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60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects

There is never any room in the kitchen for everything that you need to store. Really, no matter how big your kitchen is or how many cabinets you may have, you are going to face storage issues from time to time.

60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
Whether you need more cabinet space for canned food, need bigger drawers for utensils or you just have coupons and other things that need to have a place of their own, you will need additional storage at some point.

We have a great list of DIY kitchen organization and storage ideas for you that will make your life a little easier. You can choose the one that you need or use several of them. Imagine a kitchen that is perfectly organized with everything in its place and a place for everything. Many of these projects are so easy that you can do several in a weekend and have your kitchen perfectly clutter-free in no time.

Use Door Interiors

Use Door Interiors - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsOne great way to organize your kitchen pantry is to use baskets and other containers to keep supplies neat and tidy. Baskets are great for cereal bars and other foods and you can use clear containers to keep cereal, pasta and even cookies where you can always find them easily.
Via Better Homes and Gardens – Kitchen Storage Solutions

Bag in Sugar Dispenser

Bag in Sugar Dispenser - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsA dispenser that not only holds an entire 5 pound bag of flour, sugar or cornmeal not only helps you to better organize, it can help to save time as well. These dispensers have handy pour spouts for easier measuring and they are see-through so you can tell which bag you are getting. They help you to save time and keep your staples dry and fresh. Via: – Bag-In Dispenser

Pallet Pot and Pan Holder

Pallet Pot and Pan Holder - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsHow about taking an old pallet and building a great storage area for pots, pans, knives and other utensils? You just have to paint the pallet, anchor it to the wall with drywall screws and then add some hangers for your pots and pans. A magnetic strip makes the perfect kitchen knife holder and you can keep everything neat and tidy.
Via: Organizing Military Mommy – Pot and Pan Holder

Free Kitchen Pantry Organizing Label Printables

Free Kitchen Pantry Organizing Label Printables - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsLabels are essential for keeping things organized. You can print labels from many computer programs and then just glue them to jars and other containers so you always know where everything is. Use different colors for different supply groups to really get organized.
Via: Wordlabel Blog –Kitchen Pantry Organizing Labels

Free Kitchen Pantry Jar Organizing Labels

Free Kitchen Pantry Jar Organizing Labels - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsYou can easily keep your spice racks and pantries organized by simply putting labels on your jars. There are a number of printable spice jar labels and you can change the font to look however you want it. Imagine having all of your spices perfectly labeled!
Via: Worldlabel Blog – Kitchen Pantry Jar Organizing Labels

DIY Canned Food Organizer – Build your own extra storage!

DIY Canned Food Organizer - Build your own extra storage! - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsWith a few boards, a couple of wheels and a little time, you can put an end to all of your kitchen storage problems by building your own hideaway storage for canned foods. This is a really easy pull-out shelf that you can hide beside your fridge. You just pull it out when you need something and then hide it away when you don’t.
Via: Classyclutter –Build your own extra storage!

Alphabetize Spices

Alphabetize Spices - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsWant to really keep your spices organized? How about alphabetizing them? You can also put a tiered rack inside an empty drawer and keep them well organized. Just choose a rack that fits in the drawer that you have available and voila! You have perfectly organized your spices and when you alphabetize them, you can find what you need much easier.
Via: Better Home and Gardens – 17 Kitchen Organization & Storage Tips

DIY Apothecary Jars

DIY Apothecary Jars - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects Keep things organized on the cheap with homemade apothecary jars. You can use any old jars that you have on hand and then just attach an old drawer handle at the job. Just paint the lid and you have a great looking apothecary jar for pennies. You can then use those jars to keep things in the bathroom or kitchen beautifully neat and organized.
Via: Parties for pennies – DIY Apothecary Jars

Food Label Printables

Food Label Printables

Kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers in the morning. Some are making coffee or tea, some are preparing breakfast or lunch for school/work, and we are all looking for the ingredients we need for our morning routines. But how not to make a mess during that morning rush? The best solution for organizing a kitchen is to label and sort all the canisters and boxes where we store our food.

This collection of printable food labels will help you keep your kitchen in order even when you’re rushing somewhere in the morning. It includes 5 different kitchen-organizing labels:

  1. Weekly meal planner for organizing your meal menu for the whole week.
  2. Pantry labels for sorting the basic ingredients in every pantry, such as sugar, flour etc.
  3. Healthy food tags for those who have food allergies or have some special diet regime.
  4. Pet food labels for pet owners who have to feed their furry friends.
  5. Lunchbox stickers for parents who want to make their kids’ school lunches fun and motivate them to eat healthy food.

Download the printables here: Foodpackaginglabels

DIY Pegboard Kitchen Storage

DIY Pegboard Kitchen Storage - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsUse a pegboard in the kitchen to add inexpensive and effective storage solutions. Just attach a pegboard to any wall that you have available and then add hooks to hold your pots and pans, potholders, utensils and anything else that you can hang. Pegboards are relatively inexpensive and they give you great options for different sizes of storage.
Via: Better Home and Gardens – Affordable Kitchen Storage Ideas

Store Cutting Boards in Your Cabinets with a Magazine Rack

Store Cutting Boards in Your Cabinets with a Magazine Rack - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsMagazine racks give you great storage options. You can install them right inside your cabinet doors to hold things like cutting boards, lids and anything semi-flat. Just screw them directly into the inside of cabinet doors and you have a great storage solution that is inexpensive and very handy.
Via: Lifehacker Davida Galloway –Store Cutting Boards in Your Cabinets with a Magazine Rack

DIY Chalkboard Knife Block

DIY Chalkboard Knife Block - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsTurn your knife block into a great place for memos by painting it with chalkboard paint. You can pick up a can of chalkboard paint at any hardware store. You just paint your knife block and let it dry. Then you can use it to doodle little memos to yourself, keep a to-do list going or leave yourself notes about your favorite recipes.
Via: Dans Le Townhouse –DIY Chalkboard Knife Block

DIY Measurement Conversion Chart

DIY Measurement Conversion Chart - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsYou can organize your measuring cups inside your cabinet doors and add a handy conversion chart so you never have to stop and look up conversions. Just paint the conversion chart on the cabinet door and then add a couple of strips of wood with hangers to keep measuring cups and spoons neat and within reach.
Via: Infarrantly Creative –Measurement Conversion Chart

How to Setup a Magnetic, under-shelf spice rack

How to Setup a Magnetic, under-shelf spice rack - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsInstead of looking for space in your already overcrowded kitchen to store spices, why not just store them underneath your cabinets? You can easily make a magnetic holder for your spices that attaches underneath your cabinet so you don’t have to have room on the wall for a hanging rack or an empty drawer.
Via: Garrett Tillman Instructables –Magnetic, under-shelf spice rack

How To: A Kitchen Pegboard Wall Organizer

How To: A Kitchen Pegboard Wall Organizer - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsPegboards cost less than $20 and you can put them to really good use. Whether you need extra storage in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house, you can hang a pegboard, add a few hooks and then keep everything perfectly organized. You can even paint pegboard to match your walls.
Via: Paperblog –How To: A Kitchen Pegboard Wall Organizer

Easy DIY Pantry Transformation

Easy DIY Pantry Transformation - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsBaskets are great for organizing the pantry. You just need to find a few inexpensive baskets, print out labels for what those baskets are going to hold and then keep everything perfectly organized. Keep all of your sweets in one, your baking goods in another and so on. Choose baskets that will fit perfectly on your pantry shelves or even get a few that you can stack for even more storage.
Via: Design Dining and Diapers –New Pantry Organization

DIY Door Organizer

DIY Door Organizer - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsUse an old door to create an awesome organizer for your laundry room. Just paint an old door, the vented kind that is used for closets works great, and stand it up or screw it to the wall. Add some of those Command brand hangers in all different sizes and you have the perfect organization for any room.
Via: Creating really awesome free things –Rental Trick #3: A Door Organizer

Kitchen Command Center

Kitchen Command Center - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsA kitchen command center will save you space and time. You can make your own command center using just a few boards and a few other supplies. This helps you to keep all of your bills, mail and other essential documents organized and gives you space for a calendar and just about anything you need to keep track of.
Via: Clean and Scentsible –Updated Kitchen Command Center

Easy DIY Gallery Wall Shelves

Easy DIY Gallery Wall Shelves - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsNeed to hang a lot of pictures? You can actually make your own gallery wall shelves to keep pictures and smaller knick-knacks in place. You just need a strip of crown molding, a little paint and a few screws. Just paint the molding whatever color you want and then attach it to the wall. This is a great way to keep pictures and collectibles organized and out of reach of children and pets.
Via: Simplicity in the South –DIY Gallery Wall Shelves That Even a Beginner Carpenter Could Make

DIY Built-in Spice Rack

DIY Built-in Spice Rack - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsBuild in a spice rack to save space and give your kitchen a little décor boost. You just need a few boards and maybe some decorative molding. You can build the spice rack wherever you have a small wall and even leave room at the top or bottom for decorative plates.
Via: Thistle Wood Farms –Built-in Spice Rack

DIY Wine Rack under 15$

DIY Wine Rack under 15$ - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsYou can actually make your own wine rack for under $15. This is a great idea for those who just need to store a few bottles and wine bottles are so decorative that you can hang them in the kitchen or dining room and give the room décor a little lift. If you want, you can label the shelves or just leave them blank so you can add whatever wine you want.
Via: Shanty 2 Chic –DIY Wine Rack

DIY Wooden Utensil Box… with Burlap Flower!

DIY Wooden Utensil Box… with Burlap Flower! - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsIf you have a few small pieces of wood just lying around, you can make your own utensil box and decorate it however you want. This is a great way to keep mixing spoons and other things organized in the kitchen. You could also use it in a smaller version on your desk to keep pens and pencils organized. Just nail four pieces of wood together into a box and add a bottom.
Via: The frugal girls –DIY Wooden Utensil Box… with Burlap Flower!

24 Ways to Organize Your Pantry…

24 Ways to Organize Your Pantry… - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsThere are many ways that you can keep your pantry organized. Keep a dry erase board attached to the door so that you can keep a running grocery list. You can also use mason jars to keep cupcake papers neat and tidy, use clear labeled containers for spices and dry goods or put a small lazy Susan there to give yourself easier access to whatever you need. The possibilities are endless.
Via: The frugal girls –24 Ways to Organize Your Pantry…

Organize Fruit with a Plant Stand

Organize Fruit with a Plant Stand - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsKeep your fruit organized and give yourself a great center piece for the table with a small plant stand. Just take a three tiered stand and add your fruit. These come in a wide variety of sizes so you can use a small one for fruit and a larger one (that will stand on the floor) for things like potatoes, onions and other vegetables.
Via: Design build love –Organize Fruit with a Plant Stand

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Pantry Storage Tips & Cabinet Organization Tips

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Pantry Storage Tips & Cabinet Organization Tips - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsOrganizing the pantry is not difficult. You just need to know where to start. Add wire racks at an angle so that canned food rolls toward the front. You can also use T-molding on the bottom of your upper cabinets to make a great place to keep stemware glasses. Or how about attaching an empty tissue holder to the inside of your pantry door to keep plastic bags organized?
Via: Family Handyman – Kitchen Storage Solutions: Pantry Storage Tips & Cabinet Organization Tips

How to Build Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

How to Build Kitchen Sink Storage Trays - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsRoll out trays are a great way to keep under the kitchen sink neat and tidy. You just need a free afternoon and about $80 worth of supplies and you can have different slide-out drawers that will keep all of your cleaning supplies organized. You can do this in the bathroom as well to keep bathroom essentials organized and within reach.
Via: Family Handyman –How to Build Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

Brilliant DIY Container Store

Brilliant DIY Container Store - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsA few strategically placed shelves, some plastic containers that double as drawers and a bit of imagination could give you the pantry of your dreams. When designing your pantry, remember to space shelves with everything that you want to store in mind. Add a few wire racks for canned foods and leave space for the plastic drawers to hold paper towels and other bagged goods.
Via: Honey and fitz –My Container Store elfa Pantry – recreated!

Fabulously Organized Kitchen Shelving

Fabulously Organized Kitchen Shelving - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsSometimes all it takes to get organized is knowing where to begin. Putting up shelves in the kitchen is a great place to start. If you don’t really have enough cabinet space, you can add shelves around the table or anywhere that you have room and move things from your cabinet to the shelves. You can purchase shelves premade or make them yourself and then paint them the color that you want.

Closet Organizing DIY

Closet Organizing DIY - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsMason jars make great storage containers. You can use them to store dry goods like pasta, sugar and flour as well as other things. If you take the time to make placards, you can label each jar so that you know exactly what they contain which will make it much easier to find what you need. Use chalkboard paint to make the placards and you can rewrite whatever you want when you change out what the jars contain.
Via: I love do it yourself –DIY organize your closets !

Organize Kitchen Storage With Kitchen Cabinet Rollouts

Organize Kitchen Storage With Kitchen Cabinet Rollouts - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsRollouts are great for keeping things organized and making it easier to get to the items that you need. With just a few key supplies, you can create rollout drawers for your kitchen cabinets. You need to measure accurately to ensure that the drawers are going to fit properly and then add them wherever you want to keep pots and pans, lids and even your kitchen garbage can within easy reach.
Via: Family Handyman –Organize Kitchen Storage With Kitchen Cabinet Rollouts

Organizing Cleaning Supplies and Free Label Printables!

Organizing Cleaning Supplies and Free Label Printables! - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsKeeping your cleaning supplies organized is really easy. You will need a few plastic totes and of course a few labels. Just get all of your supplies together so that you know where to start. You can pick up plastic totes of all shapes and sizes for a relatively low price and then just put labels on them so you know what is in them. Add buckets to the inside of your cabinet doors for smaller items and keep mops in a labeled trash can or similar tote.
Via: Tatertots and jello –Organizing Cleaning Supplies and Free Label Printables!

Under Sink Organizing

Under Sink Organizing - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsKeeping cleaning supplies under the sink organized is essential for efficient cleaning. a tension rod is a great place to hang spray bottles and you can add baskets of different sizes for cleaning supplies that you can’t hang. Keep a smaller basket for sponges and other cleaning rags and hang a plastic bag on the inside of the door to hold smaller wastebasket bags.
Via: Jenthous and words –Under my sink

Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen Solutions - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsKeeping silverware in its place can be difficult. Instead of laying it flat in a drawer, why not build in boxes to hold it upright? Other ways that you can organize kitchen areas is to add shelving for recipe books. This not only displays your favorites but if you put the shelf at eye level, you can prop the book open while you are baking and never lose your place.
Via: Chalk and Talk – Kitchen Solutions

25 Freezer Tips and Do-Not-Freeze Foods

25 Freezer Tips and Do-Not-Freeze Foods - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsFreezing meals is a great way to save time. You just cook the meals that you are planning to serve at some point through the week and freeze them. There are other ways that you can use your freezer to make your life easier and if you take the time to make your own meals, they are much healthier. Like frozen pizzas? You can make your own and freeze them and they are just as convenient (and healthier) than what you buy in the store.
Via: Thekitchn –25 Freezer Tips and Do-Not-Freeze Foods

MAGIC Decal Tutorial with Free Printables

MAGIC Decal Tutorial with Free Printables - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsPrint decals out on special paper that allows you to just peel and stick. If you are planning to organize your dry goods in jars, these decals are a great way to save time and get labels in place. You just print them off, peel off the decal and then stick it to the appropriate jar. Easy peasy.
Via: The painted hive –MAGIC Decal Tutorial with Free Printables!

Freezer Storage Labels

Freezer Storage Labels - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsKnowing what’s in your freezer is essential in saving time when cooking. If you freeze your own foods, it is important that you label everything before you put it in the freezer. There are a number of decals and clip arts that you can use to label frozen foods. Remember to put the date on and rotate foods when you freeze new batches.
Via: Martha Stewart –Freezer Storage Labels

No Eating off the Floor – Free Printable

No Eating off the Floor - Free Printable - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsMake rules fun by embossing them in picture frames. Whether you have small children and you want to enforce the house rules or you just like unique art on the wall, you can print off your own rules and then just add a picture frame. This is great for kitchens and dining rooms and really gives it that country look.
Via: Whimsikel –No Eating off the Floor – Free Printable

Conversion Chart DIY – Free Printable

Conversion Chart DIY – Free Printable - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsHaving a conversion chart handy in the kitchen will help you to save time when cooking. You can print off your own chart and then just affix it to a piece of wood or even a wooden cutting board. You just print the conversion chart off on heavy paper, any color that you want, and then stick it to the board. Add a few hooks at the bottom to hold your measuring spoons or cups.
Via: Shanty 2 Chic –Conversion Chart DIY – Free Printable

DIY Drawer Dividers

DIY Drawer Dividers - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsInstead of throwing out old cereal boxes, use them to keep your desk drawers organized. You just cut them to whatever size you need and then you can cover them with wrapping paper to make them look like store-bought organizers. This is a great idea for the bathroom cabinet as well.
Via:The stony brook house –Messy Desk Dilema

Drawer Decor

Drawer Decor - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsThe DrawerDecor System is a neat thought. It allows you to organize kitchen drawers in any color. The gist of the system is that it separates things so that they are no longer just jumbled together in the drawer. You can also choose hangers that just attach to the wall and allow you to simply push your utensils into them where it holds then neatly in place.
Via: Kmnhome –Drawer Decor

So, I Organized my Refrigerator :: A Conversation Starter

So, I Organized my Refrigerator :: A Conversation Starter - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsA few pull out bins and plastic totes will help you to organize your refrigerator like a pro. Just select the sizes that fit with your fridge shelves and begin adding items to them. Group like items together. If you have loads of veggies, use one tote to hold them and then label the tote appropriately. You will be surprised at how much easier it is to find things when you organize.
Via: Goodbye house hello home –So, I Organized my Refrigerator :: A Conversation Starter

The Great Pantry Makeover

The Great Pantry Makeover - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsIf you have the space, lazy Susans are a great way to organize your pantry. To really get the storage space you need, just make a list of the number of shelves you will need and then revamp that pantry to hold all of your stuff. A line of lazy Susans will give you plenty of space for canned foods, spices and just about anything else that you can imagine.
Via: Decor chick –The Great Pantry Makeover

A place for everything in this pantry with awesome door storage.

A place for everything in this pantry with awesome door storage. - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsOrganizing means utilizing every bit of space that you have. Use pegboards to hold things that can hang, baskets for groups of items and even the inside of your pantry door as a spice rack. Large pots can be stored on floor space below the bottom shelf and small bins are perfect for holding snacks and other items.
Via: The perfect pantry –Other People’s Pantries #156

High/Low: Kitchen Drawer Organization

High/Low: Kitchen Drawer Organization - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsOrganizing kitchen drawers is often as easy as placing dividers into them. You can make dividers out of small boxes or just add strips of wood to separate items. Instead of having all of your utensils just thrown in the drawer, separate them by use. You can also add dividers to deeper drawers for holding fruits, bottled water and just about anything else that you need to store.
Via: Thekitchn –High/Low: Kitchen Drawer Organization

Savvy Ways to Store Food

Savvy Ways to Store Food - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsIf you normally spend more time searching for food items than you do preparing them, a little organization may be in order. Plastic baskets and totes make excellent storage containers for pantries, refrigerators and freezers. Just label the baskets and put like items inside. You can have a basket for fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. or you can separate them by days of the week and put everything you need for each meal inside.
Via: Better Homes and Gardens –Savvy Ways to Store Food

Cookie Sheet Kitchen Command Center

Cookie Sheet Kitchen Command Center - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsYou can make a great kitchen command center using just an old cookie sheet and a few other supplies. This is a great place to keep a shopping list, weekly calendar and anything else that you need to help you stay on track. Paint the cookie sheet with chalkboard paint so that you can write in memos and other notes as needed.
Via: Crafty Staci –Cookie Sheet Kitchen Command Center

Drawer Storage for the Kitchen

Drawer Storage for the Kitchen - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsYou’ve seen those amazing kitchens that seem to have a space for everything. Well, you don’t actually have to spend a fortune getting organized. You can add bins for veggies and fruits, pull out drawers for cutlery and even a slide out chopping block that will help you to save space and keep everything in its place.
Via: Ccabinet –Drawer Storage for the Kitchen

Old Silver Trays Into Spice Holders

Old Silver Trays Into Spice Holders - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsFlea markets and thrift stores are a great place to find organization help. You can use old trays to build your own beautiful spice rack and hang it on the kitchen wall. You just have to add wood to make shelves within the tray and then a little piece in the front to keep spices from falling off.
Via: Mod vintage life –Old Silver Trays

Hanging Metal Storage Bins (A Tutorial)

Hanging Metal Storage Bins (A Tutorial) - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsMetal storage bins are very inexpensive and they make great organization solutions. Just nail or screw them to the wall and label so that you know what should go inside. You can use these in your pantry to keep snacks and other foods separated or put them right on the kitchen wall for utensils, bags or other items.
Via: Lilblueboo –Hanging Metal Storage Bins (A Tutorial)

Kitchen Pantry with a Screen Door

Kitchen Pantry with a Screen Door - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsIf you have an open pantry and you want to enclose it just a bit, think about putting an old screen door on it. You can find a screen door at a yard sale or flea market. Then just paint it whatever color you want and hang it over the opening to your pantry. This is a great way to bring some country charm into your home and helps you to keep the pantry closed off from the kitchen.
Via: Apartmenttherapy –Kitchen Pantry with a Screen Door

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsYou can pick up all sorts of cabinet organizers to help keep your kitchen in order. If you have a lot of pots and pans, glass casserole dishes or other baking essentials, these will help you to keep them stacked neatly so that they are easier to find when you need them. The organizers are relatively cheap and they are very easy to install.
Via: Kevin and Amanda –Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Cookware Organizer

Cookware Organizer - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsYou can buy pull out cabinet organizers that will hold your cookware and keep it neatly in place. They work about like the drawers in your dishwasher. In fact, you can install old dishwasher drawers in your cabinets and get the same effect. Just make sure that you get the right size to fit your cabinet.
Via: Kitchens –Cookware Organizer

Method for Organizing Cookie Cutters

Method for Organizing Cookie Cutters - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsGet all of your baking supplies organized with clear plastic bins. You can pick up 12X12 bins that are made to hold scrapbook paper for about $9 each. These are great for keeping your cookie cutters and cake decorating supplies organized. Just label the bins and you can separate them by occasion for even more organization.
Via: tikkido –Method for Organizing Cookie Cutters

Sponge Holder from a Shampoo Bottle

Sponge Holder from a Shampoo Bottle - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY ProjectsIf you need a handy holder for sponges in the bathroom or kitchen, you can make them easily from an old shampoo bottle. Just cut the top off the bottle and then cut away the front section about halfway down. Make a hole in the back section so that you can hang the holder and you’re set.
Via: Revolutionaries blog –Sponge Holder from a Shampoo Bottle

2 Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

2 Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizers - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
Revamp the inside of your kitchen cabinets with tiered shelves. This gives you additional storage space and helps you to keep everything organized so that you can find it easily. If you have a lot of top space in your cabinets, you can utilize that space by adding a tiered shelf and give yourself a bit more room to keep dishes, canned foods and other essentials organized.
Via: DIY Life –2 Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Pot Lid Organizer

Pot Lid Organizer - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
An old towel rack makes a great organizer for pot lids. You just have to attach the towel rack to the wall wherever you want to store lids and then slip them in. Make sure that you choose a rack that does not stick out too far from the wall or lids may fall through.
Via: Instructables –Pot Lid Organizer

Pantry Ideas – DIY Canned Food Storage

Pantry Ideas – DIY Canned Food Storage - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
You can make wonderful canned food organizers with just a little wood, some Gorilla glue and a little time. These are great and allow you to easily store canned foods so that that roll forward for easier reach. They work sort of like those Fridge Packs of soda that you store in the fridge, only you can use them in the pantry to make reaching in for canned foods a lot easier.
Via: Shanty 2 Chic – Pantry Ideas –DIY Canned Food Storage

Space-Savvy Ways to Store Spices

Space-Savvy Ways to Store Spices - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
To keep spices in order, use the thinnest spaces in your kitchen. Add a small shelf just below your top cabinets or at the end of your counter. Keeping them in narrower spaces ensures that they never get crowded behind each other so you can find them much easier when you need them.
Via: Better Homes and Gardens –Space-Savvy Ways to Store Spices

A Pantry Project To Be Proud Of!

A Pantry Project To Be Proud Of! - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
When organizing your pantry, think in terms of zones. Make separate sections for pastas, breads and crackers, canned foods, etc. this gives you someplace to start and helps to ensure that you get completely organized. Once you have a list of the zones that you want to create, start labeling shelves, putting in drawers and whatever else you need to do to be sure that you have a space for everything.
Via: IHeart Organizing –A Pantry Project To Be Proud Of!

Brilliant Under-Sink Storage

Brilliant Under-Sink Storage - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
Pull outs are not difficult to make and you can save a fortune if you make them yourself. You will need to purchase the appropriate wood pieces and slides but once you do, you can create pull out drawers for just about any cabinet. Wastebaskets are much easier to access when you can slide them out from under the sink and you can do pull outs to store knives and silverware and utilize the space under your top cabinets.
Via: American Woodworker –Brilliant Under-Sink Storage

Spicy Spice Storage

Spicy Spice Storage - 60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects
Turn a drawer into a great spice storage station. You can add contact paper if you want and then put spices in small clear jars that match. Small jelly jars are great for this. Just remember to print on the lid which spice is in which drawer and you can even add a small section in the drawer to hold measuring spoons.
Via IHeart Organizing –Reader Space: Spicy Spice Storage!


You just moved into your first one-bedroom apartment, and it’s alllll yours. You have big dreams for your new apartment life. And being able to cook in a kitchen that’s yours, and yours alone, is one of the many perks you’ve wanted, but couldn’t have, until now.

There’s just one problem: How are you going to fit everything in your tiny kitchen?

Luckily, there are plenty of creative kitchen storage hacks, solutions, ideas, and tips out there that’ll help you squeeze as much space out of your kitchen as possible — without sacrificing style or your bank account.

So grab a drill, some reclaimed wood, and your favorite wood stain, and let’s get to work!

MakeSpace takes the struggle out of storage.

Enter your info to learn more about simple, stress-free storage.

1. Repurpose an office supply organizer into a kitchen supply organizer

kitchen storage hack: use an office supply organizer to store kitchen and cleaning supplies

We all have at least a few of these mesh office supply organizers lying around. So why not put them to good use?

Hang one on the wall by your kitchen sink and store your dish soap and sponges inside. The mesh allows water to drain for a mold-free sponge space and happier you.

Just be sure to put a small tray underneath to catch all the drippage.

2. Mount a dish drying rack to the wall

cheap kitchen storage hack: use an ikea bygel rail, bygel wire baskets, and a cutlery caddy to store and dry dishes

If you’re feeling crafty, which you probably are since you’re reading this list of kitchen storage hacks, build a vertically integrated drying rack using a BYGEL rail, two BYGEL wire baskets, S-hooks, and a cutlery caddy.

You’ll free up your counter space and benefit from having extra kitchen storage space. Which should be dry because you’re also going to place a towel or rag underneath the drying rack to catch any drips.

3. Attach a towel holder to the inside of your kitchen sink

kitchen storage solution: magnetic kitchen cloth holder from magisso

If you’re feeling futuristic, add this tiny magnetic cloth holder to your life. Combine it with the hanging dish drying rack and you’ve just made doing the dishes an entirely self-contained job.

4. Hang a sponge holder on the wall and sink faucet

kitchen sponge storage solution: light blue silicone sponge holder from aliexpress

This silicone sponge holder is great at storing your sponge on the inside of your sink and cutting out the grossness that can often result from a wet sponge left on a counter. And if you combine the sponge holder with the in-sink towel holder, you’ll be a sink space-saving pro pronto.

5. DIY a pull-out cutting board with a hole in the middle

kitchen drawer hack: pull-out cutting board with a hole in the middle for throwing out scraps

Kill two birds with one stone by DIY-ing a pull-out cutting board with a hole in the middle.

It maximizes your counter space since you can hide it in your drawer. It makes your meal prep way more efficient since you can quickly toss trimmings directly into your trash can. It is so genius we wish we thought of it ourselves.

Brownie points for using a wooden cutting board, which studies have shown can be more sanitary than a plastic cutting board in the long run.

6. Hack a drawer into a utensil organizer

easy kitchen drawer hack: wooden cooking tools organizer

Ladles lying strewn everywhere? Spatulas sleeping where they shouldn’t be? Whisks every which where?

Tear a page out of Remodelaholic’s remodeling book and turn one of your other drawers into a pull-out utensil organizer.

7. Stash cooking and eating utensils in Mason jars.

creative kitchen storage hack: mason jar utensil holder floating shelf

Although this tutorial from The DIY Playbook is for a bathroom organizer, it’s so versatile that you can use it anywhere in your home. Including in your kitchen, where the mason jars would look particularly nice filled with spoons, forks, cooking utensils, and a few flowers to brighten things up.

The steps are pretty simple: Find a piece of wood you love, give it a good stain, drill a few hose clamps into the wood, attach the Mason jars, and hang it up.

Depending on what you need to store, you can even use different sizes of jars, which makes this project perfect for freeing up precious drawer space.

Here’s how to DIY a Mason jar organizer:


8. Or store utensils in floating tin cans

cool kitchen storage hack: oregon blueberries tin can cooking utensil holder floating shelf

Another great way to get utensils out of your drawers and into a more creative storage set up is to build a shelf out of tin cans and a piece of wood. It’ll give your kitchen a nice rustic vibe while freeing up some drawer or cabinet space.

9. Store utensils in floating tin cans that are as pretty as you are

creative diy kitchen storage hack: decorated tin cans kitchen utensil holder by layla palmer

These DIY utensil cans are very similar to the tin can shelf. The only difference is these cans hang on a metal rod that doubles as a hand towel rack.

Also, everything is all in one place, and you can hang the rod at eye-level, which means no more bending down when you need a dish rag or a spoon.

10. Upcycle a wood pallet into a silverware holder

cheap diy kitchen storage hack: wall-mounted wood pallet silverware holder

This silverware holder will add a chic vintage look to your kitchen while freeing up a drawer or two. (You know, in case you want to make a drawer paper towel dispenser. Or drawer cutting board.)

Hop over to Hometalk for the full instructions.

11. Dispense paper towel from a drawer

simple kitchen drawer hack: paper towel dispenser and storage solution

If you can spare a drawer, convert it to a paper towel dispenser. It makes cleanup a no-brainer, and you can even store your backup rolls there too.

12. Dispense vegetables from drawers

kitchen cabinet hack: pull-out vegetable storage drawers

Have the resources (and let’s face it — motivation) to convert the space under your sink into a cabinet?

Add a few sliding wicker basket drawers. They’re ideal for storing vegetables (such as potatoes, squash, and beets) that can be kept in dark temperate places.

13. Store fruits in an under-cabinet bin

fruit storage hack: under-cabinet orange holder made from a wood pallet

This under-cabinet fruit bin adds both charm and accessibility to your kitchen. You’ll feel more inclined to grab an orange or two if they’re hanging near eye level, and your countertops will be free of cumbersome fruit bowls.

Hear that? That’s the sound of healthy space-saving success.

14. Levitate produce in three-tiered hanging wire baskets

produce storage solution: hang 3-tiered wire baskets on a hook in the kitchen

Produce — where the heck are you supposed to put it?

The answer: It depends, and The Kitchn has an excellent guide.

Sure, large wooden bowls that overflow with fruit are pretty, but who has the space for that? If you’re reading this, probably not you.

Fret not, though, because a three-tiered hanging wire basket may just be the storage solution to your produce woes. And once again, World Market has a great, cost-effective storage option.

All you have to do is hang the wire basket from the ceiling in one of the corners of your kitchen. It’s great for storing garlic and onions on the top; bananas, avocados, and oranges in the middle; and bread and other large items in the bottom basket.

Ok, so that probably wasn’t the most DIY project out there. So if you’d like to make your own hanging wire basket, check out these instructions from projectophile.

You basically just need a few wire baskets, a lightweight chain, a bracket, and some spray paint in your color of choice. After spray painting the baskets and letting them dry for 24 hours, simply drill the bracket into the wall, attach all the baskets to the chain, and then hang that baby up!

The best part: You have full control over this kitchen storage solution’s height and number of baskets.

15. Pimp out your drawers with produce baskets

genius kitchen cabinet storage hack: pull-out wicker baskets for storing onions and potatoes

If you cook for a lot of people in your tiny kitchen or just like to stock up on supplies, these in-cabinet wicker baskets might be perfect for you. They’re great for storing large amounts of potatoes, garlic, or onions out of sight and off your counters.

16. Store a cookbook on a retractable book stand

cookbook storage hack: retractable bookstand mounted underneath a kitchen cabinet

For hands-free cookbook reading, look no further. This retractable book stand keeps your beloved Joy of Cooking out of the danger zone while you’re cooking and neatly stores it away when you’re not.

17. Repurpose magazine holders into freezer shelves

easy freezer storage hack: use magazine holders to store frozen foods

Here’s another handy use for any extra office supplies you have laying around. Adding a couple magazine holders to the back of your freezer is great for organizing and storing bags of frozen fruits and veggies.

18. Color-code fridge drawers

cute fridge storage solution: tiny pull-out drawers

These adorable miniature pull-out drawers instantly add a pop of color and extra storage space by using the underside of your fridge’s pre-existing shelves.

Pro tip: Use the fun colors to color-code your food.

19. Add a wire rack to your fridge

affordable fridge storage solution: put a wire rack on a shelf to create another shelf

It may seem simple (because it is), but adding a wire rack to your fridge will change your whole fridge organization game by greatly increasing the amount of goodies you’re able to store.

20. Put a clear desk organizer in your fridge

easy fridge storage hack: store yogurt, pudding, strawberries, soda cans, juice boxes and more in clear desk organizers

When it comes to keeping practically everything in your fridge organized, clear desk organizers are a dream come true. They let you easily corral and see your inventory, and their hard plastic bodies make them totally stackable.

Looking for a more vibrant option?

Poppin has plenty of desk organizers in eye-opening colors.

21. Hang a rack on the side of your fridge

affordable kitchen storage solution: hang a rack with shelves on the side of the fridge

Not everyone is blessed with a pantry, and so if you have a fridge with an exposed side, use that space for storage.

Simply hang a multifunctional storage rack like this one on the side of your fridge and toss your tin foil, parchment paper, Sriracha, peanut butter, and other pantry items inside.

22. Stick spices on your fridge

kitchen storage solutions ikea: magnetic tins as spice rack on the side of a fridge

This DIY trick looks fancy, but it’s easier than you think. Fill magnetic tins, such as GRUNDTALs from IKEA, or magnetic spice tins from Bed Bath & Beyond, with spices and place them anywhere on your fridge.

Pro tip: Label the tins on their backside so you always remember what’s in what.

23. Put a Lazy Susan in your fridge

cheap fridge storage hack: use a lazy susan for storing condiments, jars, tubs, and more

A messy fridge means our worst nightmare — food that goes to waste because it’s been hiding in the back of your fridge untouched for weeks.

If this sounds familiar, install a Lazy Susan and store your condiments, plastic and glass containers, and other small stuff on top of it.

The result: An organized fridge where no food goes to waste because it has a mini merry-go-round that makes reaching things 10x faster.

24. Put a Lazy Susan under your sink

place a lazy susan in a kitchen sink cabinet to store cleaning products

While we’re on the topic of Lazy Susans, consider putting one under your sink as well. It’s great for storing cleaning supplies and keeping the space tidy.

25. Hang cleaning supplies on a tension rod

cleaning supplies storage hack: mount a tension rod underneath the kitchen sink

A tension rod mounted under your sink gives you quick and easy access to spray bottles while leaving plenty of space for sponges and rags underneath. Which means no more digging through bins of bottles to find your Green Works!

26. DIY an under-sink trash bag dispenser

easy diy trash bag dispenser: mount rods to a kitchen sink cabinet wall

Have oversized rolls of garbage bags taking up too much space under your sink?

Not anymore. Because you’re going to follow these simple instructions from Simply Organized that show you how to DIY a trash bag dispenser in no time.

27. Invest in a thin storage rack on wheels

a thin white rack with wheels is one of many smart kitchen storage solutions for small apartments

A tall and skinny storage rack on wheels is perfect for storing items in the awkwardly designed spaces in your kitchen. Proudly display your French press and coffee set up here, or stock it full of extra cleaning supplies, and then wheel it away to a space that gets minimal traffic.

28. Transform a nook into an appliance garage

storage hacks for small apartments: build a kitchen appliance garage using a cabinet door

If you have an empty nook on your kitchen counter, transform it into an appliance garage. A sliding cabinet door keeps your counter space visually decluttered and serene, and you’ll always know where your Magic Bullet is hiding.

29. Build a storage shelf that doubles as a pot and pan rack

a wall-mounted wooden pot and pan rack by sam henderson is one of many genius storage hacks for small spaces

This hanging cookware rack is a versatile storage solution for any one-bedroom apartment where it may be hard to distinguish the kitchen from the dining room from the living room.

Blend the storage needs of all three rooms by storing books and candles on the top shelf while hanging pots and pans on the bottom hooks.

30. Vintage locker + extra shelves = your new pantry

cheap kitchen organization: school lockers turned into kitchen pantries

A locker is basically a mini storage unit. If you can find a salvaged one (the free section of Craigslist can be an amazing place sometimes), buy it.

We recommend adding a few shelves to the interior of this rugged-but-classy relic to maximize your storage space. And because the locker is made of metal, it’s the perfect place to hang spices using magnetic tins that you can pick up for only $9.95 (for a pack of five) at World Market.

This also means that magnetic hooks will work too. But why stop there?

Hang a whiteboard, a calendar, or even some embarrassing bar photo booth strips. When you’re done, bask in the glory of being the only person you know with a kitchen cabinet that’s almost as cool as high school-you.

31. Hang anything with a loop on a DIY wire rack.

cheap kitchen organization: hang a wire rack above the stove to store cooking supplies

Not only can this space-saving, pot-and-pan-hanging wonder store all your cooking utensils, but it also has a minimalist design that fits into any decor, it won’t take up any space on your kitchen counter, and it’s fairly easy to make thanks to these instructions from A Beautiful Mess.

You really just need some wire mesh rebar, a few hooks, rust-preventing primer, wire cutters or a metal grinder, and a power drill.

We suggest hanging this wire rack in the small nook behind your stove (what else were you going to do with that space anyway?), and then storing anything from pots and pans to spoons and spatulas and even a colander.

The possibilities of what you can hang on this rack are like your DIY kitchen storage imagination:

Practically endless.

32. Or build nothing and hang pots and pans on a ladder

a wooden antique ladder/pot rack hanging from a ceiling is a brilliant kitchen storage solution for small apartments

Like the reclaimed locker project, this how-to is perfect if you happen to have an old ladder laying around. If you don’t, there’s always Craigslist, or any home improvement store.

Once you have the ladder, Old House Crazy has your back with these DIY antique ladder pot rack instructions.

After sawing the ladder to your desired size and finding the proper studs to mount it to, simply use a few screw hooks, eye bolts, and a chain to hang the ladder from your ceiling.

Then, slap on a coat of polyurethane, let it dry, hang up your pots and pans, and invite your friends over for a dinner party pronto. Even if you’re not a MasterChef, this brilliant and cheap kitchen organization solution will certainly make you look like one.

33. Mount a pull-down spice rack to a cabinet shelf

cheap kitchen cabinet storage solution: pull-out spice rack with 3 shelves

Get your napkins ready because this kitchen storage solution might just blow your mind:

It’s a spice rack with three shelves that pull down from your cabinet.

What more could you ask for?

34. Buy a tiny spice rack

a tiny white and natural wood spice rack is a great kitchen storage solution on a budget

If this isn’t the cutest miniature condiment shelf you’ve ever seen, we don’t know what to tell you.

Stack your oil, vinegar, and salt for a classy bread dipping station. Or use it to store various cooking oils, spices, and seasonings for an organized space-saving cooking station.

35. Hide a trash can in a butcher block

a butcher block/pull-out trash can is a creative diy kitchen storage idea

If you frequently have guests over for dinner parties, or if your friends and family typically migrate to the kitchen (in such a small space, where else would they go?), then you’ll love  this space-saving butcher block/pull-out trash can.

It makes cleaning up veggie scraps a cinch, and it discreetly stows your garbage away from your guests.

36. Poke knives into your kitchen countertop

a kitchen counter that doubles as a knife holder is a smart storage hack for small spaces

Instead of keeping your knives in a woodblock on your counter or strewn about in a drawer,  keep them in your counter.

A hidden knife block will make your cutlery that much more accessible while chopping, slicing, and dicing.

37. Float knives on the wall

space-saving diy storage: a wall-mounted wooden magnetic knife holder

Large, beautiful wooden knife blocks are nice to look at, but they cost you prime real estate on your kitchen counter. What if there was a beautifully easy way to safely store your knives without giving up any horizontal space?

That was a rhetorical question, and so here’s a step-by-step guide from Homedit that shows you how to DIY a magnetic knife holder you can mount to your kitchen’s wall. Bonus points for using reclaimed wood.

38. Ask a bull to organize your knives and cookbooks

a wooden kitchen bull by toro legno is a convenient storage solution for books and knives

If you aim to impress, this part bull, part bookshelf, part knife holder, part cutting board might just be your ideal kitchen storage solution.

Hang it up and store your beloved cookbooks and prized cutlery all in the same place — without sacrificing any counter space.

39. Store fruits, vegetables, and snacks in a rolling cart

a rolling cart with canvas baskets is an easy way to store snacks and produce in a small kitchen

This rolling 6-drawer wire cart with canvas baskets and chalkboard plaques is the perfect place to store and organize your produce and snacks.

And if you get tired of seeing it parked next to your fridge for example, simply push it to wherever you want.

40. Or create a rolling pantry that you can wheel anywhere

using an ikea raskog utility cart to store kitchen supplies or jars and boxes of food is a smart and affordable kitchen storage solution

Not that you needed yet another reminder, but the RÅSKOG utility cart from IKEA is the perfect kitchen storage companion. Find a nook where it can live (like under your sink) and roll it out when you need access to your pantry items, produce, cleaning supplies, and more.

You name it, the RÅSKOG can store it. Including adult beverages, mixers, and barware.

41. Transform a drawer into a recycling center

a 4-compartment recycling center that pulls out from a kitchen cabinet is a brilliant diy idea

Instead of having bins and bins underneath your sink where you sort and store different things to recycle, try this four-compartment “recycling center” idea from Jeff Gilman Woodworking.

It hides inside of a pull-out drawer just like a trashcan so your recycling won’t generate any visual clutter in your kitchen.

42. Hack your breadbox into a charging station

a diy breadbox charging station on a kitchen counter

Does anyone even use a bread box nowadays?

Oh, you do? Ok well although it doesn’t actually involve any cooking, this bread box charging station certainly belongs in your kitchen.

Your friends will love the fact that they can charge their phone at your place without feeling awkward about asking to borrow a charger.

43. Stack bathroom shelves on your kitchen counter

stacking small bathroom shelves on a kitchen counter is an easy storage tip

Just because these multi-colored stackable shelves are for your bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your kitchen.

(If you really want to declutter your bathroom, though, check out our huge list of 42 brilliant bathroom storage hacks and solutions.)

Not only will they add a fresh pop of color to your kitchen counter, but they’ll also give you convenient storage space outside of your cabinets.

Have pretty dinnerware?

Stack it on top.

Have jars of loose-leaf tea?

Stack them on top.

Have a miniature indoor herb garden?

Stack it on … ok you get the point.

44. Build a Mason jar balcony

easy diy project: make a kitchen wall-mounted balcony for storing snacks, spices, and herbs in glass jars with chalkboards

We’ve all seen a Mason jar with chalkboard paint, but this tiny glass jar balcony is a sight for sore eyes. It helps you organize and remember certain seeds, grains, spices, and herbs while leaving your countertops and cabinets free.

45. Screw Mason jars into the underside of a cabinet

4 mason jars screwed under a kitchen cabinet are storing pasta, pretzels, and popcorn kernels

Though this looks complicated, it’s actually a pretty simple set up. Just screw Mason jar lids into the underside of a cabinet and voilà! You’ve got a beautiful set of floating Mason jars that elegantly store and display your pasta, pretzels, popcorn kernels, and plenty more (so choose wisely).

Want more awesome things you can DIY with Mason jars?

Check out our list of 10 brilliant Mason jar decorating and storage ideas.

46. Take your kitchen on a trip to Pallet Island

a diy kitchen island/dining table made from 3 wood pallets

If your apartment blends both your kitchen and your living room into one space, this DIY pallet island is a fun kitchen storage hack you’ll want to try.

You’ll be able to store many items inside of it, introduce more counter space to your kitchen/living room, and create a fun place for guests to congregate around.

47. DIY pegboard storage

a wall-mounted diy pegboard is storing towels, cooking utensils, apples, bread, and a grocery list in a tiny kitchen

This pegboard idea from Ninemsn Homes fits in with any decor, it’s easy to make, and you can hang virtually anything on it. Place it above your stove or sink for easy access to your cooking utensils, rags, apples, bread, shopping lists, and more.

48. Effortlessly store everything MakeSpace

Grayson Altenberg, a chef living in a 100 sq ft micro-apartment on the UWS, uses MakeSpace for convenient storage in Manhattan.

Still hungry for more space in your place?

Try the fastest and easiest storage hack of them all: MakeSpace.

Simply schedule a storage pickup, pack your stuff, and leave the rest to us.

We’ll pick up your stuff (including your heavy furniture, fridge, skis, snowboard, mattress, and more), store it in our secure temperature-controlled storage facility, and create an online photo catalog of everything so you always know what you have in storage.

The best part:

When you need something back, we’ll deliver it to you.

This article was written by Hannah Van Arsdale, a freelance writer and dog person based in Portland, OR.

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17 brilliant diy kitchen organization hacks

DIY kitchen organizers can change the way you organize your kitchen. Increase storage space and declutter easily.

Brilliant DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

The kitchen is the type of place where things get out of order all the time. Keeping it organized is a challenge but it‘s possible!

I think you can never have too much storage space in the kitchen. However, having too little of it can be a real problem!

Today I‘m sharing multiple DIY kitchen organization ideas that might give you a little bit of inspiration on how to keep the best place at home clean and organized!

1. Attach a Wood Trim to Hang Pots and Cutting Boards

Wood Trim


We often forget to use the corners of the kitchen or just the sides of the furniture. When your kitchen is spacious adding little details to the furniture can be game changing!

Get a wood trim that suits the color of your furniture and attach it to one of the cupboards.  Hammer a few nails into it and hang your pots and cutting boards.

In this way, you‘re going to be using the sides of furniture that would otherwise stay empty! Also, it gives the kitchen‘s decor a little bit of a twist that no one will expect.

Learn more about kitchen cabinet organization here!

2. Make Your Own Spice Rack

Spice Rack


If you‘re my kind of person and believe that spices are essential to eating delicious food, then you‘ll love this idea. Especially if you are at that point in your life where collecting spices isn‘t really new to you anymore.

Do you know the vintage wooden crates that have been so popular back in the days? I‘m not sure whether they‘re still around but you might as well just have a few in your garage.

Anyway, if you don‘t, I‘ve seen a bunch on Etsy, check them out here. You can transform one into a beautiful spice rack. All, you need is a little bit of paint, a few nails, and some passion!

3. Make Your Own Hidden Kitchen Organizer

Hidden Kitchen Organizer


Now, I‘ve absolutely loved this idea! Mostly because you don‘t need to be a DIY guru to make this one happen.

Make your own hidden kitchen organizer and have all the important things – pictures, keys, shopping lists attached to it.

All you need for this one is a cupboard, a few sheets of metal, some glue, a shelf liner, and imagination! Feel free to attach an important letter, bills, and plan sheets to it with clips.

4. DIY Vegetable Friendly Drawers

DIY Vegetable Friendly Drawers


If your vegetables constantly go bad and storing them is just hard, you might love this idea! You‘ll need a little bit of woodwork right here but it‘s nothing too difficult.

You can transform your regular drawers into vegetable-friendly storage units! You‘ll need wicker baskets that have nice little edges (like these ones here).

The sturdier the better! The tricky part here is to make sure that the basket isn‘t too short nor too tall, just right for the drawer.

On the top of the drawer, you have the wooden boards that sort of keep everything in place. You can make those or try to find wooden food boards that fit the drawer.

Lastly, just cut out the hole in the board to make sure you can fit the basket. Well, as I‘ve mentioned, this one requires a bit of handy work.

5. DIY Drawer Utensil Organizer

DIY Drawer Utensil Organizer


If you want to transform your kitchen‘s design to a whole new level and do it with style, here is a lovely idea! Get some rectangular plastic or wooden boxes and wrap them in beautiful fabric.

Use glue to attach it to the box and stack them up next to each other in the drawers. You can keep your cutlery for special occasions right there!

6. Use Chalkboard Labels to Keep Your Spices Organized

Chalkboard Labels


This is a very simple but gorgeous organization idea. Actually, you don‘t need to only use it in the kitchen!

Feel free to incorporate it into other areas of your life too. Feel free to make your own chalkboard labels.

They look classy, suit pretty much any kitchen interior and help you to keep yourself organized. All you need is chalkboard labels and an erasable chalk marker.

Here is a lovely bundle that has it all: 73 chalkboard stickers and a white chalk marker. Do you know what‘s the best thing? You can reuse them, so you‘re not stuck with the same labels.

7. DIY Magnetic Fridge Holder

DIY Magnetic Fridge Holder


A fridge has all this space that can be used for storing some of the lighter things like a kitchen towel. This space can be essential to someone who has a small kitchen.

While you can buy a holder like this one, it might be more fun to make one yourself. Improvize, create your own holder so that it does exactly what you need!

Make sure it‘s not too heavy though and finally attach a few powerful magnets to the holder. The stronger, the better, you don‘t really want the whole thing to go up and down all the time.

8. Gorgeous DIY Cutlery Organizer

DIY Cutlery Organizer


When I saw this beautiful DIY cutlery organizer, I thought it was genius! We all use canned products to cook our favorite meals.

So, it only makes sense to reuse them in your own kitchen. Collect 6 metal cans, strip away all the labels, and keep them in warm water.

That‘s to make sure they‘re completely free of glue and paper. Scrub them and dry them out.

The next step is to spray them with white paint. That‘s going to serve as a base color and make sure the real color you want to use comes out sound and clear.

Do that will all the cans and get a piece of wood. Paint it the same color as cans (well or whatever you deem suitable) and glue them all together.

Finally, attach labels (perhaps chalkboard labels I‘ve mentioned before?) and enjoy your new cutlery organizer!

9. Rustic Style Hanging Organizer for Towels and Utensils

Rustic Style Hanging Organizer


If you‘re good with wood, you‘re going to love this idea. However, if you have no idea how to work with wood but have a few cutting boards and a few deep wooden boxes with open tops, try this idea.

Paint the boards and boxes the same color and glue them together. Then, just hand them on your kitchen walls and fill them up with either cutlery or other essentials.

One thing for sure – these hanging organizers look nice!

10. Hanging Storage Containers

Hanging Storage Containers


3 containers and a metal chain – that‘s all you need to create a hanging storage unit in your kitchen. Get 3 baking pans and make sure they‘re all of the different size.

The key here is for them to be sturdy. Since you‘re going to want to make holes in the corners to hold them up.

Truly an interesting idea you can try at home! You can never have too much storage space when it comes to your kitchen.

11. A Combination of Baskets Will Do the Trick



If you‘re like me and always look for a cheaper way to get things organized in your kitchen, you probably know what Dollar Tree store is.

In fact, I have the whole article on Dollar Store organization hacks, so feel free to check it out. Anyway, this DIY organizer is made out of Dollar Tree store materials.

It‘s a simple but cheap organizer that you can use to organize things under the sink. Keep it anywhere you want: hidden or out on display.

12. Use Plastic Boxes to Organize Cutlery

Plastic Boxes


Simple, rectangular boxes like these ones here can do the trick when it comes to organizing all your cutlery in the kitchen.

If some of your bigger drawers are an absolute mess and have a few small things in them, getting plastic boxes will do the trick.

Make sure you fill-up the drawers fully so that boxes don‘t keep on sliding.

13. DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizer


Here is another Dollar Tree organizer idea. For this one, you‘ll need 5 napkin holders, a cookie sheet, and glue.

Align all the napkin holders next to each other and glue them to the tray. Let it dry and make sure the organizer is sturdy.

Use it to keep all your pans, baking trays, and cutting boards organized. Hey, you won‘t need to take all the stuff out of the shelf just so you can reach the pot you need!

14. Magnetic Tins for Dry Food

Magnetic Tins for Dry Food


I‘ve already mentioned this amazing hack in my article about fridge organization. Since the idea is so great, I thought I‘d share it here too.

You‘ll need tins like these ones here, some spray paint, and magnetic adhesive sheets. These ones are good enough.

Spray paint the tins, let them dry and glue the magnetic adhesive sheet to the tin and you‘re good to go! Feel free to label the tins and attach them to your fridge or any other metal surface.

These are great for keeping small bits and bobs. Also, you could store nuts, teas, and other dry products in them.

15. Use Your Cutting Boards for Storing Cutlery

cutlery storage


Here is another little idea for using your cutting boards for more than just cutting. Get some fabric with beautiful ornaments: something thick that would be able to hold the pressure.

Glue the fabric to the board, hang the board, and feel free to store your cutlery there. Looks fun, never gets boring, and very simple to make!

16. Magnetic Jar Rack Under the Cabinets

Magnetic Jar Rack


Hands up if you never use the space under the cabinets to store items! Well, perhaps you want to change that?

Here is a beautiful storage idea for your kitchen – a magnetic jar rack. Mount a magnetic strip under the cupboards and feel free to attach your jars to it!

Jar lids are metal, so they‘re perfect for that. However, make sure that the jars don‘t get too heavy! You don‘t want any accidents with glass!

17. DIY Spice Jar Storage

DIY Spice Jar Storage


Here is another lovely kitchen organization idea for those who have loads of spices. For this one, you‘ll need glass spice jars, wire, wire cutters, paint pen, and wall hooks.

Loop the wires over each jar, make sure you do it well enough so that the jars can hang on it. Then, install the wall hooks and hang all your jars on them.

You can use the pen to label the jars. It‘s a great idea if you no longer have space for your spices. Because you can always find some space on your walls to hang these!


I hope you‘ve enjoyed some of these DIY kitchen organization ideas! Do you have any ideas of your own? Share them in the comment section!

Otherwise, feel free to read other articles on how to organize your desk, get more storage in a small room, and keep your beauty products organized.

12 Easy Small Kitchen Storage Ideas


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