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“Trust me when I say this, but.. your father, is a ninja greater than no other.”
— Naruto to Sarada about Sasuke

SasuNaru is the slash ship between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha from the Naruto fandom.



Naruto and Sasuke have known each other since they were young children as both they were born in the same year and attended the ninja academy together. Sasuke was popular and at the top of his class which made Naruto jealous. He was also popular with the girls, including Sakura Haruno, whom Naruto ended up having a crush on. Naruto and Sasuke had a huge rivalry during their years in the academy. At one point, when Naruto was angrily staring into Sasuke's face, another student accidentally pushed him over and the two kissed by accident.

After graduating from the academy, Naruto and Sasuke were placed on the same team under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake along with Sakura. This somewhat inflamed the love triangle that already existed. Naruto was determined to surpass Sasuke and after developing more skill, the latter started to grow jealous.

During the battle against Haku, Sasuke was heavily injured by her trying to save Naruto. Naruto ran, grabbed him and asked him why did he protected him, and he answered that "his body moved on his own". Sasuke had many flashbacks about all the times he and Naruto had spent, and after falling unconcious, Sasuke told Naruto that he can't let his dream of becoming Hokage die. Naruto then hugged him, got enraged and activated his kyubi mode, starting to fight Haku. After Naruto calmed down, he saw Sasuke was healed again. Sasuke raised his hand to him in signal he's ok, Naruto smiled and tears started falling from his eyes.

After some time, Sasuke realized Naruto was enormously stronger than him, so he decided to leave the village in order to go train under Orochimaru. Naruto attempted to stop him and the two ended up having a fight. Sasuke admitted that Naruto was his best friend and eventually won the battle. Naruto swore that he would still bring back Sasuke one day.

Naruto Shippuden

Over two and half years later, Naruto and Sasuke were reunited again. Sasuke was much more merciless this time and was still able to best Naruto in battle. The rest of the village started to give up on him and Sakura tried to convince Naruto to do the same but he refused to give up. The two later met again during the fourth war and Sasuke decided to protect the village after learning the truth about his brother Itachi. Both fought side by side just like old times.

Naruto and Sasuke later spoke to the sage of six paths and found out that they were the latest reincarnations of Asura and Indra who had a serious conflict. After defeating Kaguya, Sasuke resolved to destroy the Kage and Naruto was forced to fight him once again. Naruto managed to win the battle and finally resolved their issue. Thanks to the influence of the latter, Sasuke's status as an international criminal was cleared. The two would remain good friends and their families also ended up being close.

Boruto: Versus Momoshiki

Anime Arc

Naruto is picking himself off the floor in his office when he is suddenly thrown a scroll. Sasuke enters the room and tells him its from Kaguya's palace. Naruto is happy to see him, and opens the scroll, but it's in an unknown language. Although Naruto gets a bad feeling from it. Sasuke explains what happened when he found the palace, Shikamaru automatically believing that the Ōtsutsuki Clan arriving means that another war will happen. Naruto says that they have to be cautious, they can't cause another war like that again.

Sasuke walks over to Naruto and shows him Naruto's old jacket, which confuses him. Sasuke says that he found it outside Naruto's house, and that he met Boruto. He reminds him of Naruto at a young age. Naruto doesn't see it like that, thinking that Boruto is more like Sasuke, but takes it back, realizing how behind the times they are. Sasuke thinks Naruto is wrong, that even when things change,

“the soul of a Shinobi remains the same...”

Naruto chuckles at Sasuke, but thinks he's one the argument. Sasuke smiles, but disagrees.

Later, Boruto asks Sasuke to take him on as his student. Sasuke agrees, and when they are taking a break from training, Boruto asks Sasuke about Naruto. Sasuke tells him about how all Naruto wanted to do was become Hokage, but that he was also a stubborn loser. Boruto stops him and asks about Naruto's weaknesses, which confuses Sasuke, since Naruto overcame all of his. He tell Boruto to study Naruto of the past, which Boruto doesn't understand.

A few days later, Sasuke and Naruto meet about the deciphering of the scroll, but they haven't made any progress. Sasuke says he'll come back later for an update, and turns to leave, but Naruto stops him for a moment. He knows that Sasuke is training Boruto, Sasuke thinking it's strained that he heard it from Konohamaru and not Boruto himself. Naruto admits that Sasuke might be right about the soul of the Shinobi, and Sasuke agrees. Naruto quickly tells him that Sarada passed the second round of the Chunin exams, which Sasuke knew that she would.

The final round of the Chunin Exams is attacked by the Ōtsutsuki Clan. Sasuke arrives in time to save Sarada, and join Naruto and Boruto after the Clan members are put in paralysis by Shikamaru. Sasuke tells Naruto that these are the same ones he fought and that they're after Kurama. Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki releases a large attack on them, but no one is hurt as Naruto protects everyone. He unleashes another attack, but Sasuke gives Naruto his Chakra to help hold them off. It works for a while but Momoshiki unleashes a large attack. Naruto realizes that they won't stop till they get him, and tells Sasuke to look after Boruto and Sarada. Sasuke knows what Naruto's going to do, and agrees. Naruto then unleashes Kurama to absorb the blow. He passes out and it takes away by the Ōtsutsuki.

Sasuke finds Boruto in Naruto's office and tells him that he's going to rescue Naruto. He can sense Naruto, but can't tell if he's hurt or not. The four other Kage show up and say that they're going to rescue Naruto as well. Sasuke tells them that Kaguya's scrolls reveal where Naruto was taken, and they head out. He stops to ask if Boruto is coming, much to the disagreement of the Kage. Sasuke insists on it since he's Naruto's son. They agree and leave to go save Naruto.

They arrive and cut Naruto free, Sasuke catching him as they fall to the ground. Sasuke holds him till he wakes. He tells Naruto what happened before joining the Kage. After talking to Boruto, Naruto joins in the fight as Momoshiki takes Kinchi's chakra and becomes more powerful. Sasuke and Naruto both move to attack, but are thrown to the side along with the Kage.

Momoshiki is able to find Naruto and is about to take his Chakra, when Sasuke catches up, but is grabbed by Momoshiki. He tosses them into the air and throws them to the ground. They recover quickly, making a quick note of his power, and running at him again. Naruto and Sasuke smile at each other, as Naruto goes into Sage mode, and Sasuke activates his Sharingan. They then work together, battling him, Sasuke putting him into planetary devastation. He quickly gets out, releasing an arm transformed into a beast. Sasuke stops it with his blade, Naruto with Kurama's fist. Momoshiki started to released more attacks, so Sasuke kicked Naruto out to defend him. Sasuke was grabbed by one of the beast, and Naruto went to save him. Sasuke shortly fell unconcious, but Naruto transformed into Kurama mode and asked him if he's okay. Sasuke woke up and told him he's fine. Later Sasuke lend him his Susano's power.

After Boruto finished with Momoshiki, Naruto was sitting watching his son, and Sasuke got near him telling Boruto is just like him. Later he told him he won this match, offering his hand to help him stand up as Naruto agrees.

Diferences between Anime and Movie

In the movie, the change that was more noteble was Momoshiki's design after eating Kinsshiki.

This time, when they were fighting him, Sasuke dropped his sword, and Naruto catched it and swang it against Momoshiki. He angrilly tossed Naruto to the ground and locked him up with huge stone walls. Sasuke angrily went after him, but Momoshiki stuck him in the ground, later to punch him and locked him in big stones and started burning it. Sasuke tried to stop it using his Susano, but his skin started burning as he growled in pain. Seconds later the stones were Sasuke was being locked was exploded and he ot out with many burns inconcious, making Naruto rapidly got out of the wall stones activating Kurama mode and grabbed him before he could hit the ground. Naruto watched worriely Sasuke's burns as he was unconcious, making him get enraged and shouted. Moments later Sasuke grabbed Naruto's arms as he was completely healed thanks to Kurama's chakra, making Naruto calm down and smiles to him. He lend his Susano's power to him and beated Momoshiki.

After cutting him, both Naruto and Sasuke grabbed each other while they were falling. When Katasuke arrived and hit Momoshiki with his ninja tool, there's a little scene showing us that Naruto and Sasuke were still grabbing each other even if they're alrady in the ground.

When Boruto finished Momoshiki, Naruto was sitting watching him (just like the anime), but only this time that Sasuke went and sat next to him and started talking about how both Naruto and Boruto were identical.

Boruto: Kawaki Arc

After Sasuke found out about the ten-tails, Jigen arrived to the Uzumaki house to take Kawaki, but Naruto stood for him and instead he as taken to another place. Sasuke arrived thanks to his rinnegan and both started a fight against him. After realizing it would be impossible to beat Jigen in the way they are, Naruto told Sasuke that he should escape. Sasuke denied, since he wasn't leaving without him and he was worried that if he leave him, Jigen would killed him. Naruto at last convinced him to leave. Finally when Sasuke arrived to Konoha, he said to himself:

“Naruto... please don't die...”

When Naruto activated his Barion mode fighting Isshiki, Sasuke kind of scolds him since he realized he's spending to much chrakra. In cause of this, Naruto collapsed, and Sasuke worriedly went to check on him. Naruto woke up and saw Sasuke worried watching him, while Naruto was laying in Sasuke's leg.



Under the Starry Sky

  • When a shooting star flies overhead, Naruto thinks of Sasuke

Jugo of the Northern Hideout

  • After finding out that Sasuke killed Orochimaru, Naruto is ecstatic and believes that Sasuke will be allowed back int the Village

Two-Man Team

  • Kurama reminds Naruto that the only person he's ever kissed is Sasuke. Naruto proceeds to barf
  • Yagura asks Naruto what it was like to kiss Sasuke


Sasuke's Shadow

  • Naruto comments on how Sasuke technically saved Team Konohamaru

Himawari's Birthday

  • Sasuke shows up at the Uzumaki household, when finding out that Naruto is at the Hokage's office, he leaves to go talk to him

Sasuke and Boruto

  • Sasuke stops Boruto from going after Naruto
  • Sasuke finds Naruto's old jacket outside
  • Sasuke defends Naruto to Boruto
  • Boruto reminds Sasuke of Naruto

The Reason I Can't Lose

  • When Boruto insists that he can't do a jutsu because he's not an Uchiha, Sasuke tells him that Boruto should then be a master of shadow clone's since Naruto is one
  • Naruto smiles at Sasuke as he leaves

The Hidden Leaf vs The Hidden Sand

  • Sakura tells Sarada that Sasuke is working with Naruto
  • Sasuke recounts his story to Boruto, and how he was saved by Naruto

Sasuke's Secret Weapon

  • Sasuke tells Hinata that he's going to get Naruto back
  • Sasuke believes that Boruto is a bigger loser than Naruto
  • When Sasuke gives Boruto his forehead protector, he recounts the promise he and Naruto made


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SasuNaru has been very popular from the start of the series and gaining more fans over time. It is currently one of the most popular ships of Naruto. It is also common for people who ship SasuNaru to also support NaruSasu, KibaHina, LeeSaku, and many more. It most commonly rivals the NaruHina, NaruSaku, and SasuSaku ships.

The ship is one of the classic Rival ships. Fans typically tend to ship rivals in all series, however Sasuke and Naruto developing past merely just rivals, meant that the way the ship was interpreted by fans also developed. Instead of trying to beat Sasuke because he was his rival, Naruto's main motivation became bringing Sasuke back after he leaves the village. Fics often explore this aspect and ways in which Naruto would bring back Sasuke. More serious fics often also delve into the heartbreak Naruto feels whenever Sasuke leaves and whether or not Sasuke returns those feelings.

On AO3, SasuNaru is the most written ship for both characters. It is also the most written in the Naruto tag, and the fourth most written in the Boruto: The Next Generations tag.



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  • SasuNaru has been featured in other pieces of media:
    • In the 2017 dating sim Dream Daddy, the dadsona picks up one of Damien's books and starts to read aloud. It's SasuNaru fanfiction.[1]
    • O.K. K.O.! Let's be Heroes! had a book titles Ninja Love[2]. The two ninjas on the cover look like Sasuke and Naruto.
    • The game Love Nikki has the two as tiny figurines peeking at each other[3].
    • In the Manga Mission School, one of the characters describes liking two boys, who were rivals but then says they became a couple, revealing that the boys were Sasuke and Naruto[4].
    • The manga Haikyu!! featured both Sasuke and Naruto
  • Some fans believe that the intro animators shipped SasuNaru.
  • The 477th episode of Naruto Shippuden is title "Sasuke and Naruto"
  • When Naruto becomes Hokage he has a picture of Team 7, which has himself, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke, on his desk in the Hokage tower, and in his home office.


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Naruto vs sasuke × blood in the water -amv-

Naruto vs sasuke × blood in the water -amv-


SasuNaruSaku refers to the ship between Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura Haruno




Sasuke x Naruto

The relationship between Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto is one of the most popular pairings in the Narutofandom.

In Western fandom it is probably the most popular. SasuxNaru is the largest Naruto-series pairing community on LiveJournal.[1] At, SasuxNaru is the most popular pairing in Naruto fandom.[citation needed] There are over 22,000 fanfics for it at[2] In Japanese fandom it is probably the second most popular yaoi pairing after Kakashi x Iruka.[3]


The series begins with Naruto and Sasuke as rivals. This begins to change when the two are placed on Team 7 along with Haruno Sakura. The three begin to bond and Sasuke and Naruto begin to form a friendship, albeit grudgingly.

This friendship is challenged when Sasuke leaves Konoha to pursue a life path without his teammates. The path Sasuke chooses to kill his brother Itachi to avenge his murdered clan; to do this he leaves to get training from Konoha's enemy Orochimaru, which is a decision which will seemingly end in Sasuke's death. Naruto tries to save Sasuke from this decision, and the two fight. In a final blow, Naruto ends up unconscious and Sasuke, also injured, leaves to Orochimaru. Naruto has been trying to save Sasuke ever since, though Sasuke does not want him to.

Fannish Interpretation

Some supporters of Sasuke x Naruto believe or joke that the pairing iscanon and that Kishimoto (the series creator) either hasn't realized it yet or that he's a SasuNaru shipper himself. There is quite a bit of subtext for the pairing, tension between the characters, and their bonds of friendship are the strongest in the series and drive the story forward, so supporters find it easy to develop a romantic or sexual relationship in fanworks.

The popularity of the pairing may have its cause in the fact that they start as rivals and then become friends, allowing for enemyslash that has some foundation in the canon. Tension is high between them, but also they are connected to each other by a strong bond that has survived several years of separation (even though Sasuke won't admit it), and it is easy to imagine that tension and bond will result in erotic fascination and mind-blowing sex.


Naruto is canonically in love with their teammate Sakura, though she does not seem to return his romantic feelings. Naruto has shown a great interest in women in general, and has gotten into trouble quite a few times for peeping in on the female baths. There are various incidents in the story where Naruto has expressed disgust to male/male homosexuality. It is also very unlikely that the hero of a shounen manga might be homosexual or bisexual.

Sasuke has stated that he wishes to rebuild his clan, which would be done by procreating. Other than that, he has not shown an interest in sex or dating. He seems mostly annoyed when girls flirt with him at the beginning of the series, though he is only thirteen at the time. He is also very focused on becoming stronger and taking revenge on his brother, and seems to consider most everything else a distraction. Fans have suggested, both seriously and jokingly, that Sasuke might be asexual or homosexual. Others have pointed out that he's a traumatized kid and has other things on his mind.

The Kiss

At the beginning of the story, Naruto and Sasuke inadvertently kiss when Naruto is bumped from behind while the two are glaring at each other. Both boys gag and retch afterward and seem disgusted, and Sasuke threatens to kill Naruto for it. Kishimoto addressed the reasons for the kiss in an interview:[4]
Shounen Jump: Naruto and Sasuke kiss (accidentally) in the first chapter where they appear together. Does this add a special dimension to their rivalry? Kishimoto: I didn't have any particular reason for it, other than to surprise the readers. I mainly did it because I don't think there has ever been a manga where two rivals have kissed. Also, by having this encounter, it was easier to set up the love triangle: Sakura, who had intended to be the first one to kiss Sasuke, has it stolen by her rival Naruto. Sasuke and Naruto are rivals, so there's added tension there. And so on and so fourth.

In the first official character databook, there is a picture of the kiss with the caption, "Will Naruto bittersweetly relax Sasuke's obstinate heart...!?" The kiss is also described as "passionate."[5]

In an official character interview written by Kishimoto, this question was posed to Sasuke:

Interviewer: What did the kiss with Naruto taste like? Lemon?
Sasuke: Hmmm ... Like Miso I guess ... I mean ... like I remember! Damn Naruto, why would he do that?!

This has caused many gleeful fangirls to squee that Sasuke noticed and remembers what Naruto tastes like, and that he's perhaps not as disgusted with the kiss as he pretended to be.


Sasuke calls Naruto "usuratonkachi" in canon, which essentially means "idiot." It's claimed in the Official Databook that Sasuke has began using it as a "pet name" or "in an affectionate way."[5] Fans didn't need to be told and have been using this term quite a bit in fanon.

Naruto often uses the term "teme" when speaking to Sasuke. This is an offensive way of saying "you," which is technically all it means, though sometimes it is translated as "jerk" or "bastard" or some similar insult to get the message across that the speaker is being insulting. Some fans use this term as a return insult for Sasuke used by Naruto. This has caused some other fans headaches when it's used blatantly incorrectly, e.g. "you are such a teme" doesn't make sense.

End of Rivalry and Post-Naruto

In the sequel series Boruto, Naruto is Hokage and Sasuke is his "Shadow Hokage."

SasuNaru vs. NaruSasu

A number of fans have very clear preferences regarding which of the two boys they want as seme (top or in control) and uke (bottom or submissive). For some fans, SasuNaru means that Sasuke tops and NaruSasu means that Naruto tops, and this may or may not otherwise effect characterization within a work, i.e. some fans see SasuNaru and NaruSasu as separate and distinct pairings. (See also yaoi pairing names.) For other fans, SasuNaru and NaruSasu are "the same damn pairing" and whatever happens in bed shouldn't change their characterization.[6][7]

This has caused many heated discussions as well as a lot of confusion. Not everyone in fandom understands the difference[8] or wants there to be a difference. Some community maintainers forbid discussion on this topic,[9] as by nature it is mostly a matter of personal taste and discussion has a tendency to turn bad.

There are also the terms SasuNaruSasu or NaruSasuNaru, indicating that both boys act as top and bottom (switch), or that they powerplay, or that they switch and one character still tops overall, or that there are bunshins (clones) involved so it's a threesome. Not only is there no consensus on a definition, but not all of fandom embraces these terms.

"SasuNaru/NaruSasu" has also had some use as a neutral or all-encompassing term.

SNS is a commonly used acronym that stands for "SasuNaruSasu" which is used to encompass fans of both SasuNaru and NaruSasu.[10]

History of the Great Fandom Divide

When the LiveJournalcommunitySasuxNaru was created in 2003, the seme/uke naming order was not a standard in Naruto fandom; the community was intended to be a space for all aspects of the relationship and "SasuxNaru" was used as a neutral term.[11]

When the seme/uke order began taking hold in fandom around 2005, a rift arose for fans who supported Naruto as seme because the SasuxNaru community allegedly supported seme!Sasuke/uke!Naruto only. The amount of discussion on the issue increased to heated levels, and eventually NaruxSasu was created to accomodate the difference and split off from SasuxNaru. However, not all fans wanted a split and the SasuxNaru community was still intended as a space for all aspects of the pairing. Many posts just ended up being cross-posted, but fans would need to join both communities to be certain they saw all posts. In an indirect commentary on the divide in fandom, the SN_vs_NS (SasuNaru vs NaruSasu) community was also created as a means to vent frustrations in more creative ways.

New terms began appearing in fandom in an attempt to find neutral ground again, such as "SasuNaruSasu" and "NaruSasuNaru." These terms faced the same problems as the terms "SasuNaru" and "NaruSasu" did, since one name is still being presented first over the other. Another complaint was that the terms looked more like threesomes, which isn't impossible with the prevalent use of kage bunshin (shadow clones).[8] While some fans embraced use of the terms, others did not. Naruto_x_Sasuke has a rule that "SasuNaru" would be used for the pairing as a whole for the sake of simplicity.

The discussion on who tops has mostly subsided, possibly due to the topic being banned in some places,[9] though strong preferences still keep the fandom divided. In 2008, the maintainer of NaruxSasu attempted to archive the community and reunite fandom under the SasuxNaru community since nearly all posts were being cross-posted to both places anyway, but a few fans quickly protested and the maintainer yielded to their requests to keep the community open.

Popular Tropes


As in canon, Naruto and Sasuke have been separated for several years, fanfiction set in the universe of the canon are often either set at the time before Sasuke left Konoha, or, more frequently, at the time when he will be back. Sometimes they meet on their journeys, which often results in mpreg. Popular tropes include:

  • Naruto brings Sasuke back to Konoha where Sasuke is put to prison, or to trial, and then subjected to punishment. Naruto either gives him emotional (and other) support during the time he is waiting for his execution, or helps him get out of the depression he got into after his return.
  • Naruto and Sasuke have met somewhere in the wilderness, and now Naruto is pregnant and then gives birth to a child. Seeing their child makes Sasuke return to Naruto. (Sometimes, more rarely, Sasuke gets pregnant.)
  • Naruto and Sasuke meet during a confrontation with Akatsuki, or during Sasuke's attack against Konoha (which has not happened yet in canon.) They fight, one of them is fatally wounded, and the other watches him dying (see deathfic).
  • After Sasuke has returned to Konoha, his punishment does not last for long, so that he is soon allowed to work again as a ninja of the Leaf. Both boys are finally at leisure to fall in love. These stories often resemble AU fanfics in that the ninja background of the boys or their respective tragic stories are no longer important.

Alternate Universe:

As the two protagonists are teenagers, highschool AU is very popular. A variation of this are College AUs, where the heroes are a bit older. Another popular setting is the world of the rich and the famous.

All these types of stories have in common that Sasuke is normally very rich (heir of Uchiha inc.) while Naruto has a more average background and actually has to work to earn the money he needs for living and paying for college. In spite of their different background and their different characters (Sasuke introverted, model student or dedicated, even workaholic CEO of his company, Naruto extroverted, with a lot of friends, and in spite of having to work to make ends meet, much more laid back and with a tendency to go to parties when he should be studying) and in spite of getting on each other's nerves they are fascinated by each other and fall in love. Normally this is accompanied by a change of character for Sasuke: under Naruto's influence he loosens up and learns to connect with people.

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Notable Works

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