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Naruto: 10 Characters That Fans Would Love To Be Friends With

In a franchise like Naruto, not every character is going to be a fan favorite. They can't all have the same power level or be a hero. When a series runs as long as Naruto, however, the audience gets to know the characters really well. When fictional characters feel like old friends, it might make the audience wonder just what it would actually be like to be friends with some of them.

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Like any real friend, the characters in Naruto have their flaws. Some would definitely make better friends than others. These particular characters, however, would fit right in most fans' friend groups.

10 Hinata

She starts her time in the franchise as a painfully shy child who is terrified to acknowledge her crush on the title character. By the end, the two are happily married and she's a tough shinobi who chooses to walk away from the battlefield to raise a family.

Hinata, even when she can't put her feelings into words, is always there for the people she cares about. She is committed to doing the right thing but will break the rules when a friend needs her. Hinata proves herself as someone who is always going to be there for Shino and Kiba in a fight, and she stands up for Naruto again and again. Her kindness and thoughtfulness would make her an excellent friend.

9 Choji

Choji gets quite a bit of flack from some of his friends for his large appetite. The truth is that he needs an extremely large caloric intake to offset the energy he burns when he uses his size-changing jutsu. Choji, for the most part, is able to take the teasing in stride though.

In fact, Choji is an incredibly easy-going person. He's interested in family history, and he respects them, but he's also willing to go out of his way to befriend the social outcast (Naruto) that his family might not be interested in. Choji is the kind of friend that will spend a game night and dinner with a friend and not care if he loses a match as long as they have a good time - and he'll never shame you for eating a second helping.

8 Kakashi

Most of the audience's view of Kakashi is through Naruto's lens. He's a teacher and someone who is just a little distant due to his mysterious past. When the audience gets to see him through his relationship with Might Guy, however, it's clear how great of a friend Kakashi can really be.

Kakashi is willing to participate in whatever latest "competition" Guy has in mind. He never turns down a chance to spend time with his friend, and the two even go on vacation together. Kakashi is able to separate his work life from his relationships in a way that a lot of seasoned shinobi aren't. He would be the perfect friend to spend a break from responsibilities with.

7 Shikamaru

If a fan needs a partner in crime to skip school or work, Shikamaru is the perfect friend for them - in his younger days. He could easily pass a day just watching the clouds roll by, but he's also willing to ignore the rules completely and have a good time.

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Shikamaru's favorite pastime is shogi. Those who appreciate a game of strategy or a good puzzle would definitely find a kindred spirit in Shikamaru. Most fans probably wouldn't even mind losing to him because he'd be willing to explain just how he beat you after the fact.

6 Konohamaru

When originally introduced, Konohamaru isn't exactly anyone's favorite character. He's a very young - and very immature - shinobi in training who sometimes lets his imagination run away with him. His particular zest for life, however, is admirable, and as he gets older, he becomes someone a friend can really count on.

Konohamaru is all about commitment. Whether that's to his team, his village, his family, or his eventual students in Boruto, he is someone who never breaks his word. With a friend like Konohamaru, you know that there's always an honest answer and genuine help coming your way.

5 Gaara

Gaara has some serious rage and control issues as a kid as the Chunin Exams demonstrate. He is trained in a way that doesn't help him, ostracized by his village, and unable to fully control the tailed beast inside of him It's a recipe for disaster. When he finally gets some kindness and understanding courtesy of Naruto, however, he starts to turn a corner to become the best version of himself.

Gaara is calm, collected, and nearly unflappable in the face of danger. He would be the friend someone would want by their side to keep them from giving into every impulse they have. He's the friend helping plan activities to make sure they go smoothly - and then helping cover things up when they don't, just as he does in the Shikamaru Hiden light novel to help the woman he's supposed to marry escape their arranged marriage.

4 Asuma

Asuma might be the coolest teacher. It's a shame his time with his students is cut so short. Despite what little the audience gets to see of him, it's clear he would be a valuable buddy.

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He's got a cunning mind and the same enjoyment of games that Shikamaru has. Asuma also has the same kind of loyalty that Konohamaru has, and the easy-going attitude of Choji. He's not someone whose feathers are easily ruffled, and he's always up for treating the people he cares about to a good time. He also knows how to keep a secret as no one knows he's about to be a father until after he's gone.

3 Ino

Many fans cite Ino as one of the franchise characters who never lived up to the massive potential of her power set. Ino, however, doesn't seem all that unhappy to not being exploring the powers of mental manipulation she has. Instead, she finds what does make her happy in life and goes after it, taking over her father's flower shop, marrying Sai, and even helping Sakura establish medical clinics throughout the shinobi nation.

On the surface, Ino appears shallow and only concerned with her appearance, but she is a deeply feeling person with a lot of compassion for others. When she and Sakura first meet as kids, she gives Sakura the ribbon from her own hair so other kids won't make fun of Sakura's forehead. Ino is the kind of friend who will be up front with you about how others perceive you, but she'll also help you deal with it.

2 Kiba

Compared to the other Naruto characters here, Kiba's got a bit of a temper, and he's also a bit more impulsive. Some might call him passionate. That can get him into trouble every so often, but he's got a good heart.

He makes fun of Hinata for being unable to talk to Naruto just as much as he offers her pointers while training with her, for example. He banters with his friends, which means conversations with him are at the very least going to be entertaining. Kiba is also great with animals, so any friend of Kiba's would get to hang out with ninja dogs quite a bit.

1 Naruto

Naruto might tell bad jokes and not always catch on as fast as other shinobi, but he is truly a great friend. He never gives up on Sasuke when the latter defects from the village. Naruto always encourages Hinata when no one else believes in her. He even finds common ground with Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji when the rest of the village thinks he's a curse.

Naruto also always sees the good in people. He is always ready to have a conversation before using his various jutsu to take down an opponent. That approach of talking things out is much needed in a healthy friendship.

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25 Epic Fan Reimaginings Of Naruto Characters

Naruto has come a long way ever since the first manga chapter arrived in Masashi Kishimoto was inspired by the legendary Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise and Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of Akira. While Kishimoto is not as groundbreaking as those two, he is one of the most famous mangakas, and that’s no joke. Some people might like Naruto for its lengthy story and character motivation, while others think that Naruto himself is rather annoying.

Depending on what side you are on, there’s no denying on how incredible the fan art is for this series. Some of the artists that will be featured on here started off with Naruto fan art, only to become one of the most popular artists on the internet. Other artists on this list displayed their talents by having the Naruto characters recreated in their own style, whether for a “what if” scenario or from inspiration. They are simply imaginative and pleasing to the eyes.

Even though the series has moved on from Boruto’s dad to Boruto, Kishimoto’s beloved franchise will expand for who knows how many years. Some fans probably felt complete with Naruto ending, but those who can’t get enough of the series do have something to look forward to for now. With that, there will be more and more fan art coming from talented artists that will blow our minds away.

Let’s honor the fan artists who made these twenty-five reimaginings of the Naruto characters!

25 Men In Black

Who doesn’t love a man wearing a black suit? In order from left to right, Shikamaru, Sasuke, Naruto, Konahamaru, and Sai look great wearing those suits. Immature-Child02 is responsible for this simple, yet charming artwork and it looks amazing.

The fanciest clothing that any of these Naruto boys would wear is nowhere near a suit, so seeing them dressed like this is cool. They certainly would attract the female characters if they caught them wearing black suits.

24 Master Of Shadow Pull Justu

Shikamaru has always been a fan favorite due to his cool personality and unique jutsus. He might seem lazy at first, but he is actually incredibly intelligent and even got his share amount of screen time, especially when his sensei passed away thanks to Hidan.

Godtail’s version of Shikamaru has a more edgy take and there is nothing wrong with that. The colors fit well together and his expression is on point. You certainly would not want to mess with this awesome shinobi.

23 Jiraiya's Betrayal

Rat-Mother’s fan art of Jiraiya is something we never expected! Having one of the great Sannin from the Leaf Village as part of the Akatsuki is an alternate universe that we would like to see. It is quite the contrary to think of this since Jiraiya is the godfather of Naruto, and he is a Jinchuriki!

That would be a twist to this story.

Jiraiya himself might seem like a creep whenever he sees an attractive woman, but once he gets serious, that is one of the reasons why fans like him so much.

22 Sensei And Student

From this style, it is hard to believe that this is the work of the legendary Sakimichan. Since it is more of a manga art style, this fan art of Kakashi and Sasuke is vastly different from her more semi-realism works from today.

Sakimichan was only sixteen when she drew this!

It is unique to see how Kakashi would have a comrade who is from the Uchiha clan, only to later have Sasuke as one of his students. While they have different outlooks, there are a number of similarities between this duo.

21 Legendary Uchiha

Madara Uchiha found the Hidden Leaf Village alongside Hashirama Senju, his eternal rival. Unfortunately, he was ultimately defeated by his rival for control of the village. Madara is perhaps one of the most cunning villains in the Naruto series and it’s easy to see why.

Zetsuai89 does a great job in making the Uchiha leader dangerously handsome. Madara appears to have the aesthetics of a fallen angel and that is a cool way to depict him.

20 Steampunk Couple

Sasuke and Sakura might not be the most developed couple in the series, but Kishimoto decided from the start that these two are canon. The amount of fan art for these two are diverse, albeit charming.

IlaBarattolo created this wonderful piece of the two in steampunk getup and they look great. The combination of Eastern and steampunk clothing is an interesting idea and what better what to display that with this couple. This would be a great idea for a cosplaying couple to go with this idea.

19 Oh, So Edgy

Migs is responsible for this creative piece, as it is commissioned by a fan of his work. Seeing Naruto as an evil incarnation is spooky but fascinating. Having him in dark armor that resembles a Gundam makes Naruto look like a fearsome opponent.

The use of reds and blacks showcases how edgy and threatening Naruto looks and the artist did justice to the colors and themes of this commission. It wouldn’t be surprising if a crossover was inspired by this fan art from the likes of more pieces or even fan fiction.

18 Just Adorable

Kakashi is one of the coolest characters due to his design and strong personality. Since he is the captain of Team 7, he has a lot going for him when two of his students have intense traumas from their past. OrekiGenya features the sensei and Naruto in his Nine Tail state, ironically more cat-like than fox.

Unfortunately, this artwork does have a noticeable inconsistency, which involves having the image mirrored due to Kakashi’s Sharingan and scar being on the wrong eye. Still, this artwork is very nice and shows a cute moment.

17 Unexpected Agent

Ino is rather an unimportant character due to her lack of screen time, but she is featured at the crucial moment when her sensei Asuma was defeated by Hidan. The only other time she showed relevance is her rivalry with Sakura around Sasuke.

Amenoosa created an intriguing artwork of the blonde Kunoichi as part of the ANBU. Her design is gorgeous, and it perfectly fits her character. She probably won’t be the most threatening out of the ANBU, but she would look the best!

16 Gorgeous Sun

Even though Sakura has more screen time when it comes to the heroines, but Hinata is an integral part in Naruto, for her feelings for the main protagonist and her character growth. She might be shy at times, but she is a capable fighter in her own right.

Artgerm is another legendary artist from deviantART who truly capitalizes Hinata’s beauty with the soft colors and meaningful expression on the Hyuga daughter’s face. This picture is simply breathtaking and one of the best pieces of fan art for the Naruto community.

15 Through The Cycle

The amazing coincidence of the Fourth Hokage to have Kakashi as his pupil, only for the latter to have Naruto as his student is an interesting cycle. Shikaobing gives us a sweet drawing of mentor and student that greatly expands on Kakashi’s backstory as well as learn about the Fourth Hokage Minato.

The two of them definitely went through tough times together, especially when they both lost Obito, and later Rin. Kakashi would not have been an impactful sensei if it weren’t for Minato.

14 Festive Time

Kivi has quite the resume for their Naruto fan art. They are beautiful and imaginative with high quality. This artwork features Sasuke and Sakura in what is known in real-life Japan is the Obon festival.

The atmosphere in this fan art is absolutely divine.

While Sasuke is always on a serious mission, this is something we can see him and Sakura doing to honor his fallen clan. Not only is it romantic, but bittersweet and nice.

13 Her Superman

The artist xxunicornxx made this awesome, yet adorable crossover of Naruto and Hinata as Superman and Lois Lane. However, unlike Lois, Hinata is a strong Kunoichi who will do her best to protect the ones she cares about.

Naruto is like Superman in unique ways, though they are very different when it comes to their circumstances on how and why they are orphaned. What is also fascinating about NaruHina is that they do have a lot in common with Superman and Lois as a couple, so it makes sense for these two to be displayed in this fan art.

12 Ichiraku Fun

Who doesn’t want to try out the ramen from Ichiraku? While the place isn’t technically real, its equivalence in our world is called Fukuoka. Arriku created this piece of Team 7 plus Hinata more mature compared to their Part II equivalents and it’s nice to see them get together at Ichiraku.

Knowing Naruto, he probably wanted to go there badly.

It makes us hungry whenever we see Naruto eat ramen with either Iruka-sensei or Jiraiya. It also must be nice to have a group of friends to get together for some good food.

11 The Weapon Master

Tenten has always been a popular character, even if she does not do much compared to her companions and Might Guy. But she is incredibly threatening since she can large amounts of weaponry.

Eddy-Shinjuku makes this strong woman just so beautiful.

The semi-realism in this wonderful fan art is extravagant and the detail is insanely good. This is what Tenten would look as an adult, and this was made before the Naruto series went into the New Era.

10 Jinchuriki Hangout

The Jinchuriki are important characters that are “tools” for the Akatsuki to extract the tailed beasts inside them. The only ones we know of in Part I were Naruto and Gaara, but in Part II, we got to learn more about the other Jinchurikis.

xCluBearx depicts the gang in a modern setting and they look snazzy in their outfits. Unfortunately, only three of them managed to get away, Gaara technically nearly getting offed in the beginning of Part II. However, this gang is diverse and compliment each other, whether it is in a modern setting or in the Naruto world.

9 Endearing Cherry Blossom

Sakura is a very divisive character in the Naruto fanbase. Fans either adore her or argue that she is useless. In Part I, she definitely did not do much, but she redeemed herself in Part II facing against Sasori with Granny Chiyo, even if she still didn’t do a lot compared to her teammates Naruto and Sasuke.

Risa1 makes this hot-tempered Kunoichi sweet mannered and beautiful.

Sakura looks stunning in her kimono and this fan art is just too good for words. The colors fit together and make the picture vibrant.

8 Ninjas In School

Ever wondered what the cast of Naruto would look like in school uniforms? Elmyky answered that with this nice fan art. Along with Yuko doing the lineart, elmyky finished with the coloring and their collaboration came out nicely.

From left to right are Sasuke, Kiba, Neji, Shikamaru, Naruto, Ino, Temari, Sakura, Hinata and Choji. This gang would be the complementary type due to their distinct personalities and how they contrast/compliment one another. Who do you think would be labeled who in this group of students?

7 Friendly Rivalry

Sakura and Ino are eternal rivals who are in love. Some Naruto fans might not be invested in their intense love for Sasuke, but they can acknowledge their strong friendship. From Tumblr, we have this cute fan art of Sakura and Ino in casual clothes done by dymx.

The nice little details on their shirt are cool, mostly due to their respective hair colors. Even though one of them ended up getting Sasuke, their strong friendship is one that no one can argue on.

6 Beautifully Dangerous

Being the final antagonist in Part II, Kaguya was the ultimate threat who also has a beautiful design. RikaMello did an extravagant job in making the Ten Tail Jinchuriki stunning yet perilous.

While she does not have a lot of depth due to her lack of time in the story, you can look at Kaguya and see how powerful she is by her appearance alone. She might have a unique backstory, she suffers from not being fully developed compared to a few other memorable villains.


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NARUTO QUZ - Guess The 40 Naruto Characters From Their Silhouettes? (Ultimate Anime Quiz)

Naruto: Top 15 Fan-Favorite Characters (According To MyAnimeList)

Narutois one of the most iconic anime to ever premier. For as long as a decade, the series acted as the gate to anime; thousands of fans world-wide delved into the anime verse after getting mesmerized with Naruto. That being said, guiding fans to the anime platform is only secondary. What Naruto never failed to deliver was quality entertainment, it remained constant throughout its runtime.

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There are plenty of other aspects that make Naruto one of the best anime to ever be produced: the amazing worldbuilding that easily puts a good bunch of its Shonen counterparts to shame, the generic storyline that was executed magnificently, and of course, the characters. The characters are the backbone of Naruto; had their quality been sloppy, the viewer's experience would've been sloppy. Here are the top 15 most liked characters according to the fandom.

Updated By Amanda Bruce On January 13, Though the Naruto series has given way to the sequel series, Boruto, there are still fans being introduced to the characters today thanks to its availability on numerous streaming platforms. With sites like MyAnimeList still allowing votes on a daily basis, rankings continue to change as new votes are added by more and more users, and the new rankings of this list reflect that.

15 Tsunade (4,+ Users)

Tsunade made her debut late in the Naruto series, but fans were introduced to her as someone who could bring Konohagakure together after the death of their Hokage. It's no wonder so many fans are interested in her.

Her introduction included showing her incredible power set, but also her vulnerabilities. With a phobia of blood, a gambling problem, and a little resentment for her home village, Tsunade became a very real person for a lot of fans instead of someone defined by her powers.

14 Rock Lee (4,+ Users)

Considering Rock Lee got his own animated spin-off series, it's a little surprising that his popularity isn't better represented. Someone who couldn't perform the more "magical" feats that the other shinobi could, Lee was a shining example of succeeding by perseverance.

His sheer determination and his optimism that the good guys would always prevail was something the series really needed when it headed into dark territory.

13 Sakura (5,+ Users)

There's a large number of Naruto fans who dislike Sakura because it took her so long to become a formidable fighter, but the same was true of most of the Konoha Sakura proved herself a steadfast and loyal shinobi to her village and her team over and over again.

Sure, much of Sakura's story was wrapped up in her love for Sasuke, but that didn't make her any less important to Naruto's story. Her strength helped him out of more than one jam.

12 Obito (6,+ Users)

Obito came out of nowhere to become a large part of the Naruto narrative, and fans love him for it. Not only did he have a horribly tragic backstory, but he played a huge part in Kakashi becoming the teacher he was.

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He also gave life to the villain Tobi to hide his identity, and was easily one of the most entertaining of the Akatsuki. He even got to redeem himself instead of simply being defeated.

11 Pain (9,+) Users

One of the most fascinating villains of the Naruto franchise, Pain didn't initially want to be a villain. In fact, he started off as a child orphaned by a shinobi war who just wanted to make sure that no one else goes through what he went through.

Pain and his followers were some of the most formidable villains Naruto and his friends faced. After all, he also took out fan favorite Jiraiya and was responsible for Hinata taking one of her bravest stands. Pain certainly earned his spot amongst the favorites.

10 Madara (10,+ Users)

When it comes to villainy in anime, very few could compete with Madara Uchiha. His ideals challenged our own, so much that the fans faltered and questioned whether his actions truly were for the greater good.

When a character makes you question your very ideals; it could only mean that they have succeeded as a character. Madara's position in this list is by no means a fluke.

9 Mintao (10,+ Users)

Minato "Yellow Flash" Namikaze was a genius of his era. He lived for only so many years, but the legacy he built still lives to this date.

Even before debuting, Minato was one of the most hyped-up characters. Not to mention his identity as Naruto's father, just his achievements and sacrifices are enough to elevate him to an unforgettable character.

8 Jiraiya (11,+ Users)

Jiraiya was the mentor figure that intruded into Naruto's life when he was needed the most. He tutored Naruto and raised him into the fine man he is today-- at least strength-wise.

There's nothing to dislike about Jiraiya, nothing besides his perverted behavior at least. It's quite frankly surprising how Naruto grew to be so gentlemanly when he was in Jiraiya's company for more or less three years.

7 Hinata (13,+ Users)

Hinata is the eldest daughter of the main family of the Hyuga clan, as she is Naruto's wife. From the moment of her introduction, Hinata swiftly won the favor of the fans-- her sweetness and pure personality made her even more liked.

If there was a character in Naruto who gets little to no criticism by the fans, then it's definitely Hinata. The fandom will shun whoever disrespects her, a justified act, to say the least.

6 Gaara (14,+ Users)

Naruto is a pioneer of the art of developing heart-wrenching backstories. It's rare that you see a character relevant to the plotline, with a decently normal backstory. But even with the abundance of sad backstories, it never gets old. A character with a sad backstory is almost guaranteed to connect with the viewers on an emotional level.

Gaara's past is as such. However, instead of surrendering to the darkness, he made a turn and became one of the most loved characters.

5 Shikamaru (14,+ Users)

Growing up, Naruto was pretty much an outcast. He had to resort to extreme pranks to get whatever little recognition he could get. Shikamaru, on the other hand, didn't mind hanging out with Naruto even at the expense of being flagged as a weirdo by the village-- an action that garnered him respect from the fans. Shikamaru was always one of Naruto's closest friends; even now he is acting as his right-hand.

4 Sasuke (31,+ Users)

Sasuke is one of the main characters of the series. He always went head-to-head against Naruto-- his lifelong rival. As polar opposites, Naruto and Sasuke chose different shinobi paths, each with his own conviction and ideals.

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Strength-wise, Sasuke is one of the strongest Shinobi in the series. He has a plethora of techniques that could even give Naruto a run for his money.

3 Kakashi (42,+ Users)

Kakashi is a character that experienced way too much for his age. His mother died in his infancy, followed by his father less than a decade later-- and that was only the beginning of his miserable life.

However, despite going through so much; Kakashi held on and accomplished what the average ninja could never hope to. His genius was easily unrivaled during his era.

2 Itachi (57,+ Users)

There are only a few characters who could compete with Kakashi in terms of innate talent. And one of those who could compete with, and even surpass Kakashi is no one other than Itachi Uchiha.

Dubbed as the best boy of Naruto by the fandom, Itachi’s popularity is leagues above a bunch of Shonen protagonists. Classifying him as one of anime’s most famous characters is not an overstatement.

1 Naruto (76,+ Users)

And last, but definitely not least, is Naruto Uzumaki. A character whose popularity broke through the bubble of the anime community and almost developed into a household name. At the start of the series, Naruto’s ideals were truly inspiring to the youth. His sentiments were so far-reaching that he became- to his fans, at least- more than a 2D character. It’s only natural for Naruto to head this list.

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