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Korean Actors Over 40: The Hottest and Sexiest Male Actors

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Which Handsome Korean Actors Are in Their 40s and 50s?

There's a popular saying that life begins at 40. But for these Korean actors, the age of 40 is not just a beginning; it's proof of their ongoing professionalism and popularity in Korean entertainment. As fans, it's easy for us to fall in love with these handsome, sexy, attractive, and charismatic oppas. Every time they appear on screen, we can feel their charm, and we can see how their fellow actors respect them.

These men are no longer the cute, innocent-looking, baby-faced actors that we once knew. They are now the manly, hunky, and respectable sunbaes that we swoon over. Most of them have already settled down and are happily living with their families, though some of them are single. Either way, they capture our hearts with their charisma and good looks, and their acting skills just get better and better as they age.

18 Hottest K-Actors Over 40

Who among the many popular actors are already in their 40s or 50s? Check out our list of the best-looking K-actors over 40 years old!

Cha Seung-won

  • Date of Birth: June 7, 1970
  • Marital Status: His wife is Lee Soo-jin, and they got married in 1992.
  • Children: He has a pretty daughter named Cha Ye-ni who was born in 2003.

Fun Facts

  • Because he's got the looks, the height, and the confidence, Cha Seung-won started his career as a successful and in-demand fashion model in 1988.
  • He is one of the most versatile Korean actors ever, proving himself talented in many roles and genres.

Popular Roles

  • City Hall as Jo Gook
  • Athena: Goddess of War as Son Hyuk
  • The Greatest Love as Dokko Jin
  • You're All Surrounded as Seo Pan-seok
  • Splendid Politics as Prince Gwanghae

Lee Byung-hun

  • Date of Birth: August 13, 1970
  • Marital Status: He is married to the popular Korean actress Lee Min-jung. They tied the knot on August 10, 2013.
  • Children: His first child is a son named Lee Joon-hoo, born on March 31, 2015.

Fun Facts

  • He was the first South Korean actor to present an Oscar at the annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles.
  • He is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
  • Together with Ahn Sung-ki, Lee Byung-hun is among the first South Korean actors to imprint their hand- and footprints on the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Popular Roles

  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Retaliation as Storm Shadow
  • Iris as Kim Hyun-jun
  • I Saw the Devil as Kim Soo-hyeon
  • Masquerade as King Gwanghae/Beggar Ha-sun
  • Inside Men as Ahn Sang-goo

Kim Min-jong

  • Date of Birth: March 23, 1971

Fun Facts

  • Kim Min-jong began his career on Korean film and television in the 1990s as a matinee idol with a gentle, serious image.
  • Apart from acting, he is also popular as a solo singer.
  • He gained more fans by starring in the 2012 drama A Gentleman's Dignity.

Popular Roles

  • A Gentleman's Dignity
  • Athena: Goddess of War
  • The Return of Iljimae
  • A Man Called God
  • Secret

Ji Jin-hee

  • Date of Birth: June 24, 1971
  • Marital Status: He has been married to Lee Su-yon since 2004.
  • Children: He and his wife have two sons.

Fun Facts

  • He was working as a photographer at an advertising agency when a talent agent from SidusHQ approached him about pursuing a career in entertainment. He refused the offer at first, but he accepted it a year later.
  • His acting breakthrough came in late 2003 with the period drama Dae Jang Geum. The drama was a huge success, with high viewership ratings and surging popularity overseas, and Ji Jin-hee's portrayal received praise from viewers.

Popular Roles

  • Dae Jang Geum as Min Jeong-ho
  • Spring Days as Go Eun-ho
  • Dong Yi as King Sukjong
  • Blood as Lee Jae-wook
  • Love Fiction as Joo-ro

Jang Dong-gun

  • Date of Birth: March 7, 1972
  • Marital Status: He has been married to actress Ko So-young since 2010.
  • Children: He and his wife have two children: a son and a daughter.

Fun Facts

  • He is one of the highest paid actors and celebrity endorsers in Korea.
  • He has consistently topped surveys of the most bankable stars (as ranked by industry insiders).
  • He likes playing baseball and is a member of the celebrity amateur baseball team "Playboys" with Lee Jong-hyuk, Hyun Bin, Kim Seung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Ji Jin-hee, and other actors.

Popular Roles

  • Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War as Lee Jin-tae
  • Friend as Lee Han Dong-su
  • All About Eve as Yoon Hyung-chul
  • My Way as Kim Jun-sik
  • A Gentleman's Dignity as Kim Do-jin

Bae Yong-jun

  • Date of Birth: August 29, 1972
  • Marital Status: Bae Yong-jun is married to actress Park Soo-jin. They got married on July 27, 2015.
  • Children: He and his wife have a child.

Fun Facts

  • As a rookie actor, he gained fame and success with his debut drama, Salut D'Amour, in 1994.
  • He became even more popular when he starred in the romantic melodrama series, Winter Sonata, in 2002. In fact, he became extremely famous in Japan, gaining the nickname "Yon-sama" from his fan base.
  • He later entered the restaurant business and established restaurants and cafes that capitalize on the well-being trend.
  • He is one of the most-loved actors in Asia, and he looks incredibly handsome in his stylish glasses (he's one of the few Korean actors who wears them!).

Popular Roles

  • Winter Sonata as Kang Joon-sang/Lee Min-hyeong
  • Salut D'Amour as Kim Young-min
  • Hotelier as Shin Dong-hyuk/Frank Shin
  • The Legend as Damdeok/Hwan-woong
  • First Love as Sung Chan-woo

Lee Jung-jae

  • Date of Birth: March 15, 1973

Fun Facts

  • Lee Jung-jae first found fame as a fashion model.
  • With his good looks and talent, he began acting in 1994 and made his breakthrough in the 1998 film An Affair. The film was a big hit, and it was the seventh highest-grossing Korean film of 1998.
  • Since 1999, he has been good friends with actor Jung Woo-sung, and together they own several businesses.

Popular Roles

  • An Affair as Woo-in
  • City of the Rising Sun as Hong-ki
  • Il Mare as Han Sung-hyun
  • The Thieves as Popie
  • The Face Reader as Prince Suyang
  • Assassination as Yeom Seok-jin

Jung Woo-sung

  • Date of Birth: March 20, 1973

Fun Facts

  • Jung Woo-sung was the first Korean UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.
  • He is one of the top actors in Korea, receiving praise from critics for his versatile acting and performances in a wide range of genres: melodrama, action, romance, and more.
  • Because of his good looks, tall build, and lean body, he first became a fashion model before shifting into acting.
  • He is good friends with actor Lee Jung-jae. In May 2016, they established and became CEOs of their entertainment label called the Artist Company.

Popular Roles

  • A Moment to Remember as Cheol-su
  • Athena: Goddess of War as Lee Jung-woo
  • Padam Padam as Yang Kang-chil
  • City of the Rising Sun as Do-chul
  • The King as Han Kang-sik

Joo Jin-mo

  • Date of Birth: August 11, 1974

Fun Facts

  • His real name is Park Jin-tae. He borrowed his manager's name for his stage name.
  • He starred in the 2003 boxing drama Punch with Shin Min-ah.
  • In 2006, he was in the hugely popular romantic comedy film 200 Pounds Beauty.
  • His performance as a homosexual king in the 2008 movie A Frozen Flower earned him his first Best Actor trophy at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Popular Roles

  • 200 Pounds Beauty as Han Sang-jun
  • A Frozen Flower as the King
  • Fashion 70's as Kim Dong-young
  • Empress Ki as Wang Yoo
  • Woman with a Suitcase as Ham Bok-geo

Lee Sun-gyun

  • Date of Birth: March 2, 1975
  • Marital Status: After dating for seven years, he married Jeon Hye-jin on May 23, 2009.
  • Children: He and his wife have two sons.

Fun Facts

  • He is known for his gentle, kind, and sweet oppa image on the screen, but he shook off that image when he starred as a stone-hearted chef in the drama Pasta.
  • He continues to collaborate with auteur Hong Sang-soo.

Popular Roles

  • White Tower as Choi Do-young
  • The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince as Choi Han-sung
  • Pasta as Choi Hyun-wook
  • Golden Time as Lee Min-woo
  • My Wife's Having an Affair This Week

Yoo Ji-tae

  • Date of Birth: April 13, 1976
  • Marital Status: He married Korean actress and model Kim Hyo-jin. They are known as one of the sweetest couples in the entertainment industry. The couple were married on December 2, 2011.
  • Children: He and his wife's first child was born in 2014.

Fun Facts

  • He started out as a fashion model because of his handsome face, but his incredible acting talent eventually led to a career as an actor.
  • In 2012, he directed his first feature film, Mai Ratima, which was based on a synopsis he wrote in college.

Popular Roles

  • Healer
  • Hwang Jin-yi
  • Oldboy
  • Ditto
  • Libera Me

Oh Ji-ho

  • Date of Birth: March 2, 1975
  • Marital Status: He married Eun Bo-ah on April 12, 2014.
  • Children: He and his wife welcomed their first daughter, Oh Seo-heun, on December 30, 2015.

Fun Facts

  • He started out as a commercial model, then made his acting debut in the film Kka in 1998.
  • He is known for his height, his handsome face, and the attractive dimples that show when he smiles.

Popular Roles

  • The Slave Hunters as Song Tae-ha
  • My Fair Lady as Mo Hwi-chul
  • The Grand Heist as Baek Dong-soo
  • The 3rd Hospital as Kim Seung-hyun
  • Love Clinic as Wang Seong-ki

Kwon Sang-woo

  • Date of Birth: August 5, 1976
  • Marital Status: He married former Miss Korea Son Tae-young on September 28, 2008.
  • Children: He and his wife have two kids.

Fun Facts

  • Kwon Sang-woo is often used as an example to explain the slang term momzzang, which means "great body."
  • His role in the heart-wrenching drama Stairway to Heaven helped him surge in popularity in Korea, as well as overseas.

Popular Roles

  • Stairway to Heaven as Cha Song-joo
  • Cinderella Man as Oh Dae-san/Lee Joon-hee
  • My Tutor Friend as Kim Ji-hoon
  • Medical Top Team as Park Tae-shin
  • Temptation as Cha Seok-hoon

Song Seung-heon

  • Date of Birth: October 5, 1976

Fun Facts

  • Song Seung-heon began his career in 1995 as a model for the jeans brand STORM.
  • He began to gain fame from his role on the popular sitcom Three Guys, Three Girls in 1996.
  • He took on a tough-guy image, playing an aggressive and masculine role in the 2008 drama East of Eden, for which he won the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the MBC Drama Awards.
  • In 2009, he founded his own management agency, Storm S Company. He also owns the Sinsa-dong branch of the Italian restaurant chain Blacksmith, launched by Caffe Bene.

Popular Roles

  • Autumn in My Heart as Yoon Joon-seo
  • Summer Scent as Yoo Min-woo
  • East of Eden as Lee Dong-chul
  • A Better Tomorrow as Lee Young-choon
  • Fate as Kim Woo-min

Jang Hyuk

  • Date of Birth: December 20, 1976
  • Marital Status: He married his longtime girlfriend, Kim Yeo-jin, on June 2, 2008. The couple had been together since 2002.
  • Children: He and his wife have two sons and one daughter.

Fun Facts

  • He has practiced Jeet Kune Do for more than 10 years.
  • He is also a former professional Taekwondo athlete.

Popular Roles

  • The Slave Hunters as Lee Dae-gil
  • Deep Rooted Tree as Kang Chae-yoon/Ddol-bok
  • Iris II as Jung Yoo-gun
  • Fated to Love You as Lee Gun
  • Windstruck as Go Myung-woo

Ji Sung

  • Date of Birth: February 27, 1977
  • Marital Status: He is married to popular Korean actress Lee Bo-young. He met her on the set of the 2004 TV series Save the Last Dance for Me, and they confirmed their relationship in 2007.
  • Children: He and his wife have one child, Kwak Ji-yoo, who was born in 2015.

Fun Facts

  • His real name is Kwak Tae-geun.
  • He is often paired with the actress Hwang Jung-eum. They both starred in Secret Love and Kill Me, Heal Me.

Popular Roles

  • Save the Last Dance for Me as Kang Hyun-woo
  • Secret Love as Jo Min-hyuk
  • Kill Me, Heal Me as Cha Do-hyun, Shin Se-gi, Perry Park, Ahn Yo-na, Ahn Yo-seob, Nana, and Mr. X
  • Entertainer as Shin Suk-Ho
  • Defendant as Park Jung-woo

So Ji-sub

  • Date of Birth: November 4, 1977

Fun Facts

  • Apart from acting, So Ji-sub is also known as a rapper, and he has released several hip-hop EPs.
  • After his hit drama Master's Sun in 2013, he switched from his usual melodramatic roles and appeared in a romantic comedy.
  • He trained to become a professional swimmer for 11 years and won the bronze medal at the Korean National Games.
  • He tried out modeling simply because he wanted to pose alongside hip-hop artist Kim Sung-jae.

Popular Roles

  • Master's Sun as Joo Joong-won
  • Cain and Abel as Lee Cho-in/Oh Kang-ho
  • I'm Sorry, I Love You as Cha Moo-hyuk
  • What Happened in Bali as Kang In-wook
  • Thousand Years of Love as General Guishil Ari/Kang In-chul

Won Bin

  • Date of Birth: November 10, 1977
  • Marital Status: He married the popular Korean actress Lee Na-young on May 30, 2015, in a small, private ceremony in his hometown.

Fun Facts

  • His real name is Kim Do-jin.
  • His popularity began to grow after he starred in the television drama Autumn in My Heart in 2000.

Popular Roles

  • Autumn in My Heart as Han Tae-suk
  • Taegukgi as Lee Jin-seok
  • My Brother as Jong-hyun
  • Mother as Do-joon
  • The Man from Nowhere as Cha Tae-sik


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Korean Actors – Famous Movie & K-Drama Stars in the South

South Korea is known for K-pop and its high-quality movies and dramas starring South Korean actors and actresses. Koreans are constantly creating films for their domestic market rather than showing mainly Hollywood-produced TV series and movies on the television or cinema.

This creates a lot of opportunities for amazing and handsome Korean actors and actresses to rise to stardom. New artists are always rising to fame, but this list is for the best of the best.

Here are our picks for the best South Korean actors.

90 Day Korean - Illustration of film reels in popcorn


Famous South Korean Actors

Below are the most popular South Korean actors known for their superb performance in playing their roles in Korean dramas. 

Lee Min Ho (이민호)

K-drama: Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, The Heirs, Personal Taste, Legend of the Blue Sea, The King: Eternal Monarch

Movies: Gangnam Blues

Image of Korean actor Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho shot to stardom overnight when he began starring in the popular K-drama Boys Over Flowers, a remake of Japan’s Hana Yori Dango. The actors who played the roles of the other F4 members were Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon.

Lee Min Ho enlisted for mandatory military service in March 2018 and was discharged in April 2019. After which, he worked on more dramas and reprised his title as one of the top South Korean Actors of all time.

Kim Soo Hyun (김수현)

K-drama:My Love from the Star, Dream High, Moon Embracing the Sun, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Movies: Secretly Greatly, The Thieves

Image of Korean actor

While Kim Soo Hyun was already a household name in South Korea by the time My Love from the Star hit the TV, it was this K-drama that made him known worldwide.

This South Korean actor is one of Korea’s most known Hallyu stars, and he is consistently ranked as one of Korea’s best and most popular and handsome Korean actors. He has also recorded some songs for the dramas he has starred in.

The popular South Korean actor also starred in other high-rating Korean series and took lead roles in films like Secretly Greatly.

So Ji Sub (소지섭)

K-drama: Oh My Venus, Cain, and Abel, Sorry I love you, Master’s Sun, My Secret Terrius

Movies:Be With You, The Battleship Island, Always

Image of Korean actor So Ji Sub

Since the mid-1990s, the actor has been a familiar face on South Korean TV screens. In 2002, the actor rose to fame when he starred in the Korean series Glass Slippers, and I’m Sorry, I Love You.

Apart from being an actor, he has also released several hip-hop singles and albums. He has also published a magazine for his fans called SONICe that highlights his art.

Can't read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 90 minutes!

Lee Jong Suk (이종석)

K-drama: School 2013,While You Were Sleeping, Pinocchio, W Two Worlds, Doctor Stranger, Romance is a Bonus Book

Movies:As One, V.I.P., Hot Young Bloods

Image of Korean actor Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is a South Korean actor who started as a model. He was the youngest male model ever to participate in Seoul Fashion Week on his debut in 2005. He usually takes up leading roles for romance series and has been nominated and won awards for his performance. Lee Jong Suk also recently finished his military service in January 2021.

Park Bo Gum (박보검)

K-drama:Reply 1988, Love in the Moonlight, Encounter, Record of Youth

Movies: Runway Cop, Twinkle-Twinkle Pitter-Patter, Seo Bok

Image of Korean actor Park Bo Gum

South Korean actors are known for their versatility, and Bo Gum is no exception. This handsome Korean actor initially wanted to be a singer but changed his career path to be an actor.

He debuted as an actor in 2011 and is still active in this field up to date. His most recent K-drama was Record of Youth in 2020. He was also known for his leading roles in the South Korean series, namely Love in the Moonlight and Encounter.

Hyun Bin (현빈) 

K-drama: Worlds Within, Secret Garden, My Lovely Sam Soon, Memories of the Alhambra, Crash Landing On You

Movies: A Millionaire’s First Love, The Fatal Encounter, The Negotiation, The Swindlers, RampantImage of Korean actor Hyun BinNext, there’s Hyun Bin. He has been viewed as one of the brightest and most handsome Korean actors among the South Korean audience ever since his heartwarming performance in the South Korean series called My Lovely Sam Soon.

Versatility in projects and acting abilities is something that the actor is especially known and acknowledged for. His most recent drama was Crash Landing On You, which gained huge popularity worldwide. 

Ji Chang Wook (지창욱)

K-drama:The K2, Healer, The Empress Ki, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Suspicious Partner, Melting Me Softly, Lovestruck in the City, Backstreet Rookie

Movies: Fabricated CityImage of Korean actor Ji Chang WookJi Chang Wook has played roles in different South Korean dramas, from action and romance to historical dramas. This handsome Korean actor had first grown popular when he played the leading role in Smile Again.

The mandatory military service in South Korea didn’t hinder the actor from continuing his acting career. He started his service in 2017 and was discharged in 2019. In the same year, he was back to acting in the romantic-comedy series, Melting Me Softly.

Kim Woo Bin (김우빈)

K-drama:Uncontrollably Fond, School 2013, The Heirs

Movies:Twenty, Friend: The Great Legacy, The Con ArtistsImage of Korean actor Kim Woo BinKim Woo Bin is a South Korean actor who started as a model. He had his acting debut in the South Korean series White Christmas. He also starred in the popular drama The Heirs.

In April 2017, Kim Woo Bin was appointed as an honorary ambassador for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. However, he was eventually pulled out from the role as he was ongoing treatment for his cancer. This was diagnosed back in May 2017. Since then, Kim Woo Bin hasn’t appeared in any roles in television but remains well-known due to his past acting roles.

Park Seo Joon (박서준)

K-drama:Itaewon Class, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Fight for My Way, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, She Was Pretty, Kill Me, Heal Me 

Movies:Concrete Utopia, The Divine Fury, Midnight Runners, Chronicles of Evil

Park Seo Joon

Dubbed as the “Master of Romantic Comedy,” Park Seo Joon has starred in several high-rating romantic comedy series. 

His first appearance in the entertainment industry was in Bang Yong Guk’s music video for Remember. He has then appeared in different TV series in South Korea, and soon after, he starred in the Korean series “She Was Pretty.” His most recent drama series was a webtoon-based drama entitled Itaewon Class. 

Cha Eun Woo (차은우)

K-drama:True Beauty, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, Gangnam Beauty

Movie:My Brilliant Life

South Korean actor Cha Eun Woo can be a great definition of versatility in the industry. Apart from being a handsome Korean actor, he’s also a singer, a host, a model, and part of the South Korean boy band Astro. His real name is Lee Dong Min (이동민), but he’s known through his stage name, Cha Eun Woo. Cha Eun Woo

Apart from the K-dramas that he starred in, fans can also watch Cha Eun Woo in previous episodes of the TV program Master in the House. He is now one of the rising South Korean actors and one of the most handsome Korean actors.

Lee Seung Gi (이승기)

K-drama:Brilliant Legacy, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, The King 2 Hearts, Gu Family Book, You’re All Surrounded, A Korean Odyssey, Vagabond, Mouse

Movie:Love Forecast, The Princess and the Matchmaker

Lee Seung Gi is one of the top Korean actors and has started his singing career when he was scouted in 2004 and began his acting career in 2006. He has been consistently visible in the Korean entertainment industry either as a singer, actor, or host since he started his career, apart from when he began his mandatory military service in 2016.

Image of Korean actor Lee Seung GiAs one of the actors who starred in the best Korean dramas, it’s not surprising that Lee Seung Gi has won and been nominated for countless awards, including Forbes Korea. He had also been paired with several Korean actresses, creating great chemistry for each pairing. This makes him popular for both Korean and overseas viewers.

South Korean Movie Stars

In this list, we have just entailed some of Korea’s acting industry’s brightest and most critically acclaimed male Korean actors. However, so many capable actors are working in the business, with new handsome Korean actors breaking into the business every week.

Gong Yoo (공지철)

K-drama: Coffee Prince, Big, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Movies: Train to Busan, Seo Bok, A Man and a Woman

Image of Korean actor Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo might be a familiar name and face to the worldwide audience due to the insanely popular zombie film Train To Busan. However, he has been popular among South Korean fans for more than a decade, ever since he starred in the popular K-drama Coffee Prince.

Most recently, this South Korean actor played the leading role in Guardian: The LonelyandGreat God, or better known as Goblin, is among the most famous Korean dramas in the recent history of South Korean TV. He is also well-known for his product endorsements both in South Korea and in the international market.

Song Joong Ki (송중기)

K-drama:The Innocent Man, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Descendants of the Sun, Arthdal Chronicles, Vincenzo

Movies: Penny Pinchers, A Werewolf Boy, The Battleship Island, Space Sweepers

Image of Korean actor Song Joong Ki

This handsome Korean actor has risen to fame in the Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This series made Joong Ki known and eventually starred in big South Korean series popular worldwide. This includes the dramas Werewolf boy, Descendants of the Sun, and Vincenzo. He also recently starred in the film Space Sweepers.

In 2017,  Joong Ki was married to his co-leading star in Descendants of the Sun, actress Song Hye Kyo. However, the two got divorced in 2019.

Ju Ji Hoon (주지훈)

K-drama: Princess Hours, Kingdom, Hyena

Movies:Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds, Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, The Spy Gone North

Image of Korean actor Ju Ji Hoon

Ever since Joo Ji Hoon took the lead role opposite Yoon Eun Hye on Princess Hours in 2006, South Korean fans have been crazy about him. Although he has only appeared in about a dozen movies and less than ten dramas to date, his performances have always continued to be top-notch.

His career derailed quite early on, in 2009, due to drug charges, but his acting chops have since managed to convince South Korea to fall in love with him all over again. He most recently starred in the 2019 horror-thriller series entitled Kingdom. Fans are excited for the release of its third season in 2021.

Won Bin (원빈)

K-drama: Autumn In My Heart

Movies:Mother, The Man from Nowhere

Image of Korean actor Won Bin

Won Bin has been one of Korea’s celebrity sweethearts ever since his appearance in Autumn In My Heart.

Although even in 2019, he has one of the highest name recognition of all Korean actors, he has actually only acted in a handful of movies and TV series. His last project was nearly a decade ago.

There has not been word of when we would have the pleasure of seeing him again in a movie or K-drama project.

Song Seung Heon (원빈)

K-drama: Autumn In My Heart, My Princess, Black, Player, The Great Show

Movies: Fate, A Better Tomorrow, Obsessed, Wonderful Nightmare

Song Seung heon

Song Seung Heon did not start as an actor. In fact, he began his career as a model for a brand of jeans, then was introduced to the entertainment industry through the sitcom Three Guys, Three Girls. His film debut happened in 1999, but he rose to stardom through the Korean TV series Autumn in My Heart alongside Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin. 

He took a break in the industry when he had to serve in the military in 2004. He was then discharged in 2006 but chose to remain on low-profile until his comeback in 2008. 

Lee Byung Hun (이병헌)

K-drama: Mr. Sunshine, Iris, All In, Beautiful Days

Movies: Inside Men, Terminator Genisys, The Magnificent Seven,  G.I. Joe series, The Man Standing Next, Emergency Declaration

Image of Korean actor Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun might already be a familiar face to you from the Hollywood hits Terminator Genisys, The Magnificent Seven, and the G.I. Joe series. However, he has also been actively working in South Korean movies and dramas, all the way up until today.

Despite having also appeared in the news due to scandals, Lee Byung Hun is regarded in South Korea as one of the most talented Korean actors.

Choi Min Sik (최민식)

Movies:Oldboy, New World, The Admiral: Roaring Currents, Heart Blackened, Forbidden Dream, I Saw The Devil, Lucy

Image of Korean actor Choi Min Sik

If you have yet to see Oldboy, you might want to pause this article and watch this masterpiece. Oldboy is also the role that Choi Min Sik is the most known for, though it is far from the only role he has acted in. He is often thought to be among Korea’s most talented Korean actors and is also among the most critically acclaimed.

Ahn Sung Ki (안성기)

Movies: Fine Windy Day,  Paper Flower, The Divine Fury, Revivre

Image of Korean actor Ahn Sung Ki

Although Ahn Sung Ki may be an unfamiliar name to our younger generation, this South Korean actor has been the darling of the older generation for decades now, ever since he debuted as a child actor in the 1960s.

He has been dubbed the “National Best Actor” and is, in general, seen as one of Korea’s most respected Korean actors. Although he is already well into his 60s, he’s still making appearances in movies.

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Which South Korean actors are your favorite? Do you perhaps like Lee Min Ho or Lee Jung Suk the most? Or perhaps there is someone that you think should be on this list that isn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: BigStockPhoto, Yeonhab, Naver Movie, Soompi, Starhaus [CC BY 2.0 kr (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/kr/deed.en)], LG전자 and LGE [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], ILCHIRI and SSG BLOG (Shinsegye official) [CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], Kinocine at Korean Wikipedia and Petr Novák at Wikipedia and Kinocine at ko.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Sours: https://www.90daykorean.com/best-korean-actors/
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Top 10 highest paid Korean actors [2021]

The Korean film industry involves tv exhibits and movies, dramas. Korean actors come on the display screen to act as characters. Now we will show you the top paid actors of Koren industries in 2021.

1. Kim Soo Hyun

He is probably the most popular actor within the highest-paid record and a South Korean actor and recognised for his function performed with the tv dramas like dream excessive, moon embracing the solar (2012), my love from the star and many more. Kim had the highest Forbes Korea energy superstar record in 2013 and has positioned fourth and enhance its rank in 2015 putting second on the Forbes record. He is paid 84,000 USD per episode.

2. Hyun Bin

He is a popular South Korean actor and gained recognition for his function in romantic comedy tv dramas My title is Kim-Sam-Son. After accomplishing its present, he mainly functioned in lots of different tv exhibits like the romantic sequence Secret Garden (2010), recollections of the Alhambra, and romantic drama crash touchdown on you. This actor is paid 83,000 USSD per episode.

3. So Ji Sub

This actor has acted in tv sequence such as ‘what happened in Bali, I love you, Cain and Abel’. Currently, he won the MBC drama awards for the ‘my secret service’ movie. He is paid 67,400 USD per episode.

4. Jo In Sung

He is the finest actor recognised for his roles play within the TV sequence ‘what happened in Bali’. He has accomplished many movies like ‘the basic, A grimy carnival, A frozen flower, the King, and the good battle.’ He had also gained one of the best actor awards for ‘the good battle’ movie. He is paid 67,100 USD per episode within the serial.

5. Lee Min Ho

He is popularly known for his hit and very good function performed movies within the internet sequence. He acted as a lead in “Boys over Flowers” and gained one of the best actors on the 45th Baeksang arts awards present. Lee had expertise in many genres such as comedy, motion, fantasy, and romance. He was the richest actor in 2020. He is paid 59,000 USD per episode.

6. Lee Seung Gi

He is an actor, host, singer, and entertainer. He has released hit songs such as ‘since you’re my lady, will you marry me and return’. He also had played the main role in many drama sequence ‘brilliant legacy, my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox, gu family book, you’re all surrounded and vagabond’. He had bought the title “triple treat” entertainer. He is paid 59,000 USD per episode.

7. Yoo Ah In

This actor is known for the TV sequence Sungkyunkwan scandal. He had offered back-to-back superhit movies such as ‘secret love affair, the throne, six flying dragons’. He is paid 58,700 USD per episode.

8. Song Joong Ki

This actor has acted in lots of sequences such as ‘the harmless man, Descendants of the solar and Arthdal chronicles’. He is paid 52,000 USD per episode.

9. Lee Jong Suk

He debuted in a film named ‘runway mannequin’ in 2005. He has acted in movies such as ‘I can hear your voice (2013), Doctor stranger (2014), W (2016), when you had been sleeping (2017), the sport of demise was sleeping (2017) and Romance is a bonus e-book (2019)’. He is paid 50,300 USD per episode.

10. Ji Chang Wook

He is the youngest male actor. He has acted in many dramas, motion, thriller sequences. He has received sixth APAN star awards. He is paid 42,000 USD per episodes.



Sours: https://www.businessupturn.com/features/top-10-highest-paid-korean-actors-2021/
Most Handsome Korean Actor(age 30-35)

The Most Handsome Korean Actors (Top-25)

Korean actors are unique and inimitable, they are touching and emotional. In their country
actors are celebrities, their life is carefully watched by admirers. In Korea, the TV series (they are called dramas) are very popular, so the best Korean actor become the most famous people in the country.

Secrets of popularity of the Korean actors and TV series with their participation

Each year, removed a large number of Korean TV series, which are involved and a great cast. The love of the audience to heroes of beautiful and romantic TV series passes, naturally, and to those who have embodied them on the shooting stage. It should be noted that for shootings directors select handsome men or young men, so the best Korean actors have a lot of fans. Soaps with their participation are aimed at creating a beautiful tale of love, separation or marriage, and external data of the chief performers of roles are of great importance. Korean actors may not have the physical strength, the Apollo figure, but they have something as lacking in European or Hollywood actors. They are gentle and sensual, do not hide their suffering and even tears. Looking at the heroes of Korean TV series, the girls begin to believe in the romantic prince with a fine mind and beautiful eyes.

Genres of movies in which beautiful Korean actors act aren't limited only to love or family stories. There are movies about criminals and honest police officers, there is even a horror as a very popular genre in Korea. And the Korean actors perfectly cope with such versatile tasks, getting with each role of new admirers.

In the Korean TV series the audience can see various stories: about love, about the family relations, about fidelity. Action happens in the native land, pictures of city or rural landscapes are relatives and acquaintances. Therefore, it is so easy for audience to be transferred to those circumstances which are offered by TV series, it is easy to feel like a part of history. And the best Korean actors are very close to them, they are similar to friends, to neighbors, to fellow students or colleagues. Each of the audience finds something interesting in dramas for himself. It explains the reason of popularity of the Korean TV series on their homeland.

But gradually the Korean TV series are gaining attention of the audience, not only Asia, but also the European region. And Korean actors are recognizable and abroad. They differ from actors of Hollywood in the appearance, romanticism, restraint in behavior. The handsome from Korea creates an image of the man who isn't hesitating of the feelings sincere and open.

Worldwide known for the beauty of Korean men. This stylish, tall, athletic guys with a mysterious look. The Top 25 Most handsome Korean actors included famous and popular actors, singers and models from South Korea. There are many actors from this list starred in world famous Korean dramas.

25. Park Shi Hoo (April 3, 1978) - South Korean actor.
He began his entertainment career as an underwear model and stage actor, then made his official television debut in 2005. After several years in supporting roles, Park rose to fame in 2010 with the popular romantic comedy series Queen of Reversals and Prosecutor Princess. This was followed by leading roles in period drama The Princess' Man (2011) and thriller film Confession of Murder (2012). In 2013, Park's career was rocked by allegations of sexual assault, but the charges were later dropped.

Top 100 Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actors photos

24. Song Joong Ki (September 19, 1985) - South Korean actor. He is actor Lee Kwang Soo 's bestfriend and rose to fame with period drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and variety show Running Man. Song played his first TV leading role in the melodrama The Innocent Man in 2012. He has also starred in feature films, most notably as the titular character in the box office hit A Werewolf Boy.

Photos of Most Handsome South Korean Actors

23. Kang Dong Won (18 January 1981) - South Korean actor.

Kang Dong Won Most Handsome South Korean man photo

22. Gong Yoo (July 10, 1979) - South Korean actor.

Gong Yoo South Korean actor photo

21. Jang Geun Suk (September 26, 1987 in Danyang County, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea) is a South Korean actor, singer and model. He is best known for playing the role of band leader Hwang Tae Kyung in the 2009 drama You're Beautiful, with Lee Hongki, Jung Yong Hwa, Park Shin-hyeand Uee, as well as the role of Kang Mu Gyul in the 2010 romantic comedy series Mary Stayed Out All Night, with Moon Geun Young and as Seo In Ha/Seo Joon in 2012 Love Rain with Yoona of Girls' Generation.

  Jang Geun Suk most handsome faces in Asia pictures

20. Kim Jae Wook (2 April 1983) - South Korean model and actor.

Kim Jae Wook Most Handsome Korean Celebrities photo

19. Jo In Sung (July 28, 1981) - South Korean actor. He is best known for his leading roles in TV series What Happened in Bali (2004), and That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013), and in the films A Dirty Carnival (2006), A Frozen Flower (2008).

Most Handsome Korean Drama Actors photos

18. Yoon Sang Hyun (September 21, 1973) - South Korean actor and singer. He is best known for his roles in Queen of Housewives (2009), My Fair Lady (2009), Secret Garden (2011) and I Can Hear Your Voice (2013).

Most Handsome Korean Guys photos

17. So Ji Sub (November 4, 1977) - South Korean actor. After making his entertainment debut as a jeans model, he became best known for his leading roles in the television series I'm Sorry, I Love You, Cain and Abel, Phantom and Master's Sun, as well as the film Rough Cut. So has also released several hip-hop EPs.

Most Handsome Men in South Korea photo

16. Cha Seung Won (June 7, 1970) - South Korean actor. He began his career as an in-demand fashion model in the 1990s, before embarking on an acting career.

Cha Seung Won Most Handsome South Korean actors pictures

15. Jung Woo Sung (March 20, 1973) - South Korean actor.

Jung Woo Sung South Korean actor pictures

14. Joo Jin-mo (Park Jin-tae on August 11, 1974) - South Korean actor.

Handsome Korean Guy Joo Jin-mo photo

13. Kim Soo Hyun (February 16, 1988) - South Korean actor, best known for his roles in the television dramas Dream High, Moon Embracing the Sun, and My Love from the Star, as well as the movies The Thieves and Secretly, Greatly.

Kim Soo Hyun Handsome Korean Celebrities photo

12. Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung on September 25, 1982) - South Korean actor. He is best known for his leading roles in the TV dramas My Name is Kim Sam-soon in 2005, and Secret Garden in 2010.

Hyun Bin Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actor photo

11. Jang Dong Gun (March 7, 1972) - South Korean actor. He is best known for his leading roles in the films Friend (2001) and Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War (2004).

Jang Dong Gun Korean actor pictures

10. Ricky Lee Neely/ Ricky Kim  (June 19, 1981) - American model and actor. Was born to a Korean mother and an American father.

Ricky Lee Neely  South Korean Actor and model photo

9. Choi Si Won (April 7, 1986, officially registered on February 10, 1987), known simply as Siwon is a South Korean recording artist, actor, and model. He is best known as a member of the K-pop boy band Super Junior and its Mandopop subgroup, Super Junior-M. He is one of the first four South Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps. He is also the first Korean celebrity to surpass 3 million followers on twitter. In 2014 he was ranked at №7 on 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2013.

 Siwon Handsome Korean Drama Actors photo

8. Lee Min Ho (June 22, 1987) - South Korean actor, singer and model. He is best known for his leading roles in Boys Over Flowers (2009), City Hunter (2011) and The Heirs (2013). Upcoming 1970s set movie Gangnam Blues will be the Lee's first lead role in the big screen.

Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor, singer and model photos

7. O Ji-ho (April 14, 1976) - South Korean actor. He is best known for his roles in the television series Couple or Trouble, Single Dad in Love, and The Slave Hunters. He also starred in the films My Wife is a Gangster 3, Sector 7, and The Grand Heist.

O Ji-ho sexy korean actor photo

6. Go Soo (October 4, 1978) - South Korean actor. He has appeared in television series such as Piano, Green Rose and Will It Snow For Christmas?, as well as the films Some, White Night, Haunters, The Front Line, and Love 911.

Go Soo Handsome Korean Guy pictures

5. Kim Bum (October 5, 1976) - South Korean actor. Song is noted for his roles in Korean dramas such as Autumn in My Heart, Summer Scent, and East of Eden.

Kim Bum Popular Korean Actors photo

4. Song Seung Hun (October 5, 1976) - South Korean actor. Song is noted for his roles in Korean dramas such as Autumn in My Heart, Summer Scent, and East of Eden.

Most Handsome Men Song Seung Hun pictures

3. Won Bin (November 10, 1977) - South Korean actor. He first gained wide popularity in 2000 after starring in the television drama Autumn in My Heart and has since gained critical acclaim for his performances in the films Taegukgi, Mother and The Man from Nowhere

Won Bin sexy pictures and photos of korean actors

2. Daniel Henney (November 28, 1979) - American actor and model, known for starring in films such as Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006), My Father (2007), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Shanghai Calling (2012) and The Last Stand (2013).

Daniel Henney american actor with Korean roots

1. Dennis Oh (August 29, 1981 Georgia, United States) - actor and model in South Korea. He was born to a Korean mother and a former American GI father.

Dennis Oh actor and model in South Korea photo

Sours: http://beauty-around.com/en/tops/item/100-samye-krasivyue-korean-actors

Actors male korean

Korean dramas are world famous because of their storyline. The plot, character, suspense, humor, and wit are all bundled up in a K-drama. But the storyline can only be as good as the actors in it. Here are the Top 20 Most Handsome Korean Actors in K-dramas.

We ordered the first 20 actors through the vote results in July 2021. Why don’t you take a vote in August for your favorite Korean actor HERE? 🙂


Handsome Korean Actors

Table of Contents

Cha Eun Woo (차은우)

  • Born: March 30, 1997
  • Height: 183 cm.
  • K-pop: Astro (South Korean boy band)
  • K-drama: True Beauty (2020-2021), Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung (2019), Gangnam Beauty (2018), Hit the Top (2017)
  • Awards: SBS Entertainment Awards (2020), MBC Drama Awards (2019), Asia Artist Awards (2018)
  • Instagram: @eunwo.o_c

Song Joog Ki (송중기)

Park Seo Jun (박서준)

Lee Jong-Suk (이종석)

  • Born: September 14, 1989
  • Height: 186 cm.
  • K-drama: Romance is a Bonus Book (2019), The Hymn of Death (2018), While You Were Sleeping (2017), W (2016)
  • Best friend: Kim Woo-bin
  • Official website: http://lee-jongsuk.com/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jongsuk0206/

Song Kang (송강)

  • Born: April 23, 1994
  • Height: 186 cm.
  • K-drama: Nevertheless (2021), Navillera (2021), Sweet Home (2020)
  • Movie: Beautiful Vampire (2018)
  • Instagram: @songang+b

Lee Dong Wook (이동욱)

  • Born: November 6, 1981
  • Height: 186 cm.
  • K-drama: Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020), Touch Your Heart (2019), Life (2018), Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016), My Girl (2005)
  • TV Show Host:  The fourth season of survival audition program, Produce 101
  • Best friend: Gong Yoo
  • Official website: http://www.leedongwook.co.kr/
  • Instagram: @leedongwook_official

Lee Min Ho (이민호)

  • Born: June 22, 1987
  • Height: 187 cm.
  • K-drama: The King- eternal monarch (2020), DMZ, The Wild (2017), Blue Sea (2016), The Heirs (2013), Boys over Flowers (2009)
  • Movie: Bounty Hunters (2016), Gangnam Blues 1970 (2015)
  • Awards: Grand Prize in the National Brand Culture Sector (2017), SAF Best Actor Award for Best Male Actor in Genre & Fantasy Drama (2016)
  • Website: Lee Min Ho

Kim Soo Hyun (김수현)

  • Born: February 16, 1988
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • K-drama: The Producers (2015), Love From Star (2013), Sun and Moon ( 2012)
  • Movie: Real (2016), Secretly, Greatly (2013), Thieves (2012), Worst Friends (2009)
  • Awards: KBS Grand Prize for Best Actor (2015), Best Couple Prize (2015)
  • Instagram: Soohyun_k216

Ji Chang Wook (지창욱)


Hyun Bin (현빈)

  • Born: September 25, 1982
  • Height: 185 cm.
  • K-drama: Crash landing on you (2019), The memories of the Alhambra (2018), Hyde,Jekyll and Me (2015), Secret Garden (2010), My Lovely Samsoon (2005)
  • Movie: Rampant (2018), The Negotiation (2018), The Swindlers (2017), Confidential Assignment (2016)
  • Awards: 56th Baeksang Arts Awards (2020), TikTok Popularity Award (2020), Producer’s Choice Award 18th Bucheon International Film Festival (2014)
  • Website: Hyun-Bin official website

Gong Yoo (공유)

  • Born: July 10, 1979
  • Height: 184 cm.
  • K-drama: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016), Big (2012), Coffee Prince (2007)
  • Movie: Seo Bok (2021), Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 (2019), Train to Busan (2016), Silenced (2011),
  • Awards: 53th Baeksang Arts Awards (2017), 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards (2011), 26th MBC Drama Awards (2007)
  • Website: Ging Yoo official website

Park Hyung-sik (박형식)

  • Born: November 16, 1991
  • Height: 183 cm.
  • K-drama: Suits (2018), Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017), Hwarang (2016), High Society (2015)
  • Movie: Juror 8 (2019)
  • Status: In the military service / The date of discharge – January 4, 2021
  • Instagram: @phs1116
  • Twitter: @zea_hyungsik

Lee Joon Gi (이준기)

  • Born: April 17, 1982
  • Height: 178 cm.
  • K-drama: Lawless Lawyer (2018), Criminal Mind (2017), Scarlet Heart (2016), Iljimae (2008), Time with the Dog and the wolf (2007)
  • Movie: Never Said Goodbye (2016), Virgin Snow (2007), King and the Clown (2005)
  • Album: Delight (2018), Thank you (2016), Exhale (2014)
  • Website: http://www.leejoongi.co.kr/
  • Instagram: actor_jg

Park Bo Gum (박보검)

  • Born: June 16, 1993
  • Height: 181 cm.
  • K-drama: Boyfriend (2018), Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (2016), Reply 1988 (2015)
  • Movie: Twinkle Twinkle Pitter Patter (2014), Roaring Currents (2014)
  • Album: Blue Bird (2020), Happy Merry Christmas (2019), Bloomin’ (2019)
  • Website: Official Park Bo Gum

Seo In Guk (서인국)

  • Born: October 23, 1987
  • Height: 178 cm.
  • K-drama: Doom at Your Service (2021), The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018), Hello Monster (2015), The King’s Face (2014)
  • Not only an actor, he also launched his singing career after winning the talent reality show Superstar K in 2009.
  • Instagram: @seo_cccc

Jung Hae In (정해인)

  • Born: April 1, 1988
  • Height: 178 cm.
  • K-drama: Snowdrop (설강화, 2021), A Piece of Your Mind (반의 반, 2020), One Spring Night (봄밤, 2019)
  • Movie: P1H: The Beginning of a New World (2020), Start-Up (시동, 2019), Tune in for Love (음악앨범, 2019)
  • He likes all kinds of meat and bread. He enjoys cooking Kimchi-jjigae and Doenjang-jjigae in his free time.
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holyhaein/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ActorHaein

Ji Sung (지성)

  • Born: Kwak Tae-geun on February 27, 1977
  • Height: 178 cm
  • He debuted in the SBS drama KAIST. After that, he built up his acting skills by appearing in various dramas, and became famous by appearing in the SBS drama All In, which had the highest viewership rating of 47.7% in 2003.
  • K-drama: The Devil Judge (2021), Doctor John (2019), Familiar Wife (2018), Innocent Defendant (2017), Entertainer (2016)
  • Movie: Feng Shui (2018), Confession (2014), My PS Partner (2012)
  • Status: His spouse is also a famous actress in Korea, Lee Bo Young
  • Fun-fact
    • He was active under his real name, Kwak Tae-geun, until he appeared in KAIST, but at the suggestion of his manager, he changed his name to Ji-seong.
    • He wanted to be a baseball player when he was in middle school, but was opposed by his father, who was a teacher. So, when he dreamed of acting, he lied to his father that he applied for the business administration department in the university.
    • He has an experience to catch a ‘hit and run’ criminal in 2002.

Yoo Seung Ho (유승호)

  • Born: August 17, 1993
  • Height: 175 cm
  • He rose to fame as a child actor in the film The Way Home (2002). Since then, he has starred in many television series and movie films as a child and teenager.
  • K-drama: Memorist (2020), My Strage Here (2018-2019), Remember (2016)
  • Movie: Joseon Magician (2015), Blind (2011), Hearty Paw (2006), The Way Home (2002)

Cho Jung Suk (조정석)

  • Born: December 26, 1980
  • Height: 174 cm
  • K-drama: Doctor Life (2020), Nokdu Flower (2019), Two Ccaps (2017), Jealousy (2016)
  • Movie: Exit (2019), Hit and Run Squad (2019), The Drug King (2017)
  • Status: Married to singer Gummy
  • Website: http://www.chojungseok.co.kr/

Seo Kang Joon (서강준)

  • Born: October 12, 1993
  • Height: 183 cm
  • K-drama: When the Weather Is Fine (2020), Watcher (2019), Are You Human? (2018), Cheese in the Trap (2016)
  • Instagram: @seokj1012

Yeo Jin Goo (여진구)

  • Born: August 13, 1997
  • Height: 176 cm.
  • K-drama: Monster (2021), Beyond Evil (2021), Start-Up (2020), Hotel Del Luna / My Absolute Boyfriend / The Crowned Clown (2019)
  • Movie: Warriors of the Dawn (2017), The Long Way Home / Shoot Me in the Heart (2015)
  • Yeo Jin-goo debuted in 2005 with “Sad Movie” at the age of 8. He became the youngest male actor to win Best New Actor at the 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2012. He is considered one of the outstanding actors in Korea.
  • Instagram: yeojin9oo

Kang Ha Neul (강하늘)

  • Born: February 21, 1989
  • Height: 181 cm.
  • K-drama: Travel Argentina (2020), When the Camellia Blooms (2019), Scarlet Heart (2016)
  • Movie: Midnight Runners (2017), Donju: Portrait of a Poet (2015), C’est Si Bon (2015), Twenty (2014)
  • Award:The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2020 Best Actor Award for Best Male Actor in the TV category (When the Camellia Blooms)
  • Website: http://th-company.co.kr/actors/kang_haneul/

Lee Seung-gi (이승기)

  • Born: January 13, 1987
  • Height: 182 cm.
  • K-drama: Mouse (2021), Vegabond (2019), A Korean Odyssey (2017~2018),
  • Movie: The Princess and the Matchmaker (2018), Love Forecast (2015), You’re Surrounded (2014)
  • Official Website: http://www.leeseunggi.com/

Kim Woo Bin (김우빈)

kim woo bin handsome korean male actor
  • Born: July 16, 1989
  • Height: 188 cm.
  • K-drama: The Heirs (2013), School (2013), Vampire Idol (2011)
  • Movie: Master (2016), Carelessly and Affectionately (2016), Twenty (2014), The Con Artists (2014)
  • Status: girlfriend is actress Shin Mina
  • Instagram: kimwoob1607

So Ji Sub (소지섭)

  • Born: November 4, 1977
  • Height: 181 cm.
  • K-drama: My Secret Terius (2018), Oh My Venus (2015), Ghost (2012), Road No. 1 (2010), Sorry, I love you (2004)
  • Movie: Be With You (2017), The Battleship Island (2017), Good day (2014)
  • Status: married to announcer Cho Eun Jeong
  • Official website: So Ji Sub

Jang Dong-yoon (장동윤)

  • Born: July 12, 1992
  • Height: 177 cm.
  • K-drama: Search (2020), The Tale of Nokdu (2019), Just Dance, Mr. Sunshine, A Poem a Day (2018)
  • Movie: The Princess and the Matchmaker (2018), Love Forecast (2015), You’re Surrounded (2014)
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jangdongyoon/

Ju Ji Hoon (주지훈)

  • Born: May 16, 1982
  • Height: 187 cm.
  • K-drama: Kingdom 2 (2020), Hyena (2020), Item (2019), Kingdom (2019), Mask (2015)
  • Movie: Dark Figure of Crime (2018), The Spy Gone North (2018), Along with the Gods (2017)
  • Awards: won 39th Golden Filming Award for Best Male Actor (2019), Best Actor at the 24th Choonsa Film Festival (2019)
  • Instagram: _jujihoon

Lee Jung Jae (이정재)

  • Born: December 15, 1972
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • K-drama: Chief of Staff 1 and 2 (2019), Triple (2009), Aircity (2007), Sandglass (1997)
  • Movie: Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019), Warriors of the Dawn (2017), Assassination (2015), The Face Reader (2013), Thieves (2012), New World( 2012)
  • Facebook: Official Facebook page
  • Website: http://www.artistcompany.co.kr/portfolio-item/lee-jung-jae/

Kim Seon Ho (김선호)

  • Born: May 8, 1986
  • Height: 183 cm.
  • K-drama: Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha / Run On (2021), Start-Up / Find Me in Your Memory (2020), Catch the Ghost (2019)
  • Movie: 2 O’Clock Date / Dog Days (2022)
  • DeKim Seon-ho, who made his debut as an actor in the play ‘New Boeing Boing’ in 2009, and gradually built up his skills as an actor in the tv show industry including reality shows.
  • Fun fact: He said he was a shy guy when he was young, but he overcame the trauma and changed his personality through acting. His favorite food is tteokbokki.
  • Instagram: Kim Seon Ho Official Instagram Account
  • VLive: https://www.vlive.tv/channel/B828E1

Wi Ha Joon (위하준)

  • Born: August 5, 1991
  • Height: 178 cm.
  • K-drama: Squid Game (2021), 18 Again / Soul Mechanic (2020), Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019)
  • Movie: Midnight / Shark: The Beginning (2021), Girl Cops (2019), Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)
  • Needless to say, he became a rising star because of the big hit of the Squid Game (Netflix series).
  • Fun fact: He likes boxing and listening to music in his free time. He said he is a huge fan of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), so he watches UFC videos before going to bed.
  • Instagram: Official Instagram Account
  • Website: http://www.msteam.co.kr/artist/wihajun.php

Jang Hyuk (장혁)

  • Born: December 20, 1976
  • Height: 174.5 cm.
  • K-drama: Red Loyal Heart (2022), Tell Me What You Saw (2020), My Country: The New Age / The Crowned Clown (2019), Voice (2017), The Slave Hunters (2010), Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002)
  • Movie: Tomb of the River (2021), The Swordsman (2020), Ordinary Person / Because I Love You (2017), The Flu (2013)
  • He appeared in the Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002), a blockbuster hit that surpassed 40% of in viewer ratings. In 2010, he played the role of Lee Dae-gil in the drama The Slave Hunters, and showed such a fervent performance.
  • Fun fact: In 2000, he also worked as a singer under the name of ‘TJ Project’.
  • Website: https://ent.ihq.co.kr/star/jhyuk

Kim Jae Wook (김재욱)

  • Born: April 2, 1983
  • Height: 183 cm.
  • K-drama: Crazy Love (2022), Her Private Life (2019), Quiz of God: Reboot / The Guest (2018), Temperature of Love / Voice (2017), Coffee Prince (2007)
  • Movie: Butterfly Sleep (2018), Another Way (2017), The Last Princess / Two Rooms, Two Nights (2016)
  • After working as a model in high school, she debuted as an actress in the 2002 MBC drama “Do It Yourself”.
  • Fun fact: He has been living in Japan since he returned to Korea around the time he entered elementary school. He was a sprinter when he was in elementary school. He said he likes a gril doesn’t wear makeup because his mother doesn’t. He is a fan of Liverpool and Hanwha Eagles.
  • Instagram: Official Instagram Account
  • Website: http://msoopent.com/page/page.html?acode=S35461561&mcd=02&langs=en

Jang Dong Gun (장동건)

  • Born: March 7, 1972
  • Height: 182 cm.
  • K-drama: Arthdalchronicles (2019), Suits (2018), A Gentlemen’s Dignity (2012), Everything about Eve (2000), Ghost (1999)
  • Movie: No Years for the Dead (2014), VIP (2017), Seven Years of Night (2018), Rampant (2018, Dangerous Liaisons (2012)
  • Status: married to actress Ko So Young
  • Awards: Award for Best Actor at the Asian Artist Awards (2019), KBS Acting Awards Men’s Excellence Award in Mini series (2018)

Jung Woo Sung (정우성)

  • Born: March 20, 1973
  • Height: 186 cm.
  • K-drama: Athena (2010), His and Her Heartbeat (2011), The Man from Asphalt Street (1995)
  • Movie: Beast Clawing at Straw (2018), Innocent Witness (2018), The King (2016), Asura: The City of Madness ( 2016)., The Fox with Nine Tails (1994)
  • Awards: 2019 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best Male Actor, 2019 39th Golden Filming Awards for Best Acting Award
  • Website: http://www.artistcompany.co.kr/portfolio-item/jung-woo-sung/

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Won Bin (원빈)

  • Born: November 10, 1977
  • Height: 178 cm.
  • K-drama: Autumn Fairy Tale (2000), Friends (2002), Kkokji (2000), Kwang-kki (1999), Propose (1997)
  • Movie: The Man from Nowhere (2010), Mother (2009), My Brother (2004), TaeGukKi: The Brotherhood of War (2003), Guns & Talk (2001)
  • Status: married to actress Lee NaYoung
  • Official website: http://www.wonbinus.co.kr/

Song Seung Heon (송승헌)

  • Born: October 5, 1976
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • K-drama: Dinnermate (2020), The Great Show (2019), Player (2018), Saimdang (2017), Autumn Fairy Tales (2000)
  • Movie: Air Strike (2018), Man of Will (2017), The Third Way of Love (2014)
  • Instagram: songseungheon1005
  • Chinese Website: https://www.weibo.com/officialssh?is_all=1

Cha Seung Won (차승원)

Kim Nam Kil (김남길)

  • Born: March 13, 1980
  • Height: 183 cm.
  • K-drama: Island (2021), The Fiery Priest (열혈사제, 2019), Live Up to Your Name (2017), Shark (상어, 2013)
  • Movie: Emergency Declaration (2021), Okay Madam / The Closet (2020), The Odd Family: Zombie on sale (2019)
  • He likes all kinds of meat and bread. He enjoys cooking Kimchi-jjigae and Doenjang-jjigae in his free time.
  • He is a famous death expert. There are more than 20 deaths in the play, and he dies even when he is a villain, as well as when he comes out as a leading role or a good actor. He is also running an NGO, GilStory, which is doing so many great things for neighbors.
  • GILSTORY – Kim Nam Kil’s NGO: https://www.gil-story.com/

Kwon Sang Woo (권상우)

  • Born: August 5, 1976
  • Height: 183 cm.
  • K-drama: Queen of Mystery 2 (2018), Queen of Mystery (2017), Temptations (2014), Stairway to Heaven (2003)
  • Movie: Hit Man Agent Jun (2019), The Divine Move 2 (2019), Love Again (2018), The Accidental Detective 2 (2018)
  • Status: married to actress Son Tae Young
  • Instagram: Kwon Sang Woo Official Page

Did you find your favorite actor? If you couldn’t find the actor you like, leave us a comment below so that we can add him. 🙂

Sours: https://www.ivisitkorea.com/top-20-most-handsome-korean-actors-in-k-dramas/
Most Handsome Korean Actor(age 30-35)
  • 1

    Itaewon Class (2020), What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018), Fight for My Way (2017), She Was Pretty (2015), The Divine Fury (2019)

  • 2

    Train to Busan (2016), Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016), The Age of Shadows (2016), Coffee Prince (2007), Big (2012)

  • 3

    Healer (2014), Suspicious Partner (2017), The Bros (2017), The K2 (2016), The Empress Ki (2013)

  • 4

    Crash Landing on You (2019), Secret Garden (2010), Memories of the Alhambra (2018), Rampant (2018), My Lovely Sam-Soon (2005)

  • 5

    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), The Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015), ​​​​​​ Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016), The King and the Clown (2005), My Girl (2005), Tale of Arang (2012)

  • 6

    Burning (2018), Chicago Typewriter (2017), Six Flying Dragons (2015), Punch (2011), Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

  • 7

    Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016), The Beauty Inside (2015), Touch Your Heart (2019), Life (2018), Strangers from Hell (2019), My Girl (2005)

  • 8

    Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017), Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016), Suits (2018), Heirs (2013), The Juror (2019)

    #27 of 38 Male Kpop Idols Dressed Like Girls#10 of 20 Kpop Idols Who Have Starred in Musicals

  • 9

    I Hear Your Voice (2013), W (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017), Pinocchio (2014), Doctor Stranger (2014), Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019)

  • 10

    Descendants of the Sun (2016), Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), Arthdal Chronicles (2019), A Werewolf Boy (2012), The Battleship Island (2017)

  • 11

    Boys Over Flowers (2009), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), City Hunter (2011), Personal Taste (2010), Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), Heirs (2013)

  • 12

    My Love from Another Star (2013), The Moon That Embraces the Sun (2012), Dream High (2011), The Producers (2015), Secretly, Greatly (2013)

  • 13

    Reply 1988 (2015), Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (2016), A Hard Day (2014), Coin Locker Girl (2015), Encounter (2018)

  • 14

    Heirs (2013), Uncontrollably Fond (2016), School (2012), Friend 2 (2013), Master (2016)

  • 15

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016), Who Are You: School 2015 (2015), The Bride of Habaek (2017), The Great Battle (2018), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

  • 16

    While You Were Sleeping (2017), Prison Playbook (2017), Something in the Rain (2018), Tune in for Love (2019), One Spring Night (2019)

  • 17

    Kill Me, Heal Me (2015), Doctor John (2019), Whatcha Wearin'? (2012), Familiar Wife (2018), Defendant (2017)

  • 18

    Vagabond (2019), A Korean Odyssey (2017), Gu Family Book (2013), The King 2 Hearts (2012), My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010)

    #8 of 14 College Graduate Kpop Idols#40 of 63 Cakes Kpop Idols Received from Their Fans#64 of 67 The Best Kpop Solo Artists Of 2021, Ranked

  • 19

    100 Days My Prince (2018), Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017), Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018), Swing Kids (2018), My Annoying Brother (2016), It's Okay, That's Love (2014)

    #1 of 12 The Best Member of EXO#5 of 9 Who Is Your Favorite EXO Member?

  • 20

    Oh My Ghost (2015), Hospital Playlist (2020), The King 2 Hearts (2012), Hit-and-Run Squad (2019), The Drug King (2018)

  • 21

    Oh My Venus (2015), Master's Sun (2013), Sorry, I Love You (2004), My Secret Terrius (2018), The Battleship Island (2017)

  • 22

    Train to Busan (2016), Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017), The Bros (2017), The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil (2019), The Outlaws (2017)

  • 23

    The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), Tempted (2018), My Country: The New Age (2019), The Divine Fury (2019), Mad Dog (2017), Save Me (2017)

  • 24

    Chuno (2010), My Country: The New Age (2019), Wok of Love (2018), Voice (2017), Shine or Go Crazy (2015)

  • 25

    The Beauty Inside (2015), Cunning Single Lady (2014), Cheese in the Trap (2016), Are You Human Too? (2018), Splendid Politics (2015)

  • 26

    My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (2018), Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung (2019), Sweet Revenge (2017), Top Management (2018), My Brilliant Life (2014)

    #1 of 27 The Best Male Visuals In K-pop Right Now#23 of 82 Full List Of K-pop Idol TikTok Usernames#1 of 6 Who Is The Most Popular Astro Member?

  • 27

    Mr. Sunshine (2018), I Saw the Devil (2010), Joint Security Area (2000), A Bittersweet Life (2005), G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009), The Magnificent Seven (2016)

  • 28

    My Love from Another Star (2013), Doctor Stranger (2014), Forest (2020), Bad Guys (2014), Cheese in the Trap (2016)

  • 29

    Reply 1997 (2012), Reply 1994 (2013), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), 200 Pounds Beauty (2006), The Chase (2017)

  • 30

    Bring It On, Ghost (2016), Dream High (2011), Who Are You (2013), Save Me (2017), The Game: Towards Zero (2020)

    #22 of 51 The Best JYP Entertainment Artists Ever, Ranked#96 of 149 The Hottest Guys in K-pop#63 of 81 The Best Male Rappers In K-pop Right Now

  • 31

    Kingdom (2019), Princess Hours (2006), Hyena (2020), Asura (2016), Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017)

  • 32
  • 33

    Parasite (2019), Train to Busan (2016), Okja (2017), Fight for My Way (2017), Time to Hunt (2020), The Divine Fury (2019)

  • 34

    Hotel Del Luna (2019), Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013), Orange Marmalade (2015), The Moon That Embraces the Sun (2012), The Crowned Clown (2019)

  • 35

    Boys Over Flowers (2009), That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), The Gifted Hands (2013), Hidden Identity (2015), Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (2018)

  • 36

    It's Okay, That's Love (2014), That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), A Frozen Flower (2008), A Dirty Carnival (2006), The King (2017)

  • 37

    Black (2017), Autumn in My Heart (2000), East of Eden (2008), Player (2018), Dr. Jin (2012)

  • 38

    Tunnel (2017), Rugal (2020), The Last Empress (2018), Gu Family Book (2013), Heirs (2013)

  • 39
  • 40

    Parasite (2019), Snowpiercer (2013), The Host (2006), Thirst (2009), Memories of Murder (2003), The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008)

  • 41

    A Korean Odyssey (2017), The Greatest Love (2011), Athena: Goddess of War (2010), Believer (2018), Splendid Politics (2015)

  • 42

    Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016), The Moon That Embraces the Sun (2012), Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011), Haechi (2019), 49 Days (2011)

  • 43
  • 44

    Full House (2004), I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (2006), Sketch (2018), Speed Racer (2008), Ninja Assassin (2009)

    #40 of 127 The Best K-Pop Solo Artists#78 of 139 The Best K-pop Dancers of All Time#16 of 30 The Best Cube Entertainment Artists Ever, Ranked

  • 45

    Dr. Romantic (2016), Shiri (1999), The Berlin File (2013), My Paparotti (2013), Christmas in August (1998)

  • Sours: https://www.ranker.com/list/famous-korean-actors/ranker-entertainment

    Now discussing:

    Top 10 Most Popular and Handsome Korean Drama Actors

    Diana is a huge fan of Korean culture. Korean dramas are some of her favorite series to watch.

    Here’s the list of top 10 most popular and handsome Korean drama actors who make our hearts melt from the very first time we look at them! Their talent, appearance, and charisma are out of this world! Here you will also find some drama recommendations, don’t miss out on their best performances!

    Top Most Popular and Handsome Korean Drama actors

    1. Lee Joon Gi
    2. Lee Jong Suk
    3. Song Joong Ki
    4. Ji Chang Wook
    5. Lee Min Ho
    6. Kim Soo Hyun
    7. Park Bo Gum
    8. So Ji Sub
    9. Nam Joo Hyuk
    10. Seo In Guk

    10. Seo In Guk

    Seo In Guk is one of the most beloved K-drama actors in Korea, and it isn’t surprising. He is incredibly handsome, and he has also challenged his talent by playing diverse roles! He shows tremendous range by playing Joseon era royals, young students, and even murderers. He is not only an incredible actor but has also launched his singing career! In fact, it was even before his onscreen acting debut. Back in 2009, he became a winner of the first season in the talent show Superstar K.

    Seo debuted as an actor with a supporting role in Love Rain (2012), but it was Reply 1997 that was his real breakthrough! Since then, he has acted in various television series. Here are some of his best performances you should check out:

    In this series, Seo is a quiet and broody boy, but a great student. As a teenager, he falls in love with a girl he grew up with.

    Seo In Guk is a professional swindler here: he is in the team of bad guys, collecting taxes from tax evaders.

    Finally, we see Seo In Guk as royalty. He is starring in this historical K-drama as the crown prince of Joseon who lives through quite difficult times as an illegitimate prince.

    • The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (also called Hundred Million Stars From the Sky)

    This Korean drama is all about mystery and intrigue. Seo In Guk is a free and unpredictable assistant in a craft brewery who turns out to be the main suspect in a woman’s suicide.

    9. Nam Joo Hyuk

    You simply can’t resist the gaze of Nam Joo Hyuk! It melts everyone’s heart! He started as a model, and made a big break in acting soon after! It was Who Are You: School 2015 that became his breakthrough. Wonder what characters he played in dramas? Well, there are so many of them! He was a high school star swimmer (Who are You: School 2015), an unbelievably handsome flower prince (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Ryeo), an amazing friend (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo), and even a vain water god (Bride of Habaek). Whether he is a sweet guy or cool gentlemen, you can’t stop admitting his looks!

    You definitely should check out his breakthrough performance in Who are You: School 2015. Nam plays a popular swimmer in a high school, who falls for his childhood friend. However, the catch here is that he has no idea he has been talking to her twin sister all this time, after her disappearance. Even though he does doubt her identity, he ends up falling in love with her instead.

    8. So Ji Sub

    Ji Sub debuted as a jeans model first, but two years later his television acting debut followed! Coincidentally, the drama series in which he received his first role was called “Model”. But it wasn’t until K-drama I’m Sorry, I Love you that he became a top star in the country and in Asia overall. Since then, he has starred in a great number of popular television dramas, especially he became well recognized for his leading roles in such dramas as Master's Sun,Oh My Venus,Cain and Abel, and Phantom.

    7. Park Bo Gum

    Park is a true Hallyu star (the Korean Wave, the increase of Korean culture popularity around the world driven by the spread of K-dramas and K-pop). He was even called the “Nation’s Crown Prince” after his appearance in highly popular Korean period drama Love in the Moonlight. Park is the youngest to become Actor of the Year (according to Gallup Korea) and the first among all the actors ever to get to the top in the Korea Power Celebrity list (according to Forbes)! He gained popularity for his diverse range of roles in dramas he played. Here are some of the best:

    One of Bo Gum's biggest projects is this historical romantic drama where he stars as the Crown Prince. He desperately falls in love with a girl pretending to be a male eunuch. This period TV series became a real hit all across Asia!

    Bo Gum surprised his fans with his acting in the dark crime drama, Hello Monster (also called I Remember You). The story follows a criminal profiler who gets entangled with an elusive serial killer.

    The well-known Reply drama series follows the story of five childhood friends living in a small town. It follows their complicated lives (and the lives of their families') back in the '90s. Park plays a wealthy boy whose biggest problem in his life is winning baduk matches.

    6. Kim Soo Hyun

    Kim Soo Hyun is an internationally well-known Korean star. Starting his career at the age of 19, now he is one of the most popular and wanted, and most expensive actors in the industry! The top Hallyu star started his acting career playing a country guy who turned out to be a true musical genius in a drama Dream High. His iconic role in My Love From the Star, where he played the leading role of an alien professor, sky-rocketed his popularity! “The man who came from the star” is also incredibly famous for his acting in another popular drama, Moon Embracing the Sun. There, he starred as the young king Lee Hwon. This historical even earned the “national drama” status!

    5. Lee Min Ho

    His popularity extends far beyond Korea and even China. It extends to many other countries throughout the world! An immensely popular KBS2 drama Boys Over Flowers became a major breakthrough in his career. Lee Min Ho is considered to be a real Hallyu star thanks to the success of all the dramas he has been in! He has been remembered for his leading roles in The Heirs,City Hunters, and Legend of the Blue Sea. Lee also starred in Gangnam Blues and Bounty Hunters (a film produced in China).

    4. Ji Chang Wook

    Ji Chang Wook rose to fame playing the leading role in drama series Smile Again, followed by such widely known period dramas as Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Empress Ki. He has also starred in many other highly popular series: Healer, The K2, Suspicious Partner, to name a few. Here are more details on some of his most popular works:

    Don’t say you haven’t ever heard of this historical K-drama! The drama was a great success in the country! It has also become a good breakthrough in Ji’s career. He starred in the series as the 16th emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. His portrayal of the king left an unforgettable impression on the audience, earning him recognition.

    Ji has also played in this popular action thriller. The interesting fact is that he even took martial arts lessons for the role of a mysterious guy. After the world has finally seen the drama, the actor became popular far beyond Korean borders! After this success, he even starred in Mandarin-language dramas.

    3. Song Joong Ki

    This actor is tremendously popular in Asia, so he is another handsome and talented top Hallyu star in the list! The role in the historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and the show Running Man helped Song Joong Ki raise to fame incredibly. However, Song’s first leading role on TV was in the melodrama The Innocent Man. He has also played the title character in A Werewolf Boy, which is recognized as the biggest office hit! After completing his military service, he jumped straight into the lead role in the big worldwide hit K-drama, Descendants of the Sun!

    2. Lee Jong Suk

    One of the most sought-after Korean actors, Lee Jong Suk started out as a runway model, he was even considered the youngest Korean model (he started his modeling career at the age of 15). However, he soon switched to TV. His appearance as the title character in drama School 2013 brought him his first acting award and real fame. Here’s a little portion of some of his most well-known roles:

    How hard can it be for a person with childhood trauma to burst into hiccups whenever they lie? Especially for a reporter! Well, you can discover this by watching this entertaining Korean series with Lee Jong Sung starring as the lead character!

    This fantasy drama is going to keep you on the edge of your seat if you are a fan of this genre! It’s really interesting to watch how the daughter of a popular webtoon author gets pulled into this fictional world! Lee plays the main hero of this webtoon.

    Like the previous drama, this K-drama also has fantasy aspect: it blends dreams with romance and everyday life! It tells the story of a girl who has dreams about a terrible future that happens to certain people. Lee Jong Suk stumbles upon her one day. Soon it is revealed that he has dreams about her an vice versa, she has dreams about him.

    1. Lee Joon Gi

    A Korean actor, model, and singer, Lee Joon Gi is often called a "flower boy" icon. He is also known as the charming prince of historical dramas! We know he looks good in traditional Korean clothes; he tends to rock in historical and it looks as if he is born to bring history to life!

    He became popular after his very first leading role in The King and the Clown. It’s pretty an unusual historical that revolves around two male clown actors – one with masculine traits and the other with highly effeminate ones. Thanks to his great acting skills, the actor played a homosexual clown really well, which tremendously boosted his popularity. However, after this film, he started to play more masculine roles to avoid typecasting. Here are some of his best performances that you definitely don't want to miss:

    Sours: https://reelrundown.com

    151 152 153 154 155