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The Power Armor is one of the best armor sets in Wasteland 3, giving you a total of 43 armor. Finding them in Colorado might take you some time though as they are considered as end-game equipment. Although not the strongest armor set in the game, being eclipsed by the more durable Nucular Set and Verchitin Set, multiple sets of the Power Armor can be found and used.

There are 4 ways you can get a set of these superb armor and we’re going to list them down below. Note that there are spoilers as a story mission must be finished to unlock the armor.

Wasteland 3 Power Armor Locations

1. Get it from Cannibal Jamboree

  • Needs at least 8 Kiss Ass
  • Complete the story quest “The Psychopath”
  • Complete the side quest “Head Hunter”

Cannibal Jamboree Location

Cannibal Jamboree Location circled in green

You can access Cannibal Jamboree by going to the northern part of the map. Here, you can get the quest “Head Hunter” to access a set of Power Armor. Deal with Victory Buchanan in Aspen first in order to complete this quest. You can only access a certain area to complete “Head Hunter” only after “The Psychopath” story quest.

Once you reach Cannibal Jamboree, you need to talk to the cannibals, not outright kill them to get this set. Although you can use lockpicking to get to the Power Armor, you won’t be able to pick it up as it will be missing some parts. The only way you can get and equip it is to complete the “Head Hunter” side quest. You can then choose to eliminate the cannibals afterwards.

3 of the “Head Hunter” targets are in Knox Bison Ranch. Get to know its location here.

2. Buy it from shops after meeting Angela Deth

  • Complete the story quest “The Psychopath”
  • Meet with Angela Deth for the story quest “The Traitor”
  • Buy it from the armory in the Ranger HQ

This method is unmissable and follows the storyline itself. Meet with Angela Deth after you get her message in the Ranger HQ. Go to where you need to meet her and resolve your plans for the late stages of the game. After meeting her, you’ll get a radio message telling you to check R&D in the Ranger Station. Go to the armory and buy the Power Armor there. It might be a bit expensive but getting Barter Skills and having a good standing can give you tons of discounts.

You can buy another set in the Ranger HQ after you deal with Liberty.

3. Buy it from Whetstone in Yuma County

  • Complete the story quest “The Psychopath”
  • Meet with Angela Deth for the story quest “The Traitor”
  • Go to Yuma County
  • Unlock the Slave Pen and talk to Whetstone

The slave pen in Yuma County houses a blind merchant that sells 2 sets of Power Armor. You can purchase both sets from him once you get inside the Slave pen.

4. From Random Loot

I was able to find loot pieces of the Power Armor using the Armor Crate in Paint Mines. You can quicksave + reload here until you get a piece.

I was able to get parts of the Power Armor while looting some chests in Wasteland 3. Although random, I got enough pieces for another set of Power Armor. One good way of getting one is to quick save in front of an Armor Chest and quick loading until you get a Power Armor. Note that the contents of the chest are determined by your current progress in the game’s story. Advance the story up until the story quest “The Traitor” to spawn the late-game Power Armor.

Wasteland 3 Power Armor Stats

Power Armor PieceStats
Power Armor HelmetArmor +11
Power Armor (Chest)Armor +21
Power Armor LegsArmor +11

Probably the obvious downsides to this armor set are that it requires a hefty 8 Strength and it only gives a high Armor stat. Best equip this set on your tanks or assault members. If you want a set with higher armor and with the same requirements, then best get the Nucular Armor Set.

If you’re looking for a more melee-oriented armor set in Wasteland 3, you can check out how you can get the Exoskeleton Armor set here. For absolute defense, then you’re looking for the Verchitin Armor. That set has 67 Armor +25% Elemental Resistances. You can check out the guide for the Verchitin Armor here.

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You can check out Wasteland 3 on Steam here.

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Fallout 76 wastelanders new power armor, best armor &#; T plan location


Fallout 76 Wastelanders

In Fallout 76 Wastelanders, the armor that you see at the end of the trailer is the Secret Service Armor. Below you can find the location of where to get the plans for this armor and T plans.

All Ways To Collect Gold Bullion & Treasury Notes Faster

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Best Armor

Before trying to find this new power armor, you need to collect a lot of gold bullion. Getting this power armor and T plans, you need to have thousand of gold bullion. So make sure to complete quests of both sides &#;Settlers&#; and &#;Raiders&#; to farm maximum bullion.

After completing the main campaign, you will have access to Vault 79 and can interact with Regs. There in exchange for gold bullion, you can buy plans for the new armor and various T plans. But before that you must grind for bullion real hard.

The best armor is the Secret Service Buttressed Armor as it provides maximum resistance against bullets and energy. This armor is basically a power armor that can use the perks of non-power armor.

To craft this armor, you the most important resource will be the legendary modules, for each part you craft, 1 legendary module will be used. You can get all the T plans from Regs like a jetpack, hydraulic bracers, explosive vents and much more

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Where To Get Legendary Modules?

Legendary modules can be purchased from the purveyor shop for 50 scrips. To get scrip, you need to exchange your legendary weapons at legendary exchange machines.

These exchange machines can be found at every station of the game, so recycle your old legendary weapons to get a few legendary modules to craft the new armor.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Purveyor Shop Location

Purveyor is the legendary weapon dealer and can be found at Ash Heap at the Rusty Pick. Previously he was located Berkley Springs but after the new expansion &#;Wastelanders&#;, he changed his position.

Amount of Scrips you will get recycling your legendary items are:

  • 1 Star Weapon &#; 5 Scrip
  • 2 Star Weapon &#; 15 Scrip
  • 3 Star Weapon &#; 40 Scrip
  • 1 Star Armor &#; 3 Scrip
  • 2 Star Armor &#; 9 Scrip
  • 3 Star Armor &#; 24 Scrip

Faction Rewards & Which faction to choose?


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  2. Craigslist dock floats
  3. Titan solar power customer service
  4. Gorilla gloves medium

Power armor



Action Points



Power armoris an armor piecein Wasteland 3.


Rivaling the Space Shuttle in technical complexity, the LE-L1 Power Armor is a vehicle of immense power.

Armor set[]


Main article: Power armor

Powered by a portable nuclear reactor, the LE-L1 power armor suit is the most powerful combat armor ever made, rivaling the Space Shuttle in technical complexity. It is a marvel of structural engineering, capable of functioning like an extension of one's body despite the amount of armor plating it carries. The helmet is fitted with indicators and displays requiring additional training and effort to utilize properly. Its only drawback is that it requires great physical strength to operate, due to the extreme demands it places on the users body.[1] They also require calibration and experience in use, as the sheer power of the servomotors is enough to kill people outright.[2]

LE-L1 power armor is also capable of integrating a number of additional peripherals, like remote drone control systems allowing the user to seamlessly command robotic allies (unless hacked).[3] Protective shield emitters to defend against sudden assassination attempts can also be integrated, but are prone to fizzling out due to strenuous activity.[4]

Considered an immense rarity in the wastelands, power armor has been generally limited only to the highest technology factions. In Arizona, it was exclusively used by the Guardians of the Old Order, renowned for painting their suits black. These have fallen into Desert Ranger hands after the fall of Guardian Citadel. Although they have proliferated somewhat in subsequent years, especially after contact was established with California, manufacture is almost unheard of. The only suits to have successfully manufactured after the Great War come from Steeltown.[5] They are an incredibly important asset for the Patriarch's Marshals, and his elite guard is rarely seen without them. Arapaho convoys carrying these suits are commonly targeted for this reason.[6]


Full sets[]

Power armor chest[]


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  2. ↑Marshal in power armor: "I used to bruise my knuckles beating folks into line. No longer! It's like the suit punches for me. Calibration was a bit off at first, though. You should have seen this one guy's head pop. Kerplow!"
  3. ↑Interaction with Liberty Buchanan: "Use your radio to hack her power armor and disable her drone control."
  4. ↑Power armor shielding buff: "Liberty's power armor generates a protective shield for a short duration, protecting her from assassination. The shield loses power, and eventually dissipates, with each of Liberty's attack."
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Best Power Armour In Fallout 76


Armor wastelanders power


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