamer is enthusiastic about seeing 3D characters developed with impeccable details turn into 8-bit pixel characters. Still, some people are fond of the old development style in the early technology and would like to have a nice tattoo to reminisce on those events.

16-bit Pokemon Tattoo

16-bit Pokemon Tattoo

In case 8-bit is too painful even for your eyes, here is a good-looking 16-bit tattoo design that will make any part of your body look stylish and stunning.

The best idea for 8-bit and 16-bit tattoos is to keep them small, and hardly noticeable, as pixelated design patterns and texture could make your eyes hurt if the tattoo is larger.

Most people put them on their thighs, hands, wrist, or some other location, suitable for petite and cute tattoos such as the one we showed here.

Pokemon Tattoo Sleeve

Pokemon Tattoo Sleeve
Pokemon Tattoo Sleeve on Full Shoulder
Monsters and fish Tattoo Sleeve

There is no doubt that the Pokemon sleeve tattoos are the most popular among all other tattoo designs. Regardless of Pokemon, or some other TV show, sleeve tattoos are extremely popular because it allows those who wear it to get creative and innovative.

Additionally, the tattoo stigma is dropping down so it’s easier to get tattooed across the whole hand.

Many people want to get the tattoo sleeve because it can also tell a story as well as give a highlight to all of their favorite characters, or pokemon to be precise.

You can experiment with half-or full sleeves. Also, while we recommend total bringing of pokemon into life, and using a palette of different colors, you can be innovative and get a minimalistic black and white sleeve.

Pikachu Tattoo

Cute Pikachu Tattoo
Pikachu in hat
Pikachu Tattoo

Pretty much, everyone’s favorite Pokemon from the start is Pikachu. He’s Ash’s first pokemon, the one he started the journey with. It was hard to tame him because he wouldn’t enter the Pokemon ball. What’s more, he was incredibly stubborn. Eventually, Ash and Pikachu grew connected and shared their journey in both good and bad.

Ash’s character development advanced mostly because of Pikachu, which is why he’s among everyone’s favorite pokemon. Not to mention, he looks cute and adorable and his thunderbolt attacks are quite powerful and intimidating. If you look at the designs we presented, you’ll agree they look great in thought and detail.

You can either go with a smaller design or a larger one. Many people who are making a sleeve tattoo are hard to forget about adding Pikachu to the Pokemon crew.

Tattoo Leg Sleeve

Tattoo Leg Sleeve

In case you’re looking to take a more radical step than the tattoo sleeve on the arm, you can also try the tattoo leg sleeve. Some tattoo enthusiasts are even bolder.

They happily merge the arm tattoo with the leg tattoo, creating something like a body paint carousel that will give a badass finish while presenting their favorite pokemon from the shows and games.

Needless to say, you’ll have to go through multiple tattoo sessions if you plan to bring this tattoo combination into life. Not to mention that it’ll be painful and take quite a long to heal. Nevertheless, it’s worth it in the long run.

Small Pokemon Tattoo

Small Pokemon Tattoo
Five Pokemons Tattoo
Small Pokemon Tattoo on Thigh
Happily Pikachu Tattoo
Small Pokemon Tattoo on Finger

Needless to say, not everyone wants to flaunt and show off their tattoos. Some are looking for a small mark of attention and affection towards the show that helped them grow up.

That’s why you can either use a small black and white tattoo on a place that’s hard to notice or use a full-color tattoo that highlights your emotions towards your childhood favorite show.

Whatever you may decide, we hope that these stylish tattoo designs help you come up with your authentic design. The one we like the most is the finger pokemon that look like some sort of ring or other jewelry. Nevertheless, we know that not everyone is comfortable with that style.

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Legendary Pokemon Tattoo

Legendary Pokemon Tattoo
Black Legendary Pokemon Tattoo

In Generation I there were only 5 legendary pokemon. However, now there are 81 of them. These are more rare pokemon that are harder to hunt down, as well as more challenging.

Nevertheless, they look mesmerizing and would fit great in a tattoo. You can get creative with your favorite legendary pokemon and experiment with the best creations.

We’re sure that they’ll look great as both smaller and larger tattoos. Keep in mind that they are a little more complex to make and develop. Still, everyone will admire your Legendary tattoo, just make sure to get the names and design right.

Floral Pokemon Tattoo

Floral Pokemon Tattoo
Pokemon and Flower Tattoo
Pikachu with a corolla Tattoo
Pokemon and Blue Flower Tattoo

There are a lot of reasons as to why someone would prefer having a floral-inspired tattoo on their body. First, it’s more girly and feminine, and it also shows the softer side of a person if the tattoo is surrounded by more natural elements and symbols.

Fortunately, with Pokemon, that’s easy. As you may know, there are Pokemon races that depend on their ruling elements. Many Pokemon belong to the Earth type of Pokemon like Chikorita, Bayleaf, Bulbasaur, and many others.

Earth Pokemons, are also favored by females because of their feminine designs. That said, if anyone ever told you that Pokemon tattoos aren’t for girls, you can come up with a creative design that will keep the jaws open.

Black And White Pokemon Tattoo

Black And White Pokemon Tattoo
Three Black And White Pokemons Tattoo

Pokemon are colorful monsters. That said, it’s safe to assume that every person who’s enthusiastic about getting a tattoo of them is looking to get the as vivid and colorful design as they can.

Well, nearly everyone. Some want to create a manga-like experience when getting their tattoo done. Not to mention minimalistic tattoos that are quite popular these days.

You can play around with black and white tattoos. You can even experiment with different shades of grey, like in the designs we listed above. There are endless possibilities for a true Pokemon fan.

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Cute Pokemon Tattoo

Cute Pokemon Tattoo
Cute Pikachu and Ball Tattoo
Cute Pokemon Tattoo on Thigh

Beyond everything, pokemon are lovely, cute, simply adorable! Choosing your personal favorite one can be hell if you’re easily allured by those adorable eyes. Pikachu’s everyone’s number one when it comes to adorableness. However, other Pokemon like Squirtle, Chikorita, Skitty, Vulpix, and others are super-levels of adorable.

We adore cute Pokemons. We also loved the crossover Pokemons design with the Sailor Moon characters, we find that’s quite well-thought of and creative. Nevertheless, that design on the chest must’ve hurt a lot, especially around the ribs, as it’s one of the most painful areas on the body.

Charizard Pokemon Tattoo

Charizard Pokemon Tattoo
Fortune Cat Tattoo
Angry monster Tattoo

Charizard is an evolvement of Charmander, which is an adorable, friendly, and loyal pokemon. However, we could see that once he evolved to Charizard on Ash, he became quite hard to trust, he was introverted and often had difficulties listening to orders.

Eventually, Ash and he befriended each other, but never the way it was with Charmander.

Nevertheless, Charizard has always been extremely protective towards Ash, which showed itself many times when fighting the Team Rocket. Charizard as a character for a tattoo can be extremely insightful for people who want to tattoo him. First, his element is fire, and he resembles an angry and powerful dragon.

More importantly, people are great fans of dragon tattoos, so if you’re looking for an anime-inspired tattoo Charizard can be a great choice. We also liked the details put into the tattoo designs we listed.

Minimalist Pokemon Tattoo

Minimalist Pokemon Tattoo
Black and White Minimalist Pokemon Tattoo
Minimalist Pikachu Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are quite popular especially among people who want to get a mixture of a small tattoo and a black and white tattoo.

They shouldn’t show too much detail, they should be the detail itself. We like the tattoos that we found and that we found to me minimalistic enough, but we picked these three as our favorite ones.

If you want to add a more colorful texture to your tattoo design, then you should try this Vulpix tattoo. It looks as if it was done on an abstract canvas, yet it has the warmth and attractive look caused by its color.

Jigglypuff Tattoo

Jigglypuff Tattoo
Colorful Jigglypuff Tattoo

Not everyone in the series agrees that Jigglypuff is a good singer, especially those other pokemon who were the victims of its voice and fallen asleep. Surprisingly, though, it’s an inspiration to many people, especially enthusiastic singers who also share a love for this anime and singing.

Because of its pink color, large, shiny, and adorable eyes, it’s more attractive to females. Nevertheless, it’s a great design for smaller tattoos that you’d like to place on your wrist, hip, or shoulder.

Badass Pokemon Tattoo

Badass Pokemon Tattoo
Badass Pokemon Tattoo on Full Arm
Badass and Cute Pokemon Tattoo

What does badass exactly mean to you? For us, it means a highly attractive tattoo that demonstrates the true power of pokemon in the process. It can also be a super-detailed sleeve or back tattoo that captures a wondrous and epic moment in the clash of two or more pokemon.

You can place your tattoo anywhere, as long as everyone will look impressed by it when they see it.

Although black and white tattoos can look quite stunning and badass, we recommend using colorful designs to add more effect to the design and shine it gives away once it heals.

Water Pokemon Tattoo

Water Pokemon Tattoo
Water Pokemon with HornTattoo

Out of all pokemon types that get tattoos, fire and water ones are the most popular. We decided to give a tribute to the Water Pokemon tattoos. Primarily, because of Squirtle, secondly, because of all the water pokemon that Misty was collecting.

There are plenty of ideas for the water pokemon. Maybe you could even add some sea or other water elements like shells, waves, starfish, and other symbols that will give the tattoo design a better story.

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All My Pokemon Tattoos - Tattoo Tour pt1

Top 83 Pokemon Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

If nostalgia is your game, then there’s no better way to play it than with Pokémon ink. For over 20 years, millions of people across the world have been deep in the throes of Pokémon fever and the release of each game has brought a new resurgence in popularity.

Now that Pokémon GO has a firm grip on the zeitgeist, it’s never been a better time to get one of the pocket monsters scribed on your body.

One of the best aspects of any Pokémon design is the open-ended capacity for meaning. There are over 700 different Pokémon across all the games, each with their own unique character and attitude.

Purists will want a Pikachu or even just a Pokéball. If you want something more silly or fun, Jigglypuff or Wobbuffet can easily fill that need. If you’re more inclined to show off your inner strength against a world you don’t fully understand, Mewtwo can sympathize.

Another advantage of Pokémon related ink is the universal recognition. No matter where you go or what language you speak, someone will recognize your piece and instantly have a connection.

Though the possibilities are infinite, you can find something to inspire in our gallery of Pokémon tattoos drawn straight from your childhood.

1. Black & gray Pokemon tattoos

Just because the game itself is colorful, don’t feel restricted in your choices when it comes to Pokemon tattoos. As you can see, black and white and dotwork offers incredible ways to show off your love of the game without applying full–color ink. 

While many of the above examples are a bit on the darker side, black-and-grey doesn’t always mean spooky or frightening. It’s your skin – if you want a happy-go-lucky Pikachu tattoo rendered in black, go for it! However, if you do happen to want a Pokemon tattoo with a slightly dark-side twist, black and white is an innovative choice to make. 

2. Stylized Pokemon tattoos

Stylized tattoos are a great choice for anybody wanting a Pokemon tattoo but also looking to put their own spin on the original artwork. By using various artistic techniques, simplifying an existing design or changing the artwork in a way that speaks to you, you can create a one-of-a-kind Pokemon tattoo that is yours and yours alone. Get ready to explain your ink – a lot. However, in the end it’s your skin and what you want to put on it is entirely your choice! 

Some currently hot styles which would lend themselves well to a stylized Pokemon tattoo include Trash Polka, Watercolor, Dotwork and Origami. Bright, splashy Watercolor ink plays extremely well with the bold lines and colors of original Pokemon artwork, evidenced by Gengar above. Gyarados’ background waves are a beautiful use of Hokusai-inspired Japanese artwork. 

These are just a few options – explore all the different styles out there and find a way to make your Pokemon stand out in a truly personal way. Pokemon tattoos can also include stylized elements alongside traditionally inked characters. 

3. Realistic Pokemon tattoos

Ideal for purists who want to showcase their Pokemon love in a way that fans everywhere will instantly recognize, realistic Pokemon tattoos stick close to the artwork’s original style. They can be large or small and feature popular characters like Pikachu or slightly obscure ones like Bulbasaur. Some of these tattoos also feature innovative single Pokemon ball tattoos in discreet spot. 

Be sure to find an artist who can adhere to the linework, color usage and saturation of the original. Cartoons are a realm of art all their own, and they present different challenges to old-school and photo-realist tattoos. Once you’ve found an artist who excels at cartoon-style work, you’re all set for some uber-realistic Pokemon ink! 

4. Sleeves, partial sleeves & large Pokemon tattoos

Committing yourself to a sleeve, half sleeve or other large piece is a powerful way to convey your love for…well, just about anything in the world of body art. Using up prime skin real estate with a Pokemon sleeve is a beautiful way to show just how important the game was or is to you.

They’re also a great way to pay homage in a lesser-known character such as Aromatisse or Pineco while keeping your Pokemon tattoo recognizable to casual fans. If you want to include numerous characters, scenes or any mixture thereof, consider expanding one sleeve into two. It takes dedication, but also ensures that nobody gets left out in the cold. 

5. Small & Singular Pokemon Tattoos

With bright colors and near-universal recognition, Pokemon tattoos are a brilliant way to make a big impact with a relatively small tattoo. Whether you choose color or black and gray, stylized or traditional, a small yet strategically placed Pokemon tattoo is a fun, classy and playful choice. 

Do you want to explain your tat constantly, or only reveal it to fellow fans? Choose placement carefully based on these questions. Remember that small is a relative term. For some, it may mean a tiny Pikachu tattoo behind their ear or on their thumb. For others, it might represent a six-inch Gengar on the back of their calf. 

6. Colorful Pokemon tattoos 

When it comes to colorful characters, it’s difficult to beat Pokemon. A bright and beautiful realm filled with equally colorful characters, it’s a playground for those who love vivid, saturated colors, then playing those colors against each other with contrast and quality placement. A boldly colored Pokemon tattoo is great for setting off existing or future black-and-grey artwork or blending into other vibrant ink! 

7. Pikachu tattoos

While some haters might call him the obvious tattoo choice, we just call him straight-up adorable. Not to mention iconic – even those who aren’t fans of the game immediately recognize Pikachu! Who better to represent your love of the game that one of its most famous characters? 

If you have a deeper connection to or appreciation for Pikachu, all the better. He’s a legend deserving pride of place in your body art collection. Remember that Pikachu can be represented in a style true to the original artwork but can also be stylized and modified in a way that makes your tattoo one of a kind. 

If you caught all of these Pokemon tattoos but are looking for more Anime inspiration, click on the links below for more galleries.



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