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Top 5 iOS Style Launchers For Android!

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iOS 14 Theme

iOS 14 Theme contains the most amazing collection of premium looking latest OS 14 icons and FHD+ wallpapers of phone 12 which will enhance the premium look of your mobile. Bring your screen to life with exclusive iPhone wallpapers as it will give your phone and tablet a unique look.

iOS 14 Theme is a great tool to find HD Plus backgrounds of iPhone XS max which will make your home screen or lock screen unique and elegant. It’s important for us that you can easily find inspiring and beautiful iPhone 12 wallpapers that will make you happy and feel great every time you pick up your phone.

We daily check our phone hundred times a day and the first thing that we see is the home screen with beautiful icon pack and wallpaper. Good wallpapers can really influence our mood and it also expresses our unique personality. HD wallpapers of iPhone 12 pro will give a unique and attractive look to your edge to edge (S10, S20, Note10, Note20, P40 & P40 Plus) display phones.

iOS 14 Theme is free, faster and provides you the collection of popular, free and high resolution featured backgrounds + icon pack.

-Collection of iOS 14 icon pack & iPhone 12 HD wallpapers
-Clean beautiful icons for iPhone lovers
-Turn your android phone like a real iPhone
-Collection of Full HD Plus wallpapers for high quality iOS wallpaper lovers
-Share wallpapers and app with your friends.
-Intuitive and Fast navigation of cool Full HD+ iPhone XR wallpapers.
-For all types of mobile phones
-Full HD+ iPhone XS wallpapers are completely free to use.
-Set Full HD+ iPhone 12 wallpapers as home screen
-Set Full HD+ iPhone XS max wallpapers as lock screen
-High Definition (HD) iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers
-Save HD iPhone 12 pro max wallpapers to your mobile.

Please note: - This icon pack can be applied on selective android launchers which includes: Galaxy S20 Ultra Launcher, Nova launcher, Apex launcher, Action launcher, Smart launcher, Evie launcher, Solo launcher, ADW launcher, Holo Launcher, N+ Launcher

Applying Icon pack is as easy as few clicks; just pick your launcher from the list of launchers and icon pack will be applied on that launcher. All iPhone 12 wallpapers are available in the perfect resolution for tall aspect ratio devices.

Enjoy iOS 14 icon pack on your mobile phone launcher.

iOS 15 Theme - For All Samsung Devices - HEX

Android and iOS have been getting closer each passing year but still greatly differ in terms of experience. The Android interface is more flexible and offers tons of customization options whereas the iOS is fluid yet static, and is a bit restrictive by nature.

Anyway, we are not here to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the OS but to tell you that you can enjoy both interfaces on your device, that’s only if you are an Android user. Yes, with the help of some third-party apps, you can get that taste iOS on your Android phone as well.

If you want an iPhone-like experience on your Android phone and looking for best iOS launcher, here are some useful apps that you can benefit from.

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1. Launcher iOS 13

This is the easiest way to give your Android phone iPhone interface. With the Launcher iOS 13, you can mimic Apple’s flagship phone on any Android smartphone. The launcher will not only put the new iOS 13 skin on top of Android but make it look and function like an iPhone. And if you have a bezel-less or notch display phone, you would love to see the iPhone-X like notch it adds on top of your screen.

You can even customize the launcher as per your taste and swipe up to open control centre for shortcut toggles. To get a little taste of iPhone on your Android phone, click on the link below:

Download Launcher iOS 13

2. Launcher iPhone

Launcher iPhone is one of the most stable iOS launchers to get on your Android phone. The app is a clone of what you get on iPhone interface and it does it with an immense level of accuracy.

The launcher once added will add the same level iOS transition effects, along with displaying icon packs and system icons on your phone. It will have app icons scattered around your home screen, just like iPhone, but since the app has customization option you can easily modify it according to your taste.

Another advantage with One Launcher is that you can categories your phone apps. This way it will be easy for you to look for a particular application depending on the kind of work you’ll end up carrying out on your phone. The app is available in Google Play Store and you can download it from the link below:

Download Launcher iPhone

3.Control Center iOS 13

Next up, we have Control Center 13 which is another option one can consider for iOS-experience on Android phone. The app can deliver iOS-like effects with a smooth interface and is open to customization, which is one thing that everybody would love to work around.

Another advantage of Control Center 13 app is that it is compatible even with the entry-grade phones. To use the launcher on your phone you can either download it from Google Play Store and follow the link below:

Download Control Center 13

4. iLauncher for OS 11 – Stylish Theme and Wallpaper

The iLauncher for OS 12 makes it to this list because of its simplicity and ease of functioning. With a simple tap, it will replace your Android phone icons with that of iOS icons. However, it limits the customization option thereby keeping the launcher largely static.

Apart from this, the app is very lightweight and fast. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or you can click on the link below:

Download iLauncher OS 11

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5. Control Panel

This particular app brings the iPhone like control center to your Android device. Within the control panel, you have shortcut toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, torch, silent mode, screen timeout, Bluetooth, and multi-functional options like increasing or decreasing volume or the brightness level of the phone. If you have craved for the Control Center for Android, Control Panel – Smart Toggle is the one for you.

Spoiler alert! the experience won’t be as good as the iPhone’s control center. Download it from Google Play store or simply click on the link below:

Download Control Panel – Smart Control OS

6. X Launcher for Phone X Max – OS 12 Theme Launcher

This iOS lookalike launcher is claimed to be gentle on your memory resources without taking up a lot of CPU cycles. This is one important aspect to consider while choosing a launcher because the launcher applications are always running in the background and require memory allocation at startup. This app gives users near iPhone experience with similar interface and lock screen notifications.

Download X Launcher for Phone X Max – OS 12 Theme Launcher

7. iOS 12 Launcher

This launcher gives you the feel of the latest iPhone X with iOS 12 interface and apple-inspired wallpapers. The notifications are also available in the control center just like in the iPhone. You can access weather information, favourite contacts and calendar in the iOS 12 launcher style. It even has rounded screen corners to make your android phone look like iPhone.

Download iOS 12 Launcher

iPhone Launchers for iOS-like Experience on Android Phone

These are the best iOS launcher that you can have on your Android-powered smartphone. This will give you a near iPhone-like experience which could be a refreshing change of pace. However, it should be taken into consideration that these apps are only here to let you experience iOS interface, they will not improve the performance of your phone in any manner.


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Android theme ios

How to Get Android Theme for iPhone (iPhone 7)

Are you bored with the same old theme on your iOS? Do you want to change the theme on your iPhone and turn it to a one that is similar to an Android Theme? Well, here are tips to get the best Android theme for iPhone (iPhone 8 and iPhone X included).

Part 1: How to Get Android Theme for iPhone (iPhone X/8/7/6)

There may be millions and millions of people who want to change the way their iPhone looks. Although the iPhone vs Android fight is very strong and it may seem on the surface that iPhone will never want an Android element on their iOS, the reality is however, different.

Getting an Android theme on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S is not easy but as you will read below, you can easily give your iPhone a new look similar to an Android Phone. However, before you can do that, you will have to download certain apps on your iPhone so as to bring in an Android Theme.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to get an Android Theme on iPhone

The following step-by-step guide will show how you can bring in an HTC theme on your iPhone (iPhone 7). Before we delve into the method, you need to first make sure that you have the following apps installed.

1)HTC FX (Theme)


3)Five Icon Dock

4)Casio 2 theme

5)Ifile on your computer

6)Winterboard if it is not already installed on your iPhone

Now that you have these applications up and running, let us guide you on how you can bring in this theme on your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to Winterboard on your iPhone and then click HTC FX


Step 2: Click ‘Respring’ and wait until the phone resprings.


Step 3: Once the phone has respringed, go to iBlank and create around eight to ten blank icons.


Step 4: Drag the blank icons to the top of the home page


Step 5: Create two more blank icons using iBlank and drag them to the bottom until it looks like this.


Step 6: Go to Winterboard again and click ‘Casio 2 theme’ and ‘No icon Shadows – iBlank 4’. Click ‘Respring’ again.


Step 7: Go to ifile and then click ‘Themes.H9gTil’. Find your theme, which in this case is ‘HTC FX.theme’. Then click on Private > ConfigureMe.js. You will see the name of your city. You need to change the city to your city’s name and make sure everything is capital. Change ‘Update Interval’ to 30 and change the ‘isCelsius’ value to ‘True’ if you want the temperature to be shown in Celsius. Click Save and Exit.


The name of the city has to be updated so that the weather that is displayed is correct. However, when you change the theme, there will be a question mark displayed on the weather widget. In order to remove that, these changes are necessary.

Step 8: Go to Winterboard again and Respring. If the theme does not show up properly, keep respringing the phone or turn off and turn on the phone if respringing does not work either.


Part 2: Top 10 Android Themes for iPhone (iPhone 7)

Now that you know how you can bring an Android theme on your iPhone, let us look at some of the most popular Android themes that are available. You can try bringing these themes on your iPhone as well.

• Faience XHDPI

faience xhdpi

• Next Launcher Black Designe

next launcher black designe

• Leatherware Go Launcher EX Theme

leatherware go launcher ex theme

• Simple BlueTheme

simple bluetheme

• Festive Theme

festive theme

• ADW Ubuntu Theme

adw ubuntu theme

• Holo Light Red

holo light red

• Sense 5 Theme

sense 5 theme

• Android Ubuntu Brown Theme

android ubuntu brown theme

• Soul GO Reward

soul go reward

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Does iSkysoft Have More Software Categories to Recommend?

How to Turn Android into an iPhone 12 pro COMPLETELY! (no root)

If you got bored of the same old look on your Android smartphone and want to do something new then try iOS 14. We are not telling you to buy an iPhone, you can try the new refreshed look of iOS 14 on your Android smartphone. Here’s our step by step guide to completely change your Android smartphone look to iOS 14.

Make Your Android Look Like iPhone

Launcher: Launcher iOS 14

Home screen launcher is the first thing comes to mind when customizing Android smartphone. To get the iOS 14 look, you first need to install this iOS 14 launcher, this will give you a perfect iOS 14 look. It comes with a bunch of exclusive iOS 14 features like the swipe down search and more.

The Launch iOS 14 comes with a lot of features including notification center, swipe down search bar, lock screen, and iOS-like notifications. The search pops up every time you swipe down on the home screen and you can disable it in the settings. You also get the lock screen with this launched which you can also disable from the lock screen.


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Lock Screen: Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 13

If you don’t want to change the home screen launcher because you don’t want to mess with the muscle memory when it comes to open apps. You can try setting a lock screen on the smartphone which looks like just like the iOS lock screen on iPhone. This app is called Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 13 and it comes with a lot of features.

The Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 13 comes with a lot of features including interactable notifications and more. You get to see notifications on your lock screen and interact with them right on the lock screen without unlocking your smartphone. You can enable the passcode so you can make your smartphone private with a lock code.


Control Center: Control Center iOS 13

Control Center iOS 13 is a perfect choice for you if you want that iOS look control center on your Android smartphone. This app is the perfect app for you which gives a perfect look for the control center of the iOS devices. It doesn’t just look like that control enter but also work as just the one from the iPhone.

You will get all the toggles right there where you want it with more toggles to be enabled. You can add and remove the toggles from the control center to customize it as per your liking. You can move app shortcuts to launch from the control center without going to the app drawer.


Keyboard for iPhone – ios 14 theme

The keyboard on iOS is one another different feature from Android, it got its own theme going on there. You can get this keyboard on your Android smartphone too using this app. This app turns your smartphone’s default keyboard app to the brand new iOS style keyboard with all the features of the Android keyboard intact.


Assistive Touch iOS 13

Assistive touch in iOS devices is one feature that every Android smartphone user needs. This feature can also be installed on the Android smartphone using the Assistive Touch iOS 13. This feature enables iOS-like assistive touch on the Android smartphone with a lot more shortcuts and features than the real assistive touch on iOS.


iCamera iOS 13

The Camera iOS 13 is an app that can turn your smartphone camera into the iOS camera user interface. I got all the features and looks from the iPhone camera app and put it on your smartphone. You get features like the pro features which are not even available on the iPhone.


Gallery Style Os13 – HD Gallery

This is the iOS style gallery app for your android smartphone to give it more of an iOS’ photos app look. You get the same look from the Photos app from iPhone to your Android smartphone. This app also got those tabs that you see on the Photos app on the iPhone.


Wrapping up

This is how you can turn your Android smartphone into iOS 14 completely without leaving a spot. If you want to know more Android tricks like these then follow us on our social media pages to stay updated with new posts.

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